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Margaret Courts The Devil!

While I personally have no problem with people playing tennis, I’ve discovered that this may be because I’m a godless heathen. Or a lapsed Buddhist. Whatever… I’ve since realised that tennis is sinful and Margaret Court’s decision to play was because she was being tempted by the devil.

No, I’m not saying this because she played with women. And I’m not saying this because she once played Bobby Riggs and the Bible forbids women trying to rule over men. No, who should played with isn’t my concern. It’s the act itself that’s sinful and I think that we should stop this evil practice before young children are led astray.

What’s wrong with tennis, some of you are asking? Well, it’s against several religions. For a start, Buddhists believe that desire is the root of suffering and to strive takes one away from the path to enlightenment, and in order to play tennis well, you need to desire to beat your opponents. I’m sure other religions would be concerned about other aspects, but I’m going to use the same logic that various Christians have used to oppose marriage equality.

1. The Bible doesn’t say it’s ok. While it doesn’t actually mention tennis, that’s only because – like gay marriage – it’s a recent invention and it didn’t occur to God when he was writing the Bible.
2. Because the Bible only mentions male-female partnering, then playing anything other than “mixed doubles” is sinful and should be banned from the scheduling.
3. Proverbs 25:8 “Do not hastily go to court, for what will you do in the end, when your neighbor puts you to shame?” Clearly event the act of being on a tennis court will bring you shame.
4. There are no examples of people playing tennis in the Bible, so therefore God doesn’t want us doing it.

(Actually, when I searched for Biblical references to tennis, racquets, balls and nets, I only found a handful of references to nets, one of which – if anything – was support for gay people: Jesus tells a couple of his future disciples who were fishing to “cast their nets on the other side” whereupon they catch plenty of fish. He then tells them that soon they’ll be “catching men”.)

Ok, ok, I know that it’s a pretty flimsy case. And I know that most of you don’t believe that another person’s religion should be the basis for making laws that affect all of us. Certainly when you start talking about Sharia law then you’ll have widespread agreement amongst the political conservatives. However, many people argue that we’re a Christian country and that it’s these values which should form the basis of our laws.

Fine, I think, but which Christian values. Being kind to strangers? Turning the other cheek? Not eating meat on Fridays? (Imagine the next lamb ad if that was made law!) Not celebrating Christmas as some Christians argue it’s a heathen festival? Refusing to eat apples?

When Christians agree on exactly what is sinful then I think we can give some consideration to using them as a basis for secular law, but until then we should just continue to use common societal values which will, naturally, change over time. So until the Christian churches unify, or hell freezes over, whichever comes first, things like the rights of minorities, free speech, democracy and so on, should form the basis of our legal framework.

Of course, free speech does raise some wonderful contradictions. Someone commented on another post about Court: “So just reading the headline here says she is a bigot because she has an opinion, which reads to me that if your opinion differs to the Flavour of the month then you are a biggot (sic). She is entitled to her opinion whether you or I like it or not, or should you not be entitled to your opinion.”

Now, while I could point out that this person seems to be arguing that Margaret has the right to say things that might offend other people because that’s her opinion and every has the right to an opinion, but nobody has the right to express the opinion that she’s a bigot. I could suggest that opinions are like arseholes; practically everybody has one, but if you stick it out in public you can expect people to comment on it and, sometimes, you may find that people do things with it that you weren’t expecting. But I’m quite pedantic about the use of language… Of course, only when it suits me, so don’t be pedantic about my use of language or I’ll complain about how you’re inhibiting my freedom of speech. I would simply like to remind everyone the meaning of the word “bigot”

Definition of bigot
: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

Obviously some people attacking Court could be considered bigots too, but it’s very hard to argue that this person who once moved balls around a court with the use of a racquet doesn’t fit the definition of a bigot. And, if you’ve been attacking Margaret in bigoted sort of way, that’s just fine, because as George Brandis tells us, people have a right to be bigots.


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  1. townsvilleblog

    There are no such creatures as God and the Devil they are only creatures dreamt up by story tellers in excess of 2,000 years ago when people used to be uneducated and superstitious as a way of controlling the people at that time, it has been adopted by Churches and religious cults again as a way of controlling those who are uneducated or facing trauma such as marriage breakdown and other traumatic events. The USA cult, the assemvly of god, have over the years given themselves a series of names to try to legitimize themselves such as Hillsong Church or Calvary Church however they are only money making exercises who brainwash the vulnerable for their own benefit.

  2. Terry2

    Margaret Court is, of course, entitled to her own opinion and there are many in the community and certainly in religious communities around the world who would emphatically agree with her BUT that does not give her the right to ram her opinions down the throats of the broader community who would generally have let her initial comments go with just a raised eyebrow had she not kept on digging deeper and expressing her view loudly in the public arena.

