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Peter Dutton’s Unequivocal Position!

Apparently, we should all be shocked: There is a liar in the Lodge!

Now, I know that some of you are thinking that – after the years from Abbott to Morrison – it’d be a much bigger shock to find that there wasn’t a liar in the Lodge, but that’s not what I’m finding so perplexing about the latest attempt by the Coalition to gain some political traction.

It’s the fact that they want us to be so shocked about it when they’ve just spent the past couple of years telling us that we couldn’t trust Labor and that Anthony Albanese lied to the Australian people because he told us 295 times that power bills would come down by $97… Or was it the other way around.

And, of course, there was the broken promise not to touch superannuation and then Labor increased the tax on superannuation accounts worth more than $3,000,000, making it harder than ever for those on the minimum wage to pay their fair share of tax.

Not to mention all the other broken promises…

And yet, now we’re supposed to be shocked. It’s almost as if the Coalition weren’t serious about all the other times they said that Albanese was lying.

Of course we all know that there are times when it’s ok to break an election promise. Here are some examples:

  • Tony Abbott’s no cuts to the ABC, Health or Education
  • Tony Abbott’s maternity leave scheme was completely affordable in Opposition but too expensive in government
  • Scott Morrison’s promise that the Budget was back in surplus next year
  • John Howard’s non-core promises
  • Abandoning the net zero commitment would have been just fine and some Coalition MPs have been urging the government to do that
  • Similar, it was a terrible mistake for Albanese to hold the Voice Referendum even though that too was an election promise.

The list is potentially much larger but you get the idea.

Anyway now that the government has abandoned the Stage 3 tax cuts we’re discovering some remarkable things. For example, while it was wrong to change them, the changes are terrible because they don’t come into effect until July 1 and people need help now. This is like saying we didn’t think that you should call an ambulance for Jerry but now that the ambulance is on its way, aren’t you concerned that he’ll have to wait in the emergency room and shouldn’t you have fixed the hospital system first!

We’re also told by Peter Dutton that the changes are “bad policy” but he’s going to support them because the Coalition “won’t stand in the way of families doing it tough”, even if it’s “bad policy”. And they won’t be reversing the changes in government but they’re not “absolutely not” walking away from the “principles of Stage 3”. So to paraphrase, we’re completely committed to something that we’re not going to do in government and not going to oppose in opposition. For some reason this makes me wonder why I never watch “Married At First Sight”…

He told us: “We had stage 3 there, which was fully funded … they have taken the money from the stage 3 tax cuts and they have applied it to their own policy.” Their own policy being giving more of it to people earning less than $150k. How dare they!

I’m still unsure about what “fully funded” means when one is talking about tax cuts. I mean if you’re talking about a plan for something like nearly a billion dollars for a rail upgrade in a seat facing a by-election, fully funded means we’ve put aside money from the budget to pay for it. And the revenue from the budget comes from taxes. But when you fully fund a tax cut, does that mean you’ve put aside the money that you were going to spend on something like say Health or Education?

And if there’s any serious criticism that can be mounted about the changes it’s that they don’t go far enough with the redistribution. People earning less than $100k probably need more assistance than they’re getting, and even some up to $150k may be finding it harder than a year ago, but that’s not a criticism that you can make while being “committed” to the principles of Stage 3, which was politicians like us earning more than $200k a year should get a whopping pay cut and bugger anyone not paying enough that they can donate to our re-election fund.

Dutton went on to remind us that when someone is a one-hit wonder that pretty much means that no public appearance can finish without them trying an encore of that hit. He suggested that, even though the Referendum on The Voice was last October, the detail that Albanese had promised was still not forthcoming… Now maybe it’s just me, but I would have seriously doubted the Prime Minister’s sanity if he’d stood up and said, “Here’s the detail of the legislation that we’re not proposing owing to the Voice being defeated. We’d like you to examine this before we don’t vote on it in Parliament. There are several pages outlining who won’t be eligible to part of the Voice which are now irrelevant because, owing to its defeat, nobody is eligible to be part of the non-existent body, but please read this anyway as we’ve spent quite a lot of time and energy working on it so it’s a shame if people just ignore it.”

Whatever, the tax cuts are going to be waved through because the Liberal Party are the party of lower taxes and they have to vote for this broken promise because if they don’t then Labor would be the party of lower taxes but now that they’re voting for the Labor change, then the Liberals are still the party of lower taxes… Not sure where this puts the National Party.


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  1. Lambchop Simnel

    Let them drown in their own illogic. They have made colossal fools of themselves.

