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PM Scotty Joins The Commentary Team!

I heard something interesting today. Scott Morrison was on 2GB telling voters:

“Anthony Albanese has been totally burned by this scandal. We’re fighting for jobs, they’re fighting each other.”

Yes, it’s a fairly unremarkable statement were it not for the number of times I heard him tell interviewers that he wasn’t a commentator when asked about such things poor opinion poll numbers. It’s been a fairly consistent line from a lot of politicians when they can’t simply “reject the premise of the question”.

So one must presume that from this moment on, Mr Morrison is a commentator and will be doing a running commentary on a whole range of topics. For example, if Judge Flick finds Peter Dutton guilty of contempt of court just because he’s that the judge’s ruling is wrong and treating with contempt, will Commentator Morrison tell us:

“This is outrageous. We can’t have a duly elected member of the government being asked to comply with the law. If this becomes a precedent there’s no telling where this will end up. You’ll have the AEC telling people to take down signs just because they’re purple and containing misinformation. We’ll have employers going to jail just because they’ve deliberately held back money from their workers in order to buy a ticket to a Liberal fundraiser. This is the end of democracy as we know it.”

Instead of getting on with the job of creating jobs, will he instead devote his time to telling us all what a great job his government is doing at the business of announcing really, really good policies and how good they are and how Labor are the party of negativity because they see it as a bad thing that almost none of the announcements are leading to actual money being spent? Will he tell us that – in spite of the worst unemployment figures in years, the highest debt ever, their inability to actually deliver a surplus and a massive costing mistake – the current government is a great economic manager because it would be worse if it wasn’t for their skill at making announcements.

Oh wait, that one already happens.

Perhaps he’ll begin to comment on the election chances of Donald Trump and say that his idea of solving the Covid-19 problem in the US by not testing is a sure vote winner and it’s something that could be used in Australia with the same likelihood of success.

Or maybe he’ll tell us what a great job Boris has done with Brexit and what a good idea it is for a country to close its borders…

Actually, don’t get me wrong. I think Brexit is a damn fine thing, albeit too little, too late. I mean, the idea that the British people want to exit from the EU is a fine thing, but many, many countries in the world probably wish that Britain had exited from their country before they even got there.

Take India.

Yes, that’s what somebody told the British generals and so they did. And there they stayed until the Indians kicked them out.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Any minute now, Alexander Downer is going to Tweet that you should think yourself lucky that the British were the ones to not invade Australia because if it was the French then you’d all be in trouble because nobody much speaks French. “I mean,” Alex will tell us, “I can, so I’d be ok, but the rest of you would just grow frustrated and need to be put out of your misery like all those aboriginal people who didn’t respect my grandfather’s property rights. Probably because the law was written in a language which they couldn’t read. And you’d be just like them if it laws were written in French…”

Anyway, it’s good to know that Scotty will be providing commentary from now on. I look forward to his take on such things as how the Liberals manage branch stacking when they don’t – as Malcolm told us – have factions. Or perhaps commentary on Bridget McKenzie’s skill that enables her to criticise Labor for inappropriateness, while keeping a straight face. I look forward to him providing a running commentary on exactly why he rejects the premise of any question that doesn’t suit him.

And I particularly look forward to his commentary when told about an upcoming leadership challenge or Liberal Party scandal…

No, I don’t know anything but it’s been over eighteen months since the last change of PM, so surely someone must start spreading rumours soon. And it’s been over a week since the last suggestion of Liberal Party corruption… Or clever politics, as the MSM refer to it.

Surely something must be about to happen.

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  1. Jack Cade

    You have to wonder if there is a sleeping 5th Column inside the ALP. This sort of stuff surfaces every time the Coalition is sweating on a by-election or some scandal of their own. I am becoming convinced that there IS no ALP now.

  2. New England Cocky

    Aw geez, Rossleigh I wonder what Scummo will say about LIarbral Nazional$ politicians rorting Parliamentary Travel Allowances. Or, why the Great Artesian Basin cannot become contaminated by CSG escaping from fracking sites into the water table. Then there is the “problem” of branch stacking in the COALition in favour of established politicians against the best interests of Australian voters.

  3. Phil Pryor

    Delusional lying rubbish from a magnificent masturbatory misfit merdivorous merkin is normal from the Piltdown Man, our own Pedomorphic Misfit of a P M. He is drenched in super diluting rubbish, the superstitions of fantasy and fraud, a liar self chosen, self inflating, righteous, anointed, idiotically supremacist and totally untrustworthy. Every branch of every party and every wing or faction is of no point.., the electors finally get a candidate, some policies, a face, a mood, a guess. The REAL CRIME in this country is conservative thieving, rorting, rooting (B Joyce needs a mention), colluding, bum baring to foreign corporations, the institutional bribery and corruption continuum of conservative political perverted pornerastic practitioners, of which the federal conservatives are loaded. And behind these ambitious doitfordough filthites is lurking the yankwank fuhrer of media maggoting, Rupert the coprocrat Murdoch, a name for infamy…

