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Personal Message For A Friend About Barnaby Joyce

Okay, everyone, a friend of mine missed 7:30 so they didn’t see the Leigh Sales interview with Barnaby Joyce and they wanted to know what it said…

Now, this is a personal message to my friend so I think that you should stop reading about now unless you’re my friend… All right, some of you may be wondering why I’m posting this on the internet if it’s personal, but that’s just the point. It’s personal and I don’t want you to read it unless you are, in fact, my friend.

I mean my special friend, not just any old friend.

Anyway, the interview went something like this:

Sales – Mr Joyce, there was a front page photo which suggested a woman was pregnant with your child. Is that true?

Joyce – Look, I don’t intend to comment on what is, after all, a personal matter.

Sales – But the suggestion is that one of your former staffers is now having your child. Surely the public has a right to know if any taxpayer dollars were spent.

Joyce – Nobody’s been able to find any, so that’s a personal matter too.

Sales – There’s also the problem that – if you were having a relationship with a member of your staff – there was a power imbalance.

Joyce – Look, marriage break-ups are personal and I’d appreciate it if everyone would just accept that mine wasn’t very pleasant but I don’t see why I should share the details with everyone.

Sales – I’m not asking you to share the details. I’m just trying to establish whether there was any abuse of position.

Joyce – Well, I think my choice of position is a personal choice and I certainly won’t be answering any questions on it.

Sales – Moving on, it seems that Adani won’t be getting developed because it can’t get funding from either the government or the private sector.

Joyce – Adani is a very personal matter and I don’t see why the public has any need to know.

Sales – But Adani…

Joyce – Look, you shouldn’t be getting bogged down with Adani. The Gallillee Basin isn’t about Adani. If Adani doesn’t work out, then why not give someone else a crack.

Sales – So you don’t think Adani will work out.

Joyce – Hey, what is this? I’m not briefed on what’s happening with Adani. I didn’t come on to answer questions about Adani. I specially came on to not answer questions about my private life. There was no suggestion that you’d ambush me by asking me about questions outside my portfolio.

Sales – As Deputy PM, shouldn’t everything be part of your portfolio.

Joyce – I’d just like to say that the break-up of my marriage has taken a toll on me and people close to me and…

Ok, I may not have it verbatim, but you get the gist. Anyway, I’ll see you Friday for coffee. Let’s meet somewhere discreet where none of my wife’s friends will see us. xx

Gee, I hope nobody else read this far. Like I said: It’s personal.

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  1. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Bananas, don’t relax yet coz AUS ppl are coming after you for Corruption & Misuse of Public Office

    Not to mention, our condemnation on how you conduct your private life, you loser

  2. paul walter

    Watched a bit, she was not going to get much out him.
    The Drum did a fair bit, Baird looking uncomfortable and Maxine McKew gleefully pouncing, talking about the Xtian values contrasted in deed to sentiments previously expressed re the sanctity of marriage as the reason why the issue was relevant.

    how do you trust politicians who say on something for others, eg gay marriage, and do the opposite when it comes for themselves?

    Pondered the girlfriend being pregnant but won’t go there for fear of a lynching, the abandoned wife and then thought of Joyce’s funny dealings re cotton farms, Murray Darling water, mining companies etc.

    Much to muse upon, be interesting to find out if others are gazing in wonder at these events also.

    Quickly, note JMS wonderstruck also.

  3. Kaye Lee

    The two senior AFL officials who have quit after it emerged they had each had an affair with younger female staff members admit they were in the “wrong” and are “truly sorry” for the pain they have caused.

    A high-ranking member of the Australian Border Force has resigned while facing an investigation into allegations he had an inappropriate relationship with a female staff member.

    News Corp reports ABF assistant commissioner Peter Docwra, who was head of the Capability Division, had been on leave before he decided to quit.

    Assistant commissioner Docwra’s resignation comes as the head of the ABF, Roman Quaedvlieg, remains on person leave while an investigation looks into allegations he helped a junior staff member with whom he had a relationship get a job at Sydney airport.

    Apparently other organisations think it is wrong to have an affair with a junior staffer though it does seem to be more common than one would have hoped.

  4. Christopher

    For me, what is, yes, gob smacking, is the defence that both sides of politics put up (not to mention the steps they and the media have taken to keep this out of the public eye). Hey this is private, not a public issue.

