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Quō vādis, Malcolm ?

Malcolm Turnbull declared that the by-election in Longman was a test of leadership between himself and Bill Shorten …

He went on to tell ABC Brisbane radio that the contest was not just between candidates Trevor Ruthenberg and Susan Lamb, “It’s a test of the parties, but it’s really about the people of Longman deciding whether they want to vote for Bill Shorten and his higher taxes, fewer jobs, lower wages and less economic growth:

“The contest is between me and Bill Shorten as the prime minister and the opposition leader,” Mr Turnbull said.

Turnbull now has a very difficult decision to make: whether to resign as leader of the Liberal party or leaves it to a party room challenge from a reinvigorated right-wing who cannot wait to claim his scalp.

The result in Longman (and Braddon, and Perth, and Fremantle and Mayo) is a repudiation of Turnbull and the Liberal party who have thrown everything at Shorten over recent weeks and vastly outspent the Labor party. As prime minister, having put his leadership squarely on the line, his position as leader is now untenable and if he places his future in the hands of his colleagues we can expect him to be dumped and that will give us Peter Dutton and the Abbott rabble followed closely and inevitably by the demise of the Liberal party.


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  1. Pilot

    We can only wish!!
    For years now we’ve been listening to Turnbull’s fascist scumbag mates lie through their teeth about everything.

    One only has to look at the history of the libs, their roots show just how untrustworthy they are now and have been in the past. Borne from the UAP, the party who backed the fascists in the Old Guard and New Guard and backed failed insurrections prior to WW2.
    They were the treasonous louts who sold scrap iron to the Japanese for build their warchest.
    They are the mob who have ripped money and conditions from the working classes in favour of their rich mates. They are the warmongers, the liars, the bullies and the fascists. They are a disgrace! They are showing their current colours and Australia is finally waking up to their ineptitude and double speak.
    They are nothing but a gaggle of self-serving liars, cheats, nazis and fascists. They will lie at the drop of a hat, they hate organised opposition to their way of thinking, they hate ALL workers, they hate the aged and the sick, they love forcing people into poverty.
    Conservatives cannot be trusted on any front, they are a disgrace!!!

  2. DragonboneTor

    The comment in the leading image says it all. Malcolm is worried that political opponents have been given evidence that the government can’t be trusted. Not at all worried that the evidence has been given to the people of Australia

  3. helvityni

    Well, they did not manage to kill Bill, he did not tell lies after all, someone else did, maybe it was the honest Trevor, Downer’s Daughter was close to tears, but I slept well….

    What next…???

  4. Kaye Lee

    Well I guess that puts paid to any idea of an early election. Buckle up for another nine months.

  5. Keith

    I suppose having made Longman a contest between Bill Shorten and Turnbull, we will now see a lot of back tracking by Turnbull.
    It was good to see IPA’s candidate Georgina Downer get knocked out, the extreme element of the LNP (Abbott et al) have also been rebuffed.

  6. Matters Not

    Dutton (Dickson bordering Longman) had a sleepless night.

    Will he become a refugee?

  7. Joseph Carli

    HEY!!!…All you Greens out there…: I CAN’T HEEEEEEEEEEAAAARR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Karen

    Agree Terence, today MT is likely contemplating who the Libs have in mind to take his place. I always thought Abbott was good (for Labor), why not bring him back? Pilot, it surprises me that more than 5% of the public still vote for that group of mental minnows who are so clearly focused on living life in a rear-view mirror that they make a mockery of the word ‘progress’ every time one of them mentions it.
    The big take-out of this by election is how far from reality sit the media. The msm attempt to generate a Labor leadership crisis based on personality polls is officially now a FAIL. But don’t expect the msm to rest on the wilted laurels of failure. Last night I watched as one ABC political expert shared her wisdom that the return of Labor was nothing to do with public reaction to the $60B tax break for banks. MSM, the real enemy of progress, watch them, but don’t believe them for a second.

  9. corvus boreus

    Pointless trolling.

  10. Frank Smith

    Great result in all 5 contests! Particular joy in Longman where potato head Benito Dutton was racing around polling places all day with his mate Big Trev in tow “shoring up the Liberal vote”. But, alas, it went seriously backwards. This portends well as Benito’s electorate of Dickson is right next door to Longman and the potato only held it by 2% in 2016. We can hope that GetUp mount another strong campaign in Dickson and help rid us forever of the inhumane evil Dutton. Looking promising!

  11. Henry Rodrigues

    Not only a kick up the arse for Turdball, but a resounding slap in the face of the corrupt media, especially Murdoch’s minions. The Liberal strategists and their kill bill campaign shows how devoid of any political ingenuity these creeps have. Bill has out manouvered them again and again, starting with the 2016 elections and watched them disintergrate and collapse. So is the slimy Turd going to admit he lost ? After all he made this a contest between himself and Bill. Will Abbot deliver the coup de grace ?

