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Nats Vote No OR When You’re Standing At The North Pole Everything Is South

It’s sort of interesting that just a few days ago we had the conservative side of politics telling us that they didn’t have a position on the Voice because they didn’t have enough detail. Now, according to Nationals muppet, David Littleproud, there’s enough detail to announce that they’ll be opposing it.

Ok, I shouldn’t be calling Littleproud a “muppet”. This sort of name-calling doesn’t advance the political agenda. Besides, the muppets were cute little puppets who were fun to look at and brought laughter to a lot of people… So calling him a muppet is only accurate on the last point.

Anyway, in rhetoric reminiscent of some of the reasons for not apologising to the Stolen Generation, the Nationals are opposing it because it does nothing toward closing the gap. When asked why his government did so little about closing the gap in their time in office, Littleproud insisted that they’d done plenty.

I’m sorry, but I don’t consider making health and education outcomes worse for non-Indigenous people is really what’s intended when people talk about closing the gap.

Anyway, I’m sure that there’ll be a disproportionate number of voices being given coverage praising the Nationals for their courageous stance in standing up to the woke forces…

On a side-note, given that Hitler was racist does that mean people who are anti-Nazi are just succumbing to woke nonsense?

Part of the trouble is that the media feeds off controversy and drama so instead of working on the theory that where there’s a strong consensus, let’s concentrate on fixing the roadblocks to getting things done, they work hard to find a problem. For example, if there’s difficulty getting help to flood victims, instead of an impartial investigation into how the problem can be fixed, as well as how similar issues can be avoided in the future, we’ll have a “PASTOR BLAMES BUREAUCRACY FROM STOPPING HIM BUILDING ARK.”

For example, in the recent Victorian state election, Independent Ian Cook was given a great deal of publicity because his exit poll of friends and family said that he was a great chance of upsetting Dan Andrews in the seat of Mulgrave. Having failed to get the required votes, he is now getting airtime on mainstream media with his complaints about the fact that the two-party preferred on election night was done between Labor and Liberal when after the distribution of preferences he would have been in second place, and this says something about the corruption inherent in the system.

While the Victorian Electoral Commission have explained that the election night preference count is done on the basis of who is expected to finish in second place and it’s just done to give a guide, but when preferences are actually counted, they are actually distributed in accordance with the actual distribution, this hasn’t stopped the various calls for a recount being given a significant amount of air time.

The only problem is that it looks like Andrews will score more than fifty percent of the first preference vote in Mulgrave, meaning that even if another candidate gets ALL their remaining preferences, Andrews will still have more votes. It’s like complaining that they’re declaring the winner of the Brownlow medal when there’s still a round to go when the leader is more than three votes ahead of the field.

Preferential voting seems difficult for some people to understand with various people tweeting that Labor only got 37% of the votes so most people oppose them. (Similar arguments in the recent federal election.)

So for the benefit of everyone I’m going to explain preferential voting in simple terms so that you can show this to your kids or that drunk uncle at Christmas.

A simple majority vote

I have a class of twenty-five students. I tell them that I am buying them lunch on the last day. They need to vote on what we get. These are the options.

  • Pizza
  • Red Rooster
  • McDonald’s
  • Fish and chips
  • Subway
  • Nothing – I’ll be on the sports excursion

After voting, the results are as follows.

  • 5 votes for Pizza
  • 3 votes for Red Rooster
  • 5 votes for McDonald’s
  • 2 Fish and chips
  • 4 Subway
  • 6 Nothing,

Of course, when I tell the kids that in a fair and democratic election, Nothing won with 6 votes, so they won’t be getting lunch, I suspect that they won’t see the fairness of the simple majority system. On the other hand, a preferential system would ask them to number their votes from first to sixth. Apart from anything else I suspect that those voting for Nothing wouldn’t fill the squares from 1-6 making their vote informal.

After the distribution of preferences we discover that apart from those who voted Pizza 1, eight people had it as number 2. At this point, Pizza has more than fifty percent of the vote and is the victor. While they may not be overjoyed at not getting their choice, they’re certainly a lot happier than if Nothing was declared the winner.

It’s also interesting that some people who claim that Labor are illegitimate because they got less than fifty percent of first preference votes are more than happy for parties like the Nationals and Pauline Hanson’s One Notion to wield power disproportionate to their number of first preference votes.

And that’s part of the trouble. For years, it’s been suggested that Labor are the left and that the Liberals are the right and other parties are far right or far left and there’s a battle for the middle ground between Liberals and Labor but this overlooks the reality of the electorate.

While I’ve often pointed out that there’s something strange about calling someone like me left-wing when I’m not exactly calling for the destruction of the capitalist system and all I’m asking for is policies that work for people and not an elite few, the problem is not simply that I’m considered a lefty by people with extreme right views. The problem is that when you’re at the North Pole, everything is south of you, and when you’re on Sky After Dark, then even Costello’s Nine is far too close to that lefty outfit, the Liberal Party.

In the end, most people won’t something done about the cost of living but they also want something done about climate change, they supported marriage equality, they don’t support racism or sexism even if they – like me – sometimes have problems recognising it.

