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“One-term Tony”: It’s a sure bet

An editorial opinion:

Bill Shorten finally emerged from wherever he had been hiding and smacked us with the downright obvious: Tony Abbott is a potential ”oncer” prime minister. God bless you, Bill, I couldn’t agree more.

Whether Bill was basing this no-brainer on the tumbling opinion polls for Tony Abbott, the Keystone Cops like performance of the government, or the sheer bumbling buffoonery of Abbott himself … I’m not sure. But all three are valid reminders that what we have in Tony Abbott as prime minister is nothing more than, simply – and I’ll borrow a term raging across the social media – a “One-term Tony”.

All three factors have resonated across the mainstream media (bar Murdoch) and in particular the more rigidly probing independent media.

It is no surprise to most of us that no first-time prime minister has suffered such a fall from grace as Tony Abbott. Indeed, never has there been a swing of such magnitude against a new administration. It is no surprise to most of us either that his ministers have failed to demonstrate a single ounce of competence in their portfolios (the exception being the heartless Scott Morrison who is in complete control, apparently, of our apparently fragile borders). After all, they showed little interest in their portfolios as Shadow Ministers when they sat around in Parliament like stunned mullets; clueless, baffled by their counterparts. And it is certainly no surprise to most of us that Tony Abbott is just as gutless and shallow a politician as prime minister as he was leader as of the dazed Opposition.

A large number of people are surprised though; hence the massive slump in the polls. The reality of an Abbott Government must have been a huge blow. Yes, it’s a hollow feeling knowing you’ve been conned.

But these are the people who will ensure that Tony Abbott is a “oncer”. They are quickly joining the ranks of those who have vociferously expressed serious doubts about his ability to run a political party, let alone a progressive (or formerly progressive) country. Conservative politics in a progressive country is a bad marriage. Even worse when a confused and stupefied Tony Abbott is in charge.

It has been a total disaster. “One-term Tony” is one term too many.

And it will be one term only. It’s a sure bet.

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  1. David Stephens

    Strange how Abbott seems to be shrinking in the job at the same time as his ears are looking more and more like Billy McMahon’s.

  2. edward eastwood

    A good read Michael and you’re more than likely right. The real problem is that taking comfort in the fact that it’s only a one term government is a bit like taking comfort in the thought that when the police catch an axe murderer – and I don’t think that its unfair to make the comparison between the Abbott government and Jack the Ripper – they’ll be put in jail for the rest of their life – but until caught, or in this case voted out, all we can do is listen to the screams of the victims – us!

  3. David

    Its only a matter of who does him in first, his colleagues or the Electorate. Either way he has got it coming

  4. Dennis Bauer

    I would like to write him off, but i would not count the chickens yet, i can assume that 50% still like what
    he is doing, believe it or not. When the Media do a job on Bill Shorten, which won’t be hard, it’s quite
    possibly to swing Tony Abbott back into power, of course that’s if we get to have another election

  5. Matters not.

    IMHO, Abbott won’t be a one term government unless the ALP gets off its arse (comes back from an extended holiday) and develops a strategic approach. Saw Bowen on TV tonight who refused to answer certain questions until the ‘policy’ was finalised. While I personally applaud that approach, can I assume that’s to be the new ‘common sense’? If that’s the case, then clearly it’s politically risky, given that Abbott et al were always a policy free zone. Totally driven by repeal of what Rudd/Gillard did.

    Shorten is in Griffith at the present and his campaign is bloody shallow. But then again, maybe it’s smart politics, but surely only in the short term?

  6. lawrencewinder

    Be careful of your hubris… these are animals who will do anything to maintain their position.
    I don’t think that the majority of the Aspirational Bogans who elected this incompetent rabble perceive that much is wrong with them yet…. the Murdoch induced mayhem of the last few years has abated and the Bogans’ think all is well …as Leigh Sales (ABC 7:30) “reported” just after the election. “a sense of calm and order has descended … instead of the chaos of the last three years…” There’s a long way to go before this vile cabal are expunged.

  7. nedsby

    What I can’t figure out is how this air head got voted in in the first place
    If Australians are that dense may this idiot will be with us screwing things up for
    I have no faith in the Australian public any more. They are as thick as bricks and
    should never be forced to vote when half of them wouldn’t even know what they were
    voting for.

  8. Mike 1

    Come on Mike, are you talking about Uncle Tony ? He is honest as the day and twice as pretty. That is what the Liberal AstroTurfer’s are saying on The Guardian and ABC. Mind you, they are outnumbered by Labor supporters there. Seems like everyone is waking up to Abbott and his Party. No, I did not vote for Him.

