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Now, let me be quite clear here: I’m not being overly sensitive to Peter Dutton’s recent comments because I’ve spent a large part of my professional life in schools. Ok, I’m a teacher and, according to our new leader, I’m an extremist…

Wait, that’s right. Peter Dutton isn’t our new leader. The Liberals didn’t win the election. Sorry, it’s easy to forget that when the media have spent more time talking about the Coalition and how poorly Labor went than talking about Labor. Well, I’m sure with the crisis in the cost of energy, we’ll be hearing all about Labor’s poor planning and their lack of any solution to this problem which they should have fixed when they were last in office…

Anyway, I was talking about Mr Dutton’s latest attempt to demonstrate his softer side by telling all the viewers on Sky that teachers were extremists and that this would be a focus for the next election. It’s entirely possible that this was a throwaway line, like his joke about water lapping at the door. After all, he was on the Andrew Bolt show and there were likely to be less people listening live than when he shared the joke with Tony and Scott.

Just in case you’re one of the millions who don’t listen to “The Bolt Report”, the substance of He Who Must Not Be Blamed, Shamed or Named’s comments was that he was going to talk to parents about what teachers were doing and get them all onside and put a stop to this lefty bias that teachers seem to have.

As Pleasant Pete said: “…If it was limited to just environmental issues or just to climate change, it would be bad enough… extremism is some of the teachers and the language they use, the approach that they take, it’s across a broad range of public policy areas and I think the national curriculum, the values argument is going to be one of the big debates over this parliament and I think you will see a big difference between the policies we take to the next election compared to what Labor will. Labor is completely and utterly dominated by the union movement as you know and the teachers’ union is one of the strongest voices in the ALP and not in a good way!”

That’s the actual quote so if it seems to be a little disjointed that may be because he had to stop and remember that he’s a nice man now that he doesn’t have any of those nasty portfolios that demand you drag families out of their beds in the middle of the night or tell rape victims that they can’t have an abortion because we will decide who comes into this country and the circumstances, etc.

But it was his comments on history that demonstrated exactly how much he’s changed. He said that he didn’t want teachers “teaching a different view of history”. Teachers should stick to the actual facts of what happened.

Now, this is a perfectly reasonable demand for a leader to make. After all, that’s the idea that Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin and various other strong leaders had. There are certain facts and you stick to them and if you seem to think that there aren’t we can educate you at the re-education camp.

Yes, not teaching a different view of history begs the question: “Different view from who or what?”

Now, I realise a question like “Was Australia settled or invaded?” does raise the temperature at some family get-togethers, but the idea that history is all neatly settled some time ago and all that teachers do is present a series of orderly facts isn’t teaching history any more than saying that science has discovered everything that we need to know and there’s no room for an alternative hypothesis about the nature of the universe or a fresh look at the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum physics and let’s just ignore Einstein’s objections…

Sorry, I got distracted there. There’s probably several physicists upset by me suggesting that there’s something wrong with the Copenhagen interpretation, and Dutton would be on their side for sure. Or mine, on the grounds that they know too much about the subject and we’re better off sticking with someone like me who’s done his own research.

There’s nothing wrong with the idea that teachers “should stick to the actual facts of what happened”, except for the fact that – as a discipline – history is about using various sources to try to determine what DID actually happen. If the government version of history, for example, says that asylum seekers threw their children overboard and there’s video evidence, a historian also needs to investigate the eye-witness accounts that say it never happened, as well as trying to view the video evidence which seems to have be unavailable owing to the fact that it got wet, when the government ordered that it be thrown in the water in order to save their credibility.

Yes, it seems that Mr Dutton has a very settled view of the world. This must be what that columnist who said that Pete had the worldview of a Queensland cop meant when she said that we should give him a go. Once you decide who’s guilty, you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Actually, I’m not even sure that Queensland police think that way…


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  1. Phil Pryor

    You have a picture above of Peter Duckwit-Futton talking to a fascist sourced foreign origin dopey undereducated dropout of no educational awareness at all, named Dolt, a talking anus with well known noise. Dutton has no intellectual reserve and quality as to be talking about handcuffs, fingerprints and cosh use, let alone serious professionalism in areas like education. Dutton could not serve on any known faculty of education and election does not endow dills with enhanced wisdom. Dutton is a foul fool, a primitive.

  2. L.S. Roberts

    As an old “chalkie”, one who worked the classrooms before the whiteboard, nothing has changed except the mantra. When talentless politicians dare to talk about schools they demonstrate not only their ignorance but also the problem.

