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Let the good times roll!!

We have moaned and groaned through nearly 4 years of the time in office of a POTUS whose lack of civility, ill-treatment of a wide range of people whom he obviously and carelessly disdained, and broad ranging incompetence in office, has endangered or destroyed the lives of thousands of his nation.

He was not alone in his malign approach to government.

The leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has a record of opposing all policy changes proposed by Barack Obama, while he was in power, and has aided and abetted Trump in destroying as much as possible of Obama’s legacy.

McConnell remains at the head of the Republican party control of that body, and is unlikely to be supportive of a Democrat President.

Nevertheless, it is now time to turn back from the dark path government was led down under Trump, and remember that civility, consideration for others and diplomacy, rather than acting the bully, are the traits of a true leader, and desirable in a caring community.

The USA has a third rate health system which has been being slowly reduced to catering only for those who could afford to pay. It is time now to bring it back to a viable condition!

Trump will not go without a fight and he will probably seek to pardon as many as possible of his cohort whose criminal behaviour has been established.

Hopefully he, himself will face court for his own misdemeanours, one of which, surely, has been using his time in office to gain financial advantage.

Where are those tax records???

It is likely that Joe Biden, once handed the reins of power, will be working towards appropriate action on climate change, which might (one can but hope!) persuade the Australian government to shake off the influence of the fossil fuel lobby, and also take appropriate action in reducing emissions.

But, above all, let us all pull back from the vile discourse which has been triggered under a man whose own people have, wisely, denied a second term in office.

Also cause for rejoicing is the election of the first ever female Vice President, who, it appears, may well be groomed to stand for election as the first ever female POTUS!

China is now seriously jockeying for world dominance, and a diplomatic approach from America might ease the economic pressure currently being applied on Australia.

All will not change overnight, nor will all the necessary changes be easy, but we do have clear light at the end of the tunnel on the world stage.

Now let’s try to bring our own nation back onto the path to a better future.

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  1. New England Cocky

    A sound commentary Rosemary.

    I live in hope that Trumpery does not leave the White House until evicted by a company of US Marines in full body armour surrounding Trumpery and literally dragging him backwards down to the White House gate, throwing him out, and locking the gate after him. It would make wonderful television, but much kinder than the end of the Mussolini or Caucesci regimes.

  2. Matters Not

    Biden may not have many problems with Mitch McConnell – largely because he won’t want to do too much and, because he’s big on compromise (almost at any cost ), it’s likely that McConnel will get his own way, albeit camouflaged with massive layers of lipstick. How Biden treats Trump will be of great interest because Trump and his movement will be alive and well and on the political warpath. If wise heads prevail, Biden should not be kind towards Trump but metaphorically kick him to death while he’s down. Trump needs to go to prison along with many family members.

    (As an aside, several decades ago it looked like hansonism was dead and buried and those close to the Labor Premier at the time (Beattie) debated (at the Brisbane Irish Club on occasions) whether or not to deliver a coup de grâce via pursuing her through further legal avenues (there were numerous grounds) – and hopefully, another term in the slammer. However, those with compassion won the day. Hanson would not be prosecuted. No stake was driven through her political heart and history shows that Hanson rose again from what looked like her political ashes at that time. Big mistake!)

    As I type this, I hear Morrison singing the praises of members of the now dead members of the Trump administration. More and more I understand how and why Morrison et al f@cked up the diplomatic relationships with China. Unbelievable tin ear, particularly at this time. No understanding how divided the US is. How much hate is out and about. Another outbreak of the the political dumbness pandemic. Hopefully Albo is getting better counsel and keep a low profile.

  3. Florence Howarth

    I suspect Trump will leave long before January 20th. Leaving Pence in charge.

  4. leefe

    The Trumspter has probably already organised his flight from the US. Maybe Putin has a place for him …

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