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Malcolm has gone too Far(r)

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What’s Tony Abbott up to?” was the headline that linked to an article from Malcolm Farr about Tony Abbott’s meeting with US President Barack Obama.

One wonders why Abbott would want to meet with Obama, but one wonders even more why Obama would want to meet with Abbott. Why would the most powerful man in the world want to meet with a knuckle-dragging universal embarrassment like Tony Abbott?

Farr’s answer had me choking on my sandwich:

… sources encouraged the perception that Mr Obama and other senior US figures were keen to consult Mr Abbott on international affairs …

I’ll say it again in case you missed it:

… sources encouraged the perception that Mr Obama and other senior US figures were keen to consult Mr Abbott on international affairs …

You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding.

What on earth has a policy barren, bungling Luddite like Abbott got to offer anybody, let alone Obama? Abbott opposes just about everything Obama stands for, notably wanting to tackle climate change and introduce universal health care – which Abbott wanted to destroy back home, and the extent of his knowledge on international affairs is restricted to wanting to bomb the crap out of the Middle East and telling Europe to close its borders to refugees.

I’d be surprised if Abbott had even heard of America before he became Prime Minister.

He has about as much to offer them as the skinny dead mouse I found behind my piano.

Malcolm’s article gets worse when he introduces Kevin Andrews into the story. He writes that:

It is as if Mr Andrews was so shaken by Mr Turnbull’s inability to recognise his brilliance he has sought the comfort of Washington, where his ministerial sparkle still dazzles.

Holy crap! Andrews couldn’t even sparkle if he was covered in fairy dust.

Bloody hell, Malcolm, did you make this stuff up?

You’re kidding, right?


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  1. Korstraw

    I think Malcolm was/is taking the urine…

  2. Backyard Bob

    Seems to me Abbott is busy testing Turnbull’s leadership resolve. $10 says Turnbull fails the test.

  3. Clean Livin

    Shouldn’t believe everything you read in the papers. Nothing if it is from the Murdoch stable.

  4. Terry2

    Sources acknowledged that Tony Abbott is burning his friendship and using up favours with the new Australian Ambassador to the US and testing the resources of our embassy. He is also stretching the goodwill of the US President .

  5. Klaus

    Hi Ross,
    I am entirely, 100% on your side. “Not more to offer then the dead mouse behind your piano” or so. Priceless because it’s funny and true. That can’t be real. It’s not 1st of April or did I miss something?

  6. Carol Taylor

    Rosswell, reminds me very much of the Mark Kenny fluff piece where Kenny waxed lyrical about Tony growing more statesman-like and prime ministerial on the international scene..straight after one of Abbott’s more cringe worthy moments. Someone’s paying for these pieces??

  7. Bronte ALLAN

    Wow is this Farr character for real?? It is beyond the realms even of “possible” that Obama would have anything to do with abscess & julie andrews! Of course if this garbage “story” was in one of mudrake’s rags, then that would explain a lot!

  8. Glenn K

    I think I’m gonna puke. problem is, there are enough idiot voters in our country to buy this crap. And how can some of these knuckle-dragging idiots get jobs as “reporters”…..or is it a case of paid PR campaigners do the reporting.
    My gawd, what a mess the LNP are.

  9. diannaart

    Farr is taking the piss, surely.

    It is as if Mr Andrews was so shaken by Mr Turnbull’s inability to recognise his brilliance he has sought the comfort of Washington, where his ministerial sparkle still dazzles…

    No one writes crap like that and expects to be taken seriously, no one.

  10. Backyard Bob

    Did anyone actually read Farr’s article? His tone is patently obvious throughout. It’s the “sources” of whom he speaks that ought be the subject of bemusement.

  11. diannaart

    Thanks Roswell.

    Cannot believe the amount of bovine excrement in the Farr piece.

  12. Dave

    Funny, I can almost feel a Nugan Hand in all this!

  13. David

    I think someones have a lend of Malcolm…I have a couple of friends in the US with contacts, see what I can find out if its made any headlines or page 55 in US Media?