  9. Mike 1

    Nedsby, The Australian Public is only “GIVE ME” they can’t see further than their noses. Let this 2.5 years take its course, a lot more pain to come from these Liberal whakers.Roll on next election.

  10. Colleen Mcgregor

    Great piece Michael ,Australians on the whole are over him & his motley clueless team,yes,let’s keep up the 3 word slogan – one term Tony!

  11. Matters not.

    Waaah Waaah lefty! said:

    Still whining like little bitches about having their asses solidly kicked (rightly so) in the last election? Grow up little whiny wankers.

    Always amusing as to how much the ‘dumbos’ are attracted to the American vernacular, and that logic.

    Waaah Waaah said, ‘Asses’ LOL, and here’s a small clue in Australia we talk about ‘arses’.

    Always interested as to why the poor and stupid do the bidding of … . No need to go on.

  12. John Fraser


    I wouldn't be taking bets on that just yet.

    "Never underestimate the stupidity of the general public."
    Scott Adams (the Dilbert future).

    Murdoch uses it to his and his chosen ones advantage.

  13. doctorrob54

    Hate to say it but I think westlabs is correct.I never believed right up to the final count,that Aus. would possibly vote in the Lib. party,let alone a party lead by the sick Abbott,.How the MSM were able to brainwash
    so many obvious brain dead people amazed me.It is obvious if they (MSM) could do it once they can do it again.

  14. Chris

    I think it’s too early to celebrate Abbott’s defeat. If the Libs get their act together and dangle some carrots right before the next election, they might get in again. To get voted out, they’ll have to make the poor and undereducated people feel the pinch personally in a big way and continue being totally incompetent in the same manner they have in this last few months.

    I don’t get why so many who commented here are surprised to find out most Australians are stupid, selfish, and money hungry. It’s been that way for a long time. The anglosphere countries have really latched on to the ideology of “free market” capitalism. And the Libs appeal to the poor, and stupid people. They know the rich aren’t in large enough numbers to get them over the line at elections, so they need to appeal to the poor who won’t realise they’re getting screwed until it’s too late or not at all.

    That’s why the Libs are so desperate to undo Gonski and change the national curriculum. They want to keep all those people poor and undereducated. If they learned a few things and developed critical thinking, the Libs could never win an election unless Labor become atrocious.

  15. Bec Brown

    They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it’s not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance.
    Terry Pratchett

  16. westlabz

    Sorry to say this but Australians are really stupid, selfish & greedy! Australians are the most likely to be scammed by Nigerian scam artists & why? for dim witted false hopes of becoming rich. Australians don’t give 2 shits about the well being of refugees & asylum seekers & we have been deluded by the media into thinking that we will all be better off under the Libs when for most of us it’s actually the opposite. This country is full of morons that’s why they voted 1 in & that’s why they will re-elect him. All my friends & I are not morons & neither are the people commenting on this article but we r in the minority & so I won’t get my hopes up over bad opinion polls. Sorry but the truth hurts!

  17. Coughdrop

    I don’t want to seem like a smarty pants, but is anyone aware that Scott Morrison was the Managing Director of ‘Tourism Australia before his present incarnation’?
    I’m talking about the man who signed off on what proved to be the equivalent of collectively ‘breaking wind’ as a draw to our country. The “where the bloody hell are you” campaign was a sweet Morrison sign off. Now he is the Minister for “don’t bloody well come here”, it all makes sense. Sort of.

  18. doctorrob54

    To true as I said above, I’m starting to hate this country more and more each day.Feel I’m becoming depressed more daily like when Coward was PM.

  19. Adam

    Hopefully those who fell for the empty rhetoric of ‘governing for all Australians’ will wake up and realise that ‘all’ just means ‘wealthy’, and when welfare to the vulnerable is slashed while tax cuts and amnesties are offered to the wealthy. If they can see it, that is, as I’m sure it won’t be analysed in much depth in the MSM.

  20. roy

    Whilst Australia burned during the latest heatwave that slowly encompassed the eastern and souuthern states
    The volunteer fireman was sking in France –holiday over–came back and run away to tell the G20 how good the Australian economy faired amidst the the devastating GFC under the Gillard Government

    Add the peole that tragically lost their houses and worldly possessions in the lastest round of fireballs to the
    ONE TERM TONY list

  21. Carol Taylor

    Dennis and,

    When the Media do a job on Bill Shorten..

