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Malcolm’s Cunning Stunt And Barnaby’s Stunning Press Conference!

What can I say?

I mean…

What can I say?

While many in the Liberal Party have been referring to members of Barnaby’s party by the abbreviation “Nats”, Mr Turnbull doesn’t seem to have noticed that they’ve changed their name in the 1970s and are no longer the “Country Party”.

Malcolm announces that ministers in his government aren’t allowed to screw their office staff and that they have to concentrate on their main job of screwing the voters. He – for some reason – feels it necessary to suggest that the Deputy Prime Minister should consider his position.

Barnaby responds by telling us all that his prefered position is a private matter and all the memes of the Kama Sutra with the words “Vacant Position” being circulated by the Liberals are exactly the sort of things that makes him want to dig in. Mr Joyce uses the press conference to show he knows words of more than one syllable by referring to Turnbull’s press conference as “inept” and “unnecessary”. He announces that he won’t be commenting on the Liberal leadership and he doesn’t expect the Liberals to be commenting on the Nationals’ leadership. His supporters back this by telling journalists that it’s “open season” on Mr Turnbull.

So exactly where does that leave us?

The Nationals seem to be holding firm and circling the wagons round Mr Joyce. If Joyce isn’t going then we have the unusual situation where the Prime Minister and his Deputy can’t stand each other. This, by itself, wouldn’t be without precedent. However, normally when this happens, they just brief journalists “off the record” about their adversary’s failings. Holding a press conference to brief the whole country is a unique way to sort out one’s differences.

So, when Turnbull gets back from his “I need more selfies with Donald” trip and Barnaby gets back from his leave, can we expect them to kiss and make up? Will we see a joint press conference where they announce that it was all a media beat-up because, fundamentally, they never really had a problem, because it’s okay to disagree and they’re more than happy to work together because it would be terrible if Bill Shorten became PM?

Or will there be greater and greater escalation because neither of them have understood the phrase, “if you want to get out of a hole, stop digging.”

It’s always difficult to make predictions – especially about the future – but I’m willing to predict that the next Newspoll will not be a boost for the Liberals.



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  1. Ken Butler

    How long before a 40/60 poll ?

  2. John Fraser

    Turnbull’s been a massive disappointment but I wholeheartedly support him on this.

    We know that the disgusting Nat M.P.s are sticking with Barney, but what will the rank and file think of the adulterous lying hypocritical bastard ?

    Will Gina’s money be enough to make them stick with Barney.

  3. Phil

    “While many in the Liberal Party have been referring to members of Barnaby’s party by the abbreviation “Nats”, Mr Turnbull doesn’t seem to have noticed that they’ve changed their name in the 1970s and are no longer the “Country Party”


  4. Frank Smith

    Phil, no they are The Water Stealing Mining Party.

  5. Joseph Carli

    Ken.. ; ” How long before a 40/60 poll ?”…Newspoll would rather survey their own office staff before they’d let it get THAT low!

  6. Kronomex

    Joyce only has to make veiled threats about about removing the “National” from the Liberal National Party and Turnbull will buckle so fast his honour, what remains of it, will shrivel and be on its last legs.

  7. john ocallaghan

    These two cant stand each other and never have, their friendship and working together as a united team is all bussshit and always has been…… Talking about hasbeens!

  8. Zathras

    I for one remember why the Libs dumped Malcolm as leader last time around.

    It wasn’t just because of his poor judgement and unwillingness to take advice from his team over the Godwin Grech Affair, it was also because of the way he treated his National Party partners – with contempt and indifference – and the Nats didn’t like it so put pressure on the coalition agreement itself.

    Tick tock tick tock Malcolm…

  9. AngryAnt

    Even when Malcolm tries to be strong he ends up looking as weak as piss, and friends, that is his problem!

  10. John Fraser

    I’m backing Turnbull ….. all the way.

    No way I want to see Barney and Abbott take over Kirribilli House.

    The worst of the worst would be Abbott & Barney !

  11. Freethinker

    IMO, in the next poll Malcolm Turnbull will increase his support as a preferred leader.
    Regarding the problems within the Coalition, the extreme right members will do the much if they can to stir the situation to create more problems to Turnbull.

    John Fraser, the worst will be Dutton & Matt Canavan

  12. paul walter

    If this all comes down to honesty, Turnbull on the whole does no better than Joyce. Very few of them do much good.

  13. John Fraser


    Dutton & Barney.

    Gotta keep Turnbull there until the election.

  14. Glenn Barry

    More of craven Malcolm – the man has no redeeming character traits whatsoever

  15. Matters Not

    Is Barnaby Joyce a dill? Is the Pope a Catholic? Is Barnaby a fornicator – an adulterer? Nevertheless – is Barnaby a gift to the progressive side of politics? Should Labor keep Barnaby (the political porn star) on life support?

    Hopefully there’s a resounding yes answer to all of the above. Barnaby is kicking progressive goals because he is kicking conservative heads. He is a gift that keeps on giving. He’s much more effective in destroying the LNP than all of the ALP leadership combined. Go Barnaby. Or should that be – remain Barnaby?

  16. Matters Not

    Presumably, Labor strategist recall – the slow roast.

    It’s far, far too early to cause the demise of Barnaby, particularly in seats that Labor cannot win. Better still – to cause a Barnaby stench to waft across Liberal seats that Labor might win. Hold your fire. Let the stench spread. No premature ejaculation – and all that. Be patient. Be strategic.

    It’s not about the ‘morrow but the longer tem future, broadly defined.

  17. John Fraser

    Turnbull will get the dead cat bounce in the polls on Monday.

    And if the Murdoch rag has any more dirt on Barney then he’s goooone …… to the backbench.

  18. Zathras

    I think Murdoch’s real target is Turnbull.

    If he threatens the coalition (like he did last time as leader) and considering he’s reaching the same negative poll number as Abbott, chances are he’ll be pressured into resigning as PM by the Liberal Party to make way for – any guesses?

    I can’t see Turnbull getting any significant poll boost from anything he does – even the “no bonking” rule is laughable.

    The removal of Joyce would be just the icing on Rupert’s cake because if Turnbull goes, the Nats would be more likely to remove Joyce as well.

    Replace both leaders, rearrange the front bench and there’s still a long time left before the next election to turn the polls around.

    Just a thought.

    Either that or they are even more incompetent than I imagine.

  19. Bill Plant

    While many in the Liberal Party have been referring to members of Barnaby’s party by the abbreviation “Nats”, Mr Turnbull doesn’t seem to have noticed that they’ve changed their name in the 1970s and are no longer the “Country Party”


    Thanks Phil, it sailed over my head when I read the article.

  20. Vikingduk

    Well, you may be able to take the country out the nats, but always remember they will be for evermore known as that country member.

  21. Kelly

    @ Zathras, sounds about right. MT fell for the trap of being morally outraged. Murdoch 1; Malcolm 0

    Now why would Murdoch want a new leader for the Nats?
    Is Barnaby too pro-farmer, too pro-Australian and thus is seen as a threat to a more rapid expansion of Murdoch and the associated multi-national corporates with their neo-con agenda.

    And so it goes, on to the next target, MT. Excitable reporters banging the drum of moral superiority like a pack Fire and Brimstone preachers, holier than thou (any of them ever been divorced?), living in the past and wailing for an atmosphere of public acrimony. Genius in a way, at every turn they somehow manage to ignore current day policy reform and their neglectful role in analyzing either policies or themselves, especially themselves.

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