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NSW Election: Too Close To Make Any Conclusions

Last week I heard a commentator make a wonderful statement along the lines of if the NSW election was close then we may not know the result on the night.

Which is fine but it’s rather like telling us that unless a sporting team has an insurmountable lead with a minute to go, then the result is still up for grabs.

I guess that I shouldn’t be too hard on the mainstream media; after all they have to fill a lot of air-time and they frequently have nothing new to say, so the fact that they sometimes state the obvious should be no surprise.

I guess that I should be impressed by the fact that the speaker had the intelligence to use the word “if”. After all, various media outlets were telling us that the election was “neck and neck” and that there was a real question about whether Labor would be able to form government, even as a minority. Nobody was pointing out that the Perrottet government was already in minority, had a series of scandals apart from Gladys, as well as a series of questionable decisions such as knocking down stadiums and trains that didn’t fit in the tunnels.

But according to the Murdoch media, the Liberals lost – not because of any of these factors, but rather because they didn’t follow the agenda of Sky After Dark.

Like the federal election, it was all this woke nonsense about inclusivity and climate action and expecting a government to actually do something, that was their undoing. If only they were prepared to say that climate change is wrong, and if anyone is being picked on it’s their own fault for not being someone who isn’t the sort of person that people pick on, and if you don’t have enough money to afford a lawyer then you probably owe a Robodebt, then they’d be the sort of government that people could elect. Yes, people don’t want what Labor and the Greens are offering: People want cheap, reliable energy and low-interest rates and they’d rather a job than one that paid them enough to afford luxuries like food and shelter.

So the answer isn’t to change any policies to make the party more mainstream. The answer is to have the sort of platform that would make John Howard say, “Ah, are we sure that we want to go that far, it seems a little right-wing to me…”

In spite of the commentary, the fact remains that we now have wall-to-wall Labor governments in Australia… (I’m ignoring Tasmania because there’s no wall, but rather a gulf between it and the rest of Australia). This is in spite of the push from the media to ignore just about everything the Coalition do wrong and magnify every mistake the other parties make.  And the push from people isn’t for nuclear power or for more Matt Canavan-powered electricity. People just want to feel that they’re going be under less pressure next year than this and that we’re not screwing up the world for the future.

Regardless of the truth, when the Coalition accuse Labor of doing too much, too quickly in relation to climate action and The Greens and the Teals accuse them of doing too little, then it has the effect of making many people think that it must be about right. Pushing for the wins of yesteryear in an election is only going to make the Coalition irrelevant to all but the people who already vote for them.

It’s not good for a democracy to lack a strong opposition, but the way the Liberals are going, it’s becoming increasingly likely that The Greens will end up being the main opposition party and the Liberals will be a fringe group who have their newsletter published by Rupert Murdoch.


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  1. pierre wilkinson

    It’s not good for a democracy to lack a strong opposition, nor is it good to lack a strong media, though to be fair, at least our MSM is consistent…
    they predicted a huge swing against McGowan in WA, an even bigger swing against Andrews in Victoria, a close victory to the incumbents in SA and a hung parliament in the federal election so when they wheeled out that geriatric rodent and claimed another close election in NSW I knew that Minns was in with a good chance to govern with a majority
    it is still a sad state of affairs for democracy but yay for a change in government

  2. Phil Pryor

    Thank goodness (which has nothing to do with anything much) for the wiping of the NSW liberals, a group of grotty grafting grubs, from the O’Farrell fools to the Perrotet superstious instinctive fools. The rural rubbish stays fairly intact, Greens ooze along, but, the voters who suffer from Morrisonisms, China baiting, tolls, strangled wages, rising costs, know that conservatives are gangs of greedy careerists driven by donors in retail, finance, development, crook grog, gambling, media, sport. Conservatives do not intend to represent primarily, but are riddled with private school types and wannabe rich speculators. Up the conservative Khybers…

  3. Ross

    It’s interesting to note that every time the Liberals wheel out little Johnny Howard to campaign for them they end up getting a shellacking.
    Who would have thought, the greatest living Liberal is now a massive dragging anchor on Liberal party electoral prospects.

  4. margcal

    Feeling bitchy….
    I’m glad the Lying Rodent Howard has lived long enough to see what mainland Australia thinks of the party fashioned by him in the image of his own tiny visionless mind.

  5. GL


    As long as the Libs are being run by Bungdit Din and Annabelle Ley you pretty well guarantee that they will remain the oozlum opposition for the foreseeable future.

    Now I’m off to watch Carry On Up the Khyber.

  6. Phil Pryor

    No doubt, GL, that Peter Duckwit-Futton and the SSuuSSSSSaaaNN (for luck), lack certain essentials, including wit, front, intellect, professional related abilities and experience, support in quality, balance. However, the pay is O K. As an afterthought, it was just LOVELY to see the cadaverous clod of cloacal castaways, Jack Howard, an old classmate, publicly indicating his irrelevance, degeneration, delusion, dithering dippiness and public display of utter emptiness, as expected.

  7. LambsFry Simplex.

    Bewdy Rossleigh.

    But special and cherished applause for margcal’s posting.

  8. LambsFry Simplex.

    You know, “too close to call”.

    Yes, it is a cigarette paper’s margin at the mo, but the ALP are trying to catchup.

    At least that is what the Media Commentariat seem to be saying…you should all listen to Speers and co as they try to free the captive proles from the maniacal claws of the socialists..

  9. totaram

    C’mon guys! Now that we know the result (almost) can we have some more “insights”?

  10. leefe

    Feeling kind of lonely down here in Tassie … especially as a green and red voter … you lucky bastards up north don’t know how good you have it.

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