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The world is in a mess, which is getting worse as each day goes by. In Australia, recent fires and inundations (just as predicted by the climate scientists our governments choose to ignore!) should be a call to effective action.

I live in Darwin, where the memory of Cyclone Tracy is a constant reminder of our greatest threat from the climate. We are sparsely populated, have little industry and are rapidly becoming a near-bankrupt basket case.

Yet we are ignoring opportunities offered by existing transportation services and abundant sunshine.

One of the contributory problems to the world’s mess is a massive level of pollution due to inadequate recycling.

I am sure I am merely repeating an idea which I have sought to promote before, but I still think it is worth repeating, because it just might catch someone’s eye and become an ‘AHA!!!’ moment!

The NT could become the recycling centre of – not just Australia but – Oceania!

Many materials can already be recycled, paper and glass being the most obvious, but the rare earths used in modern technology clearly cry out as needing recycling, and plastics must be either phased out or recycled if we are not to destroy our marine ecology.

Many metals can be, and already are being, very usefully recycled and we need to be alert to the fact that planning needs to take care not to design for short term use using materials which cannot be recycled effectively.

The Port in Darwin provides an entry and exit point for materials to be recycled and shipped out to coastal and offshore locations, while the Ghan, running from Darwin to Adelaide, provides an alternative overland route for these purposes.

And as for energy sources – we already have plans in train for a massive solar farm which will export electricity to Singapore, while we have sunshine going to waste when it comes to powering the recycling industry. South Australia has set the gold standard – sorry, ScoMo, they were not chasing a dream! – when it comes to renewable energy and battery storage, and a glance through the Twitter account of Mike Hudema will open your eyes to the incredible number of ways in which renewable energy can be generated, in addition to solar panels, solar thermal and hydro.

If we do not think outside the box, and continue to ignore the information from the climate scientists, we run the risk of committing genocide. We cannot afford to lose our moral compass.

What is your plan for action by your State?

People are already dying from climate disasters and pandemics – which the cynical will say is nature’s way to cope with over-population.

But most of us have young family members for whom we wish the best in the future – but their lives will only remain viable if we act – NOW!

We have pretty much reached the point where we have no choices left.

People power is our last resort and you can join Extinction Rebellion wherever you are.

Not every country has its government’s and court’s hands as effectively tied as does Australia, with its disastrously cosy relationship with the fossil fuel lobby.

We are all selfish to some degree, as well as having our serious biases.

But we are all citizens of the world and everything we do affects others.

Please watch this video.

Once more – this is my Resolution:

“I will do everything in my power to enable Australia to be restored to responsible government.”

Will you join me and get out on the streets and tell those whom we rashly elected that they need to go because they are not governing for us!

The clock is ticking.

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  1. pierre wilkinson

    good luck convincing the neanderthals in government of the efficacy of your idea

  2. Alan Nosworthy

    Seeing how many recycling companies are set up, receive grants and payment for product received, and then, oh so unfortunately suffer an “accidental” fire that destroys the stockpile leaving air and ground pollution to be suffered by locals until sort of cleaned up at the taxpayers expense. The regulation, oversight and corporate responsibility required to safely operate such facilities appear to be far beyond what our Federal and State/Territory governance seems to be capable, or willing to provide.
    Despite the hype of mining rubbish for value the most sucessful recycling ventures beyond steel and aluminium recycling appear to be repurposing and end use applications such as crushed glass for road base and concrete aggregate and shredded tyre rubber as a bitumen admixture for roads. More of a purposeful land fill exercise than genuine recycling.
    Once you have accepted large quantities of plastic for “recycling” you will always be left with that deemed not suitable for which high temperature inciniration and power generation is subsidised as a solution. A “solution” which could become the main income of the operation, and reason for its existence, and an incentive to decide that genuine recycling is not viable with the end result that Darwin becomes the incinerator of the nation with an earner from what is essentially fossil fuel power generation.
    Not In My Backyard.

  3. RosemaryJ36

    How come other countries succeed in being innovative while Australia gives up before it starts????

  4. DrakeN

    RosemaryJ36, following the money trail might give you some idea of why ‘socialist’ concepts get smothered.

    Public self interested apathy toward communal interests is another.

  5. jim tougher

    In regard to the comment about the massive solar farm and the export of electricity to Singapore
    why not use this electricity in Australia or am i totally misunderstanding the comment contained
    in the report?. This is ludicrous and obscene if this exportation does occur. What is wrong with
    this country when we may assist one of the wealthiest countries in the world but continue to
    find excuses not to assist our own people. How is this the “lucky country” when we use smoke and mirrors to disguise our continual abuse of the “Paris Agreement” to continue using fossil fuels instead of using the above renewable energy scheme?

  6. RosemaryJ36

    jim tougher: Some of the electricity generated will be used in Australia – and if we had more industry located in the NT, the electricity would be available for it.

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