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Loving Scott Morrison… And Praying For Him, Too!

“That’s what we all need. That’s what our country needs. That’s what our nation needs. That’s what we’re here to do as Christians. Not here to judge. Not here to lecture. Just here to show the amazing love of God.

“My job is the same as yours: love God, love people. We’ve all got the same job.”

Scott Morrison

When Scott Morrison told us that we needed more love, I must admit that I was a little cynical. Was this the same Scott Morrison that locked up asylum seekers, wanted those under thirty to wait six months for the dole, opposed marriage equality, restricted the notion of a “fair go” to those “having a go”, promised to repeal the Medevac legislation, and relentlessly attacked Bill Shorten and the Labor Party? Surely not! It must be some other Scott Morrison. Was our PM going soft? What next? Will he be out hugging some distraught voter Jacinda Adern style? Apart from his attachment to a lump of coal and his affectionate hug of Malcolm just before he screwed him, I’ve never seen anything resembling love from the man.

Ok, ok, love is a very private thing… Unless you’re Barnaby Joyce who’s prepared to talk about it publicly providing you can pay $150,000 for an interview.

Anyway, Mr Morrison seemed to have relinquished the idea that politicians can achieve anything when he told the congregation at Hillsong: “Our nation needs more prayer, more worship. That’s how things are overcome.”

Well, at last I understand why the Liberals are reluctant to throw money at society’s problems. That’s not the way to get things done. Prayer! That’s the answer. Mr Morrison apparently prayed for young people thinking about suicide, for veterans, and rain to ease drought to restore rural communities…

Don’t know why old people thinking about suicide were ignored, but Mr Morrison is the one with the direct link to God, so I’ll presume there must be a higher wisdom at work. After all, as I write this, I can look out the window and see that it’s raining so Scomo’s prayers have worked already. Next time he may need to be more specific about where the rain needs to land.

Now that Labor are being abandoned by all and sundry because of their attempts to co-opt the MeToo hashtag and turn it into a small target strategy for the next election, I must admit that I have been a little confused about where to put my energies. I’d embrace The Greens but they seem more concerned with putting the boot into Labor than actually mounting attacks on the government. One Nation is out of the question and Clive Palmer seems to have disappeared now that his prediction that his party was on track to become the next government has proven wrong. Perhaps, I should listen to Scoot and put my faith in prayer and give up on the whole political thing altogether.

Mm, it has it’s appeal. A religious conversion may be exactly what I need. Particularly after the government work out what extra rights religious people will be afforded in the religious freedoms legislation…

Now I’m not going to mention that overpaid sportsman who seems to be arguing that his religion is so important that he can’t avoid tweeting about it, but not so important that he can forgo the ridiculous amounts of money he’s paid by the sort of people who are clearly all going to Hell. Lately, I’ve noticed that when ever this person with the initials, IF, is mentioned people tend to roll their eyes and wonder whether to politely change the subject or slap the person speaking very hard in the hope that it brings them back to a reality where we can all agree that there’s a certain absurdity when the people who want to remove unfair dismissal laws argue that a particular person should be to be allowed to defy his employer without consequence. However, this is bringing a lot of attention to the restrictions that religious people face which prevent them from doing the sort of things that they’ve been allowed to do for centuries such as persecuting those who are different, burning witches and censoring anybody who says or does anything they regard as blasphemous. Consequently, the government will need to pass some sort of law to keep them happy.

I mean what’s the point of being in a religion if you can’t feel special. And in the age of moral relativism, people don’t automatically cower when you tell them that you’re saved and they’re not, so laws are needed to emphasise that these people can’t be treated like everyone else. Like exemptions from discrimination laws for religious organisations because it would be unfair to force them to employ someone whose beliefs didn’t fit with theirs. If there aren’t exemptions then they could be forced to employ a single mother, which would be especially confusing in some Christian schools because younger students may assume that she’s the Virgin Mary. And if there aren’t very specific laws, then atheists may be able to turn around and say that they’ll only employ other atheists which would be so unfair.

So with the lack of other options available, I’ve decided that prayer is the answer.

“Please God, can you end the drought with a massive storm and a lightning bolt that strikes down large numbers of politicians?”

The song “What if God were one of us” just started playing on the TV as I write this. Seriously. That really just happened as I was writing the prayer.

Perhaps it is a sign.

Mm, will I be held responsible if the lightning bolt does happen? And can I claim freedom of religion to exonerate myself?

Strange days, indeed.

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  1. Ken

    It’s now raining where I live so maybe ScoMo’s prayers are working
    but hang on a minute the rain just stopped and the sun is coming out.
    Not to worry ScoMo can now do a bit more prayer to fix global warming !

  2. Jack Cade

    God, in his various roles, studiously ignores prayers from the patently deserving. Why, in that case, would he pander to a hypocritical
    tosser like Morrison?

  3. OldWomBat

    I’m with you Rossleigh. I’m contemplating starting a new church called “The Blessed Congregation Of The Forgotten”. I mean, if you read the new testament you get the distinct impression that Jesus hung around with prostitutes, tax collectors, fisherman, the sick and those others on the fringes of society, and these are precisely those that morrison seems intent on handing straight over to the devil because they don’t have a go. Jesus didn’t seem much inclined to hang out with leaders and the wealthy, in fact he even threw the money lenders and traders out of the temple. So my new church will focus on those that Jesus championed. Do you think it might fly? Would be good for a tax deduction and I could employ some of these forgotten people in the church office and say whatever I like under the protection of religious freedom – beaudie!!

