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Let’s Just Separate Israel, Scott, Rugby And Religion

Religious freedom, freedom of speech and a whole lot of other concepts are being discussed with people’s views fluctuating wildly depending on who or what we’re talking about.

Take the protesters who lost their High Court case. The Court ruled that a deeply held religious conviction didn’t mean that the government couldn’t legislate to stop them protesting near a clinic which performed abortions. The protesters argued that they should have the right to protest anywhere. It would be interesting to ask their position on the recent vegan protests and whether they supported vegans going onto farms to make their position known to farmers.

And let’s not forget Scott Morrison’s little non-campaign invitation to the media to join him at his Easter Sunday worship. When one of them caught him in an unfortunate pose, social media had a laugh at his expense. Scott normally has a great sense of humour. For example, his recent attempt to extend his refusal to talk about “on water” matters when he was Immigration Minister all the way to the water buyback scheme. Good one, Scott. However, he was certainly not amused by the way he was portrayed by a scurrilous few whom he felt were mocking him at a very private moment, calling them cowardly and suggesting that they were living in their mother’s basements. Strange. I would have thought that the basement belonged equally to both parents. I mean, think about your own basement… You don’t have one? Mm, strange to refer to the basement at all. If anything, I would have thought that Australians would have a cellar, but hey, Scott does try to copy Trump at every opportunity.

My strategy is to try and take personalities out of the situation and to judge how I’d feel if the same principle was applied in a totally different circumstance. Let’s say, I invite the media to watch me take a shower. While it’s true to say that I generally regard showering as a personal thing, in an election campaign, I want to demonstrate just how clean I am. Now, I have every right to get upset when someone comments on my lack of muscle tone and tries to body shame me, but I’m not sure if that extends to someone pointing out that I took extra care to ensure that my genitals weren’t exposed and this suggests that I’m hiding something because that would put me in a no-win situation. I could hardly scream that I have nothing to hide, because that could start a whole series of nasty tweets.

Notwithstanding all that, it’s the Israel Folau controversy that seems to be dividing people. After all, argue some, he has a right to express his view. Others argue that his view was homophobic and hurtful to a large number of people. As a side note, I think it should be remembered that he didn’t single out gay people; he also suggested that adulterers, drunks, fornicators and many others who were also going to burn in Hell’s flames. One wonders if he had any politicians in mind…

Many people have questioned whether a sporting body has the right to censor somebody. Others have suggested that, as he’s an employee, his employer has the right to determine what he puts out because he could be seen as representing them.

To apply my earlier strategy, I think it’s important to take both sport and religion out of the equation and consider it as we would any other circumstance. After all, to many people, religion is almost as important as sport, and both can get people quite worked up when they encounter someone who supports a different team who refuses to understand exactly why theirs is the only one worth following.

Let’s say that I work for a large retail company as a sales assistant. It comes to the attention of my manager that, using my own name and identifying myself as a worker for that company, I have been tweeting messages along the lines: «While National Party voters are all stupid, people who vote for One Nation shouldn’t be allowed out of the house without a minder as they’re clearly incapable of crossing the road without help. » After I argue that these are just my opinions, my manager tells me that some of the customers are, in fact, National and One Nation voters and while I have a right to my personal views, I can’t express them when it’s going to be linked to the store.

Now, some of you may still argue that I have the right to express my views. However, if I were to say that I see the point and in future, I’ll be more circumspect, I can hardly complain if I’m dismissed when I suggest that I’d like to have some of what Clive Palmer has been smoking…

By the way, Clive Palmer’s latest newsletter tells the faithful not to believe the fake news and that they’re on track to win government. He says that their polling says that 15% intend to vote UAP and that there’s a 28% undecided vote who’ll vote for him giving him a total of 43% which will be enough to win government apparently… Yep, that’s convincing!

Forget the sport and religion for a second and go back to the retail assistant. Does the employer have the right to determine an employee’s public tweets? Does your view on this change if the employee has agreed not to publicly say anything controversial? Or does it simply change depending on who said it and what they said?


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  1. Alcibiades

    Concerning your last three questions :

    Former WA Labor candidate for Curtin, Melissa Parke, er ‘resigned’, for accurately describing Israel as an apartheid State akin to former South Africa.

    Retired Archbishop of Cape Town South Africa, Desmond Tutu, has described Israel as an apartheid State.

    Former US Prez Jimmy Carter has been has described Israel as an apartheid State for years & years.

    Current US Democrat would be Prez Bernie Sanders has just called Israel an apartheid State, with a racist right wing government.

    Outgoing French Ambassador to the US Gérard Araud has just called Israel an apartheid State.

    Hm …

  2. New England Cocky

    Folau “also suggested that adulterers, drunks, fornicators and many others who were also going to burn in Hell’s flames”.

