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At Least We’re Not The Gillard Government, Says Abbott As The Liberals Admit That He Lies

Ok, if you hit this web address (at least I think it’s a web address, it could be a web site or possibly an envelope) then it takes you straight to the Liberal Party website. (Cut and paste it if you think I’m playing with the link!)

So which smart lefty thought of doing that? Well, actually it was the Liberal Party themselves. Apparently someone thought they could beat Labor to the punch by registering the name, then redirecting traffic to… well, one could say the actual lies.

Now if that’s not a spectacular admission, I don’t know what is!

“Tony Abbott’s lies are up in lights for everyone to see at,’’ Mr Shorten said.

I guess this means Senator Brandis, Eric Abetz and Kevin Andrews don’t qualify for the most spectacular stuff up of the week.

Kevin Andrews – for those of you who missed it – had to clear up a memorandum issued with his authority, which said that the following would not be considered gainful work when considering reduced waiting periods for unemployment benefits: ‘domestic or gardening tasks” at the applicant’s house of that of a family member, work ”for the purpose of achieving election of the person to public office” and work that involves nudity or is in the sex industry.

Mr Andrews has since clarified that people doing live modelling for artists would be considered to be working even though they were sitting perfectly still.

Similarly, those working in the sex industry will be considered to be in “gainful work”. Of course, one wonders why it would have been excluded in the first place. Was it that Kevin Andrews thought that sex was too much fun to be considered work? (Highly improbable). Or was it that he felt that people doing work of which he disapproves should be punished. (Possible, but then the list would have been much longer!)

Whatever the reason, people can rest easy. Those forced into sex work because of the Abbott Government’s six month waiting period can breath a sigh of relief knowing that they’ll be treated just like everyone else.

Yep, you can’t say that this government isn’t fair.

Particularly on social media if you’re a public servant. They’ve forbidden it!

Photo of the first Abbott work for the dole scheme. Notice who’s lifting and who’s “leaning” in the back.



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  1. dwejevans

    So, sex is on the table then, for team Australia?…How about phone sex, wink wink!

  2. Dan Dark

    A week of bloopers and blunders Ross
    Spontaneous human combustion, is the term I would use now when referring to the aftermath of this week and the Coal ition
    One by one they went up in flames, they self combusted and what a great Show it has been to watch 😉
    it’s been a comedy of errors for the “adults” in gov LOL

  3. votedave

    So as a public servant you can’t make comments via your own private on-line identities? Or is it a ban on commenting while on the job? Either way it’s a farcical and ominous directive from those with all too much to hide. Privacy is necessary, secrecy is not. For goodness sakes these people are supposedly “representatives” subject to the right to know what they do in our names. As for what they do in private I’d rather not know.
    We do not live in a Democracy, but we could.

  4. ilma2045

    Yep – I did a copy’n’paste for abbottlies — and bingo, Liberal Party website, with Joe H full-frontal on claims about a “plan for action” ie Budget. Only problem is – we’re almost one full year into first term for this Govt and not much action so far. Bit of a problem re liaison in the Senate.
    What we seem to have so far is a whack of weasel-words about work-for-dole, the 6-month jobless starvation plan, slug the students, de-fund science & research, a $7 tax on every GP visit etc, etc — but nothing in the Budget re other “unmentionables” like rips-offs re gas exports, over-runs on second rate NBN, or big-$$ for storing metadata.
    Lies by omission are still lies.

  5. bobrafto

    I wanna take bets that they will lie about the Abbottlies ~ Any Takers?

  6. bobrafto

    Hot off the screen


  7. David Linehan

    Once again Andrews of the Catholic Mafia Ministry lets his ultra conservative Opus Dei religious beliefs, influence legislation. Before i am accused of being anti Catholic, I am of that faith but my life is not overshadowed or dictated to by my beliefs. Personally I am fed up with these Tory cranks who are unable to come to grips with the fact there is no longer an Inquisition, that common sense and a more relaxed, modern thinking Catholic Church exists, led by a Pontiff setting the trend.
    The previous Labor Govt had its share of Catholics in the Cabinet and outer Ministry, I cannot recall the same stupid obsession as Andrews, Abbott, Pyne and co are indulging in.

  8. Suziekue

    Ha ha – a SNAFU Selfie! Classic LNP.