  14. Paul Murchie

    since it’s never been a wrecker, a backgrounder, a sniper or a purely destructive, empty, vicious little thug or even a convenient shit-kicker-bully for the IPA’s LNP … #28 couldn’t possibly have been trying to undermine Hokum’s Diplomatic Role, or trying to assure the big O that Terminal is only In-Office until after the next election (after which #28 will Usurp the Throne again), or that Shorten is a Death Cult Communist, or that the Democrats in the US are wrong on Cimate Change (which is Obviously UN Conspiracy Crap) …

    no, #28 will be seeking a Spy Role, a Special Diplomatic Post, or a Prayer Meeting with DoDo Trump, or Interesting Insights into being a Second Term Lame Duck Celebrity – wait a minute ! maybe it just wanted to get his Autograph to sell on E-Bay ! …

    why O had the time for the “consult” with this Throwback is mind boggling (especially as the Queen of Englishmen Didn’t !) … Secret Transvestite Business ? PFFT …


    and i have no idea who Farr is … NO, NO, DON’T TELL ME – I DON’T EVEN CARE ! ( : …

  15. zac

    Did Mr Obama count his fingers after the handshake?

  16. Florence nee Fedup

    Abbott rewriting history. Obama loves him. I see we seen no videos or snaps, that would allow us to see the body language of Obama. bet meeting has been exaggerated. He didn’t have as much luck with the Queen. she was too busy to see him.

    Sorry didn’t see photo. Look seems to be one of amusement.

  17. David

    Now it is confirmed, the supposed one on one meeting between Toxic liar Abbott and Pres Obama is just more Murdoch News Corp BS, the question should be asked of Farr, as a supposed professional, intelligent, journalist why he didn’t do more research before publishing the crap. He should know better, even though he writes online for, He gets very anti when questioned about his ties with the Murdoch brands.
    Malcolm is getting very close to his ‘used by’ date I suspect.
    Incidentally one of my associates in New York advises, he has seen nothing in print re the function where Abbott and President Obama were in attendance, that includes the prestigious New York Times and Washington Post.

  18. Roswell

    Apart from my link, I can’t find the story anywhere on They must have pulled it.

    Some red faces somewhere I reckon.

  19. Backyard Bob

    Am I the only person here who gets what Farr was doing? The link to the original bullshit story in is Farr’s own article.

    I gotta drink more; this shit is driving me crazy.

  20. Ruth L

    Strange that none of these Abbott ‘admirers’ have offered him a job (in the deepest,darkest most inaccessible
    part of the Universe preferably)

  21. townsvilleblog

    It is indeed a mystery why Obama would even waste his precious time to meet Abbott for 1/2 an hour, perhaps it may be just good manners, although yanks are not famous for their manners?

  22. metadatalata

    What is funny is that prior to Abbott’s ejection from the top job, he probably had the conversation with Hockey where he laid out what was going to happen to Hockey after the next failed budget. Now Tony is probably bunking in one of Hockey’s spare 15 rooms in Washington and living off him…

  23. Michael Taylor

    I’m wondering how much this little adventure of Tony’s is going to cost the taxpayers.

  24. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Even though Malcolm Farr works for Uncle Rupe, I agree with above compadres, who say Farr is writing sardonically. I think Farr has too much self-respect to really believe Abbott and Andrews would be welcomed in the US, as though they have any words of wisdom.

    To our American friends, Abbott and Andrews are an embarrassment to intelligent Aussies. They rile us like Trump riles you.

  25. Terry2

    Jennifer to be fair, they probably heard that Tony was the suppository of all wisdom and they just wanted to have a look see.

    As my mother used to say : perish the thought 🙂

  26. lawrencewinder

    I think the MSM are trying to compete with Clarke & Dawe. And the American’s wanted to see how far the suppository of all wisdom would get up The Ugly American(Murdoch’s) Bum!

  27. diannaart


    Then don’t venture onto the breastfeeding blog – more crazy over there as well.