    Sadly this could be the case, which means that Australia is being run by the media moguls who chose to manipulate opinion for their own private benefit. It won’t be about policy, and god only knows that the last election proved that but about who the msm chose to run the country. I am hopeful that Australia has learnt her lesson and realises that it’s not about personality (or the msm’s perception of same).

  22. Terry2

    If only !

    Do you remember a couple of years ago when this man became leader of the LNP we were all saying that this guy is unelectable, he has no substance, he’s an embarrassment. So they kept him in hi-viz jackets, hard hats and lycra and kept him away from the serious media and the probing interviews.

    Peta Credlin has TA on a very tight leash and will keep him away from controversy and media scrutiny. So far this year it has been a soft scripted 2GB interview and a bit of fluff on Channel Ten. She won’t let him near the ABC.

    It’s up to us, how long are we prepared to put up with this ?

  23. John Fraser


    The Abbott gang drag down the RAN to their level.

    Abbott with his childish "baddies v baddies" embarrasses Australia and shows the world how desperately Australia need Gonski …. just for the Abbott gang of morons.

  24. gailgoodwin

    I’m afraid a few more back pockets will need to be emptied, a few more made jobless, a few more forests and reefs ruined, a few more asylum seeker’s children will need to die, a few more of their parents tipped overboard, a few more international relationships spoiled, before the majority of Australians will see sense and vote out this dictatorship.

  25. FSM is coming.

    One term is far too long. This country will be well and truly destroyed by then. Everything Australian will be sold off over the next 12 months. Wouldn’t be surprised if we are at war with half of Asia within 3 years.

    In the words of Kirk Van Houten – “This country makes me sick!”

  26. scotchmistery

    @FSM –
    Hear hear. Of course Pell will be excused his behaviour and OTT will be sucking on even bigger boiled lollies after the commission of inquiry is closed down due to lack of support from a government doing its utmost to protect the guilty including Pell.

  27. Hotspringer

    No surprises government. My only surprise was seeing this gang elected; I guess I underestimated the number of brainwashed bogans.

  28. FSM is coming.

    I concur with your previous post Sir, Listing the pending dawn. Number 4 is frightfully true.
    And nothing is worse than a moron finding out he was wrong. Dark times ahead.

  29. Miriam English

    I wouldn’t be jumping to conclusions. Abbott may be a half-wit, but there are many very smart people working in right-wing think-tanks to keep him in place. I see the “fall from grace” as a deliberate ploy to get the unsavoury stuff out of the way early so that the notoriously short memory of the electorate can be primed with juicy carrots when an election draws near. The horrid Murdoch media will play merry hell with what remains of our tattered democracy, planting all manner of bullshit on Shorten and his silent lot. And Presto! We will end up with Abbott again for another year, and another, and another… will he break even the unlikely and atrocious Howard’s 11-year record? Quite possibly.

    Murdoch’s hold on the media MUST be broken if we are ever to get our country back. I recommend suing him in class action under failure of “Duty of Care”. It will be hard if Abbott’s pet attorney general (have I got that right?) can screw with the law, but I frankly think it is our only option. Murdoch’s media empire is haemorrhaging money as it loses audience, but we can’t wait for it to go broke. He’s working on ways to destroy alternatives (like killing the NBN, and in USA the big corporations just a couple of days ago finally managed to kill off net-neutrality giving them license to vandalise the internet).

  30. God Help Us

    The second half of this year under the new Senate will give us an insight into whether this mob of drongos has the capacity to win another term.

    I agree that Shorten has to perform better, but perform better on what? Us lefties have the freedom to bitch and moan about anything at all (not suggesting it isn’t justified) , but it’s not that simple for an alternative PM. On asylum seekers for instance, what’s he going to say?

  31. scotchmistery

    Does this mean that light is dawning on several fronts:

    1) Tony Abbott is a fwit and now that is becoming clearer.
    2) Peta Credlin is a dog
    3) Morrison shouldn’t be allowed off a leash.
    4) The electorate are morons.

  32. FSM is coming.

    Totally agreed Miriam, With Murdoch at his back it will be difficult for the majority to see what really is going on.
    I hear very often how people know Murdoch is manipulating the press, yet, they continue to consume his bullshit rags and pay wall crap..
    Anyone that reports for Murdoch needs to be named and shamed. They need to be shown they have no integrity, ethics or journalistic professionalism… *sigh.

