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Look What Those Marxists Have Done To Our Money!!

In my change today I received a new dollar coin and it had King Charles on it which is just fine. However, those communists in Canberra have him looking to the left when his mother always looked to the right. Obviously this is some left wing plot to suggest that we should all turn left…

Ok, ok, it’s all right! I know that tradition dictates that each new monarch faces the opposite way and the idea that it’s some sort of Marxist plot is so ridiculous that not even Ralph Babet could fall for it… Although when I think about it, he’s had some pretty weird ideas.

Ah, good old Ralph. Someone once told me that it’s often stressful to be the smartest person in the room, so I guess that means that Ralph must suffer terribly if he finds himself alone.

Actually, he did say one thing recently that I agree with: “If you don’t take an interest in politics you end up being governed by your inferiors!”

Maybe the cross benchers in the Senate like him aren’t actually governing us, but still, I can see his point.

Anyway, we’ve reached that time of year when the party which believes in small government and says that it would be great if governments stopped telling people what to do, suggests that there’s something wrong with local councils not holding citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day and, if it were up to them, they’d be forced to not only hold the ceremony but it would be compulsory to wear Australian flag thongs and underwear for the whole day.

Yes, I read somewhere that these local councils were being political. Imagine that, a local council being political! Aren’t they meant to be like the ABC and completely neutral and do nothing except make sure the bins are collected and rubber-stamp any development application from a Liberal donor?

On a side note, I did read today: “There are reports of an explosion in Texas where 10 people were injured by ABC News.” Yes, I know that it’s not our ABC but I do think that the reporters sentence structure was a little ambiguous.

I guess it doesn’t help if you’re expecting consistency from people. Just look at Sky News and the Liberal Party. After years where the Right have called people “snowflakes” and suggested that we should all stop being offended and refrain from calling for things to be cancelled, up pops someone who’s terrified of a badge worn by a Qantas worker.

Harrison Grafanakis – who is apparently not part of the Liberal Party because he removed the Liberal Party connections from his LinkedIn profile after people were pointing it out – was “intimidated” by a female worker wearing a Palestinian flag badge. And he didn’t feel safe because, well, they were doing political activism and Qantas has taken money from the government and done political things in the past and, you know, it’s scary when people take money from the government and express a political opinion…

He must really need a change of underwear when Gina and the miners run ads on television, or when pharmacists go to the public gallery of Parliament and shout, if a badge can have such an effect. Poor little snowflake… Or is that nickname only appropriate if you get upset about racism or sexism.

In what can only be considered anti-semitism, the media pointed out that Harrison wasn’t Jewish. Why anti-semitism? Well, it tends to suggest that he could have been ignored if he was Jewish, doesn’t it? Or why else was this relevant?

Again I wonder why some people want to dismiss people as “activists” when they disagree with them. Well, obviously they’d prefer the opposite: people who are passive and never object to anything they do.

But there does seem an amazing turnaround for all those who complain about cancel culture and want the right to be able to do and say what they like without government interference, when they’re making the commentary, but call for sackings whenever a worker does something they disagree with.

It’s almost as funny as when Andrew Bolt complains about the “outrage industry”!


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  1. uncletimrob

    Very good, thanks – I enjoyed reading this!

    I have to admit I had no idea who Ralph Babet is or that he is a senator, but that is probably explained by the fact that I wouldn’t lower myself enough to even think about voting UAP, let alone actually doing so.

  2. Michael Taylor

    Wonderful, Rossleigh. Simply wonderful.

  3. Terence Mills

    I have just been reading that Woolworths and Big W will not be selling Australia Day themed items this
    year : this includes thongs (both types), towels, hats, stubby holders and even flags – it has been reported that the Chinese manufacturers are outraged at the loss of business and have offered to do a special deal on MAGA caps.

    I hear that an American visitor noted that the Queen still appeared on many of our coins and currency notes and observed “but isn’t she dead ?”
    This from a nation who feature these luminaries on their currency : George Washington on the $1 bill, Thomas Jefferson on the $2 bill, Abraham Lincoln on the $5, Andrew Jackson on the $20, and Ulysses S. Grant on the $50.

  4. New England Cocky

    ”“If you don’t take an interest in politics you end up being governed by your inferiors!”.

    This explains how Australian politics has got into the present cess-pit of mediocrity, unimagination, unthinking and corruption.

  5. Michael Taylor

    Terry, perhaps it should be revealed to that visitor that the Queen was once alive.

  6. Phil Pryor

    Australia’s politics is rather poor circus, so having a clown on a coin seems fit. As for Babet, a Palmer excretion, who knows if he understands fundamentals of parliament, governing, Westminster ideas, etc. An A Bolt was mentioned, that anally exuded grubby mouthed yabberer, dropout, dropdown drooling drip; Fox Pox can keep him and his more than seven viewers. And, Peter Duckwit-Futton has been paid to come and drool over mines, filth, dust, pittings, holes, neglected ponds, abandoned shafts, dangerous sites and the Fat Frau of the West. Australia is in such good hands, blistered and overmassaged…

  7. frances

    A nice bit of house-cleaning. If there’s a hypocritical turd buried somewhere, Rossleigh will sniff it out. Thank you for the chuckle during anxious times rl.

