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Please don’t ask the LNP about their future until they come out of denialism first

“Had I been asked about these matters at the time, I would have responded truthfully about the arrangements I had put in place.

“I have no intention of now submitting to the political intimidation of this government using its numbers to impose its retribution on its political opponents.” (Scott Morrison – a man loose with the truth – in Key quotes from Morrison censure motion, The Canberra Times.)

But truth tells us that for many, life is about perception. Not what it is but what we perceive it to be. In America and Australia, facing facts or the truth of facts has become outdated among those on the right.

Everyone has their version of reality. Facts and the truth within them are now unimportant to the conservative mind.

Why do they turn their backs on the truth? They are avoiding facts that would set them free from their own bullshit – the truth about themselves.

Morrison was a stupid fool who created a perception with every lie told that he was guilty of something, even if the public couldn’t put their finger on it.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer (a vocal critic of Nazism) said this of stupidity:

“Against stupidity we have no defence. Neither protests nor force can touch it. Reasoning is of no use. Facts that contradict personal prejudices can simply be disbelieved. Indeed, the fool can counter by criticizing them, and if they are undeniable, they can just be pushed aside as trivial exceptions. So the fool, as distinct from the scoundrel, is completely self-satisfied. In fact, they can easily become dangerous, as it does not take much to make them aggressive. For that reason, greater caution is called for than with a malicious one. Never again will we try to persuade the stupid person with reasons, for it is senseless and dangerous.”

Having the capacity to admit that you are wrong is an absolute prerequisite to discernment and knowledge.

The former Prime Minister’s perception of himself was always one of his superiority of intellect over others with a God-given place in history where he believed he had the right to override parliamentary and democratic conventions in the name of his faith.

When l watched his response to the censure motion against him in the House of Representatives, I couldn’t help, as he was being congratulated by most of his colleagues, if what I was watching was the demise of a once great political party.

There is a theory that Scott believed he had a God-given ordination of predestination and that his history had already been written. In his response, he was in full-throttle Morrison mode, full of the lying hypocrisy of the past decade. He was not giving an inch in his self-righteousness, always creating the perception that he was right because God had given him his authority to be so, even if it meant telling lies.

He insisted that nobody had the standing to judge him.

Lying is wrong, but lying to defend a lie with another one is immoral.

Were all the men congratulating this stupid man just as complicit as he was in the downfall of Liberalism? Were they all equally in denial? Judging by the enthusiasm of their congratulations, one would have to think so.

Since May 21, when the conservatives suffered a terrible defeat, we have not heard a word from Peter Dutton about how he might reshape the party he now leads, even by putting his stamp on it. It might be because he has no plans to do so. His words and deeds thus far would suggest this is so.

There hasn’t been a hint of apology for the appalling governance we have endured for almost a decade. Indeed, it is hard to point to any rational explanations from any opposition member for the defeat. No backbench member has uttered the words, “we governed badly.”

Are they that bogged down in denial that even their leader cannot point to any need for redefining their doctrines?

So, what of their denialism? What a lot of watery human beings they are. None of them with even the intestinal fortitude of a dead rabbit. When l watched all those politicians shaking the hand of the former Prime Minister, the only one l saw with any integrity was Bridget Archer, who ignored the denialists and voted with the government. In parliament she admitted that:

“I do not accept any of the explanations put forward by the former prime minister for his actions, and I’m deeply disappointed by the lack of genuine apology or, more importantly, understanding of the impact of these decisions.”

Do you shape the truth for the sake of a good impression? On the other hand, do you tell the truth even if it may tear down the view people may have of you.? Alternatively, do you use the contrivance of omission and create another lie? I can only conclude that there is always pain in truth, but there is no harm in it.

The questions the Opposition asks during Question Time are a strong indication that the arrogance of conservatism has defeated Liberalism, and all that’s left is a party of far-right Trumpists not sure of its present ideology or what it actually means except that it represents big business, the wealthy and the privileged. Understanding that which you genuinely represent requires a familiarity with the truth.

Locked into denialism, the Opposition cannot possibly seek forgiveness from a shocked electorate. Only “The truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32). The solution to the conservative dilemma lay at the heart of those six words.

My thought for the day

Presenting facts to people who have reasoned by their feelings that they are right is futile.

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  1. New England Cocky

    Long may the COALition bask in ”the glory” of Scummo the One Chosen by the Eagle ….. while the Albanese LABOR government fixes the financial mess that ”the best financial managers” created selling out Australian voters to foreign owned multinational corporations and surrendering Australian sovereignty to continue as Deputy Dawg to the US Pentagon and NE military industrial complex established by war criminal Little Johnnie Howard.

    John Cleese, echoing Bonhoffer, said ”There are some people who do not have enough brains to recognise that they are stupid”.

    The ultimate political demise of the LIARBRAL party may see the end of the unelected political hacks who control pre-selection.

  2. leefe

    Is it stupidiity or arrogance?