    Will Malcom Farr continue employment at Murdoch-land?

  28. Backyard Bob


    Too late – I’ve been to the breastfeeding thread. It’s a pretty robust debate; I’ve seen worse.

    Farr will be fine. I follow him on twitter and he tends to be fairly open in expressing his views. I think he gets a fair amount of free reign from his editors. He appears to find the backroom support for Abbott almost as bemusing as the rest of us, and so he should, because it’s pretty weird. And for Turnbull, maybe even dangerous (no, I didn’t just start a sentence with “and” despite what you think you’ve just seen).

  29. diannaart

    Thanks ByB

    Think I’ll keep an eye on Mr Farr – I started out thinking he was just a bit of an arse – now I know better.

    And agree about Turnbull – at least Tones can be discerned lurking in the grass.

    And how many of us start sentences with ‘and’? Could be a conspiracy – you just never know…

  30. randalstella

    Tony looks to be Labor’s best chance.
    His ambitions should be boosted, not undermined. This is a very serious point. Drum up support for him. Get the Libs working for us, for once.
    The unpopularity of Abbott has Media traction. Labor are going to have a hell of a time getting attention to policy unless the Libs donate attention to them as an alternative.
    The Libs are kite-flying the 15% GST to see if they can get away with it. Abbott-led disunity plus the GST might be the miracle Labor need.
    It is better to deal with the arseholes on the right-wing of Labor in Government, than the Libs hiding behind the cosmetics of Turnbull. .

  31. Mercurial

    Farr was giving irony a go. Let’s face it, when you’re given the task of polishing the turd that is Abbott, there’s only so many things you can do before it all goes to piss.

    I’m surprised so few here saw that.

  32. David

    Agree Randastella, Turnbull’s support is too entrenched to be undermined sufficiently to reduce his ‘liked as PM’ numbers that would make a difference in the polls. Way Shorty is traveling he has no hope of increasing his popularity significantly, barring a ‘major’ Turnbull stuff up. Abbott returning would put the cat among the pigeons on both sides, but would certainly be advantageous to Labors prospects this year.

    Labor right faction wouldn’t lose too much sleep spending another term in Opposition though, probably suits their long term agenda to see the back of Shorten once he has lost the election and have one of their own stronger prospects schooled and ready for a determined attack in 2019.

    Whether the rank and file would support a campaign to restore Abbott, may be too bitter a pill to swallow though, he was universally loathed and the stench lingers.

  33. mischmash1m

    Click on the friend list of most Liberal loonies trolling FB and Farrs often on there. I woke up to that Liberal suck up journo ages ago.

  34. kate ahearne

    Hi Roswell, Not quite sure how to leave a message for you that you will find. I just wanted to thank you for what you did today (21/1/17). You were decisive and dead right. I am very thankful for what you did, and I’m quite sure I’m not the only one. Best wishes, Kate.

  35. Roswell

    Consider it received, kate. I had a job to do.

  36. LOVO

    Hi Kate, if you go to top of page, on the right-hand side under the K of network are 3 horizontal lines, tap and drop down list will appear, tap contact us and Roswell will receive your message(s). Cheers.

  37. Roswell

    Those emails don’t come directly to me, but I’m sure they will be sent on.

  38. kate ahearne

    Thanks Roswell, and thanks LOVO. I’m a bit of a klutz about these things, but I’m very happy that my message has been received. I’ll try LOVO’s directions and leave a more heartfelt/detailed thank you – probably tomorrow,, though.

  39. kate ahearne

    Roswell, I’ll take LOVO’s advice and try to leave a proper response tomorrow. I only have little bits of time/energy tonight.

  40. nurses1968

    Where did Sean Stinsons Obama article go?

  41. kate ahearne

    Hi Nurses, The article was deleted. If you saw it, you’ll understand why.

  42. nurses1968

    I saw it and on the whole agreed with it.Why weren’t others given the option to make their own evaluations as to Seans Stinsons article?

