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Misinformed Malcolm And Petulant Peta Make This An Election Night To Forget!

‘As the results continued to get worse for the Turnbull government, Ms Credlin refused to join Bolt in calling for Mr Turnbull’s resignation, but said she would have backed Mr Abbott to win more seats.
“I would have backed him in this time round. Because he knows how to campaign, he resonates in those regional seats, he resonates in western Sydney, and in the places where Labor has made ground tonight,” she said.
“But you’ll never know because he’s not in the race.
“One thing that can be said is no one can blame this result on Tony Abbott, who played I think a very fair, a very dignified team game,” Ms Credlin said.’

Read more:

“I can report that based on the advice I have from the party officials we can have every confidence that we will form a Coalition majority government in the next parliament,” announced Mr Turnbull in his election night speech. I guess it can be still called an election night speech even though, technically, it occured the next morning. Mr Turnbull had been coaxed out of hiding by assurances that he’d actually won the election and that his car wouldn’t turn into a pumpkin just because it was after midnight.

Of course, many of his colleagues have turned back into rats and mice, while Andrew Bolt and Peta Credlin were taking the chance to sink the slipper into Turnbull.

So, in spite of needing to win nine of the eleven doubtful seats, Turnbull has “every confidence” that the Liberals will form a Coalition majority government.

Now, winning that many of the doubtful seats isn’t impossible but it’s hard when Labor is leading in six of them. Still I guess that the party officials would be better placed than I am to make a judgement about how postal votes will go. Although with Australia Post’s recent record of delivery, one hopes that they were sent priority post or they may not make the deadline.

Whatever, it’s hard to work out who’s the more delusional. Malcolm, for having confidence (not hope, confidence) that he’ll be able to form a majority government or Peta Credlin for suggesting that Tony Abbott would have won more seats. As it’s impossible to disprove hypotheticals, I guess Ms Credlin can speculate as much as she likes and nobody can say that she’s wrong. Just as I can suggest that Australia would be better off if I were appointed absolute ruler and all parliamentary debate would take the form of interpretive dance, which, as I’d make all the decisions anyway, would at least be more entertaining than listening to people speak. Why have any debate when I’m just going to make the decisions? Good point and I don’t have an answer, but you can ask Turnbull to justify that one, as it seems very similar to his position on the same sex marriage plebiscite.

As it was so late at night, I suspect most of you didn’t wait up to hear what Malcolm had to say. I waited, but gave up and eventually listened to it this morning and for those of you who haven’t caught Malcolm’s speech, I’d have to say that it was the sort of incredible display which has made him such a popular figure in the Liberal ranks.

Malcolm was very gracious and said:”We need to have in this country and we will have now, an economic vision, a leadership that explains the great challenges and opportunities that we face. [That] describes the way in which we can handle those challenges, seize those opportunities and does so in a manner that the Australian people understand so that we are seeking to persuade rather than seeking to lecture”. Unfortunately, that was last year when he was taking over from Tony Abbott.

Last night, however, he was more concerned about the “lies” told by the Labor Party and the millions they had to spend because of the unions, and the idea that Labor saw the answer as “more debt” and “more taxes”, whereas the Liberals have the values “of freedom, of business, of enterprise and entrepreneurship” which like Baby Bear’s porridge is apparently just right for our times. I don’t remember Labor campaigning on a policy of more taxes; I thought that they were just against cutting company tax, but maybe I missed something because Malcolm is so against lying that he wouldn’t lie, I’m sure. I mean, when he told us on Friday that the freeze on the Medicare levy wouldn’t mean that we’d pay more to go to the doctor, he was telling the absolute truth and it was those doctors announcing a fee rise who were doing the lying.

Anyway, perhaps one of the biggest ironies of the election was the Assistant Minister for Innovation losing his seat. Mm, is “ironies” the right word? Whatever, as Innovation is so important to this government, losing Wyatt Roy must rob the Coalition of one of their most impressive performers. I haven’t heard much about him, and compared to the rest of the incompetents in the government, that impresses me.


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  1. Jaquix

    Ah yes, what an amazing night! I stayed watching to the bitter end and glad I did – loved your description of coaxing him out and convincing him his car wasnt a pumpkin. Knew he would come in cluthing Lucy. What a disgraceful display of arrogance. From memory he didnt thank anyone, or commiserate with all the Libs who lost their seats. Ranting about the awful Labor party and all their sins and lying and scare campaigns (hello Malcolm, what have you been doing the last few weeks?) In effect insulting all the people who voted for them and the independents – i.e. about 60% of the population. By contrast, Bill Shorten’s earlier speech sounded like a true victory speech should sound like. Actually Turnbull looked as if he had been crying, or drinking, or perhaps both.

  2. Kaye Lee

    Malcolm also assured us that the DD wasn’t a political decision to get a more agreeable Senate – unless he stood up to the lawless thugs in the CFMEU. the country couldn’t function. He reminded us of how many of them are already before the courts….which made me wonder why we need the ABCC.

  3. Jaquix

    Yes Kaye, wasnt Malcolm cute when explaining his reasons for calling the DD – and I too thought, if there are 100 officials in the courts, then thats good, the system is working, justice will be done. But no, not good enough for the Libs, always control freaks. Plus thought lots of political capital out of that one. Pathetic. (lLar, liar your pants are on fire).

