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Political Footballs, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Volkswagens.

Ok, let’s start with an ad from the 70’s.

There’s been a bit of discussion about whether this site is “independent”.

The discussion is nonsense, and a distraction, of course. And someone usually makes the point that the detractors don’t know the meaning of the word “independent”. But, as is my wont, I’d like to swap this around.

If this site is not independent, then, by definition, it is “dependent”. On whom are the writers on this site allegedly dependent? And in what way, are they dependent?

Yes, a poster identified some of the writers as members of the Labor Party. Of course, anyone could have identified them as Labor supporters by reading what they wrote. And while, they may be Labor Party members, I am unaware of any of them being “dependent” on the Labor Party.

(Personally, according to this poster my qualifications for being “left wing” were in one blog on 30th August where I wrote about such things as the Liberal Party not being conservative and an engineer who met a sticky end for thinking in Stalin’s USSR.)

“Dependent” suggests that one needs something in order to survive or thrive. If anyone writing on this site feels that they can’t write something because they have a dependent relationship with the ALP, I would encourage them to declare it. But just being a member of something doesn’t make you “dependent”, any more than being a member of the IPA means that certain people writing in the mainstream member disqualifies them from having an opinion, or Amanda Vanstone’s Liberal membership disqualifies her from writing. (Being paid by the IPA, on the other hand, should be declared, and Amanda Vanstone’s lack of worthwhile ideas should be a reason not to publish her.)

When Fairfax reported on Volkswagen’s steering problems, there were reports that Volkswagen were going to withdraw advertising. Fairfax is dependent on advertising. Therefore, there’s a conflict between “fearless reporting” and maintaining a commercial arrangement.

Today, the Abbott Government is using an independent review to take a pay rise from childcare workers. They also have an independent commission of audit going on. I’m sure that they’ll appoint an independent Governor-General for Australia.

And yet, Abbott supporters attack this site for not being independent.

Well, no-one’s paying me for what I write or say.

Can Bolt, Jones and company say the same? Oh, that’s right – they’re professional. Of course, they’re being paid. But they can still write what they like, without worrying about the advertisers or the owners.


Otherwise, they’re not independent, are they?

BTW – if anyone wants to advertise – HERE!


Once someone takes that space, my indepence is questionable. Till then… anyone questioning my independence is so full of it that they could fertilise the entire country.

Without help from Canberra!


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