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Left Right Out – The Ideology Obsession

March 22 2018

When I was a nipper, I remember there was always a healthy rivalry between the state school kids and those of us who went to the local convent school. Many were the days we would run the gauntlet as we made our way to school; passing the main gate or the playing grounds of our state-schooled nemeses. It was standard procedure to fire off shots at each other; not with rocks or fists; rather it was in the form of cheeky taunts and ditties we would sing in earshot of the other party.

“Convent dogs jump like frogs, in and out the wa-ter” would come the ragged taunting chorus from beyond the chain-link fence as we filed past. Perhaps spurred on by the Holy Spirit, we Mick kids gave back as good as we got: ‘State school dogs sit on logs, eating maggots out of frogs’

What devastating repartée. Nyahh, nyahh, take that.

Sadly it seems we have a puerile clutch of political commentators who haven’t progressed much beyond the silly name calling stage that most of us left behind in the primary school playground. And some of our politicians and civic leaders aren’t much better.

This week I saw Miranda Devine bemoaning the goss that Matt Damon was considering relocating with his family to Australia rather than remain in a country under Donald Trump. This seemed far too bitter a pill to swallow for Ms Devine, who sarcastically tweeted “All we need is more leftie celebrities.”

Seriously? Lefty celebrities? Most normal people would just refer to Damon as a celebrity. Who would know that he is a left winger; if indeed that is even true? Who would even care? I’m pretty sure if you asked your average punters if they disliked Donald Trump because they were left-wingers, they would stare at you curiously and tell you they dislike him because he’s a dead-set numpty.

As an aside, had Ms Devine bothered to fact check, she would have found the Matt Damon story was in fact false, but that didn’t stop her having a wail at his expense. It seems as if anything or anyone who doesn’t conform with these journos own world views sends them into paroxysms of self-righteous indignation. They either need to get out more or move from under those power lines.

If someone feels so strongly about ‘lefty celebrities’ does this mean they will now boycott certain movies? ‘I refuse to watch the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight is Right” – the guy who plays Robin is a dirty lefty.’

Because there are dirty lefties and crazy lefties now. Believe in climate change and you’re by default a lefty. Speak out on the subject and you’re elevated to the status of dirty lefty. Nyahh, nyahh, take that.

Who even talks like this? When I happen to leave the toilet seat up by mistake, my wife never says “That was a bit right wing of you.” I’m far more likely to draw a cutting response along the lines of “How about you put the seat down for once, you lazy bugger!”

So, what next? Does the whole lefty/righty thing extend to the supermarket aisle? Do breakfast cereal choices brand someone left or right? “Just Right” is a dead giveaway for conservative consumers. Will my reaching for the organic muesli result in a chorus of lefty insults from my fellow grocery shoppers? I only happen to buy it because it tastes good.

Will road rules have to change so we all drive on the right and not the left? Or will we simply choose a side according to political persuasion and fight it out like Mad Max?

Everything we say, or do, or consume is not a statement of political affiliation.

What miserable one-dimensional lives these people must lead, that they can only see life in ideological terms. I truly question the value of a journalist who cannot see a multi-dimensional world existing beyond their political bubble. In a world of colour, these people are reducing everything to either black or white.

And politicians who make similar disparaging remarks need to be reminded that they are public servants, and they are not governing for themselves and their own little cheer squad.

Perhaps it might be on account of my Asperger’s, but every time I see their tedious lefty/righty diatribe spew across my Twitter feed, the “Convent dogs jump like frogs” ditty plays in glorious stereo in my head.

Even as I write this, I’m seeing the news that Peter Dutton is condemning “crazy lefties” for their criticism of his support for white South African farmers. So apparently the journos at the ABC and the Guardian are now “dead to him.” The last time I heard such blinding eloquence was from a teenage girl on the bus – “OMG, they are so totes dead to me right now.”

So now the song is playing in my head again. Thanks, Pete. Totes.

I am driven primarily by moral compass, not by a notion of political ideology. And I would suggest there are a great many people who feel the same way.

Personally, I believe we should care for our environment and protect its flora and fauna. Hell, it isn’t rocket science – right now this is the only planet we have, and what kind of bird is stupid enough to shit in its own nest? I believe we should treat others as we expect to be treated – I would expect fairness, respect and equality. We’re not Christians and Muslims. We’re not blacks and whites. We’re humans. We all bleed and we all cry; we all need love. It’s that simple.

I don’t believe these beliefs make me anything unusual or exceptional. It does seem as though you are automatically branded a lefty if you happen to demonstrate qualities of empathy and compassion or express a desire to care for the planet. I’m not sure how that makes one “dirty.”