  33. Twoih

    In two party dominated democracy, elections are never won. The incumbent, over time, cannot hide incompetence and leaves (sensible) floating voters no option but to let the other lot have a go. Labor can remain asleep, like King Aurther’s Knights, but the alarm calls won’t be in this term. Mr Abbott knows this, he holidays and hides, treads lightly and forces others to take flack. He knows deflection and avoidance will gain him time and a second term win. Bill can brush his teeth, lay down with the rest of his sleeping knight mates and wait his turn, that is all any opposition need do.
    The two party stranglehold has democracy providing the nation with the “least worst fool” and never a national leader.

  34. John Fraser


    @Ted Wrathmall

    Enlighten everyone as to how you came to your adult conclusion.

  35. John Fraser


    No doubt the cogs are turning at Acting Prime Minister Peta Credlins house and the calendar most likely shows 1 or 2 by elections in safe Liberal seats approximately 6 months before the next Federal election.

    Those resigning will most likely have been diagnosed with dementia or will be offered plum jobs …. more likely a combination of both.

    That way it will be hoped that voters can take out their frustrations by returning 2 Liberals but with a reduced vote.

    The Murdoch media will go hell for leather saying that "Tony" has been punished and in future will be an even greater bloke.

    But perhaps I am just a little cynical and not really up with all the machinations of the evangelical extreme right wing politics.

    But I bet I am absolutely accurate in my submission about the American Murdoch.

  36. cassilva48

    Chris I agree, we shouldn’t be counting our chickens just yet. Everyone thought Gough Whitlam’s re-election was in the bag. Shorten needs to take a page out of Hockey’s book and start criticising every decision they make, ‘in our name’!

  37. Ted Wrathmall

    Collectively, most comments are by sore losers and to call a fellow Australian a moron proves that fact!!!

  38. scotchmistery

    @FSM – whenever I refer to someone working for the murdochracy, I refer to them as “typists”. Covers it nicely.

  39. revolutionarycitizen

    I think it is unwise to think that Australia is a progressive country, it is far more the case that Australians are simply willing to accept whatever changes are thrust upon them. It still stands that the National Party is the most successful political party in our history and none of their platform could be considered progressive. In-fact, the ALP is really the government we end up with when Australia gets tired of conservative governments, not the other way around.

    It is also interesting that many on the political left start questioning Tony Abbott’s chances of a second term when the first rumours of a potential challenger to Bill Shorten’s leadership of the opposition.

    Also, don’t mistake a party purposely taking a hit to their polling numbers with three years to an election as anything other a planned means of getting the unpleasantness over and done with early, something the ALP should have done before it suffered 6 years of nonsense that will see it in opposition for the next 7 at the least.

  40. Terry2

    Fact One: The Commission of Audit was due to deliver its preliminary report on 31 January and would, no doubt, have some tough and unpopular recommendations on cut-backs.

    Fact Two: The Griffith by-election of Rudd’s seat is due on 8 February and would have been influenced by fact one.

    Fact Three: Today Joe Hockey gave the Commission of Audit another two weeks (i.e. to 14 February) before they have to deliver their report.

    Coincidence ? I think not.

  41. Aurellious Estobahn

    Wow Michael you must be one of the many who snuck through uni as a full fee paying student and for no other good reason.
    Thank the Liberals for that.
    Anyway, its called safe economics, you know that thing they need to do because the kitty is empty.
    To use an example it would be fun to buy a new car each week, but the money will run out.
    Kevin and Julia gave Australia many a free Hyundai – but now an actual grown up needs to balance the books.

  42. Möbius Ecko

    You don’t know economics do you Aurellious Estobahn? That is a most specious example and bears no relation to how government finances work.

    And if what you say is remotely true, given the fact Rudd/Gillard got us through the GFC and have been widely lauded for it, plus Abbott is in Davos riding on the back of that praise, then why did Hockey firstly raise the debt ceiling then scrap it all together, thus paving the way for unlimited debt.

    Surely if what you aver is correct, which it isn’t, then he would have strictly capped the debt ceiling and not given the RBA $8+ billion they didn’t want or need?

    Also why if what you say is correct, which it isn’t, are they continuing with the enormously expensive PPL that is requiring cuts to the disadvantaged and other social groups to fund?

    If what you say is correct, which it isn’t, why is this government allowing big companies to get away with paying none or very little taxes whilst removing tax revenue streams from other areas that benefit the wealthy but are increasing costs for lower socioeconomic groups?

  43. cassilva48

    Someone needs to refute this asap Mental health facilities within Australia are also flagged in the report because of the use of shackles, restraints and laws surrounding involuntary sterilisation for women with disabilities.

    “Alarmingly, Australian law allows women and girls with disabilities to be involuntarily sterilised if the family court or a guardianship tribunal determines that the procedure is in their best interests,” the report reads.

