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Let’s see if this little thing grows . . .

Quite simply, a flag flying upside down is officially recognised as a sign of distress.

Let’s do it.

After all, if the Liberals think that they can tell us our power bills are going down when they’re going up, the world is certainly topsy turvy.

From the Liberal website:

CArbon tax



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  1. Peter F

    At last, a reason for buying our flag.

  2. Ariane

    That’s exactly what I thought Peter.

  3. Roswell

    This is my type of humour.

  4. Jenny

    Make the upside down flag your profile pic

  5. mars08

    It’s bloody un-straaayn I tells ya!!

  6. Marfi

    That Tasmanian figure is BS. I received a letter from Aurora giving a figure of around 7% due to increases in power prices.

  7. brickbob

    My last electricity bill was 848 dollars,the one before that was 404 dollars,Abbott is nothing but a liar,no other word for it.”’

  8. CLIVE P


  9. mark delmege

    is that like a Cliveosaurus

  10. Kathy Lee

    Don’t buy a flag, write to your federal MP and ask for one. They will send you one.

  11. mark delmege

    that flag in any position is depressing

  12. Kay Schieren

    Well, I’m sooo disgusted with our politicians of every persuasion. There must be a way of changing the system short of an armed uprising. I believe the Australian Government is not administering for the wellbeing of the people in this country. They are pissfarting about with their stupid little systems and games of political push and shove while the vandals are raiding the place. There is no basic worthwhile value system in their heads and hearts. They suffer from the delusion that politics is a sane and worthwhile practice. Gutless moneygrubbing pack of useless shits. De-Tonify Australia is my motto. Have a look at my page on Facebook for more detail.

  13. Graham Perham

    While I agree with this idea, I have in the back of my seventy five year old mind that it’s illegal and the fascist turds may take action.

  14. FryaDuck

    “Quite simply, a flag flying upside down is officially recognised as a sign of distress.”

    That flag isn’t upside down, it’s reversed. Simply because the flag is flown “jack to the mast” or left to right. If it were upside down the jack would be at the bottom left.

    theainm amateurs getting it wrong.

    Oh and power direct still haven’t removed the carbon price.

  15. Rodney

    Just received my August electricity bill. The unit price has dropped from 26.06 cents per kWh to 22.98 cents per kWh. What are you complaining about?

  16. xaocam

    Unfortunately this is a US signal for distress, not Australian – “The flag should not be displayed upside down under any circumstances, not even to express a situation of distress.”
    Sorry for being a party pooper, but its best to get the facts straight and lead by example not like The LNP (or ALP)

  17. Graham Perham

    Looks upside down to me. The jack would be ‘to the mast’ either way. How could it be flown any other way?. What I said still stands.
    But, whatever.

  18. Michael Taylor

    theainm amateurs getting it wrong.

    Wow, I’m sorry that we are only amateurs. Perhaps you’d like to pay us some money so we can go professional.

    You’re not that great yourself, btw. It’s AIMN, not AINM.

    Get it right, amateur.

  19. John Fraser


    Not to worry.

    Here in Queensland the $80 or is it $85 billion 'debt" has been forgotten and newmans LNP is asking if Queenslanders would like money spent on more public transport or pay less for public transport.

    2 and a half years of being flogged with "debt" and now we get Hobsons choice.

  20. Rossleighbrisbame

    Actually, if it were simply reversed then wouldn’t the Union Jack be still at the top? Yes, it is merely rotated 90 degrees, but if anyone wants to be pedantic and argue that it’s not actually upside down, go ahead. I’ll reverse it and say that I’ve turned it the right way up. 😀

  21. Rob031

    @Rossleighbrisbame: Do it. We usually think of the Union Jack being on the left. Just flip the image on its vertical axis so that it’s on the left but at the bottom to shut up these nitpicking pedants. Ta

    What is this bastard of a government doing to us all when we find ourselves behaving like this? This political mob are so bloody toxic.

  22. Rob031

    @FryaDuck. Thank you sir. You are a shining wit.

  23. Bacchus

    Excellent Spoonerism there Rob031 😀

  24. Ian

    Fryaduck. It is upside down. The wind is blowing right to left and the flagpole is on the right. You are the problem.

  25. johnward154

    Under our Federal Constitution the people of Australia are the sovereign power, it (the Constitution) sets out the legal rules and functions of the three arms of government. They are;
    The Parliament (Senate and the House of Representatives). The Executive (The Prime Minister and the various Ministers and their Departments) and the Judicature.
    Under our system all three arms of Government exist separately yet none may have unbridled power unto itself, this is known as the doctrine of the separation of powers.

    The system works in this way. Parliament makes the law, the Executive carries it out and the Judiciary, (in this case the High Court), determines the law is legal and constitutional. The high court is charged with the responsibility of determining whether a Government is acting legally and within the constitution.

  26. diannaart

    Topsy-turvy world indeed. Just for the record my energy bills sky-rocketed 18 months BEFORE the carbon tax was introduced. These same accounts have since reduced BEFORE the carbon tax was removed.

    To base our singular experiences on whatever government says is just a bit silly, n’est-ce pas, Rodney?

    Therefore, excellent image Ross, suggest we simply ignore ALL pedants no matter what their political stripes.

    In fact I would love a really clear “you are a pedant, so eff off” image.


  27. Paul

    Last week Origin Energy sent me a propaganda pamphlet explaining how my power bill was going to go down now the Carbon Tax was gone. A couple of days earlier they sent me my bill with a brand new $120 service charge on it.

  28. Jennifer Meyer-Smith and proud of it.

    I have saved this upside down view of our Australian flag. I think it delivers the impact intended, and that is under this LNP junta, the Australian people are suffering distress – even those who don’t know it yet.

  29. CMMC

    Médecins Sans Frontières would be welcome, here in Newcastle.

    There’s a lot of sick-looking homeless people.

  30. AsGrayAsGray

    ” Unfortunately this is a US signal for distress, not Australian – “The flag should not be displayed upside down under any circumstances, not even to express a situation of distress.” ”

    If I was in distress and in possession of an Australian flag, I would ignore this rule and fly it inverted with the greatest of urgency.

    Just FYI – My avatar/gravatar and blog/twitter symbol is a US Army flag inverted over (and dominating, even while in distress) the Australian Commonwealth Star.

  31. Graham Perham

    Oh dear me. I wish i had never become involved in this stupidity. Can I please take it all back? A shining wit indeed!

    Yes Diannaart and Paul, our power bill has increased so much well before the carbon ‘tax’ was introduced. These people clearly think that we a crazy and actually believe their propaganda, but we *will* remember.

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