    Anyone who just voted for him in the byelection want to come here in this place and defend the scumbag? How the average Aussie cant see through this cs bullshit and all the rest of the cs is beyond me.

    There is always a good choice, not the major parties, always

  5. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes Paul Walter

    I am dumbstruck by dumby Bananas being in such a position of power without deserving one iota of it!

    When the LNP lose office this year, I will maintain my decorum by NOT calling for Bananas to be castrated…

    …and he better thank me, you and all our peers for our mercy.

  6. Jaquix

    I thought Leigh Sales handle this better than most she does. Barnaby repeating private life private mantra. Stumbled trying to avoid answering the one about boss bonking paid staff member.

  7. Kaye Lee

    ‘It’s something I view as none of my business,’ Labor frontbencher Tony Burke told reporters in Canberra on Wednesday.

    Well no wonder.

    Labor frontbencher Tony Burke has come under fire for charging taxpayers $48,000 to take first class flights to Spain and Italy with his staffer Skye Laris, who is now his partner.

    “Ms Campion worked as Mr Joyce’s media advisor before she moved into a more senior role with Resources Minister Matt Canavan in April last year”

    What is the difference between Barnaby getting his mistress a job in Matt Canavan’s office and Roman Q getting his girlfriend a job at the airport?

  8. Cynthia

    What a hypocrite !!!

  9. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    No difference, IF…
    … RQuisling and TeflonBurke avoided any moral surpremacy over other participants in the game of LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVvvvvvvvvvvvv

    The point being that who one sleeps with should not make any difference to how their career advances

  10. Kronomex

    I feel sorry for his wife and no doubt he’s the cause of all their marital problems. The sad part is that the idiots, yes idiots, in his seat will vote the creep back in at the next election. When asked the reply would be along the line of, to paraphrase THHGttG, “Vell, Barnaby’s just zis guy, you know?”

    Joyce has placed himself squarely in the public arena, so tough shit to him.

  11. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Very true, Kronomex

  12. pierre wilkinson

    hypocritical philandering sad excuse for a deputy PM

  13. Glenn Barry

    I hope his wife goes him for half of everything and that his new partner gets the other half out of him – that’s only fair recompense for having to have carnal relations with such a slug – yep just made you all think about it- EWW revolting

  14. Paul

    Thanks Ross!

  15. Florence nee Fedup

    Joyce performed badly in that interview. Both with his personal life and Adani. Showed he couldn’t care less about Adani. It is all about Gina. I was surprised when it appears many in his electorate didn’t know.

  16. John Higgins

    Ahhh the righteous indignation of a Catholic caught-out … my private life is private. Really? No it ain’t Mister. You suck on the public teat espousing morality you don’t personally possess. You decried same sex partners the right to marry because your own marriage was a failure. You and your buddies created lies and innuendo in the last election against the state of Tony Windsor’s marriage … karma just bit you on the arse … big time! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving hypocrite.

  17. Bob Parker

    Please get the spelling of his name right! It’s Beernaby not Barnaby.

  18. Zathras

    This has been a lot more than “an open secret” for months now but for some reason the media didn’t go near it – much like the corruption allegations about Kathy Jackson during the Craig Thomson era. There may be an agenda at work here.

    So far there’s been no mention of the other staffer he also had an affair with or the young girl he cornered in a public toilet while drunk at an election campaign rally or even how his wife ran the lawnmower over his clothes.

    Calls for personal privacy didn’t apply when Gillard was asked about the sexuality of her partner on the radio or the unfounded and disproven allegation about Latham “cavorting with strippers at a bucks’ show”. There was no cry of outrage coming from him about those private matters. In fact he and his associates politically benefitted from the personal scandals of others.

    In fact, who was spreading rumours about Tony Windsor’s alleged infidelity during an election campaign? Even if he didn’t start them he seemed happy to leave them in the public domain unchallenged.

    Like all politicians and celebrities, when they want to create an image its all “look at me..look at me” but when things go bad they whine about having no privacy.

    The newspaper story seems to have come from his cheated-on wife so she apparently is happy to make it public for reasons of her own.
    He can ask Rupert Murdoch why he allowed the story to run.