  9. Dan Dark

    We am team Australia
    Captained by the almighty LNP
    If you do not join the team
    You will be downtrodden
    Do you hear us in OZ land?
    We will torture and murder refugees with ease
    We will spy on all your metadata we receive
    We will starve our young kids who do not plant our trees
    We will charge you 7 dollars to keep you away from doctors seats
    We will up the fees you pay for gainful education university is not free
    We will take from the poor and vilify them on MSN
    Yes Ruperts on our team and he comes for free
    We will happily give more to the rich that is in the IPAs wish list
    We will cut down every tree, climate change is crap for our team
    We will just ignore Our first people, “Operation” big mouth was on remember
    We will lie and deceive as long as we need
    We will pass our budget, Joe has a need
    A need for speed when the rubber hits the road
    You will all see
    We are not as bad as the Gillard Government
    We are the team, Team Australia, led by the Almighty LNP 🙂

  10. Dan Dark

    I wrote a little ditty to go with your pic Bob, I couldn’t help myself , you inspire me lol 😉

  11. diongiles

    Those driven by poverty to selling sexy phone conversations manage to get a callous, leering wink from Abbott.

  12. Dan Dark

    That’s Phony’s second name Callous, he is greedy and mean and mighty unclean…

  13. John Fraser


    Take note of the photo of Australia's best Prime Minister.

    I wonder if Hockey told Andrews that he would have to forgo a revenue stream if sex industry workers were not considered working.

    Today marks the 83rd day that the Abbott government has not been able to negotiate their Budget through parliament …. thankfully that was never the case in the Gillard years of a hung parliament.

    It should also be noted that Abbott kept his promise to "axe the tax" in relation to the Gillard Carbon Initiatives …… nothing has replaced it, there is absolutely no sign of Abbott "Direct Action".

    The list of Abbott's failures goes on and on.

    So thank christ the Gillard government was nothing like the Abbott government.

  14. e.camilleri

    the people have been telling you for months your a liar,you don’t listen then you talk shit then you blame labour

  15. Anne Byam

    Have to wonder at that ‘leering wink’ … ? The study of facial expressions, small movements of eyes, mouth is quite fascinating. Facial expressions are among the most universal forms of body language. I have a bookmarked website on the subject. !! hmmm.

    Maybe there was more behind that Abbott wink than meets the eye. 😉

  16. Dan Dark

    Yes what a joke, tones already comparing them to Julia’s team not even a year into the last election
    I couldn’t believe my ears that he even went there, Tones was trying to get in first before someone else does and speaks the truth, they are worse than any gov in history I reckon, his actions/words are sounding a bit like a pedophile does when he knows his control is under threat, it goes along the lines “I am okay/ normal I have done nothing wrong, so don’t believe the kid when they tell you that I am a pedophile because they are lying and making it all up, I am the adult you have to believe me, don’t believe the kid they are lying” this is how pedophiles work when they think their victim is going to talk to someone about abuse, but the whole way they groomed the public before the election and then how we were treated after the election, smacked of how pedophiles work, get trust trust trust groom groom groom with lies and double speak a lot of deception too,
    then they think they are fine to do what they want( mandate) after the grooming and TRUST have been carefully exacted on victims and families.

    How many times did we hear the word TRUST from the coal ition, and how we could trust them and they would in return supply a no surprises, transparent, adult gov, but in contrast they have not acted in a way they promised when they got the TRUST just as pedophiles work…

  17. Florence nee Fedup

    Could Abbott have a new strategy. Make as many errors as possible, so all become confused, have keeping up, that none register, therefore every one forgets.

  18. Florence nee Fedup

    could one of Abbott’s favourite word, apply to his government. Yes, shambolic. One word hat does not, is productive, along with good governance. Neither apply,

  19. beentheredonethat

    Not much soil in their shovels though/

  20. June M Bullivant OAM (@granvillehistor)

    The problem he has confessed he lies, but that will not stop him from doing it again, the trouble there is a set of rules for them and another set that they want us to abide by.

  21. Keith

    Almost a year since the election and the abbott have not achieved anything positive. Not only are they loathed in Australia by a significant number of citizens; but, they are ridiculed overseas as well.

  22. Anne Byam

    Dan Dark …. don’t get me wrong. I am not having a shot at you here. But the idiots currently in ‘power’ NEVER had a ‘mandate’ for any bloody thing. They got in by preference voting only. I am thinking now that you were being sarcastic ? … It is late, and my mind might be sleepy ??? 🙂 Look what Julia G did with a hung parliament …. one helluva lot more than this excuse for government has done …….. or will ever damn-well do. Bah humbug to them. Grrrrrr.

