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Pauline – Another Bloody Indigenous Person Making Impossible Demands!

Now I must confess that I didn’t watch the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, but apparently, it’s caused quite a stir because it not only had an Indigenous rap artist, but it also featured didgeridoos. While you personally may not have a problem with either rap or didgeridoos, it’s caused a lot of concern for some people… Ok, mainly Alan Jones and Pauline Hanson, but I’m sure that their opinion matters more than anyone else’s. As Pauline told us:

“I’ve got nothing against the Aboriginals but I’m sick and tired of being made to feel as if I’m a second-class citizen in my own country… I am Indigenous as far as I’m concerned. I was born here – this is my country as much as anyone else.”

So don’t accuse Pauline of being racist. She doesn’t hate Aborigines – or ‘Aboriginals” as she puts it. She just doesn’t think that they should be given so much attention and that people like her are just as indigenous as they are, because well, as far as Pauline is concerned, she’s Indigenous and when it comes down to it, as far as Pauline is concerned, what she thinks is all that should concern anybody. No, it’s not racism from her. As she said, “Our country is not based on the Aboriginals. Our country is what it is because of the migrants that have become here.” It’s unclear, however, whether she was advocating for a group of dancing One Nation members dressed in burqas to be part of the Games ceremony, or whether she’d have been content to merely have a parade of trained kangaroos pulling a sleigh of bronzed lifesavers around the stadium.

Whatever, Pauline is “…sick and tired of people having a go at me because it’s racism. Don’t call me a racist when people don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.”

While I’m not sure whether she included herself in the “people who don’t know what the hell I’m talking about”, but I was rather intrigued by the possibilities of her recent threat to Labor about putting The Greens last or they’d “place the Greens and Labor last at the next election”.

If Pauline was here, I’d have a few questions to ask her, but as she’s not, I’ll just have to make them rhetorical:

  1. If Labor refuse to do her bidding, will PHON actually put Labor last on their how-to-vote cards?
  2. If PHON does that, doesn’t that mean that they themselves aren’t doing what they demanded Labor do?
  3. If they don’t put Labor last and preference them ahead of The Greens, doesn’t that mean that Pauline’s threat was an empty one and that we can’t rely on her word?
  4. Has she not noticed that Labor don’t actually listen to her, unlike the Liberals who – after throwing her out of the party in 1996 for announcing their agenda of cutting funding to Indigenous services and demonising immigrants before the election – have attempted to tell us that we need to listen to her because she speaks for a significant minority? (This would be ok, were it not for the fact that they then argue that we don’t need to listen to anyone on the leftish side of politics because they failed to win a majority!)
  5. Did she ask Tony Abbott to launch her book because he was the main instigator of her time in jail, which gave her the chance to compare her eleven weeks jail time with the almost thirty years that Nelson Mandela spent incarcerated?
  6. Why was her book, subtitled “In Her Own Words” when it was written by a ghostwriter whose name was on the cover?
  7. Would she rejoin the Liberal Party if they offered her Malcolm Turnbull’s job, or would she want to actually be their leader?
  8. Does she ever miss her days in the fish and chip shop when the only thing she could stuff up was the orders?
  9. Can she sum up what she’s learned in twenty-five words, or is that too many?

Ah well, let’s ignore Pauline. I mean, that’s what most of us have tried to do for the past twenty-two years, but she doesn’t seem to go away. There are more important things happening.

Like Newspoll. Tomorrow apparently is the thirtieth Newspoll loss for Turnbull.

Interestingly, the media don’t seem to be working on the theory that it might be a win. After all, polls do have three percent margin of error which means – as I frequently point out – they could be three percent up or down and the pollsters would still consider that was accurate. This, of course, means that no single poll is actually worth analysing, but that would take all the fun out of explaining why the Coalition have improved by one percent when the figure is so small as to indicate nothing.

Tomorrow also sees Tony on the Tour de Bike, so that’ll make it hard for him to launch a challenge. Although maybe he’ll think that he looks good in lycra and that announcing it while wearing a bike helmet will add a couple of votes.

Mm, tomorrow: Tony calls the challenge after dismounting his bike and standing in front of a coal-fired power station in the Latrobe Valley, telling us that it’s what John Monash and Menzies would have wanted. Peter Dutton announces that if there’s going to be a spill, he’ll also stand. Julie Bishop says she’s happy to go being Deputy Leader and Foreign Minister no matter who’s leader because she’s grown used to the role and the duty-free shopping. Kevin Andrews puts himself forward as a compromise candidate. Christopher Pyne says that he’d be a much better compromise candidate. A suggestion is made that they just install Shorten as PM and get it over and done with. Scott Morrison speculates about re-arranging the deck-chairs on the Titanic and says that for all we know, it may have helped. Nobody understands what Scott is talking about, but that’s one of his political strengths, so he is persuaded to be the leader. Malcolm is rolled and immediately announces he’s leaving Parliament. Pauline is sounded out about standing in Wentworth as a Liberal. Using his Home Office powers, Dutton has both Morrison and Hanson taken into custody and declares himself leader until the mess can be sorted.

Yep, sounds more plausible than anything that’s happened in the past four years.

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  1. John Boyd

    Along the lines of Kaye Lee’s predictions, we shouldn’t assume this 30th poll will go against Turnbull. All those basically LNP supporters who are swinging the polls so far may get scared of a possible spill and Dutton succession and vote to avoid the dreaded 30th negative poll.

