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Please Sir…Can I have some More? Mooooree?

It is very clear to us now that Malcolm Turnbull knows his place and we should all damn well know ours. Through his attack on Bill Shorten yesterday, he let us all know that only the ‘real’ rich kids get to sit at the table with other ‘real’ rich kids. If you are the poor kid who gets that invitation to go to the cool rich kids party, then you better not show up, cos the rich kids are waiting to slap you down.

Please Sir Can I Have Some More?

In question time yesterday, Labor Leader, Bill Shorten loudly objected to the Turnbull Government’s harsh cuts on families, pensioners and the poor in general. For those who continuously state that Liberal and Labor are the same; please take note of this stark contrast between the two and please press the buzzer and get off this bizarre unicorn led school bus you are riding.

You know, the cuts that mean sausages and mince some nights and peanut on bread the other nights.

Cuts that mean that even if your kid is a bloody star and you are so proud of them, they have to just miss out, because you can no longer afford footy fees or singing lessons.

The cuts that mean pensioners cannot afford to keep cool or keep warm because it is a choice between meager amounts of food or electricity.

Cuts from an uncaring Government who are threatening jail to disability pensioners, whilst their leader smiles as he protects the big banks and big companies.

Liberals always tout their very loud support for the low paid casualised labour, abolition of penalty rates and high childcare fees. This means that most families need to rely on family payments to simply make ends meet. Yet Turnbull decides it might be fun to cut that too.

The Liberals very vocal advocacy of making it really super easy to sack people, like their mate John Howard did, forces many families to work for next to nothing. They never rise up, stay complacent, never complain. This means a dream of a fair days work for a fair days pay is just a dream. Full time work is not even in the scope of reality. Yet Turnbull decides to cut the one thing that makes up the gap for these struggling families: Family Payment.

Bill Shorten – Real Leadership

Shorten had enough so he rightly attacked the Government and stood up and spoke up for every single parent, child and even the family dog that these cuts hurt. Shorten insisted that these pensioners and families, to please sir, have some more.


Just like in Oliver Twist, when he asked “Please Sir, Can I have some more?” Turnbull, just like the big fat custodian of the workhouse, bellowed at the orphaned worker “Moooorreeee?”

Turnbull yesterday moved through classic literature in one very angry rant. Moving from the Workhouse boss in Oliver Twist and then transforming into Flashman from Tom Brown’s School Days. Shouting at Shorten, “How dare you, you poor person sit with the rich kids!” While Flashy’s mates stood around him smugly laughing.

It is a wonder Turnbull didn’t yell at Shorten:

“You’ll be fagging for me by the end of term, BOY!”

As Rhys Muldoon summed it up yesterday:

Morphing yet again, we have Barnaby this time, in the background. Barnaby is Turnbull’s main Droogie from A Clockwork Orange. He has made his way to parliament yesterday straight from the Korova Milk Bar, where he overdosed on some horrorshow Moloko.

(If you don’t understand any of these examples, I suggest you lobby the Liberal Government to start re-funding the Arts).

Destroying the Liberal Ideology in One Rant

So there we have it. Turnbull destroyed the Liberal Party ideology in one big fat childish rant. The Liberal ideology that tells people who “If you work hard enough, you will make it.”

The way they always tell us that “Everyone is born equal and it is up to you to be all the way up here with us! You can do it. We did!”

The sniveling privileged born to rule ideology that insists that if you haven’t made it, it is all your fault and you should be ashamed.

The stigmatising and derogatory ideology that points to anyone on welfare as a criminal and a cheat. That is while the Liberals sit there and destroy the economy so there are no jobs to be had!

The main point of Turnbull’s rant yesterday was that even if you do work hard like Bill Shorten and end up earning $400,000 a year, and become the leader of a major party, you will never, ever, ever be a real rich kid. The rich kids will be here to push you around to remind you just where you have come from.

Turnbull made the very big point that if you start even hanging around with the rich kids, we will make sure we let the other poor kids know, that now you are rich you have lost your values and you are now one of us. You know, the rich kids who hate and ridicule the poor kids.

It speaks volumes that a strict conservative like Cory Bernardi has jumped ship. Conservatives may have twisted values, but one thing they loathe is uncouth clowns like Turnbull who cannot hold it together.

Just Two Things

Malcolm Turnbull like all self entitled right wingers do when they are lost and backed into a corner did. He spurted a great big lump of psychological projection. As a poor kid of the 70s and 80s, Turnbull only said two things to me yesterday:

  • Only the real rich kids belong at the table with other rich kids
  • Rich people never, ever understand poor people. We loathe them and we simply must punish them, so they never ever join our circles.

Considering Turnbull is both in abundance, how is it possible that he can Govern for more than one percent of our people? The truth is, he does not.