  23. DanDark

    yep I am being sarcastic Anne 🙂 yep that was point of my little ditty, what they have undone in a short amount of time, compared to what Julia did a achieve with a hung parliament, so whats tones excuse for being a failure its not a hung parliament its because he had a plan an evil plan, and now he is exacting it on Australians at a fast speed to wreck the joint..

  24. Rob031

    I visited Abbotts’s site but located no opportunity to say what I thought of him. Funny that! Oh well it’s the kinda thing one would expect. Well, let’s hope that the shit hits the fan (or hell breaks out) sooner then later and we can look forward to the end of these anti-life, anti-ordinary-person, pricks once and for all.

    Can you imagine the parties that will happen next election night? Like about 7pm when Abbott has to front the cameras and bow to the judgment of ‘the Australian people’ after a negative massive landslide. Oh well… One can hope…

    In any case, Dan Murphy will do well. And we will have the inevitable movie. You supply the title…

  25. Geoff

    There is now a streaming TV channel at which streams Tony Abbotts lies 24 hours per day.

  26. Terry2

    I have just heard Joe Hockey on AM say that the Medicare co-payment must go through the Senate as without it Medicare becomes unsustainable with outlays growing at around 7% a year….But Joe, the $7 co-payment is not going to fund Medicare, it’s going into a medical research fund.

  27. mars08

    “At Least We’re Not The Gillard Government, Says Abbott”

    Do you want to know what worries me? Do you want to know what scares me? What really really SCARES me?

    Abbott and his mob have set the bar so low… that Labor will almost certainly take a similar argument into the next election campaign. They can expect to win, just by being slightly less worse than the current government. Oh yay for us…

  28. Möbius Ecko

    That’s a perfectly valid point Terry2. I bet the radio host didn’t pick Hockey up on that, or the fact that Medical Research Fund is exclusively going to give billions to huge overseas pharmaceutical companies who sponsor Abbott’s recreational rides in the name of charity and who also donate significantly to the Liberals.

  29. Kaye Lee

    At least we’ll save a fair bit on pollie pedal this year since Tony isn’t there. Not sure if Kevin Andrews also sends us a bill…and apparently Mitch Fifield is going too but in a car? Will we be billed for that too?

  30. DanDark

    “:Mitch Fifield is going too but in a car?” lol
    Isn’t that called a car rally when you enter a race driving a car,
    For feck sake, just an excuse to look charitable maybe ?
    I refer to him as Minefield cos he could blow at any time that fool of a man 🙂

  31. Möbius Ecko

    Abbott is going to the Netherlands to thank the Dutch. I gather that Julie Bishop didn’t thank them when she was there now our PM has to go to all the expense of flying there to do it. Of course it has nothing to do with the fact he and his government had a horror week and his role in past Pollie Pedals was being put in the spotlight, especially pictures of his rides over the years highlighting his personal sponsors, all big pharmaceutical companies he’s flagged for billions in tax payers money.

    No surprise that he has come out with tough rhetoric calling for justice and of catching those who shot down the plane. Lot’s of chest thumping on display, but as is the norm for Abbott it’s all meaningless hot air being done for a domestic audience in an attempt to bolter the waning standing of an extremely unpopular man.

    The interesting thing here is his flight to London from the Netherlands, with the conspiracy theorists saying Abbott will drop off British citizenship papers and organise for the missing payment record of his renouncement of that citizenship in order to take up Australian citizenship.

    This comes on the back of a fairly concerted effort online demanding Abbott prove he’s an Australian citizen and to lift the ban on FOI requests for his citizenship records.

  32. Wayne Turner

    Indeed they are NOT the Gillard government – They are much much worse than any seen before.Non-stop LYING,hopeless and puppets for themselves and their big business mates.That’s these Libs.

    Gillard actually governed,they just didn’t have the MSM to promote them,in fact the MSM campaigned against them.

  33. Pingback: The NLP’s Septimana Horribilis | The Abbott Proof Fence

  34. Dan Dark

    Thanks for the update on the citizenship papers, or lack of them more to the point and how he thinks he can fix it/ cover it up now, “lock the gate” before he gets back, “no entry” for idiots like him 😉

  35. Terry2


    In the name of humanity, Mr Abbott is offering support for the plight of the Yazidis people being persecuted by Islamic fundamentalists on a mountain top in Northern Iraq : we have offered to transport them to Nauru, Manus Island , Christmas Island or even dump them in Cambodia.
    These unfortunate people are likely to call on the international community to give them protection from apprehended persecution by Australian authorities : Scott Morrison has termed them ungrateful bastards.

    You read it here first.