So the rise of the “so-called Teal” candidates in the federal election was no surprise. Simply, in seats where people hadn’t been able to bring themselves to vote Labor because they just don’t, they suddenly had an alternative that more closely reflected their views than the Liberals.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    Earl Christmas Grafton Page got the Country Party going, to assert rural strengths, needs, hopes, because dispersed ordinary rural folk, the selector types, had little say in politics. Concessions, deals, bounties, tariffs, writedowns, schemes, supports, underwriting, subsidies, these were essential to rural Australia, to primary industry prosperity. But, over years, wheat and wool and early mining gave way to bashing the environment, foreign corporate mining, evil disregard of wildlife and nature, low but entrenched lawlessness and disregard of general good, (she’ll be right, do what you want) to a bullshit D Anthony vanity of “Nationals” as nosering pullers of city types. From Jack Mc Ewen to B Joyce is from the peaks to the sewage pit trough. Many country party types still exist with archaic nastiness, and see concessions as a weakness, not to be ever allowed, so a voice to the indigenous is out. They stand for doing what one effing well likes, if that’s the best way, the bush way. This rural lot backed a system that put up a Morrison and a Joyce, failing those decent hardworking bush battlers who faced floods, fires, depopulation, tyrannies not only of disance and loneliness, but of not actually being able to trust your leaders. There’s a social policy area between the major parties that might better suit needs than this Smallshame “Nationals” (they aren’t.) . The ALP must develop more of its rural wing, with flexible policy for ordinary bush folk, so often betrayed by banks, multi-nationals, agribusiness, trade representaion, climate threats, social change inevitabilities, life going onwards…Meanwhile, National’s policies of theft, speculation, deals, backhanders, drinonupmore, fornication, career advancement after office on to foreign carboneering, climate change illiteracy will go on, relatively untouched. Only the clever and honest, e g., in the wine industry, know they must change and have been bypassed, per greedy ignorance.

  2. RomeoCharlie29

    Rossleigh, thanks for the preferential voting analogy. It will be interesting, when the referendum finally takes place to see how little influence the Nats will end up having on the vote, I am tipping little. Jampajimpa Price is a traitor to her indigenous constituency and a mouthpiece for conservative racist elements in that constituency. I predict that Australians, now a much more multicultural society than in 1967, will recognise not only the right, but the justice, of having our First Nations people recognised in the Constitution and their right to have their views given special consideration through the voice. As an older, white male, I might be expected to be part of the demographic Price and the Nationals appeal to but they do not speak for me.

  3. New England Cocky

    Aw Rossleigh, you know the rules ….. the COALition are always correct because they say they are correct and because they say they are they must be correct. Reality is a distortion of imagining that representing Australian voters means actually putting their best interests ahead of everything else including personal pecuniary interests.

    Nothing has changed since Page established the Country Party in 1916 except the names of the beneficiaries of rural socialism that have reduced in number as work opportunities shrink into cities and youth follows the opportunities.

    Still the present representatives of the Nazional$ have shown themselves to be totally amoral and self-serving. Take the example(s) of Beetrooter, the party representative in New England who follows the ”Nazional$ Family Values” of adultery, alcoholism, amorality, bigotry, cronyism, misogyny and racism.

    Anybody for a financially inviable Northern Inland Railway (NIR) dividing broadacre grain growing paddocks rather than using the established Great Northern Railway (GNR) easements to get between the same population centres? Who cares if it takes about 50 years to recover the initial public investment, presently about $14 BILLION and counting; SANTOS and Beetrooter benefit at public expense twice, the second time with the extension of the of the NIR to the CSG export Gladstone Port after conveniently passing a mere about 20 km from two Pilliga Scrub Narrabri properties owned by Beetrooter. Mere co-incidence?? You be the judge!!

    With about 30% of Australian voters living outside metropolitan cities there are sufficient votes to change the political system and get at least 30% of both Federal & state government spending in regional centres, especially for public infrastructure like hospitals, schools, railways and airports, rather than as is happening in NSW, being spent digging up Inner West Sydney suburbs to improve road movements for workers forced into outlying suburban locations an hour or more distant from the CBD office workplaces.

  4. Andy56

    This just shows the absurd policy positions the conservatives have. They are willing to acknowledge they have problems with climate change but everything else is as normal. On a whole raft of issues they act like screw balls. They act as if they are right and us the voters got it wrong.
    I dont know ms Price well but i do know she has got a bit of the conservative IPA screwhead syndrome.
    Why else would she be a national? If she cant understand the value of the voice, then we have to ask what value is she being a member of parliament. After all the conservative immorals had no issues with principles when turning back the boats or leaving people in ” detention centers ” for ten years. Where were their principles of making a difference then? Cards for those on unemployment benefits targeting aboriginals? What a great difference that made, not. So for dicks who never got to get things right, trying to dictate the agenda really smells of nastyness. Arseholes the lot of them, even the aunty toms.

  5. blkmcs

    Good to see the Nats still living up to their old name of the Country Party

  6. GL

    National Party: Willingness to sell soul to the highest bidder a must. Brains and common sense are completely optional.

  7. A Commentator

    The Nationals are clearly in a tight race with One Nation for the low IQ bigoted bogan vote

  8. Michael Taylor

    AC, and the race is neck to neck for those who vote for Pauline or Barnaby.

  9. GL

    The Noidealsionals are making the Gumbys look like geniuses.

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