I don’t know about you, but quite frankly these are qualities which I would hope to find in all my fellow planetary travellers. And if sad-sack politicians and their cheerleader political commentators feel they want to call me a dirty lefty, then so be it.

Perhaps this explains why the heart is on the left side of the body.


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  1. New England Cocky

    I am advised that Miranda Devine is married to Andrew Blot which tells you a lot about her values … or lack of them.

  2. Steve Laing

    Actually your heart is located bang in the middle, however it is often mistakenly said that it’s on the left as that side is more developed…

  3. Freethinker

    I agree with your comments and share your view regarding the moral values.

    When I was reading it and he name of Dutton was mentioned I imagined how amusing will be to see his reaction on Mary Harris Jones AKA Mother Jones, quote:
    “The labor movement was not originated by man. The labor movement, my friends, was a command from God Almighty. He commanded the prophets thousands of years ago to go down and redeem the Israelites that were in bondage, and he organized the men into a union and went to work. And they said, “The masters have made us gather straw; they have been more cruel than they were before.” “What are we going to do?” The prophet said, “A voice from heaven has come to get you together.” They got together and the prophet led them out of the land of bondage and robbery and plunder into the land of freedom. And when the army of the pirates followed them the Dead Sea opened and swallowed them up, and for the first time the workers were free.”
    End of quote

    Can you imagine that, all that nuts that we have in government stop going to church?

  4. diannaart


    There’s no heaven

    Above us only sky

    No hell below us… (apologies to the late great John Lennon)

    Blue collar, Middle class

    Stick yer labels up yer ....

    Labelling people and then judging them by those labels IS childish.

    And if it was only the Right who indulged in this stupidity life would be, well, maybe not easier, but at least a tad more comprehensible.

  5. Jon Chesterson

    Bang on the money Leo, exactly how I make my decisions, based on a moral, ethical, reasoned and just compass, and occasionally I might get it wrong or have insufficient information, but it has nothing to do with this fake concept and ideology of left and right. It is used by bullies and idiots to insult and abuse, who have little capacity to understand our world and the people who live in it, who have little capacity to debate, demonstrate reason in their argument even apart from evidence, human empathy and justice. Frankly, politicians who behave like this looking for a cheer leader, a fan club or crowd of supporters to boost their egos should be run out of Parliament. They clearly do not know the reason they are there, not for their constituents clearly, and not for their country which they wrongly and rudely claim. Time to get rid of these dinosaurs. Well said.

  6. Egalitarian

    Miranda Devine is not married to Andrew Bolt.Unless there is an Andrew Blot NECocky?

  7. helvityni

    Left versus Right, men versus women….

    Love your way of writing, Leo Jai, but whoever chose the picture above, got it all wrong: it ought to be, pink for the girls and blue for boys…

    Or has there been some relaxation on the old Aussie rule on how to dress a baby…

    Only kidding…but the gender wars still rage….

  8. corvus boreus

    Meanwhile,, I guess we must simply look to the practical example of our own conduct.

    I do not hold this door open for you because you are female and I am sexist, I do so because you are a fellow human being.
    Should you offer me the same courtesy, I shall not take offense at your display of civility..
    All part of training myself to be less of an arsehole.

  9. etnorb

    So the ignorant, lying, inept, obscenely over-paid, so-called Dutson thinks we are all “crazy lefties” because we disagree with his decision to invite white Africans into Australia? WTF?? This ex-policeman has about as much compassion etc as my little finger! What a sorry, sick joke of a Liberal politician he really is. Mind you he is not alone on this score! And he is the Minister for “homeland security” or something? WTF??

  10. helvityni

    Corvus boreus, having five brothers and a father who was the gentlest man I ‘ve ever known, having attended co-ed schools, I have come to treat both men and women as HUMAN BEINGS…

    I’d gladly open the door for you, and if I’m taller than the person at the supermarket trying reach a can tomatoes at the top shelf, I happily come to his or her rescue…

    I’m afraid though that some toughest feminists are worsening the male/female relationship by making EVERYTHING about gender…

    ( by the way I don’t see you as an arsehole… LOL)

  11. Glenn Barry

    Andrew Blot and Miranda Devoid are both afflicted with intellectual rigour mortis – both have the capacity to amuse with their absurdities, however there is always a sense of trepidation which accompanies their absurd utterences, as somewhere, out there, are people who take them seriously

  12. corvus boreus

    Agreed, and I would add that the toxic inputs of MRA/MGTOW lobbyists (‘make me a sandwich’) must also be acknowledged.;

    Whether voiced in shrill shriek or strident bellow, irrational aggression in advocacy of cause is generally not helpful to moderate discussion, and gender issues, though always open for consideration, should not be considered topic-central by default.