    Now wait a minute here, Folau is describing the National$ “family values” of Adultery, Alcoholism, Avarice, Bigotry, Croneyism, Deceit, Egotism, Fornication, Misogyny, Philandering & Racism ….. that are practiced by which Nat$ politicians??


  3. Diannaart

    As an atheist, I am doomed to the fiery pits of hell, according to Israel Falou.

    As a woman AND if I lived in Tamworth, I support adultery and the National Party according to NEC.

    I find myself more bemused than offended by either of the above. Falou was using a public platform afforded him by his employer to cast aspersions on non Christians and assorted minorities, whereas NEC is commenting on a public forum which is all about expressions of opinion.

    One of the above is out of line.


  4. Vikingduk

    A little deviation from your article, Rossleigh, concerning on water matters. Shane Dowling has published the twitter thread in his blog, kangaroo court of Australia, that inspired Taylor to threaten defamation action. He informed taylor’s solicitors on 22/4 of this fact, they failed to respond, so publish he did. Appears to show the complete corruption and outright lies perpetrated by Taylor and Joyce. Are we surprised?

    Given the obsequiousness and grovelling of the tarts known as journalists and msm, will the complete story see the light of day?

    Dear ALP, go hard or go home. Indeed, hide your daughters and your water, baaarnaby and Angus are running in muck.

  5. Kronomex


    You must let me know which fiery pit you wind up in so we can trade d(emon)mails and visit to find out who has the better pit. All this depressing talk about religion almost always make me think of Dave Allen and then I feel better.

    A few months ago I found Paul Kirchner and his characters Hieronymus & Bosch.

  6. Terence Mills

    Yesterday Chris Kenny on SKY made a passionate argument in favour of Folau’s right to freedom of speech and the right for him to communicate his beliefs no matter what his employer said.

    I tweeted Kenny and asked him if, hypothetically, he was a believer and avid supporter of public broadcasting and took every opportunity to talk up the ABC and SBS whether Newscorp (Fox and Sky) would tolerate his freedom of speech or whether they would take him off air.

    No response but I know what would happen !

  7. whatever

    There is supposed to be a “truce” in the campaign for Anzac Day. If this is the same “truce” that supposedly occured during Easter then we can expect Scotty and the feral MSM to continue their shouting and heckling all through the solemnities.

  8. Kaye Lee

    Religious organisations have fought for their right to sack homosexual people. Rugby Australia is exercising their right to sack homophobes.

    They can’t have it both ways.

    It is not the job of Christians to judge, condemn or demand repentance.

  9. Zathras

    When the religious criticise others they call it “Freedom of Speech”.

    When others criticise religion in turn they call it “Persecution”.

    If it makes certain judgemental zealots feel better about themselves I now expect to spend eternity being beaten and sodomised on the shores of a desolate lake of fire for a multitude of vague transgressions I’ve probably already committed. I’ll be waiting for them there.

  10. eefteeuu

    Off topic.

    Yesterday Greg Dowling (Clive Palmers candidate for Herbert) said in the Guardian that if Palmer gives his preferences to Labor he will quit the party. He said he has never voted for the Labor party because when he purchased a house in the 1980 or1990 he was paying 18% interest, locked in, under Labor.

    I was going to contact him and suggest he Google John Howard where Wickipedia will show that when Howard was Treasurer under Malcolm Fraser, interest rates were 21% and capped, but I couldnt be bothered.

  11. Alcibiades

    ‘It’s a failure’: Labor commits to scrapping Coalition’s Jobs PaTH program – TripleJ, ABC

    The program has failed to meet its target of getting 30,000 young people into work a year.

    One business, paid upfront a $1000 bounty per PaTH Intern, took on 17 interns without employing a single one at the end of their internship.

    Yep, get sacked after 5 years ’cause you’re about to reach adult wage rate at the take-away outlet. Get replaced by a fresh 16 year old paid peanuts. Then start back again doing your old job at the take-away on the PaTH program for $4 an hour. Then let go again at the end of the ‘internship’ … no job offer …

    Morrison, the Coalition, & their ‘Fair Go’.

  12. Kronomex

    It’s got nothing at all to do with pre-selection. Not a single thing, I just love the LNP so much that’s why I donated thousands of dollars.$30k-to-party-before-preselection/11040952?section=politics

    Sigh, thought Gethard and the rest of the LNP. Why can’t we bring back rotten boroughs and pocket boroughs like they had in Merrie Olde England in the 15th to early 19th centuries. Those were the good old days.

    Now it’s back to the Spanish Inquisition and, gasp, the Comfy Chair.

  13. 24--5179

    dowling had business interest in our town, he alienated damn near the whole main street CBD, he treated young staff abomnably, he was an arrogant POS, he sold up departed licking his wounds. he popped up in recent yrs managing a cairns NRL club, that also went sour on him, he then popped up managing another club, that also went sour on him. The guy is trouble, in capital letters. This folly into politics will 100% go pearshaped, he just rubs folks bad.

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