  12. Kronomex

    And this bit of complete fantasy after yesterdays by-elections from one of the LNP pollies (I almost ckoked from laughing on my fresh brewed coffe as I read it) –

    “But Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman was in a more positive mood. “It’s been a good night for the government. The performance has improved. The momentum continues to happen,” he told the ABC.”

    Words in brackets are mine. ““It’s been a good (shit) night for the government. The (horrendous)performance has (worsened) improved. The (downward to destruction) momentum continues to happen,” he (didn’t tell) told the ABC.”

    I believe Murdoch (blows raspberry at The Rupert) will start agitating for the removal of Trembles as soon as possible. Who made a horrible and prophetic statement when he said the by-elections were all about leadership. Which in his case meant “bleedership”; bleed and be thrown from the ship. I can’t see him making it to next year.

  13. Phil

    Encouraging outcome. In the three by elections that the Libs contested, it was three women who won. Very encouraging.

  14. johno

    Joseph,… Moogy did well in Mayo at 9.4%

  15. Joseph Carli

    corvus boreusJuly 29, 2018 at 9:04 am

    Pointless trolling.
    And yet, Crow…here you are!

  16. Joseph Carli

    Yes…Moogy did well…not The Greens…; Moogy..himself..just like that independent in Braddon…the protest vote..and good luck to them both..they did well…very’s good to see and does no harm for the community stick the finger up to “Big Politics” every now and then.

  17. corvus boreus

    A fuller picture.
    Braddon; GRN primary down by 2.5%
    Longman; GRN primary up by 0.6%
    Mayo; GRN primary up by 1.3%
    Fremantle GRN primary down by 0.6% (9.6% drop by 2PP)
    Perth; GRN primary up by 2.4% (9.6% drop by 2PP)
    In short; some up, some down.

  18. New England Cocky

    “if he [MT] places his future in the hands of his colleagues we can expect him to be dumped and that will give us Peter Dutton and the Abbott rabble followed closely and inevitably by the demise of the Liberal party.”

    Bring on the now delayed 2019 Federal elections!!!!

    Well done Terence!!

  19. johno

    Up down all around. Definitely a day to celebrate a good kick up the backside of the LNPIPA machine.

  20. diannaart

    So relieved to see a definitive win for Labor – now we will be spared the constant speculation regarding Bill Shorten as leader – he may not be the ideal leader but is way better than anything the LNP has to offer.

    The downside is, as Kaye Lee noted, no federal election until sometime next year

    … and we will see speculation regarding Turnbull’s leadership. He really should stop listening to Dutton who predicted a landslide win for the LNP on “super Saturday”. I try not to listen to Dutton, maybe I can give Turnbull a few tips on not listening to racist, fascist cops from QLD.

  21. Kaye Lee


    For reasons of research I try to listen to Dutton but I just glaze over. It’s like listening to a nasty child. This would probably be considered child abuse now but I remember one day when my son was having a real tantrum. I put him in the laundry and told him he could rejoin us when he could speak civilly. I went back in 5 minutes and he yelled something at me so I said “Not ready yet?” and closed the door again. When I went back 5 minutes later, he was ready to say sorry, I’ll be good now. I have an overwhemling urge every time I hear Peter Dutton speak to lock him in the laundry until he learns some humanity. He truly is a despicable man who is happy to destroy people’s lives and to foment fear, suspicion and division purely for his own political purposes. Out damn spot!

  22. Kronomex

    Poor little Princess Pecious Downer, that’s what politics is all about particularly when it involves the LNP. Something about heat and kitchens applies here. The born-to-rule hate it when the tables are turned. How dare the peasants say anything nasty about their betters.

    I think King Daddy is pissed off that his perceived dynasty has taken a bit of a hiding.

  23. Alpo

    “Malcolm Turnbull declared that the by-election in Longman was a test of leadership between himself and Bill Shorten”….

    Turnbull: “What?… You journalists always misunderstand!…. Next question?”

  24. Maxoz

    Interestingly, the Sunday Tele only mentioned the results virtually in passing…….a few lines on page 13 or thereabouts! Now, if it had gone the other way…………….

  25. paul walter

    For what the Tories really made of it, Nikki Savva on Backsliders was all a person needed to see…hideous, slithering thing.

    Interesting to see the blowout re the two WA seats. Wasn’t the idiot who started this whole citizenship nonsense a West Australian?

  26. Dave G.

    Pilot; Your rant was wonderful,your assessment of the LNP.was spot on.Loved it.

  27. Rhonda

    I so agree Paul Walter, Nikki Savva was all spite and doubled- down blame shifting today, actually the whole panel was shameless in their crap reframing assessment of the big by E outcome. But I don’t believe for a second that they scrap the Kill Bill strategy, It’s only gonna get uglier – like them!

  28. paul walter

    Rhonda, just watching Shorten’s presser and your remarks concerning press and media were certainly borne out.

