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Lifetime War Abolisher of 2023 award to David Bradbury

By Sandi Keane

The cracks in Labor ranks over AUKUS won’t be going away despite Albanese staring down dissenters at Labor’s national conference. A pitched battle over the choice of submarine base is guaranteed – and now we discover that Albanese has suffered the mother of all brainsnaps: Australia has agreed to set up a weapons-grade nuclear waste dump. At the heart of the resistance to this militarism has been David Bradbury’s documentary film The Road to War (2023).

Last week, Australia’s legendary political filmmaker, David Bradbury, achieved another media milestone with this much-lauded anti-AUKUS documentary, The Road to War. Adding to the list of International and Australian film awards including two Academy-award nominations (Frontline (1979) and Chile Hasta Quando? (1985), his latest documentary won the World BEYOND War’s Individual ‘Lifetime War Abolisher Award’ – named for David Hartsough, who co-founded World BEYOND War in Virginia, USA in 2014.

The creator of 26 documentary films, Bradbury advances our understanding of war, peace, international relations and peace activism. His films have been broadcast around the world on the BBC, PBS, ZDF (Germany), and TF1-France, as well as ABC, SBS and commercial television networks in Australia.

Bradbury is no ordinary film maker. Not for him the mercenary characters like Prigozhin lauded in Hollywood with their larger-than-life bravado, greed and murderous intent. When interviewed, he said:

“Peace activists operate out of a sense of ‘the Other’, the Greater Good for Humanity and ALL species on the planet and rarely given their moment ‘in the Sun’, whereas War and those who pursue it are, in some twisted way, elevated to Hero status.”

Bradbury added:

“Those of us who work against the Grain, against the entrenched Conservatism and self interest of the ‘Capitalist’ press – the Fourth Estate who mostly, with some wonderful exceptions, do a miserable job in exposing the entrenched privilege of the Ruling Class – do our work for Peace tirelessly, without financial gain…”

Bradbury shoots his own footage, traveling widely, and seeking out people with uncomfortable truths to tell – sometimes at great risk. Bradbury has filmed in Iran during the final days of the Shah, in Nicaragua during the CIA-Contra war, and in El Salvador during the days of death squads during the early 1980s. His film on Pinochet’s Chile, Chile Hasta Quando? (1985) was nominated for an Academy Award. He has filmed independence struggles in East Timor and West Papua, and in India, China, and Nepal.

In The Road to War, concern is raised among the Australian experts interviewed by Bradbury about Australia’s AUKUS commitment of hundreds of billions of dollars for new weaponry, nuclear propelled submarines and stealth bombers – to protect us against our biggest trading partner – China. Yes, China. The film shows why it is not in Australia’s, or the world’s interests to be dragged into another US-led war and brings into sharp focus that Australia is being set up as USA’s proxy:

“Basing US B52 and stealth bombers in Australia is all part of preparing Australia to be the protagonist on behalf of the United States in a war against China. If the US can’t get Taiwan to be the proxy or its patsy, it will be Australia,” warns former Australian ambassador to China and Iran, John Lander, in Bradbury’s film.

We all appreciate the Labor Government was still on its toddler legs when it signed the AUKUS agreement and had only 24 hours to decide – or be wedged on Defence by the Coalition in the 2019 federal election.

But the cracks in Labor ranks won’t be going away despite Albanese staring down dissenters at Labor’s national conference and enshrining the tripartite security pact in the party’s policy platform. A pitched battle over the choice of submarine base is guaranteed – and now we discover that Albanese has suffered the mother of all brainsnaps: Australia has agreed to set up a weapons-grade nuclear waste dump. According to the Fact Sheet: Trilateral Australia-UK-US Partnership on Nuclear-Powered Submarines:

“… as part of this commitment to nuclear stewardship, Australia has committed to managing all radioactive waste generated through its nuclear-powered submarine program, including spent nuclear fuel, in Australia.”

Who knew about that? Hats off to Crikey for disclosing the secret no-one is talking about. Where was the spirited public debate about which port such terrorist “bait” will be shipped to, how it would be transported? By truck? Train? Where to? Given the Coalition has had a nuclear waste dump on the back burner for decades, Maralinga is the likely bet.

The lack of debate now resembles the barely reported signing of the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership by Prime Minister John Howard on 5 September 2007. Had the Coalition won the 2007 election on 24 November, Australia was on track to become a global nuclear waste dump. Did anyone know about it then? Like now, it went under the media radar. MSM were MIA.

Back then, Howard had control of both houses. All the ducks were in a row. The Commonwealth Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2005 had passed effectively transferring power to the Minister to nominate nuclear waste dump sites. The ANSTO Bill passed around the same time giving ANSTO the power to accept waste generated outside Australia.

Maralinga in South Australia seemed to tick all the boxes. But they forgot that nuclear waste produces hydrogen when it eventually breaks down and Maralinga is sited right on top of the Great Artesian Basin.

John Large, whose company, Large & Associates handled the salvage of the stricken Russian U-sub, Kursk, told Julie Macken in an interview in New Matilda on 15 November 2006 that when the waste breaks down, it produces hydrogen and “there is simply no way, over a 100,000-year time scale, to stop the fuel leaking out.”

Large was shocked to hear that Australia wanted to go down this path. Question is: “are we about to do just that?”

As Bradbury sums up in his acceptance speech:

“Neither government of either stripe have learnt anything from being dragged into America’s wars of folly since World War II – Korea, Vietnam, two disastrous wars in Iraq and America’s failed 20-year war in Afghanistan which ripped that country apart, only to see the Taliban warlords return the country and its female population to feudal times.”