  36. Anne Byam

    Julie Bishop has thanked the Dutch – at least 3 – 4 times at last count, and she did it graciously. No doubt the ‘flight to say thanks’ by the Abbott is a flight to avoid the flack he is getting here …. he can’t stand the heat, so he got out of the kitchen. As for his further travels to London ? Nothing would surprise any of us. And we will never know about it. The sneaky so-and-so. But then – that’s his trademark.

    I have written a limerick style poem – which is ten verses long. It’s called ” Ode to the Abbott “, if anyone’s interested. It is not one of my ‘nicest’ poems by any means !! 😉

    Will think more, before posting it.

  37. Anne Byam

    @Robo31 …. Tony Abbott’s Facebook page does however invite comment. It is interesting how few LNP followers comment in comparison to others, and if they do, how few ‘likes’ they get. A lot of other party voters DO comment there, and get very good following – with likes. At one stage, adverse comment was being ‘deleted’ … and I found that little things would go wrong while posting a less than glowing comment for Abbott …. like FB bibbing in with a blue screen and message ” Oooops – somethings seems to have gone amiss ” …. which seemed strange, as it doesn’t happen on other FB pages. Others complained of deletions as well. So several of us so-called ” lefties ” including myself … challenged the FB page to remove our comments. ” Freedom of speech ” was mentioned. They didn’t – and at last look – haven’t removed anything since. hmmm !!

    I am not btw – a huge Facebook fan !

  38. Dan Dark

    Anne B it’s not the “nicest”gov, so the not so “nicest” poem will be fitting
    So don’t be shy let us read your not so nice poem about this not so nice gov 🙂

  39. Florence nee Fedup

    The Americans are here to talk defence. Our Operation Team Leaser, takes himself off oversea. Why?

    Coup in Iraq. If true, should it not be NY that Abbott needs to head for?

    Seems moat have more on t5heir mind than Putin. Well that is apart, from our esteemed Tony.

  40. Anne Byam

    Well – ok …. here goes :


    In Oz, there’s a bloke known as Abbott
    who behaves like an out of sync. rabbit
    With draconian ideals,
    and major repeals,
    he continues this very bad habit.

    The habit is one of great rort
    which Aussies unfortunately bought
    he sounded sincere
    had people’s ear
    but now a tough lesson’s been taught.

    Right after that fatal election
    When Australia had made it’s selection
    without any knowledge
    of preferences pledged
    We saw our mistaken direction.

    Too late we are hearing the groan,
    “Our country we no longer own”
    Right down the gurgler
    With Abbott the burglar
    His position is sooo overblown.

    He honestly thinks that he can
    Hoodwink each woman and man,
    With all of his lies
    his grandstanding asides
    to everyone …. just cos he can.

    Democracy ….. now there is a joke
    It’s gone in a huge pall of smoke
    If his ideals come true
    That’s poor me and you
    “go to hell” – says this ‘orrible bloke.

    Well, let Abbott, think what he thinks
    And allow him his weird little winks
    We now know much more
    We know his cruel score
    The Liberal Party just stinks.

    It’s time we stood up to be counted
    Protests so large to be mounted
    To stop his mouth flapping
    And all of his yapping,
    continuous promises flouted.

    But – his bad day is coming and fast
    to demean his most recent past
    For all tricks he’s tried,
    For all lies he’s lied
    The results will leave him aghast.

    Let’s hope that’s how it pans out
    Give the monster a bloody big clout
    to his ego and gall
    An essential downfall,
    We’ll show him the only way – OUT.

    **** (c) A.B.

  41. Dan Dark

    Now that’s a bloody ripper Anne B
    Best Ode I have seen for years
    It made me smile at all their dumb ways these days 🙂
    Sums up Dumb Dumb Tony beautifully 😉

  42. Dan Dark

    “Of course it has nothing to do with the fact he and his government had a horror week and his role in past Pollie Pedals was being put in the spotlight”
    Being Put in the spotlight might be what they are avoiding especially if Phony Tony rides a bike with crowds and stuff, could be dangerous to his health, he would be a sitting duck, they all have beefed up their personal security because of the threats to them, it would be difficult to “protect” a pedalling duck that’s without his “Abbott proof jacket” on, so easier to just fly out of the country and quickly, so people don’t notice.

  43. Lee

    Are sex workers expected to pay income tax if they exceed the tax free threshold?

  44. Anne Byam

    Now there’s a good question Lee. The mind boggles. Imagine any tax agents sorting through that lot ?? TA might incorporate some concessions. The way things are, it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Needless to say – sarcasm beyond my usual scope. !!!! 🙂

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