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Morrison, Murdoch, Trump: A week of shambles

There are so many matters ripe for your attention in this conservative capitalistic world, but mostly we just let them pass us by without much consideration. My “to read” file is chockers with things I told myself I must read but despite my best intentions I just don’t get around to it.

We have become so apathetic towards things that really matter that we barely stop to think of there imposition on our daily lives. And mostly all are as a result of the decisions our politicians make

So I thought I would just list a few, from the trivial to the serious, and ask that you reflect on them.

1 After an initial success over COVID-19 Victorians are now tired, shocked, anxious, stressed and frankly sick of it all, but the fight against this thing, this virus, must go on and people must obey the rules. If they don’t they could be responsible for the deaths of many of their fellow citizens.

Would you like that on your conscience?

2 The search is on for those three missing Palace Letters. Where they got to is anyone’s guess. Perhaps the AFP could help. They were discovered missing around July 18. As my mother used to say “Funny buggers goin’ on”

3 Now you know that fellow Tim Wilson, well it seems he provided direct assistance to the Institute of Public Affairs whilst he was the highly paid human rights commissioner, and at the same time he was soliciting endorsement for the 2016 election.

Well that’s what previously secret correspondence shows. Nothing surprises with our Tim.

4 Let’s start this one with a few tweets.


(I wonder why this is such big news. Any normal person would be disgusted with their particular brand of gutter journalism.)


Earlier this year a spokesman for James Murdoch said he and wife Kathryn were particularly disappointed with climate change denial by News Corp’s Australian outlets. Ah that explains it.

Cartoon by Alan Moir (

5 That’s not all. Newscorp given yet another $10m for Foxtell on top of the $30m of taxpayer’s dollars they got a year or two back and the Minister at the time could never adequately explain why. We have a government without any accountability.

We are giving taxpayer money to commercial TV. What on earth for?

6 “I wouldn’t let my mum be in some of these places,” the Victorian premier said of the privately run and funded aged care facilities. I can attest to his statement.

Profit before care is their mantra and they are not required to have a registered nurse on duty.

Morrison is really feeling the heat on this one. Professional medical care is in the hands of visiting GPs. Greg hunt threw a capitalistic fit on Andrew’s attack over this means of making money. Recent events should be reported to the Royal Commission.

Will we ever grow intellectually to the point where we are able to discern and understand the potential for the good within us?

7 Just a thought, but do we have to spend billions on armory for wars we can never hope to win?

8 People are being kidnapped and thrown into un-marked cars on the streets of Portland. Reminds me somewhat of the CIA in Chile when the CIA took over the country and installed Pinochet.

9 Further to that, in the US last week rent support ended and financial subsidies have now ceased. For millions of people it means no money for rent or health insurance.

10 Frydenberg talks about his love for Thatcher and Reagan, as though they were conservative geniuses when we all know that Trump was the only genius from the right of politics.

Anyway, Thatcher did close the mines and in doing so creating massive unemployment. Now I wonder if that’s what Josh has in mind.

Poverty is the fault of the victim but wealth comes from virtue and both are the natural order of things.

11 And just to prove that the world hasn’t changed, a reporter questioned Trump on his ‘expert’ doctor who believes In Alien DNA and Sex Dreams With Demons causing cysts. The Doctor who also part of Firepower Ministries. Now that’s a surprise!

“She has often claimed that gynaecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches, She alleges alien DNA is currently used in medical treatments, and that scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious.”

Trump bolted away after that question.

Sometimes wisdom jumps a generation. Well we can always hope.

12 A demonstration of the ultimate failure of any society must be the prosecution of 10-year-old kids. A society that punishes and blames its children is a failed one. Biwa Kwan reports on SBS reports that:

“Of the nearly 600 children incarcerated in Australia each year, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids are over-represented. Close to 100 per cent of the youths in jail in the Northern Territory are Indigenous Australians.“

Something is drastically wrong with the moral compass of a nation when it legislates to jail 10-year-olds.

13 Unbelievable! From Julian Borger in The Guardian:

“The Trump administration has been consulting the former government lawyer who wrote the legal justification for waterboarding on how the president might try to rule by decree.”

Will it come to that? It very well could.

Some countries make a habit of institutionalising mediocre minds.

14 Now there are fresh claims that the Ruby Princess debacle is the fault of a Border Force official who misread a document.


15 The Treasury Secretary Steven Kennedy gave evidence to the Senate select committee on COVID-19 last week and guess what? The figures handed down by Treasurer Josh Freydenberg are already out of date.