    She is not, as she has maintained, being attacked by the LGBTI community wanting to shut her down, she is just provoking a response with her repeated, intolerant and unreasonably one-sided views. As with many religious fundamentalists she believes that she is right and everybody with an alternative view is wrong : something Ms Court should have learned by now, Live and Let Live is a worthy approach to life.

  3. Harold Hodson

    Leviticus18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind it is abomination.

  4. Harold Hodson

    Expressing an opinion is not Ramming it down you’r throat.

  5. markus

    Terry – her initial opinion was the letter to the qantas boss. It wasnt rammed down anyones throat. the response from the broader community certainly wasnt raised eyebrows but bitterness and scorn directed to the person not the message. since then she has had to justify herself to all the media. if you want to hear intolerance and one sided views then look at the media and especially the lgbti community. they cant see anything other than their views and seek to shout down anyone that doesnt agree. you only need to look at the calls to re name the tennis stadium.

  6. Peter F

    Harold: I expect that you interpret this as only applying to men, and not to women. Otherwise, how would we procreate.. . . . . . . . see how difficult it is to make general assumptions when ‘interpreting’ the scriptures?

  7. diannaart

    Merely expressing an opinion is not ramming “it” down your throat, nor is quoting from religious text the determining factor in a debate.

    One person’s holy book is another’s mythology.

    Which would behove us all to debate the reality of an issue, rather than sidestepping with a battle of the quotes.

  8. Bob Parker

    Can’t see tennis as being all that sinful. Lots of people do it and most of them are not feeble minded like Margaret Court. Consequently they don’t give much credence to the written bullshit from the middle east, whether it’s called the Bible, Torah or Koran. Makes good fire starter though.

  9. bobrafto

    Margaret Court’s comments about Australia’s flesh-lusting, sexually-perverted, child- brainwashing LGBTI community

    is not an opinion for all you wankers who are defending her, that’s downright homophobic hate.

  10. RonaldR

    MARGARET COURTS THE DEVIL! And AIM blog writer Rossleigh writes shit 99% of the time

  11. bobrafto


  12. @RosemaryJ36

    Having an OPINION about same sex marriage is one thing. Denying, or at the very least ignoring, the FACT that many people are born into the LGBTIQ context is another. No one CHOOSES to be different when it comes to sexuality – unless it be a person whose self-perception of their sexuality differs so dramatically from their physical reality that they seek medical help to make mind and body match. And PLEASE, people! STOP equating homosexuality with paedophilia. A person born loving others of their own sex is fine. A person who abuses young children for sexual gratification is an abomination.

  13. Vikingduk

    A person who abuses young children for sexual gratification is a catholic priest.

    Really entertaining shit from Rossleigh, absolutely, completely and utterly different to the ignorant, brain dead shit from ronnyr.

    Yo, Ronaldr, do us all a favour, go flush yourself.

    Of course, this rant has been sponsored by old mate, George soros.

  14. Mark Needham

    Are we all tarred with “Bigotry”, to our own beliefs.
    Then again,
    I am just a bigot,
    Mark Needham

  15. bobrafto


    you’re not Tony Abbott.

  16. Michael Taylor

    RonaldR, I have left a comment under John Lord’s post directed at you. If you wish to comment here again, you’d be wise to heed the message.

  17. Michael Taylor


    you’re not Tony Abbott.

    I wouldn’t be too sure of that, Bob. ?

  18. Terry2


    It started in 2013 when Court attacked Casey Dellacqua, then it was Navratilova , then it’s talking about gay brainwashing and Hitler and the communists : as Casey tweeted :

    Margaret, enough is enough

    and Sam Stosur said : ‘She’s digging a very big hole for herself

    To me that’s ramming it down peoples’ throats and they have had enough !

  19. Harold Hodson

    You first say there is nothing in the bible and that homosexuality is new now you are inferring I do not understand scripture make up you’r mind stop being so blind.

  20. bobrafto


    Your God was pissed to the eyeballs when he created Adam and Eve and the talking snake because he failed to wire up every persons brain the same way, just like a computer program with bugs in it.

    Adam and Eve couldn’t even obey a simple command of ‘Don’t eat an apple’, so god decided to banish them from the Garden of Eden and posted burly Angel bouncers at the gate to stop them from re-entering.

    And Adam and Eve succumbed to the pleasures of the flesh and then little Adam’s and Eve’s appeared and the bugs in the brain got worse and the bugs compounded again when the progeny had children through incestuous sex which led to ailments, deformations, and homosexuality. God just couldn’t get rid of the bugs in the brain.