    PS, parli just on, Albo is pondering “Little Miss Sunshine’s” previous nonsenses and the opposition don’t like being where they are at mo.

  2. GL

    And now we have P Duddy almost rabidly unhinged on Rupert: ““He has taken the money away from the proposed stage 3 tax cuts which have been legislated, robbed that money and…” How…how bloody dare he rob the 1 – 10%ers of their $4500 odd dollars! How…oohh, I’m so angry! Gr. Snarl.” Effing wanker! Mostly I think it’s the fact that Albo successfully wedged that mutant egg shaped head into a tight corner with only one way to go that’s really got him pissed off.


    Ye dogs, now he’s announced…gasp…a brain fart, I mean policy, and is just showing how childishy petulant and petty he is:


  3. Lambchop Simnel

    GL, they are all over the shop like a mad dog’s-breakfast

  4. New England Cocky

    Poor little Boofhead Didums ….. cannot make do with his reported about $20 MILLION fortune …. why the poor fella cannot live in his own electorate for fear of unemployed backlash for his extravagant excesses. Now he wants ALL theStage 3Tax Cuts that Scummo promised him, NOT just half of them … with the remainder going to deserving low paid workers! Let them eat cake if they cannot afford bread!! (Something historical there).
    But what gems of wisdom has $us$san LeyZee come out with on this very topic ….. between flying around Australia incorrectly at government expense buying residential real estate to ride the booming market.

  5. Peter F

    I don’t know where the Nationals are, but they certainly are without a paddle.

  6. Pete Petrass

    Well Mr Rossleigh the original Stage 3 cuts were going to cost X dollars. After Albo’s amendments Stage 3 will still cost X dollars…………ergo since the original legislation was already fully funded, and Albo’s amendments were just creative shuffling of money meaning no additional cost, then that makes Stage 3 Version 2 fully funded.
    Spud (and murdoch) is desperately trying to have everyone believe Albo’s “lie” is the ONLY one from a PM in recent history, like not a single lie was told by any PM in recent history, including himself. He also tries to have us believe he is sooooo butt-hurt by these changes from Albo’s lie………………….when the reality is he is sooooo butt-hurt because Albo simply outsmarted him by proposing the right change at the right time and has him over that great big barrel. All because Spud and the Noalition were not smart enough to see it coming…………and when it did it bitch-slapped the lot of them.

  7. GL

    P Duddy yet again:

    “”But maybe at some stage I’ll give an account of the true character of some individuals,” he added.”

    Um, yeah Spudnik and every “truthful” word will be dripping with foul venom as you spit it at everyone who has said awful, horrible, nasty, terrible and vile lies about you. Yet you will remain a thug and indelible skidmark on the underpants of parliament and politics.


  8. Jack sprat

    Still waiting for those smiles Dutton promised us if he became the leader.

  9. Clakka

    Could see it coming from the 22 election.

    At the time of the Stage 1, 2 & 3 combined legislation by the Morriscum govt, they deliberately set a 5 year trap in Stage 3, and Labor sought to amend that part of it, and would have succeeded, but for the not-so-bright Senator Lambie. She has since had the courage to admit she was wrong in not supporting the amendment.

    Since the 2022 election the msm has been constantly setting traps on the matter, but Albo and Chalmers have been deliberately very careful with their responses, leaving the smallest of loopholes and temptations in their responses. Whilst the msm, believing their own bullshit, blagged on expecting Albo wouldn’t have the wherewithall.

    By December there was no question in my mind that they would have to make their move around the time of the first parliament of 2024, and well before the May budget, and that’s exactly what has happened.

    The change is actually piss-weak, but smart, and still leaves scope for more and greater surprises (coups) in May. That the Greens are barking, is a foregone expectation, but more encouraging is that the Teals are pushing for sweeping tax reform, with their details / suggestions coming around mid-year. This will have the Spud foaming at the mouth and cause a massive squawk from the Libs and red-faced bleats from the Barnyard, whilst LittleProng could retire hurt with brucellosis. It may give the punters food for thought, and provide impetus (and info) for Labor to bring on further incremental tax system changes in the lead up to the 2025 elections.

    One can but hope.

  10. GL


    I’m sure Der Spud has a few special order snarly, er, smiley, P Duddy masks kept in his orifice, but nobody gives him enough time to sneak into the dunny to remove and clean the required item.

  11. LambsFry Simplex.

    His position is clear. He will NOT talk or think rationally and will speak ONLY if it is a lie.