    I don’t think Morrison and Dutton and many of theiir fellow travellers are particularly clever, but I don’t think they’re stupid, either. They’re mostly blinded by self-interest and an over-inflated idea of their own righteousness. Morrison is so deluded he really does think he is on some divinely ordained mission.
    And that sort of thing is even more dangerous than stupidity.

  3. SkuzeMe

    Duttons recent appearance on Sky with Paul Murray and the patting of each others backs that ensued indicated quite clearly to me that the leader of the opposition has wedged himself and his party into an irreversible downward spiral of lies, misinformation and deceipt.

  4. Phil Pryor

    Conservatives are not liberal. They are self deceiving ambitious operators, caring little for law, decency, behaviour. A Trump or a Morrison has no aim to be honest or even accurate. Sheer will is enough and if you believe shit is sugar, then it IS. Morrison to, say, a Mandela, is as a maggot to a mastodon. Conservatives know that we are wrong, for not supporting lying filth and devious policy. If you would believe in a Morrison, a Trump, a Joris Bonkson, then find a spouse in Palmer lane, or a Melbourne cup winner in the knacker’s yard, or get your wonder car from old John L. Their only truth is a self serving LIE. Dutton and Littletobreproudof? There’s more brains in a slice of Spam…

  5. Steve

    The malleability of the truth seems to be the dominant feature of current times. As constituencies have a sense that governments are not actually fulfilling their purpose and working in the interests of the people, dominance of the major parties wanes. These parties latch onto culture wars and short term solutions to long term problems in attempts to appear empathetic towards the needs of voters.

    This is the environment in which Morrison’s footy loving, dopey dad narrative came to the fore. This era of 24/7 media frenzy is perfect for the marketing man who, although completely lacking in ethics or vision for the country, can sell a narrative that appeals to the people – a deluge of hard hats, fluorescent vests, footy fan nights, cooking curry dinners etc. A completely false image of a hard nosed, manipulative, self-interested politician is created.

    Fortunately, the facade cannot be maintained and the reality starts to appear as the long list of Rorts, PMC coverup reports, cruel governance (Robodebt), announcements without action and narcissistic tendencies (ministerial take overs) are exposed in all their ugliness. Whether it’s the rise of Trump or Morrison, their capturing of the people highlights the precarious world of modern day politics in which personality dominates substance, policy and vision.

  6. Terence Mills

    When Dutton made his Anus Horribilis blunder it was the admirable Bridget Archer who couldn’t avoid a smile – see here :

  7. SkuzeMe

    I have no doubt Bridget would have also been sniggering Terrence, but, going by seating arrangements, I have a pretty good feeling that might be Zoe Mckenzie

  8. Harry Lime

    The Walloper,once again demonstrating how out of his depth he is,with a Fruedian slip describing himself,or any one of dozens on his side,including Gus Taylor,or the inimitable Liar,who cannot open their mouths without releasing a torrent of bullshit.The Coalition is a mortally wounded beast,and should be put down immediately.

  9. Clakka

    Those that avoid and blame, and commit moral crimes to enrich or ennoble themselves either start these behaviours in childhood, or upon entering the work sphere. As time goes on their guiles are uncovered, so they tend to find ways to inure themselves. As the others move away from them, leaving them to isolation, they will compensate by pressing for or associating with fame (or infamy).

    Sadly, they will see politics (of the win at any cost type) as their perfect stage. As the desperate hacks fall in behind them, the ethical will disengage rather than be tarnished. The master escape clause of ‘righteousness’ will invariably leave the others mute.

    All locked-in as any recant see one branded as a traitor. Thus the slippery-slide to oblivion.

    Here’s the sitrep of the US of A …. Look out Oz


    Simply AOC without Billie Eilish #aoc #leftist #liberal #congress #genz #millennial #aoc2024 #democrat #politik #politics

    ♬ bad guy – Billie Eilish

  10. Terence Mills


    I think you are right …………….Thanks

  11. The AIM Network

    Clakka, our apologies that your comment was caught in moderation. That can happen with comments that contain a link. It is very, very rare, fortunately.

  12. wam

    Truth can be objective and proven.
    Our truth may be/is
    1) based on our faith/belief, lord. Thus what we see and write may be different to reality.
    2) subjective to our bias, lord. Thus what we see and write may be different to reality.
    3) normative to this site. Thus what we see and write may be different to reality.
    Surely, if telling your truth, lord, is going to hurt someone, you must be certain, it is not 1, 2 or 3, but is objective and proven?
    Any misgivings, including social conscience, and silence is the only option.

  13. Andy56

    I need to correct something scott said, ” if i was asked i would have fessed up” really means, if i got caught.

    I’m with Leefe, people who are so assured that they are the “one” usually are the pricks in the room.
    The more I Think about it, the more i realise Scott was full of him self with a self righteous attitude that gave the impression he was doing the lords work. What a $ucking loser the libs unleashed on us.

    The libs have a messiah complex. The leader sets the agenda and the mood. Duts is a dud.

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