He continues:

“Each of us, each of you have the option of either sitting back and letting our leaders take us into a nuclear war which will end life on this planet as we’ve always known it. Or we can rally and come together and support each other in communities across the world to say, WAR NO MORE. EARTH CARE… NOT WARFARE.”

The 2023 War Abolisher Awards and the video of David Bradbury’s acceptance speech can be accessed on the website at War Abolisher Awards.

War Abolisher awardees are honoured for their body of work directly supporting one or more of the three segments of World BEYOND War’s strategy for reducing and eliminating war as outlined in the book A Global Security System, An Alternative to War. They are: Demilitarizing Security, Managing Conflict Without Violence, and Building a Culture of Peace.

You can view a clip from The Road to War below:



Bradbury’s films can be viewed at Frontline Films.

For further information, email

Editor’s Note: The next showing of Bradbury’s film is scheduled for 21 September at ANU Film Club, Canberra. A variation of this article was published in Pearls and Irritations on 3 September, 2023.

Sandi was a former editor Michael West Media, and prior to that was editor at Independent Australia. Before that she ran a highly successful business which landed her on the front cover of Personal Investment magazine. Sandi has conducted corporate investigations, principally into the CSG and media sectors. Her investigation into the anti-wind lobby and Waubra Foundation was used to support Labor’s Clean Energy Bill, thus, making it into Hansard. One of Sandi’s investigations into the CSG industry saw Santos forced to pull its TV advertising. Sandi holds a Masters degree in Journalism from the University of Melbourne. You can follow Sandi on Twitter @jarrapin.

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  1. ajogrady

    When timid warmongering Albanese and many other timid warmongering Labor politicians
    like the minister for US appeasement Pat Conroy, who vigorously stood for appeasing the US’s national security interests first and strongly appeased for the US military industrial complex or the minister for conscription, war while making Australia the prime military target and golf, Richard Marles lose their seats at the next election will Albanese finally then admit he was absolutely wrong and showed very poor judgement when he, without question or hesitation whole heartedly acceptanced Scott Morrison’s pre election AUKUS wedge that not only goes against Labor principals and values but makes Australia a first strike military target? Labor once stood for peace and prosperity. Now Albanese AUKUS
    Labor stand for war and austerity.
    Timid war mongering Albanese now owns the AUKUS Albatross. Albanese reminds us that he is just like war criminal John Howard, just in a different suit.
    Albanese Labor is losing popularity quicker then QANTAS and AUKUS Albo is about as transparent as Alan Joyce at a Senate hearing.

    Decoding bloviation: Pat Conroy and the rule of war

    Robo Debt shows we need an Independent Inquiry into AUKUS

    Marles Mauled: Rex Patrick demolishes Defence sophistry on AUKUS, submarines, nuclear

  2. New England Cocky

    The best thing about AIMN is the informed research and opinions of the authors when the mainstream media has sold out the role of Fourth Estate to the bosses for the personal pecuniary interests of an American citizen.

    When any country has the USA (United States of Apartheid) as an ally why does that country require any other enemies?

  3. Phil Pryor

    Quite right, Cocky, and I’ll pass away, surely, pessimistic and sour because of media maggots, propaganda perverts, shouldershrugging “it’s a living’ scribblers, shouters and predatory influence peddlers. Australia has stalled, progress static, real education stunted. I’ve been preparing a talk on Donald Horne and his “Lucky Country” times, but now things are yucky and mucky, with concerns about AUKUS, cost of living, gross mining, rorts, corporate criminality and fleecing, rents, mortgages, casualisation of work, wage thefts, abuse of the environment and a general lack of awareness, interest, concern, action.

  4. Kendell

    Aus, a future nuclear waste dump? Great. That’s one way to kill off inbound tourism, and possibly tourists.
    Aus can’t even get renewable energy to the grid thanks to the technical difficulty of building out new power lines. So complex!
    As usual, the nuke dump is a piece of commerce designed to profit a few companies in the construction phase and a few others in the on-going maintenance program. I imagine whoever is in the political position to approve/deny the project has to make a choice – kick-backs down the road or risk a dirt file exposure.

  5. Douglas Pritchard

    If we are to learn anything from current events we should not ignore the circumstances which drew Ukraine to be pulled into the USA and Russia differences.
    Two years down the track, they are enthusiastically calling for depleted uranium to be part of the debris which will be the outcome, and inconvenient when the land is again inhabited. Kids can discover cluster munitions well into the future.
    The country was renowned for being the bread basket in Europe, and was a valued commodity.
    I tend to think that the Ukrainian population have given up on returning to their land because anyone understanding the new health hazard, will neither want to live and work there, or export the produce.
    Ukraine leaders opted to scrap to the bitter end, and what they fought for is rapidly diminishing in value
    Australia is not in pristine condition, but once we allow the military orientated class into the place then we rapidly slip down the list of places that are desirable on this planet.

  6. paul walter

    I am sick of the lying politicians on another costly junket on the most specious of grounds.
    Fed up the ALP is turning out so gutless after a good start
    Monetisation on a colossal scale.

  7. Clakka

    I have twisted and turned and gyrated, and tied rationale in knots trying to hypothesise AUKUS into something that will ensure betterment for Oz, so that I can render it to the archives and with conscience accept Labor’s policies and decisions.

    I’m glad I did it, and am over it now, concluding that AUKUS is in the main an extension of the fatally destructive reactionary response and contributor to the re-rise of the militaristic imperium and the contagion of paranoia driven by vested interest lunatics.

    Just how Albanese, Marles et al, as they keep digging the hole deeper and deeper, are going to extract us from this cleft stick is anybody’s guess, as their obvious lack of due consideration, silence and obfuscation seems to align to guilt.

    Oz, like the USofA, has an appalling record of fucking ourselves (and others) over by the taking of precipitate actions, and toadying.

    They had better do more than dance and chew gum.

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