16 The Prime Minister’s very secret COVID-19 commission is fast becoming just that. The PM’s department in refusing to release any documents associated with its work further entrenches the thought that they only have coal on their minds.

We have the most secret government in my lifetime. One that even refuses to meet in Canberra to discuss the government’s programs.

My thought for the day

The ability of thinking human beings to blindly embrace what they are being told without referring to evaluation and the consideration of reason never ceases to amaze me. It is tantamount to the rejection of rationale explanation.

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  1. Jak Sayla

    Simply put…..For most people Truth Hurts.

  2. Keitha Granville

    Makes me weep JL. To top it off we have an Opposition with a leader who seems to have zero original policies, and is unwilling to declare those thoughts and ideas. Apparently they will wait till they are in government before they state a position on anything because otherwise they can be blamed and lambasted and won’t win. (we have this from our local MP)
    Can you imagine PK not saying what he thought ?? Or JG not putting forward ideas ??

    Heaven forbid we should know their plans in advance. Wouldn’t want to upset anyone.

  3. Henry Rodrigues

    Thank you Mr Lord for that compilation of the worst misdemeanors and corruption, incompetence of this bunch of crooks masquerading as politicians who want to serve the people. Scummo, the Orange boofhead and young gap toothed Josh are likely to be remembered for many years as the perfect example of how not to govern. The lying rodent holed up in Woolstonecroft must be breathing a sigh of relief that someone else is even more deserving of ridicule than he was.And at the heart or at the back, of it all, is the media which runs interference for them led by Rupert maggot Murdoch.

  4. Dave G.

    Always enjoy your contribution John.Just read Trumps interview with Jonathon Swan,we are not quite that bad yet.Glad I’m not a worrier.

  5. Ken

    All very well said Mr Lord.
    Also like Tony Windsor I too think it’s odd that Australia and US are establishing a secret fuel stash in Darwin.

  6. Kerri

    When my kids were in school 3 families at their school were involved in privately run aged care.
    One family had come to Victoria from Queensland at the behest of the dad’s employer, to take advantage of the decay in Victorian aged care exposed by the various outbreaks of gastro killing our elderly in their care. Working for his company the dad bought and improved many a nursing home. He and his family are now listed in the BRW Rich 200 and live in a house that was once a monastery.
    The second family owned and ran retirement homes amongst other get rich quick schemes and were at the end of their aged care odyssey when I met them. The dad was also involved in a dodgy deal regarding a golf club in Geelong where the club owners were royally shafted by his sub companies. They created a state record by paying the maximum for a single dwelling in Victoria some years before Declaring bankruptcy.
    The third family had a fairly good reputation as the business had been family owned for decades.
    They sold up many years after the kids had finished school and still manage aged care at a smaller scale.
    Of the three only the third family lived in a fairly large but not ostentatious dwelling.
    The aged care industry has fairly simple needs and therefore day to day business structure.
    The residents need food, care and medical attention.
    The staff need to cook, clean, monitor and carry out personal care for the residents.
    There is no money to be made from creating a fad or fashion.
    There is no money to be made from sales or markups.
    The only way to make a profit is to charge the elderly more or pay the staff less or cut costs in the provision of food, bedding, resident services etc.
    and the first priority of any aged care that is privately owned is the making of a profit to pass down to its shareholders.
    For anyone, whether it be owners of aged care or shareholders, to make a profit by cutting care to our elderly or the overworked staff who provide that daily care is unconscionable. If someone stood up at a shareholders meeting and provided photos of the things they have cut costs on, like, now we only wash the residents twice a week and this saves us ……… or by feeding the residents cheap frozen meals 4 times a week we save ……. or we have increased our staff hours by introducing new work agreements that mean we only have to pay them ………
    For mine the shareholders are as liable as the business owners.
    To grow your own wealth to obscene levels from denying proper care to ageing citizens should be illegal.
    Privatisation solves nothing for the provision of service and everything for the enrichment of others.

  7. andy56

    I blame scott for the current problems. He should never have urged business to reopen asap. He should never have insisted schools reopen. He is a fraud. All it did was sow doubts in the minds of fuckwits who then decided that doing anything to prevent the spread was draconian.
    Thus ignoring advice to minimise contact.

    HE IS AN ENABLER. he enabled the fuckwit revolt.

    Keitha Granville, i am sorry to say you like keeping your head in the sand. Have you noticed that
    1/ labor had good policies leading into the last election and lost
    2/Morrison is playing Politics by not having any opposition in the new National Cabinet
    3/ The new National cabinet is “On water matters”. It worked for the refugees, out of sight out of mind. It enabled horrendous behaviour in our name.