For the Common Good

I will end this article with some more of Shorten’s words to show that it will not matter how many rich people he dines with (even if they did die eight years ago), he has stayed true to his Labor values. This is Shorten on why Labor fights to help people with a disability.

As a poor kid of a Father with a disability, these words mean a lot to me, as it is how Dad used to explain it. “On the invalid pension, you never ever get a chance to get ahead. You are punished until the day you die.” he would say.


This is the alternative Prime Minister telling his story behind his involvement in the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

This is a narrative you will never ever hear from the Prime Minister Turnbull, even if he is angry and shouting as loud as he can.

Nerds Who Get Stuff Done Unite!

The media are hailing Turnbull a hero for berating the man and attacking the man. They must get super excited over right-wing nut job trolls on Twitter!

That night, the Policy Nerd Shorten smiled through yet another Sales interview on ABC 7.30. Instead of asking more about Shorten’s concerns, Sales tried to excuse Turnbull’s right to have his pointed personal attack on ‘the man.’

The current state of politics as described by the media is:

Angry shouty born to rule elites devoid of policy, just so they can wear a crown and destroy the country?

Hell Yes!

Policy Nerds who quietly get stuff done in the background. Like say, a national scheme to assist people with a disability. You know, stuff that really matters….

Boring! Bah! Boo!

What Turnbull did yesterday was what every single LNP or nationalist nut job on Twitter does, day in day out. Yells, Screams and personally attacks people because they cannot understand, nor articulate policy. Yesterday, Turnbull was like a real life Twitter Troll come to life. It was incredible to watch.

Heads up to the Media. This is NOT leadership.

Turnbull is right to worry about a stab in the back. He should worry some more. There are literally thousands of idiots on Twitter who do the same ranty personal attack diatribe every day and some are very skilled at it. With Hansonism, every idiot in a clown suit thinks they can now be Prime Minister.

Tick. Tock.


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  1. Paul

    Nice article Trish. It amazes me how MSM have largely been supportive of Trumbles rant yesterday, do they actually think that’s him showing some spine? You’ve got to be joking! Seems we now have a clear cut view of who the ‘real’ ‘Trumble’ is, that rich kid bully in the playground. A disgraceful performance from a so called Prime Minister.

  2. king1394

    Meanwhile we are distracted from the truly serious cut that many families will have to their incomes. The money to help with childcare is only helpful to those with children under five, who use childcare. Other families receive a cut

  3. paulwalter

    I can sympathise. I could not understand the impression it made on Katharine Murphy in the Guardian, or with the Drum panel last night. Since when is ad hominem abuse become the hallmark for constructive issues-based debate?

    Even Pauline Hanson has done better. At least she asked a real world question in the Senate today on the pervasive and corrosive influence of Singapore sugar monopolist Wilmar of Fiona, who could only obfuscate with slimy sophistries that avoided owning up to this government’s tolerance of monopoly in a supposed market economy.

    The MSM IS a problem. The SA government again pointed out the refusal of the regulator to increase electricity output rather than than starve SA into further black outs during the hot spell here. no it was all the fault of clean energy….look out, NSW, although it may only be the over heated western subs that will brown out, Í’d imagine.

    Harbourside mansions are always exempt from the common suffering, of course..

  4. jimhaz

    Turnbull was partly right. No ALP leader should be best mates with folks like Pratt. Rudds wife wealth was also based on government contracts. To me Shorten is too tainted and should be shafted – he just has too many of the wrong sort of friends. Plibersek is also tainted in my mind.

    “In December 2005 the ACCC commenced a civil penalty proceeding against Visy companies, Pratt, and others, for alleged involvement in a cartel in the packaging industry.[9][22]

    On 10 October 2007, Pratt was formally accused of price fixing, cheating customers and companies out of approximately A$700 million in the nation’s biggest-ever cartel case.[23]

    The ACCC alleged “very serious contraventions” of the law and that these had been “carefully and deliberately concealed” by Visy senior executives.[24] The ACCC counsel further stated:

    “There can be no suggestion that Visy acted in ignorance of its obligations under the act”[25]

    and further added that the deliberate use of pre-paid mobile phones that could not be traced and the holding of meetings in private homes, motel rooms and suburban parks

    “…provides a strong indication that Visy was fully aware that the conduct was illegal”.[25]

    On 2 November 2007, Pratt and the Visy group received an A$36 million fine, representing both the largest fine in Australian history and an estimated 0.75% of the Pratt fortune”

  5. John L

    The media support – sickening! Not a word as to why MT poured his bile into parliament….replying to Bill haranging him for attacking the less affluent among the populace with his proposed policies.
    However comments from readers to most sites that matter seem to be shocked/aghast/sickened by Malcolm’s rant, so, perhaps there’s hope……

  6. Arthur Tarry

    Turnbull should do some honest reflection about his life. Him talking about sycophancy and parasitism is pretty rich given what is known about his working life and his sucking up to the rich. He worked in the financial industry for some time perfecting his networking skills and getting an eye for an opportunity when it was presented to him by his mates. And we all know what usually happens with such deals, somebody gets ripped off. Guess who? And then he is up to his neck in international financial sequestrations by using tax havens here and there. Let alone the shenanigans he went through to wrest the seat of Wentworth from a perfectly functioning sitting member. Threw a few $ around I guess just like he did later in life. He clearly has a raw nerve about some things, and about his diminishing authority within the Liberal party, and his low satisfaction rating from Jo and Jill Citizen.