  2. New England Cocky

    Now Rossleigh, your analysis is far too realistic to be funny ….. I had overlooked the use of Dutto’s terrorism powers to silence political opponents within the Liarbral Party ….. so why do I see so much similarity to the 1930s German experience???

    Naturally, these dissident Liarbrals will be dispatched to Manus and Nauru for internment without trial, just like the legal refugees incarcerated there. Then there will be no excuse for the Liarbrals to refute the real life experience of refugees … oh, silly me!! …. disclosing those facts would breach the Terrorism laws

  3. townsvilleblog

    Yes mate, the clowns have definitely been let out of the circus tent, and they have all joined the L’NP. Cocky you have 20/20 vision on Australian politics, if only the list of taxable deductions for business was drastically shortened (no pun intended) for ‘all’ businesses the country would be in a far better place.

  4. diannaart

    Some things once seen never forgotten (and not for any good reasons either).

    Did she ask Tony Abbott to launch her book because he was the main instigator of her time in jail, which gave her the chance to compare her eleven weeks jail time with the almost thirty years that Nelson Mandela spent incarcerated?

    Australia dropped further into the miasma created by the self-obsessed – libertarianism writ large “In My own Words” ghost-written by someone who should (if they have any sense) remain nameless and promoted by fellow traveller on the path of the self-righteous and hypocritical, Tony Abbott.

  5. Jamboree

    Wonderful quotes that made no sense at all- brilliant. Shoots herself in both feet. Funny and horrific.
    Yesterday a man in his 80s told me all Aborigines are liars, laying claim to land they never occupied. They were not here for at least 60 years, either. I asked him for evidence, but his companion was embarassed, so I bit my tongue. So glad his ilk will soon be dead. Do schools teach anything about Oz history I wonder?

  6. bobrafto


  7. bobrafto

    I wondered why I couldn’t comment, I discovered that if I try and include a link in the comments, I get an error about a security token. Please don’t refer me to Dutton.

  8. Andrew Smith

    Maybe it’s simply more theatre for both media content and keeping the government on its toes?

    But the unethical use of Monash’s name does not seem to be understood well, as it is quite perverse (more like Astroturfing).

    Many of the group are linked and/or influenced by think tanks in the US eg. Heritage, American Enterprise Institute etc. who still toy with white nativism and Eugenics with significant numbers of members and/or oligarch donors holding strong anti Semitic sentiments; Monash family was NESB, ‘economic immigrants’ (like most) not WASP, but Jewish.

    Coincidentally seems to be wedging Josh Freudenberg round fossil fuel, coal and renewable energy.

  9. Zathras

    Pauline does in fact dislike aborigines.

    Her ex-husband, in a magazine interview (before he was slapped down with a court order) and who a professional plumbing relationship with local aboriginal communities said Pauline used to typically refer to them as “black bastards” and was extremely hateful toward them.

    Her history of selectively negative accusations included cannibalism and for no other reason than to denigrate them as an entire group and she first rode into government on the back of anti-Asian and anti-Aboriginal sentiment.

    Her own mother freely referred to “the Yellow Peril” in a TV interview so racism is part of who she is.

  10. johno

    Please explain, Pauline claims to be a second class citizen whilst drawing a salary of 200 K. Gee Pauline, you are so hard done by and second class.

  11. helvityni

    …and yet a woman like her is given a second chance, mind-boggling!

  12. Andre

    I wouldn’t trust her, that’s for sure.

    Obviously she’s putting her self interests in 1st & foremost, the 200k salary must be protected at all costs!

  13. Daniela

    Pauline Hanson is absolutely right she is a white native just like the millions of white Australians born are. Australians born here after the first and second fleet onwards are natives as they do not have ties anymore to the country of their parents and grandparents , Australia is all they know. I am not saying that Indigenous Australians are treated good in this country but white Australians born here and been here for 6-7 generations are natives no less.

  14. Rossleigh

    So, Daniela, it seems to me that you’d be rather critical of Trump’s decision to send the “dreamers” back across the border…
    Notwithstanding that, you seem to picking up on a rather trivial point. Ok, I’ll accept that the millions of “white” Australians born here are “indigenous” just for the fun of it. What about the non-whites born here? You know, to paraphrase Petey Dutton, the ones from less “civilised” countries? Are they indigenous too?
    But more to the point I was making:
    Do you think that we should allow a minor party leader to threaten blackmail against another party if they refuse to do her bidding?

    Somehow I suspect that you won’t reply to any of those questions.

  15. Michael Taylor

    So, Daniela, what are your thoughts about me, a 2nd generation brown-skinned Australian?

    PS: the 1st generation fought for Australia in WW2.

  16. Matters Not


    Pauline Hanson is absolutely right she is a white native

    One should resist the temptation to respond – at any level.

    But it would make a reasonable introduction for any budding stand up at the local Comedy Club.

  17. Michael Taylor

    Not so quick, MN. Daniela might yet respond with a reasoned argument.

    Do hang around. 😉

  18. Matters Not

    MT, any analysis of Hanson’s own words provides a basis for many comedy skits at the (usually crude) local Comedy Club.

    Try this one example from the opening paragraph of her maiden speech. (The context being a thrice married woman with X number of kids with different fathers). And do with it as you will.

    come here not as a polished politician but as a woman who has had her fair share of life’s knocks.

    Yep – I think her – her fair share of life’s knocks has comedic potential.

    Yes I know, Pauline will beat me around the head via the Me Too movement.

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