    Gee, they are half-witted. It must ake a radical lobotomy to get that bubble-stupid, or were they all once just preppies?

  29. paul walter

    Further, consider Maxoz’s comment, 10.56.

    I’m not from Sydney and I can’t follow it up because of the paywall (for THAT?), but if someone who torments themselves reading that sort of thing could comment?

  30. Barry Thompson

    I nearly threw up my bacon and eggs when I saw Alexander Downer saying his family helped to make this country!
    His whinge about the abuse the family suffered on social media was also pathetic, especially the reference to those involved having must been newcomers- a snide dig at refugees perhaps.
    What a born to rule bastard.

  31. Ian Parfrey

    Katherine Murphy and Nikki Savva’s performance on Insiders this morning was insipid and cringeworthy to say the least.
    Good to see Barrie sticking some introspective questions to both, albeit with the usual ‘not our fault’ guff from both.

  32. Terence Mills

    Well, at least Downer can’t blame Labor in Mayo for the quality of the campaigning and the reaction against his daughter and her sense of entitlement.
    You would have to say that Georgie got all the assistance any first timer can reasonably expect although I winced on her behalf when Dutton and then Johnnie Howard were drafted to give her their support : talk about the kiss of death.

    Georgina comes with a lot of baggage from Gina Rinehart’s IPA but without a doubt the Liberals will find her a safe seat and that is why the Liberal party stink ; just look at the boofy blokes they put up in Braddon and Longman against two articulate and passionate young women.

  33. paul walter

    Kaye Lee mentions elsewhere that Sharkie is actually very close in as to previous associations with the tories. Makes you wonder if Downer was not just a feint to ensure Sharkie got in as a tory in disguise..

  34. Glenn Barry

    I’m just going to say that Turnbull’s assessment of the result and it’s significance for his leadership was very f’ing different in interview this morning

    Mendacious Malcolm back at the microphone

  35. diannaart

    Indeed, Paul Walter, I have been thinking similar thoughts regarding Sharkie, but more about her ideology than her being a part of tricksy manoeuvres by the Libs. It was never going to be easy to remove Sharkie, her being the incumbent for Mayo.

    The Libs are desperate to have some “presentable” token females, and I agree with Terrence a nice safe seat will be found for Ms Downer in the future. Given the nepotism among such as the Tories*, their gene pool must be getting very shallow – which explains a lot of their behaviour …

    “*” I rarely use the word “Tory” – always thought it an anachronism from the days of Old Blighty, when Britain was considered the homeland by many Australians of Anglo-Saxon heritage.

  36. John Higgins

    I’m offering up tribal sacrifices and prayers that the bloke with the swollen pus-head from Dickson will launch a challenge to the Prince of Point Piper backed by the legions of Gollum-Abbott trolls. Can’t wait to see that festering pimple head squeezed by the voters along with the rest of that soulless bunch. May the Devil devour them all … and may Bill Kill them at the next election. Amen

  37. Kronomex

    Now we’ll have to put up with more of the “new kinder, more thoughtful, more sensitive” Trembles –

    Actually, I meant the more scared shitless Trembles as the knives start to circle. I can see it now: Trumpbull is in his office and Duttonuci walks in, “Malcolm,” he says. Phew, what is that smell?”
    “Excuse me a moment,” replies Trembles as he backs to his private ensuite with his anal sphincter clenched.
    “That’s alright, the brown trousers are in the cupboard to the right of the toilet,” says Mr Potatohead. “Jeez, there’s that smell again.”

  38. paul walter

    diannaart, the thing is, inbreeding. The rich only marry the rich, to keep the wealth in-house. Hence all the nepotism with parliamentary seats also, keeps it in the family.

    They are like the brit tories with their sense of born to rule and entitlement also.


  39. Keith

    The current by-election has been likened to past by- elections which have invariably gone against the government of the day. EXCEPT, how many by-elections have been held where dual citizenship has been the cause? There were many angry people in relation to the reason for the by-elections, something which ought to have been in favour of the Turnbull gang.

    Another happy occurrence is that the LNP candidates in the by-elections are associated with the nasty extreme right wing of the LNP.
    Whiteley happily supported Abbott in government, Downer is associated with the odious IPA, and Big Trev was associated with the nasty Campbell Newman gang.

  40. Jaquix

    Rupert’s probably already put forward his order for next Prime Minister – so which IPA member will it be? Birmingham?

  41. diannaart

    Paul Walter

    The history of Alexander Downer’s family almost definitively prove the results of inbreeding among the ridiculously wealthy. A brief history of the Downers is here:

    Seems Great and regular Grandads were somewhat progressive for their time.

    Kaye Lee noted on another thread, Downer Snr while a prisoner, WW2, in Changi, taught elocution lessons to his fellow inmates – not so sure how much this contributes to nation building, although does indicate a certain awareness of “class”. I can only imagine how the Diggers felt about elocution lessons, takes one’s mind off of starving perhaps?

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