    Similarly, in political parlance, ‘leftard’ and ‘conservitard’ are both applied pejoratives of equally imbecilic lineage.

    ps, Thanks for the POV + LOL.
    I do possess an anus and it often misbehaves, but it is nice to know that it’s actions don’t define me.

  13. jimhaz

    The problem seems to be that collectively we have created a righteousness war.

    The sheer breath and scope of the internet more or less means that we now have information and opinion overload and we are not handling it well – this brave new world is simply too complex for us.

    Globalisation is an outcome of technological development. The internet is a form of social globalisation – but so too was TV and international mags way back in the 50-60’s, so I am really speaking of internationalisation of information and entertainment. Seeing so many opposing views , (and say in the case of Trump supporters often deplorable views) or situations that are alien to us, we are becoming more and more intolerant of those we disagree with.

    With globalisation the competitive domain for everything and across everything has increased tenfold. Increased competition has led to the most vicious and self-centred becoming the most dominant.

    Business and the wealthy are abusing this change in the world to feather their own nests – and as a result are changing politics from a domestic paradigm to a global one. They are generally fine and actively cooperate with equality activism as it helps to create bigger markets and more people resources they can make use of, but if it is anything to do with economic considerations they will fight as dirty as they can to prevent any form of reversal of the trend to the concentration of wealth.

    Globalisation in its various forms has cut into our learnt and “expected” traditional identities. It is felt as attacks on our way of being, attacks on our personalities and attacks on our place in the world. It is destroying discipline structures such as families that kept us sane and that lessened hedonistic decadence and narcissism.

    All forms of progress ALWAYS come at a cost and there are always unintended consequences. If considered on a holistic basis progress is a constant battle between evolution and devolution, between 10 steps forward and 9 steps back. Any win that social progressives have results in a corresponding weakening of the average individual – we do HAVE not overcome as many of the life difficulties as our ancestors did, thus are not learning and developing parts of their EQ. This is clearly demonstrated by the lower levels of resilience we now see. For example kids killing themselves due to bullying just with words or the “offense taking” we now see in relation to identity issues.

    Conservatives and libertarians recognise this weakening and it frightens them – the fight against big government is not simply one of gifting taxpayer money to business (although it often is only that). Social left wingers do not or choose to completely ignore it – the equality ideology and the support of others using mothering style methods is the only thing that is important from their vested interest perspective.

    We have been obtaining social progress, but he cost has been economic and resilience progress at the level of the average individual. For me, the wheel of social progress, in the western world is at it’s peak – Trump is a sign that the majority no longer want new forms of social progress unless it affects them directly (they may still want to transfer certain responsibilities to act to gov). Too many people are fed up with equality that relies on affirmation action or government laws and overly constrictive PCism, made much worse by media commentators from both sides.

    My view is that we need to concentrate political war strategies on those left based ideas that involve economics, particularly fair taxation and thus fair distribution and fair pay for actual effort (but not false ideologies like MMT free money) and forms of regulation that decrease the negatives of globalisation. Immigration must decrease substantially and we need to get over the hard coded idea that growth (as capital widening, not deepening) is essential. Regulation and actual limiting of international finance AND ownership of assets must occur. Some trade protectionism must exist – but in a limited manner.

    I’ve no idea at all what to do about the downsides of the internet or technology generally. We do need to do more manual work and personally create more self-entertainment so that time passes less frustratingly.

  14. Jack

    Nailed it Jimhaz. Lack or resilience from both sides is a huge factor

  15. Rhonda

    I was born left handed, so I’m used to the associated stigma 😉

  16. townsvilleblog

    Yes, we used to call them “two bob tories” those brainwashed people who because they have a few dollars in the bank, drive a car less than 5 years old, and own a microwave oven, think they are just a tad better than the next person. I love to hate these pretenders who have a go at we “proud Lefties” who want a decrease in inequity and a far more egalitarian society where we car for our fellow man.

    Australia is a country of rapidly increasing inequity with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation set to deliver a $635 Billion hit to our public schools and public hospitals following the huge cuts made by Abbott in 2014, a full frontal assault on those who can’t afford to lose these services and will rapidly push the 3 million plus number of Australians living below the poverty line to 5 million plus.

    I am proud to support multiculturism, equal pay for women, better public schools and hospitals, but these are things that the tories (LNP) detest, they hate working people with a passion, even though it is working people who deliver them their incomes.Just in transport alone what would $65 Billion (not million) supply in the way of highway upgrades or train travel on the proposed inland rail system? This is so unfair to ordinary working people, I can’t understand why Australians don’t protest in the streets as we did back in the 70s, it seems as though the current generations don’t have “the guts” or the anger that we had as we were dealt blow after blow from the L’NP.

  17. townsvilleblog


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