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Lies, damned lies, and children in onshore detention

When I came to Australia nearly 50 years ago, it was just starting to recover from the White Australia policy and was still proud of giving everyone a Fair Go – that was the name of the boat we bought soon after our arrival!

Not true anymore!

Malcolm Fraser has often been praised for the way he handled the Vietnamese boat arrivals but his example has been turned on its head by more recent governments of both persuasions.

I dare you to watch the following two videos, as well as the report, and not feel shame for what Australia has become!

And the calibre of some of the comments on the Twitter feed makes me feel sick!


Detention Centres are run by staff with no knowledge of the nutrition requirements of developing children, and the whole set up is blatantly ignoring the damage done to children when they are cut off from stimulation and the company of their peers.

A visitor with a birthday cake for a 2-year old is denied access!

Quite apart from the sheer inhumanity of this treatment of young children – and there have been others who have been treated similarly – it shows how totally out of touch this government is.

The current Climate Emergency – which the Coalition refuse to acknowledge – is going to lead to a massive exodus from many low-lying areas in countries like Bangladesh. Not only will country be flooded – by the oceans – but so, too, will countries like ours be flooded – with people – when these refugees seek dry ground!

We are currently seeing on TV the mass drownings occurring in the Mediterranean Sea as refugees seek help in Europe and are repelled at the ports. This is not Brave New World fiction, but living 21st Century reality.

As far as the Biloela family is concerned, the government is insisting that they can safely return to Thailand. They rely on the word of Thai government officials but a firsthand examination would almost certainly tell a different story.

In any case, the family was contributing to and loved by their community.

How much has it cost us, and not just financially, to destroy the happiness of this little community?

Peter Dutton is capable of making instant and arbitrary decisions but he does so more often in ways that cause harm than ones that actually benefit the people involved.

How long do we go on ignoring the extent to which the government lies to us?

Does no one care that our reputation as a country is being destroyed?

First Australia was established as a convict colony by the British and the First nations were subjected to genocide. They remain largely disenfranchised to this day.

Then we received floods of migrants after WWII who were rubbished by the white Australians as wogs or worse.

Then the Vietnamese fleeing their homeland, which we had helped the USA destroy, would have been turned back except for Malcolm Fraser.

Now, while war and cultural clashes in many countries results in many seeking safe haven, we have a cold-hearted government which sees protecting our borders as more important than helping the desperate.

And the final irony is that many of the responsible Ministers claim to be Christian, but their behaviour brands them as hypocrites!

New Zealand might not be perfect, but in many, many regards it truly puts Australia to shame!

Stop listening to lies, Australia, and show how you can be better than this!

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  1. Keitha Granville

    We know, we are trying, but how can we do something if our government won’t?

    It breaks my heart, every single day.

  2. David Bruce

    Sometimes I think Australians are going down the same path the Germans followed in he 1930’s. Anyone who stands up against this government is branded a terrorist, or worse. If I was an anti-semetic racist, I might be inclined to think we had dual citizen Israelis and crypto-jewish Christians running the country. Of course there is no peer reviewed evidence of this so I let the thought go through to the keeper.

    I am comforted by the fact that karma can be vicious and I have witnessed so many examples in my lifetime. According to some, including the RBA, Australia is sliding into recession, so while it will be painful to so many, it will permanently tarnish the reputation of the lnp as good managers of the Australian economy. Perhaps they are hoping the royalties from the Adani coal mine exports will save their skin. I doubt it because the lnp laid so many booby traps for a winning Labour Party, they have no way of defusing them, even it they remembered where they laid them. I think I read that in a previous AIMN post?

    In the meantime, we pray for the children and their grieving parents and search for ways to free them from their misery.

  3. Brad Golding

    Let’s call them what they are, concentration camps, a 19th century invention of the British in S Africa!
    We go and bomb the shit out of some country and then bitch and whine when the victims come looking for a life to replace the one we destroyed. And when they get here we treat them and their kids like shit!
    And who or what the hell was it all for? Because some yank parasite tells us to do it on behalf of corporate USA and to protect the bloody banks and their corrupt overlords, our vassal politicians complying to their own overlords, instead of the Australian people. The west is morally bankrupt and rotting on a culture of greed and selfishness blaming all of our problems on immigrants, and in particular, Muslims at the behest of the equally corrupt and lying media!

  4. Patricia

    The white Australia policy is being reintroduced by stealth.

    I recently read that the child (born in Australia) of an Irish family who has cystic fibrosis and who will be a “burden” on the tax system (immigrations term not mine) for the rest of his life has been allowed to stay in Australia, by dint of the Minister intervening.

    I don’t have a problem with that. The problem I have is that this Irish family is white and their child will require hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pharmaceuticals to treat his cystic fibrosis, most of which will be paid by taxpayers through the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, while a brown family from Sri Lanka and their two children, both born in Australia, and have been held in detention for 16 months, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars awaiting deportation, were costing the taxpayer nothing.

    This family was living in a small country town, father was working at the local abattoir, paying taxes, he and his family were a respected and loved part of a small town community, a community that wants them back and has petitioned the minister to allow them to stay.

    The minister could intervene and let them stay, they were contributing, just as the Irish parents are, their children have no medical issues, or they did not have before they were rudely torn from their home at 6am one morning and placed in detention, and these two girls could grow up to be productive members of society, as no doubt the young Irish boy will.

    The difference is that the Irish people are white and the Sri Lankan people are brown.

    I could be drawing a long bow here but it seems to me that this government and its henchmen, who make decisions on who stays and who goes, are stealthily imposing the white Australia policy on this country and its people.

  5. Matters Not

    Probably one of the most morally degenerate statements made by any person in public life belongs to Morrison.

    … I always don’t mix my religion with politics and my faith with politics,”

    Certainly breathtaking but barely raised a ripple. That anyone can process to live intellectual life in seemingly unrelated compartments should say so much. That it’s gone straight through to the keeper says even more.

    Where was the outrage from the religious community who claim to be the moral guardians on such matters? Then again we have Barnaby who so believes in family values that he has to have more than one. Or perhaps even more. Perhaps he should become a Muslim and have a few more.

  6. Phil


    ‘ I could be drawing a long bow here but it seems to me that this government and its henchmen, who make decisions on who stays and who goes, are stealthily imposing the white Australia policy on this country and its people.’

    No your not. Australians in a large number are racist. The Australian happy clappers are nearly as racist as the second generation Australians who are the most racist, put in your own country of ethnicity, for mine Italians are probably the worst. Unlike a lot of gutless bastards I tell some of my relatives and x friends to fck off with their racism. The government and their racist policies only offend a few of us, they know this and prosecute their policies accordingly. They want to keep turning the Middle East into a bombed out shit hole but they don’t want to deal with the refugees as a result. Simple really.

  7. Jack Cade

    Brad Golding.
    The British are blamed for the invention of concentration camps in the Boer War. But the Americans invented concentration camps, during the Civil War. Have you not heard of Andersonville? Doing it to their own brothers and relatives.

  8. Phil

    Jack Cade
    July 9, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    Portchester castle near Portsmouth in England held up to 7000 Frenchman at one time from the Napoleonic wars most of whom starved, froze, or died from disease.

    The Brits are masters at it. I don’t know how they kept American Red Indians as they committed genocide on them I can look that up I suppose. The Brits murdered millions of them none the less.

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