  43. kate ahearne

    Just off the top of my head, Nurses, just one thing – ‘Uncle Tom’?

  44. nurses1968

    kate ahearne
    I guess that is why it was an “opinion” piece.Whether it was anyone elses opinion would have been nice for them to decide but from the last few days it would seem you are the Rambo of censorship
    It is fine for you to mention part of the article so obviously you read it so why shouldn’t others and then they could form their own opinion on the merits of the article

  45. Roswell

    I deleted it. Leave kate out of this.

    I deleted it and this is not the place to argue over it.

  46. kate ahearne

    Actually, Nurses, I was too shocked and too slow and too stupid to copy and paste the article, so I can’t help you with the meat of this piece beyond impressions. The title, though,was only a very few words and did include ‘Uncle Tom’. As for ‘Rambo’ – you’ve claimed a fair few times that I’m trying to censor your friend. Let’s be very clear about this – I don’t have the power to censor Sean. And the internet is bristling with sites who would welcome his work. This site, though, AIMN, has a self-declared mission, and Sean has been so very disrespectful of the privilege. So, nobody as I understand it, is trying to censor Sean – they just seem to feel that he could find a more appropriate platform for what he wants to say, elsewhere.

  47. kate ahearne

    Sorry Roswell, Your response came upon my screen after I’d responded to Nurses.

  48. Robert G. Shaw

    Roswell, why are you deleting my posts?

  49. Roswell


  50. kate ahearne

    Robert, with respect, I think there might be one v. important fact that you’re overlooking. Sean has not been censored. In these days of the World Wide Web, there is very little opportunity for censorship by small-fry like AIMN. Sean has a bewildering array of outlets that would be delighted to publish his work. He can say whatever he likes in whatever way he likes, and nobody can stop him.

  51. nurses1968

    Harquebus.Robert G. Shaw
    I too read the article before it was censored and although I may not have agreed with the whole of the article the bulk of it I did.It is unfortunate others don’t get the same opportunity to make an adult decision for themselves
    I have had disagreements with the author on many previous articles as per his opinion on a subject, versus mine but unfortunately no more than a few of us are aware of the content of Sean Stinsons Obama article and therefore not many will even know why this discussion is taking place.
    Kate Ahearne and I must hold different views.
    I thought the concept was authors would offer up their opinions in their areas of expertise or areas of interest and readers of such would have the opportunity to debate the merits of that article or the issue at hand
    What areas of discussion are out of bounds on AIMN as obviously some topics and opinions are ?

  52. kate ahearne

    Nurses, as I understand it, it’s not the choice of topics that’s the problem – it’s the way that some articles (and comments) are written. When writers descend to personal abuse, racism and unsubstantiated claims, they are abusing the privilege that AIMN and similar outlets have made available to them. Nobody is preventing Sean and/or his supporters from saying whatever they want to say in whatever way they might want to say it. Just not here. Sean has this article on his computer. He is perfectly capable of posting it anywhere else. For a few minutes of work he can set up a WordPress site of his own – and he’s away, complete with ready-made followers! It’s a brave new world. Go for it.

  53. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I reiterate my words of February 2, 2016 @ 11.12am.


    (Where are you these days, sweet diannaart?)

  54. nurses1968

    kate ahearne at 9:51 pm
    Is that your personal opinion or an editorial decision?
    What is your role within A.I.M.?
    could you list personalities or topics that are off limits
    “it’s the way that some articles (and comments) are written.”
    how many have fell foul of A.I.M. censorship?

  55. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    What’s this nurses? Your attempt for editorial purity? What about political purity via your Labor association?

    Personalities or topics that are off limits would be interesting, if identified by you and your inner Cornlegend circle of the Labor Party which try to pull the strings of how left progressive public discussions should go.

  56. Roswell

    I told you kate had nothing to do with it.

    If you don’t like the way I moderate then take it up with the owners. There is a contact email link at the top of the page.