  4. pierre wilkinson

    what does it matter when the MSM screams “Labor Rorts and Corruption” whilst simultaneously accepting such egregious claims of having achieved a surplus, running a tight unified ship, being totally transparent…
    we need a federal ICAC
    but it would also be good to have an effective opposition
    and whilst I am dreaming, an honest media

  5. Phil

    Scott Morrison must be taking the proverbial piss. This government or should I say, this coterie of babbling baboons masquerading as a government has made corruption a virtue, indeed a science, an art form. Morrison makes John Howard look like Albert Einstein, a veritable paragon of virtue. But hey, anyone on the left or, the true believers thinking Albanese is going to lead them to the promised land, they had better think on. Morrison is only too cognizant of the fact, that Albanese couldn’t run a piss up in a brewery. Yes we need more x boiler suite wearers in the parliament, there are enough lawyers and pseudo intellectuals and other waste of spaces in there to sink a Pommy battleship. So Morrison is worried about jobs is he? Wow he should along with the zoo he calls a government could make a start by turning down the rhetoric about China. With each and every barrage of insults going North our economy is going South. Morons.

  6. Vikingduk

    Happenings? Well, trump, the bunker bitch, is awarded The Arsehole of The Century by American Proctology. Our very own Pusillanimous Moron, the smirking jerk, will attend the awards ceremony where the liar in chief will gratefully accept The Golden Sphincter, a beautiful, jewel encrusted, gold plated bauble. Meanwhile, the dutton thing, in an attempt to smile, fractures both testicles as well as his bloated sense of self. Baaaarnaby, in the latest scandal to bedevil this paragon of virtue, is caught rooting the neighbour’s sow. She’ll be right, say the fine burgers of New England, just boys bein boys, haw, haw, haw. Josh the fraud, in an extraordinary display of numeracy, realises that the $70 billion leftover is considerably more than 10 x 10. Corman’s programmer forgets to reboot, leaves corman in a feedback loop, live on air, no one notices, so all’s cool in la la land. Let us get back to the business of rorting, rooting and raving, say those impeccable, honourable, morally bankrupt lnp arsewipes, we haven’t payed rupert for a while, he’s a bit short at the moment, could do a with a few billion.

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    So can we now expect the the great marketing effwit to tell us why 7.1 % unemployment is better than 6.4% ? Hell no, this genius only begins to function when he is in the salubrious studios of 2GB and then only to distract from his own piss weak efforts on behalf of the people and the economy. And Rupert is there to aid and abet with sensational headlines in his bullshit rags. All when there’s bye election in the coming days. The crinkled old bastard is bent having his last hurrahs.

  8. Alc

    Daniel Andrews for PM?

  9. wam

    ‘Take india’? Humping your bluey a bit today, rossleigh?
    This time albo must do something. robert and taylor barnaby and susson everything are ripe for an attack Branch stacking is merely getting more votes than your opponent? Boobby did a bit of sneaky stacking last year. It was successful remuneration wise and an abject failure in ‘power’.

    ps jack this is reputed to be on for the past year.
    How was it done undetected and unleaked???

  10. Jack Cade


    I just don’t see how a ‘party of the people’ can have a ‘right faction’ and a ‘left faction’, neither of which seems to be too different from the Coalition when it comes to enjoying the perks of office, different only by degree.

  11. whatever

    Scotty is ALWAYS only speaking to the 2GB audience, that crowd of uneducated old fools are on the same wavelength (this probably explains why this same demographic are always the victims of fanciful financial scams).

  12. crypt0

    I would much prefer to have a federal ICAC doing the commentating.
    Followed by a bit of “Lock ’em up, lock ’em up!”

  13. Harry Lime

    The unravelling of the fabric of this once good (with all it’s faults) country is seemingly keeping pace with the unravelling of the Liar’s mind.We are in the hands of a dangerously deluded freak,with like minded zealots close by.Houston ,you have created a problem.
    Head for the hills.

  14. Frank Smith

    ScuMo needs to be careful about commenting on the Labor branch-stacking scandal in Victoria. It is just possible that one of these very wealthy fee-paying history students may take a look at how the said ScuMo became the Member for Cook with a lot of underhand help from one of Murdoch’s fish-wrappers. A little background reveals:

    “Morrison initially lost pre-selection when vying to become the Liberal candidate for Cook in 2007 receiving just 8 votes while Michael Towke, a telecommunications engineer and the candidate of the Liberals’ right faction, won 82. However, allegations emerged that Mr Towke had engaged in branch stacking and embellished his resumé. The Liberal Party’s state executive disendorsed him, and Mr Morrison won the pre-selection. Later, the allegations against Mr Towke were disproved and he successfully sued Sydney’s Daily Telegraph.”

    Politics really is a dirty game!

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