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Mature Educated Singles Nearby…

Ok, that was an ad that popped up.

I’m not sure why… It’s not like I’ve been on Tinder or looking at porn sites where glasses are a thing… Although I suspect that even if I was turned on by the idea of women wearing glasses during sex, I’d be a little bit disturbed in real life if a woman kept her glasses on for reasons that have to do with the whole myth of size being important… (In a typo of epic irony, spellcheck changed important to impotent…)

I guess that the reason that I felt compelled to share: “Mature Educated Singles Nearby” wasn’t simply for the lack of a comma between “mature” and “educated”, but was in fact for my great relief that somewhere nearby were people who were not only mature but also educated, even if their status as single was of no interest to me.

After all, I still remember when Tony Abbott announced that the adults were back in charge and I could help but hear that as: “I’m more mature than you are, so there!” and when someone like that is leader of a country it does make one despair about the level of maturity and education around.

Still give Tony Abbott his due: He is responsible for one of the greatest speeches ever made in the Australian Parliament.

I refer, of course, to the misogyny speech that Julia Gillard gave.

Now, a lot has been written about this speech on its tenth anniversary.

Some like to say that they didn’t get it at the time and they thought it was just her way of justifying the whole Peter Slipper thing…

But I thought at the time it was a bit like the original “mad as hell”, which is from a film called “Network” and is certainly worth a watch if you’ve never seen it. The line: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore…” was pretty much what Julia was saying. Or to put it another way with the benefit of hindsight: “How dare this man – who will one day appoint himself as Minister for Women – lecture me on sexism? It’s like Hitler lecturing someone on anti-Semitism!”

Ah, Godwin’s Law… a big hi to Barnaby here and his suggestion that the Indigenous Voice to Parliament was reminiscent of the racism of Nazi Germany… Somehow I can’t really see the Voice leading to a massive genocide, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree on that one.

Anyway, Julia Gillard’s speech was dismissed by the Canberra Press Gallery as hypocritical and an attempt to distract from the fact that they needed Peter Slipper’s vote. Of course, none of those insightful insiders thought to mention that Peter Slipper had been a Liberal and there was something just a wee bit hypocritical about the Liberals suggesting that he had no right to be doing anything because of his sexist texts when he’d been a member of their party for years. There are only two conclusions one can draw here: Either they never noticed his attitudes when he was on their side (quite possible, given the lack of attention to detail the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison government demonstrated), or they didn’t mind when he was voting with them.

Julia’s speech resonated with a lot of women because it probably reminded them of something in their own lives. I say, probably, because I’m a man and I shouldn’t be speaking on behalf of all those women. How the press gallery didn’t actually notice that she was genuinely angry after Abbott echoed Alan Jones disgusting suggestion that Gillard’s father “died of shame” is an indictment on how they view everything through a political lens and don’t understand that sometimes people will mean exactly what they’re saying. When politicians speak their mind, it’s impressive because it’s so rarely done. (Yes, I know someone’s going to bring Pauline Hanson into this but note that I said “speak their mind” and I think that disqualifies her!)

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had another great example of the inability of the press gallery to apply Occam’s Razor and accept that what’s being said is actually what the politician means. When Labor were questioned about the Stage 3 Tax Cuts, the answer was always that there was no change to the policy, even though there was one suggestion that circumstances had changed since they were legislated. This was followed by a lot of speculation about how Labor were floating the idea of modifying them to test the reaction. Labor repeated that there was no change to the policy. Various groups from economists to welfare groups said that the country couldn’t afford them; very few people argued that they should be kept. Labor repeated that they had no plan to change them. Now the press is telling us that Labor backed off because of the poor reaction to the suggestion.

Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be any thought to the idea that Labor may have briefly discussed whether they could do it before rejecting it straight away. There certainly hasn’t been a lot of negative reaction to the idea, apart from the Liberals and their propaganda merchants in some media outlets.

I don’t assume that the policy won’t change, but at the moment it seems like it’s another case of: “Let’s assume that we were right with what we predicted and the only reason it didn’t happen is because something different happened.”

Whatever, I’m waiting for the day that some of these “mature, educated” people are part of the press gallery, single or otherwise!


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  1. Michael Taylor

    A late, cheeky old friend, when told by his wife that he looks much younger when he’s not wearing his glasses replied that she too looks much younger when he’s not wearing his glasses.

    She’s due for parole in 2025. 😁

  2. Uta Hannemann

    Let’s have an increase in taxation after the next election!

  3. Michael Taylor

    I’ve a better idea, Uta. Let’s tax the rich more and give it to our society’s less fortunate.

  4. wam

    Labor got caught kissing the rich and themselves in the wallet(near the arse). I had hoped they’d keep their eyes open but they are staying shut as an extra 7 cups of coffee a day cannot be ignored.
    An increase of the tax free threshold by $10000 would give a tax cut to everybody and allow welfare to earn???

  5. Fred

    Rossleigh: How many lifetimes have you got to wait? Our media struggles to be relevant as it is obsessed with sensationalism.

    The evening news is 1/2 sport. International event coverage is so parochial it would have you believe there is only country competing. If we are not winning, coverage is relatively minimal.

    On the bright side, a lifetime is only 4 years. The media are happy to see the return of the cheat (David Warner) as captain. It seems that institutions like “Prime Minister” and “Cricket Australia” (CA) are somehow entitled to trash Australia’s integrity and reputation without any thought of the consequences of their actions or have the media “rip them a new one”. ScoMo taught the world to no longer trust Australians because “we lie” and CA is happy to show us up as “cheats”. It’s simply not cricket.

    Cheating is disgusting. Sport has always suffered from it and is unfair to the honest participants. It stays with you forever if you find out that you’ve lost to a cheat. Harsh penalties must apply to make it unprofitable to the cheats and make it clear that it is unacceptable. Cricket has a long history and is heavily rules based.

    Everybody on this planet knows or can understand that ball tampering is illegal. There is no way that David Warner and Steve Smith didn’t know this before they carried out their premeditated actions – the equivalent of murder not manslaughter. A lifetime ban as a “team-leader” was lenient, they should have been completely banned for life.

    CA is prepared to reinforce the concept that cheating is OK by redefining a ”lifetime” as 4 years and allowing cheats to keep playing in the meantime. Those in CA advocating the return to captaincy should be dismissed.

    You might want the press gallery to be “mature” however a basic understanding of “right from wrong” might also be useful particularly when reporting and nice to have in opinion pieces.

  6. andy56

    Fred, cheating is what happens when we start to live by the laws of the jungle. It becomes mainstream.
    Cricket isn’t the only place it’s happening.
    People like Abbott and Morrison think they can get away with it too. Trump thinks he can get away with it all the time.
    Media celebrities are caught out so often we just say ho hum.
    The media lies by omission and then we get conspiracies. Us old timers play by marques de queensberry rules, new world just doesnt give a shit or more than 5secs about morality bus. Its about the money, dont you forget.

  7. Fred

    andy56: You’re right – go the “me” generation, rah, rah. Clearly dinosaurs like me have overstayed our time. So if we are not going to follow rules, let’s hope there isn’t a major shift to driving “on your favorite side of the road”.

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