    His estranged wife and daughters are the real victims here and as far as I’m concerned, Joyce’s “right to privacy” – like his integrity and ability – is worthless.

  19. Papp Fox

    Did you hear the latest? Apparently Barnaby & Gina are an item.

  20. townsvilleblog

    I don’t recall Joyce ever going easy on an opponent in public or private life, now he has been proven to be a hypocrite as Deputy PM, With a PM who avoids his responsibility to pay a fair share of taxation to our great country by stashing it in the Cayman Islands, What a motley crew, we can’t continue to accept these people as our role models and leaders.

  21. Peta C

    Good point Zathras “There may be an agenda at work here”.
    Try this: the Murdoch empire on behalf of the LNP had to get Barnaby back into his New England seat so as to continue the rein of the neo-cons. Holding back on this all too human story allowed that to happen.
    Now, what’s the worst that can happen?
    Barnaby quits and another National takes his job, business as usual. Politically there’s no real downside.

    Culturally, the role of the media and this latest public pile-on, what’s that telling us?
    Perhaps the biggest social media bullies on the planet, the mainstream media, like to keep their skills honed. This pogrom against Barnaby is a reminder to all politicians that the holier than thou msm have sharp fangs. Hyenas also have sharp fangs.

  22. Ricardo29

    In a recent post regarding the Border Farce Supremo’s little holiday, I referred to him as Roman Quadbike which, I thought was rather clever. I subsequently discovered from a friend who is a BF employee that that’s what all his staff call him. Re Bananaby, I agree that there is public interest in this information, mostly because of his hypocrisy.

  23. 245179

    And his political “title”……is the HONORABLE member of. Words escape me..

  24. New England Cocky

    Now Rossleigh, Adani in the Galilee Basin is old news, dead, buried and cremated. The fresh news is that Auntie Gina would like a big slice of the $1 BILLION NAIF government gift to build the Galilee Basin railway to Abbott’s Point for the GVK Hancock proposal, as reported by Karen Middleton in the Saturday Paper before Christmas 2017.

    Get these details in the correct chronological order, Auntie Gina made a properly documented $50,000.00 political donation to Barnyard at the successful 2013 election after Barnyard counselled her on “family matters” en route to a wedding in Indonesia, after which he improperly claimed a return air fare against Parliamentary allowances, yet escaped prosecution for fraud. At the 2017 Kiwi bye-election she offered a further $40,000.00 “unemployment benefits” that public opinion correctly demanded was returned. Then Darryl Chester, generally recognised as a competent Minister, was replaced suddenly and unceremoniously as Minister for Infrastructure by …. Barnyard!!!

    That left dealing with the theft of environmental water flows to his successor, Littleproud the Notional Party representative in Maranoa, who could reasonably be considered “sympathetic” to the greed of the NW NSW broad acre farmers alleged to have stolen those flows by disabling water meters, and any “small” political donation to the Notional Party funds would make the alleged perpetrators unlikely to be held accountable by any LNP government.

    The MSM is making a lot of noise about Adani which is proving to be hollow corporate shell seeking to rip off Australian taxpayers for a cash deposit in West Indies tax havens. So as Middleton has noted, the GVK Hancock proposal is getting clean air to fly through the opaque NAIF evaluation process that is under the control of …. Barnyard!!!!

    So Auntie Gina gets about a $1 BILLION government gift in return for a $50,000.00 “investment” or “consultancy fee” …. no wonder she is rich!! No wonder the New England electorate has one of the highest unemployment rates, and lowest family incomes in Australia.

  25. diannaart

    Anyone taking the moral high ground needs/must check their footing first.

    As for BJ – public life is attached to public scrutiny – sad, but true.

  26. guest

    Well said, New England Cocky. It was not just the adultery that was mentioned on 7:30. The two issues of Adani and water were also touched upon. And what a mess was made of it by B. Joyce.

    For Joyce, the only jobs he can think of for the unemployed is for them to dig up coal and ship it away to be burnt. No talk of CO2 and Climate Change, no talk of effects on the Great Barrier Reef, nor of health effects on people. Then there is the failed economy of the project.

    Then Joyce rabbits on about water flowing over the barrage at Goolwa in SA. He makes it sound as if he is trying to justify the stealing of water higher up the river.

    And this man is the Deputy PM of Australia?