  7. guest


    Turnbull’s class war will be his downfall. It will be his hubris which will be his nemesis.

    The Right-wing world is gaining some buoyancy around the world, it seems. At the same time that same Right-wing mentality is under considerable scrutiny. What we see is the Right-wingers making a last ditch stand to keep within their grasp everything which has brought them wealth, even if it costs them the planet. But they have not even thought about that because they believe in unlimited wealth, growth and consumption.

    They believe in science to the extent that science might save them before it is too late. the idea of “clean coal” is one such myth they rely on heavily.

    Another idea is a religious one: that god’s in his heaven and all is well with the world. Associated with this is the prophesy of Armageddon, when evil will be overcome. Think about how Trump is going to block out those “bad” guys.Mentime, all will be well with a return to the Golden Age of the past.

    But science is against the ideology of the Right. It is working against the idea of returning the unemployed to their old jobs, such as car manufacturing and coal mining.The rise of robots will perhaps create some new jobs, but will replace many more.

    The science of Climate Change is beyond the comprehension of the Right – unless they are keeping their heads in the sand. One day they will be ridiculed and scorned. They have no science refuting climate science.

    So Turnbull has backed himself into a corner by denying his past principles in order to gain the position of PM. Now he is being deserted by the hard Right who want him to be more drastic in his policies. It is about greed and resistance to change. It is an unwinnable position.

  8. Terry2

    As Phillip Adams noted on LNL, it was Kerry Packer who gave a young Malcolm Turnbull a leg-up in his early legal career.

    Careful Malcolm, when it comes to sucking up to millionaires you have form !

  9. Ricardo29

    Bill Shorten on 7.30 Report and in Parly yesterday, looking better all the time. Malcolm’s rant was a shocker, sure it made Barnaby laugh himself even more tomato faced, and it might have tickled hs backbench and given the MSM a few jollies, but statesmanlike? Not so much. I think he’s been watching too many Trump speeches. The Pratt stuff was nearly a decade ago and we should remember that Pratt wasn’t just a Billionaire, he was a major backer and President of the best football club in the world, Carlton. We can all make mistakes. My greatest concern about Bill is that he’s said to be a mate of Roskam from the IPA, i would seriously not want him to consider any of their policies. Fair coverage of Shorten and Turnbull by the MSM would have shown how stark the differences are in both policy terms, and in a vision for Australia. As Bill pointed out the Libs are a divided party, bereft of ideas to genuinely improve our country and all of the stuff Trish said in her fine article.

  10. paulwalter

    For those interested, an informative discussion on the Drum.

    The truth is starting to “öut” and the SA government is vigorously pointing out the real villain- it is easy to see from the Drum discussion where the finger is pointing.

  11. brickbob

    President Trumble thinks everybody is envious of his wealth, but that just goes to show how out of touch he is with ordinary Australians,there may be a few who are,but the majority of us could’nt care less how much bloody money he has.

    I t also tells me that to think like that,he must have a gigantic bloated ego and also that he is the most important person in the world which is sad and pathetic……………..

  12. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    it could also mean that Trumble is scared the masses will come and take his riches away. (I hope he is even if we won’t.)

    Trumble should be more scared of the Underworld that are not too choosy, who they steal from and who have interesting ties with Big Biz too.

    Trumble should take that into consideration when he argues that there should be a Corp Tax cut.

    They would not hesitate to cut his throat.

  13. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    … the Underworld that are not too choosy who they steal from … 🙁 grrrh

  14. kerri

    It sickens me that the MSM are so busy shreiking how Malcolm got his mojo back and how he “eviscerated” Shorten with that petty, puerile, name calling rant because they are all too bloody lazy to do some research and prove or disprove the points Turnbull made! When are they going to realise their falling subscriptions are largely because we don’t want to be told what to think! We want to be presented with facts and then make up our own minds, much like Kaye Lee et al do on this site!
    And another thing Ahmed Fahour is living proof that the LNP promise of tax concessions for big business will trickle down to workers and encourage the employment of more workers is an utter lie!
    Fahour trousers $5.6m a year whilst sacking hard working posties, while jellyback Turnbull suggests his salary should be reviewed!

