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How much has been cut from your schools?

The Turnbull Government has cut $29 billion from schools’ funding. Would you like to know how much has been cut from your local schools? Click on the button below.





$126 million has been cut from schools in my electorate (Indi). How much has been cut from yours?





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  1. Gangey1959

    Thanks mal. Minus $300 mil +.
    It’s not just education.It’s our kid’s futures. It’s our entire way of life and our Country’s future.
    It’s a pretty simple decision.
    Just DON’T vote liberal.
    The only choice to make is who to vote for that is NOT liberal/national.

  2. June M Bullivant OAM

    $217 million cut.

    Turnbull is cutting $217 million from schools in the electorate of Parramatta.
    This is an attack on Australia’s future. Let us stop their entitlements they are not doing the job that they are being paid for.

  3. Kaye Lee

    $190 million has been cut from schools in the marginal seat of Robertson where youth unemployment is quoted as 16% and is no doubt much higher than that in reality.

    And try talking to our “representative”, Lucy Wicks, who was parachuted into the seat as a Tony Abbott captain’s pick ignoring the locally endorsed Liberal candidate. She is FAR too busy having her photo taken to answer emails or return phone calls. For three years she has been talking about the 600 ATO jobs she is bringing to the Central Coast. Aside from the fact that any such positions would have to be offered to the people they are making redundant first, they haven’t even decided where to put the building. But that doesn’t stop Lucy from reminding us basically daily about these imaginary jobs. And she certainly doesn’t want to hear about the enormous problems caused by the rushed rollout of NBN nodes and their stupid cease sales order. Nor does she want to talk about cuts to aged care.

    It is time to get rid of the doo wop girls from the Central Coast and elect someone who actually gives a damn about us instead of themselves.

  4. Wam

    About $2million per school(public schools only???). Cuts or savings???
    Is this billy’s first wedge and can he capitalise with setting the questions for Karl baby and Lisa not quite doolittle to ask the libs??
    OAM, arguably they are doing the job they are paid for and labor are opposing. So which party sells the better wins.
    ps The ABC amazingly shows the big three bilturnate. the 2 against one should be 3 but it appears Barnaby has less shame than the rabbott’s truss? He commands a large slice of Australia and is not lapsed. Has he been silenced like the women? Can he be silenced by Windsor?
    Kaye, good lluck in removing your pair,

  5. Bighead1883

    Gangey1959 May 12, 2016 at 1:28 am

    This impressive fiscal tool Michael Taylor designed by Labor and distributed by Kate Ellis really does show what it means to the future of education in Australia
    I have a chalkie daughter and she often tells me of the lack of generalised teaching aides state schools have as compared to say [private Catholic schools] yes she`s taught at both [no you don`t have to be of the Catholic faith to teach at their schools]

    What get`s me Gangey 1959 is you wrote “The only choice to make is who to vote for that is NOT liberal/national.”
    So do you mean that by following this path the education budget [full Gonski] will somehow magically be fixed without naming who it is who`ll fix this?
    My electorate loses $290 million

  6. diannaart

    $244 million from La Trobe electorate, according to Labor.

  7. Carol Taylor

    I thought that I would look up an electorate where I grew up – and it’s $259m from Kooyong.

  8. kerri

    $254 from Kooyong Carole. I too decided to check where I grew up and Batman loses $190. That surprised me as Batman is pretty much safe Labor being the electorates of both Harry Jenkinses.
    Brilliant Michael. Thanks so much. Will do some research on regional electorates later today.

  9. kerri

    Bighead 1883. When I was graduating the Catholics wanted non catholic graduates so they could convert us.
    The last on their list by chioce was ex catholics, ie people who had seen the corruption and left.
    But that was in the late 70’s.

  10. Carol Taylor

    Thank you Kerri, small typo. Here in Indi where we live, as Michael mentioned $126m..and of course VIP is to try to stop the awful Mirabella from getting herself re-elected. I just get the feeling that minus Mirabella’s benefactor Tony Abbott that Mirabella’s campaign isn’t going all that well..but who knows when a good portion of the population obtain their news from a quick glance at the headlines on The Daily Telegraph.

  11. Sean

    But we can find $100 Billion + for subs, planes & ships & $3 billion a year to imprison & torture asylum seekers.

    $210M funding cut in the electorate of Patterson where I live & $200M in the Newcastle electorate where my wife teaches. This area has some of the most disadvantaged schools in NSW. Funding should be increasing not decreasing. When the generation being taught in these schools today struggle to find employment in years to come because their education was compromised due to a lack of funding, the’ll be labelled leaners by the Joe Hockey’s of the day.
    At my wife’s school the P&C have to fundraise to buy essential things for the school. The principal was told they couldn’t have an extra special needs teacher they had asked for but they could have a school chaplain. WTF!!!

    I become more and more ashamed to be an Australian each day.

  12. Arthur Graves

    I’d like to know how the figure is worked out. Is it all schooling (Primary, High, TAFE, Tertiary, …)?

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