  57. kate ahearne

    Nurses, my role is Reader. I have no other connection with AIMN. If you had taken the trouble to actually read my remarks, you would have noticed that I said that ‘it’s not the choice of topics that’s the problem – it’s the way that some articles (and comments) are written.’ I’m unaware of any censorship by AIMN. They simply don”t have the power to censor anybody. I don’t know how many times this fact needs to be pointed out. AIMN does, of course, have the perfect right to decide not to have particular articles or comments ON THEIR SITE – That’s not censorship – it’s just common sense, and it’s their right. There is absolutely nothing stopping you or anybody else from airing your opinions elsewhere.

  58. Matters Not

    F*cking unbelievable! Censorship writ large!

    That’s it for me.

    kate ahearne arrives on the scene and shows absolutely no understanding of the censorship concept and it seems as if her ‘bullshit’ has been bought hook line and sinker. She speaks of ‘common sense’. Sorry, it’s not ‘common’ nor is it ‘sensible’.

    Roswell, sorry but you are a f*ckwit.

    In future I’ll post elsewhere.

  59. Michael Taylor

    Thank you Roswell/Kate.

    Nurses, I have been informed at what happened and I have seen the deleted comments accusing us of censorship. I agree with the moderator that the article, because of its subtle racial vilification for starters, is not something we want to encourage.

    You (and the commenters whose comments have been deleted) apparently find this unacceptable. We, however, expect higher standards.

    Roswell suggested that if anybody has a problem with the way this site is run then they are free to email me.

  60. Michael Taylor

    MN, can you email me please?

  61. Matters Not

    MT. in a word. NO!

    Let’s keep this censorship above board and very public. Your integrity (and the site’s) is on the line.

    I too read the original article and I didn’t like much of it. But for eff’s sake.

  62. kate ahearne

    Matters Not, If I have arrived on the scene, as you put it, that arrival was more than forty years ago. It’s nice to be finally noticed, though. I take heart.

    You say ‘That’s it for me’. I can’t help feeling that this decision of yours will be for the best, all round.. The whole world is there for you – so many other websites where the conveners, writers and readers are more attuned to your world-view, your orientation and your ways of going about things. As Roswell has repeatedly said, the decision to pull Sean’s piece had nothing to do with me. The remark you made to Roswell, though, probably says it all as far as I’m concerned – ‘Roswell, sorry but you are a f*ckwit.’ You have resorted to personal abuse, and even if the conveners of AIMN would put up with it, I really think that the majority of their readers wouldn’t. Best of luck with elsewhere.

  63. Matters Not

    kate ahearne

    that arrival was more than forty years ago

    Only in your mind kate. Your lack of understanding re complex concepts is constantly and consistently on display.

    Take my word for it, you have been ‘noticed’ and it’s not looking good.

    But ‘censorship’ wins the day. Shakes head.

  64. kate ahearne

    Matters Not, Yes, the integrity of AIMN IS on the line. Roswell made this quite clear hours ago. He used the word, ‘slur’, if I recall. There can be no integrity when people reserve their right to abuse others, whether in the way of the casual abuse of the original article, or in the way of your explicit abuse – ‘Roswell, sorry but you are a f*ckwit.’ I repeat, there are literally thousands of sites where you can express yourself in this way, and be made welcome for it. Why are you insisting on your right to do it here, of all places?

  65. kate ahearne

    Matters Not – ‘Take my word for it, you have been ‘noticed’ and it’s not looking good.’ I have been NOTICED? Did you get that from a B-grade American movie? It actually sounds like some kind of a threat, but I’m sure you didn’t mean it that way.

  66. Matters Not

    It’s now becoming clearer. Sean’s responsive barb re you and why he responded the way he did lies at the heart of this nonsense.

    Talk about ‘precious’.

    ‘Sounds like a threat’ Really? Yes (KA) threatens legal action. Now I understand. Threats and all that.

    Paranoia writ large. Must come with ‘age’.

  67. Kaye Lee

    I have been out today and did not read the article so probably shouldn’t comment but I will say this – the owners and moderators of this site have every right to decide whether or not to post/remove an article or comment. They never do that lightly and I very much trust their judgement. It would be a great shame if this site became open slather like facebook.