  15. Linda47

    ‘Turnbull spewed his silver spoon across the Dispatch Box’……

  16. guest

    Today, Thursday, the circus was even worse: Morrison with a lump of coal (even though props are not allowed. It was as if no one knew what coal looked like.

    Even worse is this apparent belief that coal is clean (or can be made clean) so that sending millions of tonnes of it to be burnt overseas is none of our responsibility (we are lifting millions out of poverty(?)) and burning it has no effect on anything, especially now that the Coalition has this tiny emissions reduction program.

    Quite simply, the Coalition is terrified that the industry it subsidises will end up with stranded assets and all that potential money will be lost.

    It is all about the money. Cooking the planet is far from their concerns.

    As for coal being the answer even when power lines are blown over – rubbish!

  17. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    100% correct, guest.

  18. Harquebus

    How is Bill Shorten any better than Malcolm Turnbull when they are both ruthless idiots?

  19. Bighead1883

    Harquebus February 9, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    Obviously you never read the article and just attack Trish Corry at every opportunity

  20. paulwalter


  21. Harquebus

    Business as usual. Just what we need.

  22. Keitha Granville

    The behaviour in the parliament is appalling – childish tantrums, shouting, disrespect – it would not be tolerated in any classroom anywhere, so why in our parliament ?

    The continual banging on about how great the reforms to childcare are all seem to totally ignore the fact that it only helps mums who work. What about all the mums across the country who make a decision to stay at home and raise their own children ? What about them ? Nothing, that’s what. Family support dwindles every year, forcing people into poverty all under the guise of making it easier for women to get back into the workforce. Let me tell you that being a mum IS in the workforce. It’s the hardest job of all and gets NOTHING but derision in most quarters. And what jobs ? There aren’t any. How about making it possible for more mums to stay home, with better family support all round, and then those that choose to go back to their job can spend their money on childcare and the rest can use it to raise their kids.

  23. Carol Taylor

    Keitha, here’s an idea, what about affordable housing so that people have the choice about whether or not to enter the workforce while children are small. I notice how nobody seems game these days to talk about the consequences of having very young children in care. Language development, social development, physical and health are disadvantaged by having children under the age of 2 years in anything more than a 4:1 ratio. It was not all that long ago that 1st world countries such as Australia were the instigators of health programs to convince 3rd world nations that babies should be breast fed for a minimum of 9 months. Now nobody wants to talk about it. Convincing us that “lazy” women, pensioners, students, disabled persons is a classic look over there, blames but provides no solutions except that the problem belongs to somebody else,

  24. Johno

    Tried to listen to whole rant. Couldn’t, boring rant from a boring yes man.

  25. Annie B

    John L – ( February 9, 2017 at 5:20 pm )

    You are right. Can’t stomach the MSM myself, but I think – if their main objective was to show Turnbull as being pro-active, and ‘standing up strongly to the opposition’ … that in fact they actually shot themselves ( and the PM ) in the foot, big time.

    Decent people – and there are many of them, in viewing that tirade – would see a PM out of control, a worried man descending into a dummy spit, unable to shoulder the burdens of Prime Ministership, and a person deeply worried about his own standing and future. … and the display of irrational, red faced raucous laughter and knee slapping that went on behind him – from the Deputy PM. His inane behaviour was totally inappropriate – especially towards his revered ( or perhaps not ) PM, as he also constantly and loudly interjected with his own comments – as though to underscore or even correct what the PM was screeching about. …. Disgusting.

    It certainly was not pretty, but the MSM as usual, goes after the sensational – so what they effectively showed was ‘sensational’ footage of this hissy fit – which would be very counter-productive to their aims of supporting the right wing mob.

    As John noted – “However comments from readers to most sites that matter seem to be shocked/aghast/sickened by Malcolm’s rant, so, perhaps there’s hope……” …. I was disgusted, but not shocked or surprised.

    Turnbulls’ flashy, ever present smile, won’t have quite the same impact again.

  26. Harkubus

    If we had planted lots and lots of trees decades ago instead of chopping them down, we would have lots of safe carbon based building material with which to construct affordable housing.
    If the world had implemented population reduction strategies, we wouldn’t need to build as many.


  27. Harquebus

    If we had planted lots and lots of trees decades ago instead of chopping them down, we would have lots of safe carbon based building material with which to construct affordable housing.
    If the world had implemented population reduction strategies, we wouldn’t need to build as many.


  28. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I totally agree about trees. It’s not too late to do just that.

  29. Sir Scotchmistery

    Funnily I have heaps of cypress for sale. The crap pine that has been planted for its speed of growth and speed of returns is starting to bite back.

  30. Harquebus

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    Trees is not what the Labor Party wants to grow. It is the economy for them. The very thing that has got us to where we are.

    Sir Scotchmistery
    Sell and grow some more. Native preferred. Your contribution is important and will be appreciated by the ecowarrior class.


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