    The progeny started to inhabit all parts of the globe causing mayhem and wars wherever they went and God realizing what a fcukin mess he created sent pestilence and floods to wipe out his creations and when that didn’t work he packed up his drawing board and went to another planet to start all over again.

    The message here is Religion is an abomination when used as a tool to denigrate the gay community and even to an extent of inciting violence against them.

    SO aren’t we all God;s children regardless of how our brains are wired? And shouldn’t we all be tolerant of each other?

  21. OldWomBat

    Thank you for a great laugh, especially the reference to “fishers of men”! As usual, entertainment containing a well constructed argument.

    And Harold, we can all pull things out of the OT such as the following directive to the LNP: Deuteronomy 15:11 – “For the poor will never cease to be in the land; therefore I command you, saying, ‘You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor in your land.’

  22. Adrianne Haddow

    Thanks for the laugh, Rossleigh.

    Love your work, keep on piling up the ENTERTAINING SHIT !!!!!

    bobrafto, you’re pretty good with the word smithing, as well. Thank you for the laugh.

  23. Harold Hodson

    You are right we are all Gods children some of us wish to follow His will not are own obviously you wish to remain in sin most unfortunate for you repent for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand.

  24. bobrafto


    I’m sure you heard the terms, Stairway to Heaven and The Highway to Hell.

    Normally I don’t follow the herd but when the time is right I’m getting on the Highway.

    I had a vision that it’s a 10 lane highway, bumper to bumper all the way and Hell is a decadent utopia of booze, drugs, lewd sex, gluttony and great satire. Who wants to go to Heaven just to string a harp when Hell has so much more to offer?

  25. bobrafto

    I now have the proof that Court is the Devil, follow the link.

  26. Michael Taylor

    Harold, I can assure you that I’m not one of God’s children. I’m not one if the Devil’s either.

    I don’t believe all that rubbish.

  27. Rob Morgan

    I thought tennis was mentioned in the bible – when Moses served in the courts of the pharaohs. No idea what the scores were though…

  28. Kaye Lee

    1 Timothy 2:12 I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.

    1 Corinthians 14:34-35 As in all the congregations of the saints, women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church

    Margaret….back in box.

  29. Matters Not

    Sporting heroes are just that – sporting heroes – nothing more or nothing less. Perhaps to be respected, or even admired by some for their achievements, but that’s where it should end. Margaret Smith Court, with 64 titles in the Grand Slam stakes, has no equal in that regard. She remains head and shoulders above all other tennis players regardless of gender. By way of comparison, Serena Williams only has 39 titles. Martina Navratilova’s Grand Slam record stopped at 32. Of more recent times, Pat Rafter and Leyton Hewitt are limited to two (2) each. Samantha Stosur is anchored at one in singles and two in doubles.

    When sporting icons move out of their field of expertise, they often make fools of themselves. The same applies to politicians, regardless of their enthusiasm. John Howard, an extremely successful politician, became a laughing stock when he decided to bowl a few balls. But publically, he only did it on one occasion. His limitations came home to roost. In similar vein, Bill Shorten should only jog in private, at night and well away from the cameras.

    While I have no sympathy for the message espoused by Margaret Court I hope I understand what she and other fundamentalists (including Islamic examples) are on about. They believe that they know the one true way. That there is absolute truth. That they have it. That they must ‘save’ the ‘other’. All about metaphysics, ontology and the like. More to be pitied than … ?

  30. Mark Needham

    As I said.
    Who me,
    No. I am not a bigot.
    Blinkers on,
    Mark Needham

  31. 1petermcc

    Gee Rossleigh. I’d call your argument for “fishes of men” quite robust compared to the usual justifications offered by bible bashers.

  32. paulwalter

    Yes, yes, Kaye Lee.

    Much to do with Pandora’s box.

  33. wam

    It is impossible to deny that court is speaking her biblical truth about gays which confirmed the catholic opinion on marriage, she devoloped as a child.
    I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and am a bigot towards those who plagiarise and just repeat someone elses words learnt by indoctrination on mummy’s knee (or a priest’s/minister’s knee)
    I have evidence for most of my opinions and, like the rabbott, when under pressure pluck a statistic from the past. I have been called a troll and purged for suggesting people should question their god in relation to ‘opinions’.

    There is little to suggest court’s god was ‘straight’. T/F

    But try that in conversation with xstian bigots??

  34. Harold Hodson

    Following the highway to hell has consequences for all of society for the wages of sin is death.

  35. Harold Hodson

    Not believing is no excuse.

  36. Michael Taylor

    No excuse for what? I’m not with you.