  68. Michael Taylor

    Posts can be removed by the moderators or owners. Some posts have been removed due to legal advice.

    That’s the way it is.

  69. Michael Taylor

    MN, Kate had absolutely nothing to do with this. Absolutely nothing.

  70. Michael Taylor

    Thanks Kaye. Just saw your comment.

  71. Matters Not

    Some posts have been removed due to legal advice.

    Understood. And agree.

    Just connect the dots.

    You mean she didn’t create this intellectual censorship climate? Really?

  72. Michael Taylor

    MN, check your inbox. All is revealed.

  73. kate ahearne

    Matters Not. I think you might have misunderstood me. I’m not threatening anyone with anything. I did feel a little bit threatened myself, though, by your previous remark . Michael, thanks and Roswell, too. It seems to me that this might be a storm that’s been brewing for a while. I must confess that I’ve been very lazy about keeping up with what’s been going on here at AIMN for the last fair few months. My health and my energies have been dodgy. But all of a sudden, I feel energised, thanks to Sean and his supporters. An ill wind, and all that. We’re living in times where facts and truth and logical thinking and respect for one another are at a premium. Let’s renew our commitment to these things and then let’s sally forth.

  74. LOVO

    WOW…for a while there I thought I was back on Cafe Talk…..shades of Iain H.and Scaper with a tad of El G. 🙄
    The AIMN must be doin’ something right, mm….just look at the de-railers….derailing.

  75. Matters Not

    Yes LOVO – but just for the historical record.

    KA at 11:04 pm wrote:

    nice to be finally noticed,

    Note her use of the word ‘ noticed ‘. Yet when I reminded her of same, I was ‘accused’ with the following:

    I have been NOTICED? Did you get that from a B-grade American movie? It actually sounds like some kind of a threat

    Nothing to do with a a B-grade American movie , at least from my part. And as for the threat bit. As I have said on countless occasions – I have no control over the meaning that people give to the written word.

    Because of my advanced age, I am not inclined to simply lie back and enjoy it. (Not that I am making excuses.)

  76. Florence nee Fedup

    Seems so long ago LOVO.

  77. kate ahearne

    Hi Fedup. Very nice to see you again.
    Matters Not. Let’s get some sleep now. Us old dearies need our shut-eye.

  78. Harquebus

    I notice that every one of my comments has been deleted.
    Well done theAIMN. You do absolutely nothing by preaching to the converted and expunging those that you do not agree with who, are the very people that you need to be encouraging if, you are to change minds and make a difference.

    Emulating the corporate media does not do theAIMN’s reputation any good.
    I am suspending recommending theAIMN. This site will no longer be promoted by me.

  79. kate ahearne

    Harquebus, The problem for me as a reader over the last few days has been not so much about agreeing or disagreeing with opinions expressed, but more about the WAY some of those opinions have been expressed. I’m sure that Sean and his supported are very welcome to express their views, but I think AIMN does have the right and the responsibility to take action when writers and commenters stoop to slur and personal invective.

  80. nurses1968

    Michael TaylorJanuary 21, 2017 at 10:50 pm
    In regard to your comment I expect people to be mature enough to make personal decisions about articles and I believed that this was a forum to debate such issues,
    I read the Obama story by Sean Stinson and while not agreeing with it all I did think he made valid points about drones, bombs, Guantanamo, unemployed etc
    I don’t support either Hanson or Trump,but from my view some of the articles and comments on the dozens of articles about them both would have sailed close to the wind.
    I fully understand that you need to protect yourself from legal action but surely the parts seen as being dodgy could have been removed and a moderators comment at the bottom indication the article had been “modified” for legal reasons.
    To delete the article in its entirety seems ham fisted.
    The deleting of comments simply for complaining about censorship gives the impression you were hoping this would be overlooked and just go away.
    It makes one wonder just how many articles have gone the same way as Sean Stinsons with the reader being none the wiser as to the extent of censorship on the A.I.M
    not a good look and leaves many questions out there now

  81. Harquebus

    kate ahearne
    theAIMN moderators being exempted of course. Roswell is the worst when it comes to dishing out slurs and also has the worst reputation for deleting comments.