    Yes, I’ve been an extremist in the classroom but also a coaxer a coach and even a briber. Getting the best out of students is a rare talent and management at all levels should get out of the classroom and let the teachers get on with it.

    The average classroom life of a teacher is now down to 5 years. It’s not the kids to blame; It’s the management.

  3. Kaye Lee

    Looking at the banner under the photo……

    James Bolt is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Affairs. James speaks to Alice Springs Town Councillor Jacinta Price ahead of her tour with True Arrow Events to talk about a Voice to Parliament and why she’s against it, Indigenous Recognition and what we should be talking about when we talk about Indigenous Affairs.

    The Young IPA Podcast Episode 121 – Jacinta Price Slams Voice to Parliament

    Then in the SMH I read an article called… ‘Draw the battle lines’: how the Libs must rebuild to win the next election…written by Jake Thrupp – a young man who is being…”mentored”… by Alan Jones who has hopes of entering politics himself one day.



    It’s such an incestuous circle.

  4. Cool Pete

    History is not just about having a memory for dates, such as, January 30, 1933, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany, June 30, 1934, The Night of the Long Knives, and so on. And nor are university or even high school history tests, in Australia, based around, “Hitler merged the offices of Chancellor and President after Hindenburg’s death: True or False?” History is about reading sources and presenting one’s own hypothesis. David Irving’s hypothesis on the Holocaust demonstrates that revisionism isn’t always as benign as some traditionalists may wish to believe!
    I have always believed that the extremists are not history teachers whose allegedly socialist platforms are anathema to a privileged individual like dutton, but conservative members of the Liberal party, and we saw that with the Botty-lite fool who stood against Dan Andrews in 2018!

  5. Harry Lime

    The IPA has an extremely narrow gene pool,and the incest is already apparent.
    Nice photo of the creep…like a scun version of The Creature from the Black Lagoon.Shouldn’t be allowed out without a hood.

  6. Albos Elbow

    We need to ignore these people.
    Don’t even talk about them or write about them.

    Let them just wither away and die.

    Lets be about positive change and the great possibilities before us to make the world a better place.

  7. Murray Walding

    Dutton’s comments about teacher unions are so out of touch. Its been decades since teachers unions had any clout- certainly in Victoria. He’s just fear mongering, but it does give us a chance to take a good look at his ‘new’ more caring persona.

  8. Kathryn

    Dutton is the most despised racist, and totally deluded, frothing-at-the-mouth sadistic political psychopath this side of the North Pole! Even his own colleagues detest him! The only reason this grub was nominated as the worst, most ignominious, unspeakably CORRUPT and fascist leader of the LNP to date, is that Mutton-head Dutton is such a savage, vindictive, spiteful sociopath, he is the one shrieking lunatic among the moronic, misogynistic, homophobic knuckle heads – scrambling in the murky depths of what’s left of the inept, totally depraved regime that Abbott/Morrison decimated – who is warped enough to actually believe all the spine-tingling bullshit he spews out about the ALP! Of course, the verbal diarrhoea that is constantly vomited up by the pathological, remorseless and habitual LIARS in the LNP will be fully supported and published, with gusto, by the despicable American citizen and LNP’s internationally condemned propaganda minister, Murdoch and the Z-rated, talentless, conniving hacks in News Limited = where integrity, credibility, facts and reason go to DIE!

    The fact that Mutton-head hates teachers is not surprising! Any link between this screaming, shrieking and totally irrational sociopath and education, common sense or compassion is tenuous at best! Dutton is only happy when he is making somebody else’s life a total misery! The LNP – especially regressive, thoroughly cruel right-wing extremists like the brutal sadist, Dutton – THRIVE on fear-mongering, character-assassinating lies, racism, hate and war!

  9. David Baird

    He’s a rather pathetic figure, very bitter and, at heart, just a sad fucker. He’s obviously in pain, having great difficulty accepting his party’s utter failure at the recent election and is lashing out in all directions, desperate to find a ‘point of difference’ he can push next time around. People such as he have made teaching a nightmare, usually becoming consultants who dream up new and better approaches to education which can be thrust upon teachers at professional development days. But with him it’s political. Teachers are the leftist enemy and must be stopped before they seriously tear apart the fabric of the state by creating thinkers, people who will challenge authority. Let him blather, the poor deluded twerp.