  4. Phil

    Come forth said God unto his follower Morrison and Morrison tripped on a lion shit and came fifth. How supposedly sane people take this nonsense serious, will have me in confusion until they deep six me. We have in this country lost the collective plot. I don’t think the penny has dropped yet out there in the burbs, the realization of how dangerous this government is going to be is lost on the sheep.

  5. Bronte ALLAN

    I fear for all of the “normal” thinking people of Australia when happy clappers like Slo Mo seemingly want to foist their warped view about trying to make all of us be like him, stupidly so-called Christian! It does seem that Slo Mo’s “best mate”, the stupid Trumpet, is going to try & make all of us like him–an ignorant,lying, so-called Christian!–that way we can just follow even more closely how stupid Trumpet tries to convince all Americans that his is–of course!–being very Christian in the way he tries to lead the world by being the President of the “most powerful & Christian” country in the world! WTF?? Great article Rossleigh! The more I hear & see about stupid bloody Slo Mo, the more scared I get for every Australian. Bugger!

  6. Brad Golding

    That’s it!!! Praying for rain is so much easier and, dare I say, much cheaper than actually building the infrastructure to divert excess water from Queensland to central NSW thus negating the effects of drought. And the kids can put aside thoughts of killing themselves and God might save them from a greedy, self-obsessed and fake society that only appears in advertisements, a society that has left them hanging out to dry! But, since the economy is on the verge of collapse, you ain’t seen nothing yet folks. Suicides are going to go rocketing up, kids and adults, and poverty and homelessness will rise dramatically! Goodonya ScoMo, you had your chance but you let the banks and that Rothschild parasite, Hume, run your government and now it’s pretty much too late! Thanks mate!

  7. king1394

    Morrison believes in tough love of the kind that sees people disown their children if they transgress the rules

  8. Ill fares the land

    Unhappily, I have news for ye naysayers. This crap works – but not to make it rain or get rid of global warming. It is part of Marrison’s attempt to create his own faith-based religion in his own image – with him as its head of course. The faith is thast he is the friend and saviour of his followers.

    What populist leaders like Morrison, Trump, Erdogan etc aim to do is create an “us” and a “them”. The “us” are those that fall for Morrion’s marketing schtick – which is why he regularly uses terms like “hard working Australians”. This works because so many see themselves as “hard working”, but who are held back withour tax cuts; are held back because all those bludgers are out there stealing the money the “hard workers” could be be getting more of from the government; are held back because of all those businesses who are drowning in red tape and outrageous penalty rates. It goes on – the well-off aggrieved who blame the “them” – the Satanic group who the “us” have to hate because ….., well, because they are “them” and not “us”. Call it a cult (the “Cult of Real Australian People”, for what Morrison wants is for the “us” to demonise the “them” and to turn their gaze onto their own entitlements while Morrison and his cronies rework Australia to suit the demands of the IPA (Gina Rinehart’s special little think tank and lobby group), trhe rich and powerful.

  9. Anarchy rules

    The moving of the Australian embassy to Jerusalem is straight out of the Christian Zionist handbook .The happy clappers believe they can fast track the rapture by politically and financially aiding Israeli Jews to take over the whole of isreal . They already finance the illegal Jewish settlements in the west bank with hundreds of millions of dollars . Their dogma states the second coming will not occurr until the Jews reclaim the whole of isreal . With these cashed up rat bags with their ever increasing political power in the states and now Australia in charge ,peace in the middle east will never come unless of course jesus does show up a second time .

  10. RosemaryJ36

    I am confused between the rapture and Armageddon. My school scripture studies got up to Acts and mentioned some of Paul’s rather narrow minded antics but I don’t think we got stuck into the Book of Revelations.
    However current revelations indicate that Scott’s determination to ignore global warming will redirect us onto the path to oblivion through experiences closely linked to the Inquisition.
    Sick humour on one side, acute concern on the other.
    Morrison is not a leader. He is a deluded bigot whose self-delusion is leading us up the proverbial creek.
    I want to know how many people are prepared to follow Hong Kong’s example and flood the streets to force action on the Climate Emergency before it is too late.
    Other countries ARE experiencing activism so what is holding us back?

  11. Phil

    Most Australians I know.

    Let me see will I go out and protest in support of action on global warming?

    Hey my love what’s on the Tele this arvo? What was that love Pet detective you say?

    What about the fridge love we got plenty of grog in? We do.. Happy days.

    Ummm decisions fck it I’ll stay home and watch Tele. Global warming can wait until tomorrow.

  12. Keitha Granville

    Phil – yep, in a nutshell. Doesn’t affect me, oh well never mind then.

    OldWomBat – Jesus would weep.

    I really wish there was a God cos I am sure he would be thunderbolting all these false prophets all over the world. Christians ? They are destroying the name of decent Christians everywhere. One of my best friends is Christian, the real kind who spend their lives helping others and being kind and doing good things for the world. She is horrified at the antics of the PM and others who proclaim their rubbish from the rooftops.

    I am just waiting for the new legislation, closely followed by Scummo’s version of the Spanish Inquisition.

  13. crypt0

    You nailed it Phil.

  14. HumeAndTwain

    Can’t resist, but all this talk of prayers here in Oz just makes me think of the utter uselessness of the all-purpose American saying “thoughts and prayers” whenever anything bad happens and it involves something about which the person saying it doesn’t really want anything to change … and for some reason this “ear worm tune came into my head …

    “Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers”
    Go together like a horse and mayors.
    This I tell ya, brother, you CAN definitely have one without the other.

    “Thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayerage”
    Ones from an institution you SHOULD disparage.
    Though ask the local gentry and they will of course say it’s elementary.

    “Try, try, try, you have to separate them, as one’s an illusion …”

    Apologies to F. Sinatra and J.V. Heusen …

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