  27. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    I’m taking the higher ground on Bananas coz I am contemptuous of anybody who breaks the hearts of their nearest and dearest in the pursuit of their own selfish gratification.

  28. Kaye Lee

    I noticed how Barnaby wanted to steer away from Adani to talk about “the Galilee Basin”.

    In December last year it was reported that …

    “There is speculation that the stalled Gina Rinehart-backed Alpha coal mine project in the Galilee Basin could be progressing, after the company lobbyist met with key Opposition politicians during the Queensland election campaign”

  29. jimhaz

    [Labor frontbencher Tony Burke has come under fire for charging taxpayers $48,000 to take first class flights to Spain and Italy with his staffer Skye Laris, who is now his partner.]

    Aaah so that explains why Burke looked stone faced and repeated the mantra that it was none of his business. I’ve thought for some time that his underlying attitude was too much like that of an LNPer.

    As for Barnaby, it looks like News Corp waited for her pregnancy to show before making the affair more public – pregnant women attract sympathy, so the news focus has all been about the ethics of reporting private matters. There would have been collusion.

    Stuff them all, including the woman for that matter (anyone who can have a love affair with a fraud like Joyce is not to be respected).
    What we have here is politicians wanting to place themselves outside of scrutiny as if they were some form of elite people with special entitlements. We need to know what sort of moral or immoral behaviour our elected representatives get up – we do not just choose politicians on policy grounds but on moral ones as if a type of guide to their potential future behaviour.

  30. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    The Stop Adani campaign needs to be widened to encompass the Stop Alpha and Gina campaign in the Galilee Basin.

  31. diannaart


    One does not require a lofty perch to stand higher than the likes of Joyce – low bar and all that. 🙂

  32. paul walter

    Delightful thread. Just the locus for endemic bad taste. Even Burke (and who is Wills?) off to Spain for an intimate interlude, ain’t luv grand?.

    Also, extending to Rinehart, but this writer always thought Abbott was the rent boy.

    So, welcome to zee Hotel California.

  33. Glenn Barry

    The entire Adani charade as New England Cocky pointed out is just a smokescreen – behind it all is the plot for a free railway for Gina.

    The honest horror of it is that Bribery is a greedy little feeder on Gina’s nipple, but she’s no fool because she’s going to get so much more than she gives.

    What amazes me most is how cheaply this corrupt LNP sell us out, Captian Cufflinks – Mitch Fifield 30 Million, Bribery Joyce – the Murray Darling water for who knows how much, and a railway for Gina for what 50 thousand…

    It’s often stated that the LNP know the price of everything and the true value of nothing, taken in this context that adage takes on a very different meaning

  34. paul walter

    Well said Glenn Barry.

  35. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Great art, diannaart

    I will get off MY high horse for a few moments to appreciate their ridiculousness…

    …but we need more than gentle satire to shift these duopoly dinosaur bastards

    This will only beat the LNP but what do we do with Shorten’s poor excuse for Labor afterwards?

  36. diannaart

    …but what do we do with Shorten’s poor excuse for Labor afterwards?

    Continue supporting progressives, like the Greens?


  37. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    We need to put a rocket up Short’s arse

  38. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Toooooooooooooooo (to my last comment) diannaart

  39. diannaart

    A rocket? Not environmentally sustainable, now a Northern Territory saltie, that would have Bill in action.

  40. Roswell

    Kronomex, I’m convinced that the Nationals must have rounded up thousands of Trump’s “deplorable,” dumped them in New England, and (maybe with the help of Russia 😀) added them to the electoral roll.

    Trump, despite behaving like the antiChrist, has an approval rating of 85% among the evangelicals.

    Joyce also will be able to do whatever he wants and still get away with it.

    Oh, I see a dark link here: the powerful presence of the treasonous Murdoch media in both countries.

  41. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    please check your glasses.

    Diannaart is one of the last commenters here, who I would accuse of being ridiculous, thanks all the same

  42. Roswell

    My error. I will delete my comment.

  43. paul walter

    Yes, the cartoon does sum up such a lot of it.

  44. Matters Not

    Followers of Gina will note that she made some serious investment(s) in the dairy sector at THE opportune time – just before details of the free Trade Agreement with China were announced. As Richard O’Neill, a former dairy farmer who now runs the Queensland Dairy and Heritage Museum at Murgon, noted at the time.