  82. kate ahearne

    Nurses, It seems to me that the other problem that has arisen in recent days with regard to these recent articles by Sean (and some of the commentary) has been the flinging around of unsubstantiated ‘facts’. This is one of the enormous problems that we now face in this ‘post-fact/post-truth’ environment. It’s not a new phenomenon, as we all know, but has now become a monster problem. It would not have been possible for AIMN to just remove the problematical bits of the article – there would have been precious little of it left.

  83. Möbius Ecko

    …if, you are to change minds…

    Harquebus. Nowhere could I find that the aim of this blog was to “change minds”. Indeed it has been stated by some contributors they know they will not alter anyone’s outlook, but present their opinions and facts take it or leave it, but at least discuss it.

    If anybody thinks minds, right, left or swing, will be changed here or on most other blogs they are part way delusional. They might be enlightened as to a fact they had wrong or didn’t know, or find out things about a leader/politician/policy/commentator/journalist they didn’t know, but change their minds, I don’t think so.

  84. nurses1968

    How do you know Roswell is the worst.How many articles comments etc have been deleted without anyone knowing?
    It seems the only reason this raised its head was Sean Stinsons article was posted for a short while before it was “pulled”
    Roswell, {from X-Files?} the truth is out there? obviously only for a handful of insiders to decide
    Unfortunately most people would never know if articles are pulled or comments deleted on a regular basis

    Möbius Ecko
    What did you think of Sean Stinsons Obama article?

  85. Harquebus

    theAIMN has only ever apologized to me once for excessive censorship by one of their moderators and that moderator was Roswell.

  86. Möbius Ecko

    I thought it OK. Didn’t agree with some of it, and the bits flirting with racism/legality tended to wash over me as they mostly do in posts online, unless they are blatantly offensive that is.

    But that’s not my call. I don’t run or moderate here, and I have no issues with moderation in someone’s blog, whether I agree with that moderation or not, and whether they be Bolt or Migs, though in those examples the moderation is for different intents and on widely different scales.

    I do have an issue with moderation that’s hypocritical though, for example the right wing media and pollies decrying Freedom of Speech whilst banning, blocking and moderating people solely because they bring up inconvenient truths. I don’t think the moderation here was in anyway insincere, though I know that statement will get a backlash from some.

  87. Michael Taylor

    I have a suggestion for those who don’t like the way we do things here: go elsewhere.

    We have been choofing along quite nicely and we don’t need you telling us what we should do.

    We have moderators because some of us can’t be here 24 hours a day running the site the way you want us to run it.

    These suggestions that the article or comments were removed because we don’t allow differences in opinions are nothing but a whole heap of rubbish. It was explained that there were parts of the article that could have had ‘implications’ for the author and the site owners but no, that’s not good enough for you.

    This issue requires no further discussion.

  88. Esa

    I support kate ahearne and roswell on removing the article by Sean. Having read it, all that remains as an impression was a throw-away line in the article where the insinuation was made that the out-going US President was a victim of unspecified paedophile activity. Seriously, freedom of speech or freedom to insult? There is such a thing as monitoring thoughts before verbalising them or committing them to paper or screen. It is called using your intelligence. The world is going to evolve much more smoothly if we each self-monitor what gets put into the environment.

  89. Harquebus

    Michael Taylor

    “I have a suggestion for those who don’t like the way we do things here: go elsewhere.”

    You wish. There is no way that I am going to let theAIMN and some of its contributors wish to live blissful ignorance while everything around us perishes, decays or is destroyed just because some are too sensitive to handle some truths.


  90. Michael Taylor

    I am totally fed up with this bullshit. It will not be discussed further.

  91. Roswell

    I’m closing comments on this post.

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