  12. Phil Pryor

    The Coalition of Clods, Cruds, Crims, Crooks, Cravers, Crappers, Yappers and B Joyce the erectional blotter, is LOST and now Little dong, who holds some office within this load of offally oafs, and ogres and offensive dunces, is yabbering today in an outburst of laughable ignorance and childish petulance. Has Littleprong a certificate of graduation from Kindy? It is a Disgrace for Australia to cop this insult. When base idiocy is now utilised, a la Murdoch’s media maggots, to deceive, confuse, smear, all for profiteering from the vast numbers of uninformed and undereducated, it remains horrible. The nation needs high levels of educated commitment and Littleprodder is barely a pothole full of dunged mud. From former leaders of the old Country party, e g, Fadden, Mc Ewen, Littleplop is a polyp.

  13. GL


    Littlepudpuller got his certificate for Kindy from a box of delicious drivers licences, now with added vitriol and moaning.

  14. Ian Joyner

    Fully funded means that those who have been on a lot less than $150,000, or whatever the top tax rate is, all their lives and paid tax all that time now would have their tax used to give the rich a tax break.

    At least Albanese has partially corrected that Liberal stupidity.

  15. Ian Joyner

    “Liar in the Lodge”

    Well apart from the obvious lies told by Coalition to get in in 2013, and then later about “ruining the weekend”, and other scaremongering lies, so egregious Dutton hypocrisy, it should be mentioned that Abbott went back on what were good (even though we could see he wasn’t being genuine) promises of no cuts to ABC, SBS, health, education.

    Thus Abbott was not being genuine. Albanese at least seemed to be genuine, but it was a stupid promise to keep of tax cuts for the rich, while others genuinely struggling got nothing.

    The stage 3 tax cuts were thus a promise that deserved to be broken, whereas Abbott’s ‘no cuts’ more than deserved to be kept.

  16. Andrew Smith

    Abbott… and advisor* need to be interrogated, when the former claims to support Ukraine while offshore he exists in an anti-Ukraine pro-Russian swamp, but being on the Fox board seems to protect him?

    Along with former Murdoch** Fox News Tucker Carlson***, now in Russia to kiss Putin’s ring, whose father (Richard) like Abbott does PR &/or promotes the interests of Hungarian PM ‘mini Putin’ Orban?

    *His unregistered (foreign agent) Russian speaking advisor works as a fellow at the Koch – Heritage linked Danube Institute, supported by a Hungarian govt. linked foundation; many in Hungary allege Russian funding too.

    **Many Anglo conservatives allegedly and unwittingly were compromised by Russian influence in the UK from decades ago.

    ***Fox and others have given multiple reasons for Carlson’s sacking, suggesting some floundering & reverse ferreting, although his support for Putin had been in plain sight?

  17. wam

    it would be nice if the media trumpets would sound sussoneverthing and nottud made a backflip but no chance of that.
    I was guessing the lnp would wedge for wedge and confess their policy was to accelerate the welfare increases and give the unemployed $30 a week 6 months earlier than planned. That will bugger the budget???

  18. Cool Pete

    Potty Boy was walking behind Tone the Botty on the way to the leadership spill instigated by Malcolm Turnbull. The Big Lie was proven to be an even bigger lie when Credlin admitted that it was a lie from the start. Yet Potty Boy supported that liar.
    Potty Boy Dutton is left with nothing because Labor is doing a great job.
    When Malcolm Turnbull described Potty Boy Dutton as a thug, I thought, “Okay, you were asked to describe him in one word. I would finish the sentence with thug and add, “Cruel, insensitive, vicious, untrustworthy bastard.”

  19. Zathras

    Abbott’s broken promises are now legend but Morrison was called “The Liar from the Shire” for a reason.

    Whatever happened to the often promised Federal Anti-Corruption Commission, the Railway Parking Stations and the mug-worthy surplus just to name a few?

    Dutton should be wary about his broken promise strategy because there will inevitably be some blowback onto his own side.

  20. Max Gross

    Erm… no, the government has NOT abandoned the Stage 3 tax cuts. The government has just shuffled them around a little. The cuts are still going ahead. And the filthy rich still get more than anybody else.

  21. Terence Mills

    Wow ! for a habitually lazy man Spudley was straight on to SKY when this boat with forty people landed on the North WA coast.

    “Labor have rolled out the red-carpet, the people smugglers are alert to Labor’s ‘soft on boat people approach’: this is just the beginning …..we’ll all be rooned says Spudley.”

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