  8. wam

    Great read, Rossleigh,
    I was wondering why there was a rush on hand mirrors.
    ABC scrawls coleworths “wont stock additional australia day products”
    Sunrise scrawls coleworths “wont stock australia day products” showing how to lie whilst telling the truth.

  9. Bob

    uncletimrob, Senator Babet is one of those rare individuals in the Senate, he calls power to account and Labor/LNP/Greens and the mainstream media don’t like it.
    In 2023, Ralph Babet asked for a Select Committee on Aust Excess Mortality. The vote was 4 YES : 35 NO, and most of the rest of the Senate (37), channeling their inner cockroach, ran for the exit so as to be ABSENT. Get it straight everyone, most politicians don’t care about your health, they care about their relationships with lobbyists.
    Other political hand grenades the Senator lobbed are: a call to create a Bill that makes Pharma companies liable for death and damages done by ‘vaccines’ and their ‘wonder if this will work’ gene-therapies; questioned the WHO Int Health Regulation amendments, you know the ones which were created by a bunch of unelected bureaucrats in Europe who will get to over-ride our sovereignty and declare a pandemic or possible pandemic – whenever they feel like filling their coffers; questioned whether injecting livestock with experimental mRNA gene-therapeutics is going to be mandated and the public informed at point of sale, because in their eyes nothing says good health like the idea of ingesting spike proteins produced by another species of animal ffs, on behalf of a science that still has no long term safety data or intergenerational effects studies done; questioned the need for digital ID; questioned the role of censorship by government etc.

  10. GL


    Please, please, please go back to wearing your triple layer tin foil cap, it might help block the conspiracy rays and let some semblence of rational thought build up. You keep spoutting rubbish without evidence to, at the very least, partly bolster your opinions.

  11. Bob

    Enjoy your steaks GL, mad-cow disease was a conspiracy theory.

  12. Rossleigh

    Wow, a comment from Bob, who I’m presuming must be the other person who voted for Ralph Babet apart from Ralph himself.
    Just for your information, Bob, the things you think are conspiracy theories are just things made up by Bill Gates and the WHO to distract you and stop you discovering what the real conspiracies are.

  13. GL


    You’re correct there, it was a conspiracy made up by mad cows and cannibals to try and get people to eat more people.

  14. Clakka

    Thanks Rossleigh,

    An amusing read packed with important irony.

    An excellent lead-in with the knee-jerk fabultist Ralph Babit, I guess he’s compelled, being from the real estate industry. A self-aggrandizing industry set on the wreckage of universal equity in Oz.

    One can only wonder at the reason for his family’s migration from the increasingly vibrant society of Mauritius. Perhaps they missed the elite comforts of its old ways, and sought it easier to superimpose them on Oz?

    It’s great that the AEC twice slammed him and his erstwhile funder Palmer on crosses on the Voice vote slips. And yet, if it wasn’t for the AEC enforced Oz voting system, Babit wouldn’t be serving out his misery in Canberra had it not been for flow-on preferences from drongos, One Nation and the LNP – hoist by their own petard – a Catch22, or perhaps Sophie’s choice?

    The rainbow of immigrants in Bruce would be terrified of his return to happiness and an extortionate existence in Narre Warren. Such is his diplomatic and political genius, that in 2014-5 he was convicted (without record) on separate occasions of unlawful assault and criminal damage – nice guy, passionate!

    But never mind, despite his penchant for borrowing manufactured nightmares, and foot-in-mouth, the sooks at Sunrise, Sky, and Fox are masters of blindsiding their customers by changing feet without missing a beat(up). I’m sure they’ll all press on underturd.

  15. Jon Chesterson

    Except King Charles is looking to his right, so whose left and whose right are we facing here, well actually he is looking to his front. The real problem is we are handling a flat coin in a three dimensional world, like once Christopher Columbus was sailing a flat world, not merely a Mercator projection, and lines of longitude all meet at the poles – Oh if we all sailed together north, we’d all be facing the same way until we came together – How left field is that? OMG of course, King Charles should have been looking up! How could the British and Australian mints get this so wrong.

    PS We could all have sailed south or gone virtual like Bitcoin or cashless! Some of us already have and look where that got us – Morrison on a banana stool telling us he is complex like everyone else. Guess that is as close as we are going to get to an apology in another universe 😂

  16. GL

    Naming heatwaves would be fun:

    Level 1 (highest level) heatwave warning could be, “Tomorrow we expect a four day Peter Dutton to hit…”
    Level 2, “The Michaelia Cash.”
    Level 3, “The Sussan Ley.”
    Level 4, “The Angus Taylor.”
    And so on and so forth.


    Trumpism runs rampant: P. Duddy is working himself into a childish and petty fit about the end of Civilisation by Woolworths, amongst other things:


    Pawween joins in as well and squawks…

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