    Labor is playing it smart. Give the arseholes enough rope. Just point out the flaws and let scott say” we wont do that” and then do it 2 weeks later.

    In case you havent noticed, labor is in no position to destroy the government. Neither politically or morally. It serves no good to destroy the government at this stage, no matter how entitled to sweet revenge they are.

  8. wam

    Beauty, lord, with the virus so virulent. I was getting worried by your wordly absence.
    Skipped the pool and am feeling guilty but have nothing but sympathy for you vics who, like everywhere in Australia, have variable minds that can believe in their own truth. The problem is what they trumpet as theirs is a transplant of somebody else’s unfiltered unchecked gospel opinion. In the past opinions were based on facts, beliefs and other peoples opinions but now the facts are dodgy, the beliefs are truth and, with those premises, selected opinions abound in the media giving a restrictive choice;.
    Love 10 close the coal mines like thatcher. Such a move, in aid of greenhouse gases, is inevitable but, thanks to boobby, not in our lifetime.
    12 is awful but a wander through the aspects of doli incapax:
    In England, for example, there is a conclusive presumption that a child under 10 years of age cannot be guilty of a criminal offence.[32] In Scotland the age of criminal responsibility is eight and in Ireland it is seven.[33] In Canada, the age of criminal responsibility is 12.[34] In New Zealand the age of criminal responsibility is 10.[35]
    18.14 The age of criminal responsibility is generally higher in civil law countries.[36] For example, in France the age of criminal responsibility is 13.[37] In Norway and Denmark it is 15.[38]
    My page has many who have no problems with would following the septics:
    33 states set no limit of the States that do set a minimum age of criminal responsibility, North Carolina has the lowest at seven years, while Wisconsin has the highest at ten years
    Your thought talks about about rationale and thinking human being. If you believe there is no room to think. Very intelligent people believe what they read and accept it to be true. Such conditions are not conducive to checking facts that agree with your philosophy and life long beliefs?
    Nevertheless no liberal government can be elected without the welfare and the workers voting against their best interests.
    The defection is accompanied by fear.
    Unless scummo gets a miracle or albo keeps quiet debt will no longer be a fear factor. The other fear is losing jobs, boobby headlined that last year and albo seems a little motivated too, mentioning the weaknesses of scummo et al.
    The trio cash, tehan and keenan show how inadequate the electorate is in the thinking department, when this woman can be elected. screaming rubbish may get labor moving on their excesses
    Albo these three are not colleagues go for them and clear the air.
    my head franker has only 2 racehorses left wonder what he does with the gov welfare handout when many are desperate?
    Whatever, if a welfare recipient buys a luxury pie it is a criminal waste of government money

  9. Ross

    John, the moral compass is somewhere really safe, it’s just we can’t find it. How is it we let some of the most vulnerable people in our society, the old and infirm be used as an “industry” where a person is regarded as a cost unit to be managed for profit?
    The aged have a federal minister who is there to supposedly to look after the interests of the aged. What this minister actually does is open to question, and not that much as events have proved. Report after report going back years left unread on the shelf.
    Not all care homes are bad but you might hazard a guess that there are a lot of very angry people wanting answers and will not be put off by another politicians promise. Mobs with pitchforks and torches await.
    When Dan the Man Andrews says he would not put his mother in one of those places, this on TV mind you, there is something really crook in tallarook, as my grandad used to say.

  10. andy56

    Ross, Dan just expressed what a lot of people have said in the last 20yrs. I have seen enough of these places and i wouldnt want to be anywhere near them if i get to that age. Its a pitty 50% of the population keep voting for the status quo.

  11. New England Cocky

    Head pic caption: “My prick is bigger than yours”.

    “Yes, I would say that you are the bigger prick”.

  12. Mark Shields

    Yes John, like so many government appointments, it seems that low IQ stupidity and sociopathic apathy is mandatory for leadership of our religiously indoctrinated, ignorant plebeians. There is a very good reason why there is a minimum voting age but I think age is irrelevant, what we really need is an IQ tested Voting License. If you don’t understand your responsibility to your community then you have no right to vote in our democracy. Might sound archaic but at least the Greeks entitled to vote, all had a commitment to their Polis.

  13. Kronomex

    Aagghh! There’s that blasted photo of Saint Scotty of the Marketing excitedly giving his hero a hand job again.

    It makes no difference that James Murdoch (good on him by the way) resigning, his brother Lachlan is just as much, if not more, of a right wing fanatic than pickled liver face The Rupert.

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