    She probably knows something I’m not aware of and others here aren’t aware of.”

    While dairy insiders were surprised, not Gina because of her expertise in mining. (LOL). One wonders how she was so lucky with her decision to get into ‘dairy’? Did she have inside info? Info that perhaps only Cabinet Ministers might have. Someone perhaps with rural connections? Perhaps Barnaby? Hence the many and varied donations to his personal and political benefit?

  45. Kaye Lee

    Furniture and appliances retailer Harvey Norman has defended its decision to diversify into dairy farming and cattle breeding, telling shareholders it is confident a $34 million investment in one of Australia’s largest dairy farms will deliver returns.

    The retailer faced a backlash from investors after revealing on Wednesday it had acquired a 49.9 per cent stake in dairy operator and cattle breeder Coomboona Holdings for about $25 million and had advanced about $9 million to the company.

    “It just seems weird,” said Australian Shareholders Association spokesman Allan Goldin as Harvey Norman shares fell 16¢ to $4.15.

    “This is a retailer of appliances and homewares – what are they doing buying a dairy farm?”

    Mr Harvey is not the only billionaire investing in the dairy sector, hoping to tap booming Asian demand for Australian dairy products and infant formula.

    Over the last year, Gina Rinehart has been buying dairy assets and land through her private company Hope Dairies. Late last year she announced plans to invest $500 million to produce baby formula for the Chinese market.

    But it hasn’t gone to plan….

    Retailer Harvey Norman has pulled out of a major expansion of a 2000-hectare dairy farming business in Victoria and will consider offers to sell the business.

  46. Kaye Lee

    It turns out Liberal grandee Robb sits next to Shanghai CRED billionaire Gui Guojie on the board of the S. Kidman & Co pastoral empire, alongside local billionaire Gina Rinehart.

    It’s one of four Rinehart-­related cattle company boards Robb sits on. The other three are Australian Outback Beef, Northern Australia Pastoral Properties and Pastoral Properties (NSW).

    And there we were thinking that Robb’s only connection to Rinehart was as the iron ore ­empress’s representative on the David Gordon-chaired Ten Network board.

  47. Kaye Lee

    On the day before the 2016 federal election, Robb signed on for an $880,000-a-year role at Ye Cheng’s Landbridge Group. The Chinese conglomerate paid $506 million in October 2015 for the Port of Darwin from what was Adam Giles’s Northern Territory.

    As it happens, Giles is now also on Gina Rinehart’s payroll as external affairs boss of Hancock Prospecting’s expanding pastoral division. Robb has also picked up an advising role with investment bank Moelis & Co.

    Then there’s Ageless Products, which sells two of the Chinese consumer’s favourite Australian products: health pills and milk powder. Robb last year joined the board of the company, which is led by former Blackmores executive Brett Greene. Lest anyone accuse the former trade minister of not putting his money where his FTA is, Robb’s also a shareholder.

  48. paul walter

    Interesting stuff from the New England Cocky..oh my, what must go on behind closed doors.

    Kaye Lee, don’t fret for the old Harvey guy, he has some udder investments we don’t know about, it seems. As for Andrew Robb, he is not called
    Andrew “Robb” for nothing. He “robbed” an entire nation, after all, with his bodgey fta’s

  49. diannaart

    Here’s a “ridiculous” thought.

    Have been wondering if there is any link between billionaires’ grab for farming land and fracking?


    If I was out of line for my comment regarding Bill Shorten and salt water crocodiles…. then many people writing here are not only out of line, but beyond the pale, over the top, permitted licence beyond the bounds of…

    Not having a go at you Roswell (I mostly agree with you on many issues)- just pointing out I am a long way back in the line of “ridiculous” commentators.

  50. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Shorten does need a massive boost from somewhere. A rocket or a salt water crocodile might be messy options, but if he wants to be the Alternative PM and lead us all away from the depravity of the LNP looters, he better start showing he is serious about representing us all on the Left and Left-Centre.

  51. paul walter

    Yes, Diannaart, the sort of thing New England Cocky was alluding to, perhaps.

    JMS, nothing has shifted the ALP right previously. They cling to timidity like a limpet to a rock.

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