  37. freefall852

    ” …for the Kingdom of GOD is at hand.”…So..nothing much has changed since I was a young blade with girls on one’s mind…

  38. Freethinker

    Harold, all the peoples are believers, some believe that it is nothing out there.
    So far death, crime and greed for control the masses have a lot to do with religion.
    Those that are not following any religion or kept their believes to themselves are the most pacifist people in society.

  39. Freethinker

    Just in the news:
    Later this month Ms Court is guest speaker at a fundraiser for the Liberal party’s Sandringham branch, and candidate for the seat at the next year’s election Brad Rowswell.
    The fundraising dinner is at the exclusive Athenaeum club and is the second annual St Thomas More dinner – the event was arranged before Ms Court’s latest comments but has some Liberal members concerned.
    Mr Rowswell, a former a advisor to Abbott minister Kevin Andrews, said Ms Court was a great Australian.

    English grammar is not my strengths and I just wonder if the last line was in line with what Roswell means by saying “was”a great Australian?
    That means that she is not longer a great Australian?
    Seriously, I confused if was correctly written or not.
    Appreciate inputs.

  40. Harold Hodson

    You keep believing that.

  41. LOVO

    I, for one, think that the xtian ‘end of days’ can’t come soon enough. I look forward to seeing ‘them’, lemming-like, jumping into the apocalyptic frying pan and sizzling their way out of existence. ?
    Mayhap the world would be a better place without the pox(es) that are; religions. ?
    Trump -like Turnbull- like Jesus….are just failed Politicians. ?
    Being a great tennis player does not, seemingly, stop one from being an ignoramus ☺

  42. Bob Parker

    Harold Hodson you are a brain damaged idiot. The bible is mainly bullshit.

  43. Michael Taylor

    Harold, this site doesn’t exist for you to shove your biblical beliefs and love of God down our throats. If you want to preach, go to a street corner.

  44. diannaart


    was a great Australian”

    Chances a conservative Liberal was making subtle reference to Margaret Court’s status as being in the past?: highly unlikely, just the usual thoughtless speech of a RWNJ – nothing clever to see here 😛

    However, for many Australians, Mrs Court’s status may well have changed into the past tense. More truthfully, Margaret Court was a great sportsperson a long time ago. Court’s religious views are part of her personal beliefs and do not give her any greater import than anyone else.


  45. Terry2

    In recent days Margaret Court has complained that LGBT groups are bullies and are trying to silence her.

    She has said that she is being silenced when being interviewed by Channel 9 News in Melbourne, Sky News, 6PR radio in Perth, Channel 9 Perth, Channel 10 news, The Project, Channel 7 Perth, 3AW in Melbourne, Channel 9 Sydney, ABC Radio Adelaide, Andrew Bolt on Sky, 4KQ in Brisbane and 3AW in Melbourne again.

    Awful lot of interviews for somebody being silenced !

  46. Rossleigh

    Terry2, sort of reminiscent of the time Bolt complained that his free speech was being curtailed… on the FRONT PAGE of the Murdoch Muckraker!

  47. kathysutherland2013Kathy Sutherland

    Of course she’s entitled to her opinion, but when she extends that opinion to say that “transgender children were the work of “the devil”” and that the gay lobby is out to get children, she has crossed the line – then it’s more than an opinion, it’s hatred and bigotry, pure and simple.

  48. diannaart


    I would rather know what a hypocritical bigot Court is, than not know. That way we can point out to others who may be harmed by her religious B/S, to avoid such a person.

    We cannot protect each other every day for everything, but we can support each other to be more resilient in very troubling times.

    Social media is just in its infancy, while it gives loud voices to many who do not deserve it, we get to discuss the old biddy like never before. Court joins the steaming heap of people to be avoided.


  49. kathysutherland2013


    Indeed, she is a hypocritical, intolerant bigot and to be avoided. She has also shown herself to be full of hatred towards anyone who doesn’t fit her narrow view of what is acceptable. This is far more dangerous than a difference of opinion.

  50. jimhaz

    I just searched for Tennis jokes and noticed this one.

    Q: What’s the hardest thing about learning to play tennis?
    A: Telling your parents that your gay!

    I wonder if prune face is a long repressed lesbian “saved” by religion.

  51. jimhaz

    “Following the highway to hell has consequences for all of society for the wages of sin is death”

    (one could easily rephrase that for islamic fundies)

    The wages of not sinning is also death.

    Also for me the “highway to hell” is the guilt that religion tends to induce on its followers, starting when young with 100% insanities such as the original sin.

  52. Rossleigh

    jimhaz, as I once blogged, the wages of sin may be death but the working conditions are good and you get to choose your own hours!

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