  10. New England Cocky

    Ahhh ….. Rossleigh ….. you have confessed and pleaded guilty to encouraging young Australians to demand a better future for themselves than their parents enjoyed.
    But to Voldemort Duddo questioning is a sin because he has climbed to the top of the rubbish pile using real estate investments and government subsidised kindergartens to become the Opposition Leader into a 19th century future. This is the path formerly trodden by that financial genius and adulterous, alcoholic misogynist former ”leader” of the Nazional$ who (hopefully for New England) will retire from politics to spend more time with his ”bit of fluff” and two bastards. Another born-to-rule to bite the dust with Scummo.
    DuddoSpuddo has such endearing qualities that have been overlooked by Australian voters since his installation in the feral Parliament about 21 years ago. Those voters do not see his ”gentle side” of moving the Sri Lankan refugee family from Biloela to anywhere that needed a publicity event to benefit the LIarbral Party, regardless of cost to the Australian taxpayers.
    His ”gentle” leadership of the Health Department was greatly relieved when his Ministry was terminated and hospital patients had some chance of treatment.
    His endearing time in Home Affairs left many thinking Australian voters wondering how Australia had slipped into a time vortex back to Germany between 1933 and 1945.
    But his saving grace must be the purchase for possible delivery on the never-never of fourth rate American materiels that may not be suitable for active service.
    The choice by the Liarbrals shows a deliberate move into Opposition for at least two terms until the Spuddo poison of bullying ineptitude is flushed from the Australian feral Parliament

  11. Jack sprat

    The list of our enemies grows longer according to Dutton, let’s see now the Chinese ,the unions ,the black African gangs ,the so called illegal boat people and now those pesky teachers, no wonder the kids can’t sleep at night . But my greatest fear is of him becoming Prime Minister.

  12. Kathryn

    Make no mistake about it, there is nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – kind, compassionate, sincere, honest or credible about that shrieking, totally corrupt, stone cold, callously inhumane megalomaniacal psychopath, Dutton! If you scaled the universe looking for the worst, most terrifying, totally heartless, absolutely depraved, savage sociopath you could drag up from the depths of hell, you would STILL have Dutton standing there with the worst of the absolute worst the depraved, inept, child-torturing bastards in the LNP could vomit up!

    If the conniving, lying parasites in the Murdoch press manage to fool the most gullible puppets in the nation and this monstrous aberration rises to become our NEXT LNP Crime Minister, if there is a God, God help us all! Dutton was a mediocre ex-QLD cop who was even despised by his own colleagues in the police force. Sadly, like Abbott, Morrison and so many other many LNP politicians who failed to maintain a hard-working job out in the REAL world, he decided to suck off the bleeding wound of the taxpayer and become a thoroughly useless CAREER politician. Dutton’s wife runs a series of child care centres but the thought of putting a young child in the hands of this notorious family should make every hair on the back of your neck stand up on end – especially after the brutal way the sadistic Dutton treated those poor little Tamil children from Biloela!

    This is a robotic, passionless, unspeakably cruel individual who has been reported as having acquired a personal fortune of more than $300 Million but refuses to disclose how he attained it! Some say it is from under-the-table dealings with Serco but we may never find out because the ONLY things worse than Dutton’s arrogance, hypocrisy, callous disregard for humanity, complete lack of integrity and zero credibility, is his sinister malevolent secrecy and REFUSAL to be questioned, interrogated or justifiably challenged!

    The FIRST case ICAC needs to thoroughly investigate is Peter Dutton’s incredible, mysterious and sudden acquisition of appalling wealth! Just about every member of the outgoing LNP regime are now multi-millionaires and every single one of these smug, smirking elitists MUST be made accountable! The ICAC investigation of these criminally corrupt miscreants in the Abbott/Morrison regimes need to be intensely and RETROSPECTIVELY investigated and, if found errant, charged and jailed!

  13. Michael Taylor

    I for one won’t make that mistake, Kathryn. 😉

  14. Philip Breen

    There is a very good chance Peter as opposition leader will turn out to be the best gift conservatives could offer the new government. That quote from him about the “extremism” of teachers … “If it was limited to just environmental issues or just to climate change, it would be bad enough” … well that will not play well outside the Murdoch echo chamber and it sure did not go well for them at the last election. I am all for giving Peter every opportunity and platform to make conservatives such as himself unelectable for a generation.

  15. Max Gross

    Why give Lurch oxygen? The bloke is irrelevant and will have no influence in parliament whatsoever. The LNP is effectively dead in the water and for that we must eternally be greatful to Sideshow Scott and his evangelical rorters.

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