  4. Zathras

    The same old Malcolm has resurfaced at last. Smart, fearless and totally lacking in judgement.

    Everybody was saying that he should have called the poll long ago and that an 8 week campaign would not work in his favour but I assume he took his own advice (again).

    He can try to dress this fiasco up as some sort of victory but he has handed himself a poisoned chalice in the Senate and the knives are probably already being sharpened to prepare for his replacement. As a bonus, the Nationals will try for at least another ministerial position and his disdain for them when he was leader previously will work against him..

    Stand by for a barrage of excuses and a long period of confusion.

  5. ozibody

    ….. quick question …..whilst I’m not a betting man, and not up to the mark on ‘ jargon ‘, …… I wonder just how much “campaign” money was spent in placing bets on the LNP so as to keep the ( widely advertised) odds so “short” ….. surely the “betting fraternity” is not so dull as to put money on a LNP win @ such short odds ??

    Of course the bet businesses would not have invested their own money, to keep the odds ‘short’ , by way of ‘contributing’ to their fave party ?? … and then featuring the fact widely ? …..( the sarcastic side of me on show ! )….. 🙂 ……..

    Wonder who else may have noticed this factor being featured widely ??

  6. cornlegend

    I backed the LNP to form Government 😀 and that would be my biggest payout
    I also backed the ALP the odds were so good .

  7. jim

    Imagine where Labor would be with out the Media lies and biased presentation.

  8. Kaye Lee


    I worked as a bookmaker’s clerk for a few years. If we stood to lose a lot on a result, we would bet it back with other bookies. Smart bookies rarely lose. I am sure some of them would have been more than happy to show short odds for the Coalition whilst putting a saving bet on the outsider for themselves.

  9. 1petermcc

    Malcolm’s appearance was more exciting than I had expected. I bumped into it unexpectedly and there was no sign of Mr Nice Guy. Instead it looked like he was pitching for a rerun and someone to blame. Then I saw Bill’s effort and almost had to check the poll numbers. Confident, gracious, and focused beyond his own ego.

    I’m sure I was smiling in my sleep.

  10. kerri

    Regarding Wyatt Roy! His hands are dirty from the Slipper/Ashby case! I think many are still undecided regarding that fiasco. Alsi I have never understood the biased confidence of J Bishop et al in declaring Wyatt Roy to be the future PM?

  11. ozibody

    … Thank you cornlegend, and thank you kaye ….. as a non punter I thought it could be a ploy to talk the LNP up ,in the eyes of a casual observer ….. the joke’s on me !! … 😉 ….

  12. Margaret McMillan

    “Imagine where Labor would be with out the Media lies and biased presentation.”

    Oh Jim, you are so right! When I see (online) the sorts of rubbish the Murdoch press puts out there, and hear what Jones or Bolt have said, I am actually amazed that the election has gone so much against the Coalition.

    Something needs to be done in this country to stop the blatant lies and partisanship in our media. As has been observed many times during this election, we can no longer even trust the ABC to do its job properly.

  13. jim

    And J bishop is in the news again for all the wrong reasons;…..Ms Aly was accused during the campaign by senior Liberals, including Julie Bishop and Michael Keenan, of having provided support to hardline Islamist preacher Junaid Thorne, after she wrote a submission to a court suggesting he could be a candidate for a federally funded deradicalisation program……. dirty tricks again.

  14. Kaye Lee

    Speaking of betting, now would be a really good time to empower our politicians to have the guts to stand up to the lobby groups who are making lots of money from people’s misery. That was, for me, Julia Gillard’s real broken promise though she did at least go part way towards introducing gambling reform – something Kevin Andrews, as social Services Minister, abolished immediately. Labor, Xenophon, Wilkie and the Greens should put pressure to help addicts rather than those who make profit from their addiction.

  15. ozibody

    ….. agreed Kaye ….. now is the very time for our people to absolutely NOT PLAY POLITICS ….. The current situation (and it’s creation) is about applied STATESMANSHIP ! …..(brighter than a beacon on a hill in today’s world) !!! …

  16. Rossleigh

    The Liberals are still very upset about the “scare campaign” on Medicare. How terrible of Labor. I guess it was just to distract from their negative gearing policy which Honest Mal and his Liberal mates assured us would send house prices down, and up.
    But the Medicare campaign was dishonest. It was much, much worse than using a fake email to suggest that a PM had done the wrong thing. That fake email was quite ok, because Mr Turnbull didn’t know it was fake and providing you don’t bother to check something’s authenticity, then it’s quite ok to use it!

  17. Diane

    Has Abbot shown proof he’s not a dual citizen yet?

  18. kerri

    Bridie Jabour (The Guardian) on The Drum tonight praised a hung parliament for being a situation where the politicians would need to behave like adults and actually work stuff out! Totally agree! This is what they should actually be doing to properly represent their constituents instead of simpky toeing the party line.

  19. kizhmet

    If Q&A is a sample of how our politicians “work stuff out” we are stuffed. More significantly, how do you appease voters whose representatives compromise? Can you imagine the outrage if any member of the Coalition crossed the floor to pass Labor’s proposed changes to negative gearing? We require more than a paradigm shift for politicians. We require it from the people who elected them in the first place – us.

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