    “Shackles and restraints are often still used on people with mental disabilities in Australia, sometimes because of lack of beds in psychiatric wards in public hospitals. According to local disability advocates, women with mental disabilities experience a high rate of physical and sexual abuse, including in psychiatric facilities.”

  44. cassilva48

    God help us posted

    The Sydney Morning Herald
    Federal Politics

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    The Pulse
    The Sugar Hit
    Election 2013

    You are here: Home Federal Politics Political News
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    National Times

    Abbott government has ‘sabotaged’ school funding system, report claims

    January 22, 2014

    Gareth Hutchens
    Gareth Hutchens

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    Private school kids.

    Private school kids. Photo: Jim Rice

    Australian politics: full coverage

    The Abbott government has guaranteed a funding increase for private but not for public schools under the Gonski funding model, a public education advocacy group says.

    Save Our Schools national convenor Trevor Cobbold, a former economist for the Productivity Commission, said in a paper published on Tuesday that the Gonski measures had been ”sabotaged” by the Abbott government.

    And the cumulative effect of the policy changes meant private schools would get a guaranteed federal funding increase, while public schools would not.

    Mr Cobbold said a $7.5 billion federal funding shortfall would be borne mostly by public schools, after the Abbott government committed to a funding increase of only $2.8 billion in the next four years, rather than $10.3 billion in six years.

    He also says the government’s promise to provide funding without strings attached means state and territory governments will be free to decide whether to increase their funding for public schools, substitute federal funding for their own funding or cut their funding.

    Read more:×9.html#ixzz2rAibB4BM
    Don’t wanna say, I told you so, but I told you so!

  45. doctorrob54

    You and Mobius Ecko 100% correct, I wish we could get the truth out there.This nation is turning into sh*t.We have absolutely no valid reason to celebrate Australia Day,a truly depressing situation.

  46. nedsby

    But who the hell voted for him in the first place? I can’t find anyone who will own up. The polls were rigged and I wouldn’t
    be surprised if the elections were rigged also. I just doesn’t make sense. I am ashamed to be an Australian because
    I didn’t think most of them were so dumb. They deserve what they get. This isn’t a democracy when sheep are
    herded to the voting booths without a clue of how destructive their ignorance can be. Moronic.

  47. Rais

    Nobody ever lost an election by underestimating the intelligence of the voters.

  48. Miriam English

    @Rais – Actually, many, many elections have been lost by underestimating the intelligence of voters. Howard lost by considering his voters idiots, Labour lost most recently by underestimating their voters, Beazley lost massively by underestimating the voters. Unfortunately, many in power seem to despise ordinary people and have utter contempt for them. What they don’t realise is that the voters are often smarter than the politicians themselves. But most politicians live in a strange alternate reality populated only by themselves, their minders, and pollsters, along with a small number of media people. They seem to consider the general population their enemy — hence the odd desire of all governments to censor the internet and spy on their population.

    Be careful not to succumb to this sorry view that ordinary people are stupid. They aren’t. They may be bored by, and disinterested in politics. Who can blame them? They may be sucked in by the alarmist and slanted mass media. They probably don’t feel they have the time or energy to seek out more balanced news as when they get home from work they just want to vege out before the TV, not realising the power of propaganda.

    Australia didn’t vote Abbott in; we voted Labour out. Australia has a habit of voting governments out. It rarely votes governments in. Gough Whitlam is the only one I remember ever being voted in. From what I understand Abbott only got in through preferences from an astonishing proliferation of sneakily named “Independent” parties. He actually has no mandate at all.

  49. rossleighbrisbane

    Actually, I’d argue that as many Australians voted McMahon out as voted Whitlam in. It’s easy to forget what a fool McMahon was and how many outdated ideas the Liberals were clinging to in 1972 – we were in Vietnam to stop China invading from the North, for example, as well as their Tea Party like opposition to any health care scheme. McMahon himself announced that anyone looking at the facts would vote Labor, before correcting himself and saying vote Liberal.

  50. Dennis Bauer

    don’t feel they have the time or energy to seek out more balanced news as when they get home from work they just want to vege out before the TV, not realising the power of propaganda.

    This is number one on the list, i don’t think anyone realises just how important this statement is, depending on where you are located in relation to work, school, transport, etc, its up at 5am off to work at 6am
    home any where between 6.30 pm and 7pm, preparer tea shower catch up on some house work a bit off tv
    sleep and start again next day. So use your imagination as to what the media can do with this.

    Thank you Miriam

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