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Lazarus With A Triple By-Pass Or Just More Fiction?

Questions without notice:

Is there a relatively safe Liberal Federal seat coming up soon?

Do the Liberals need a strong Parliamentary performer at the moment?

Is there someone who retired from Parliament at a relatively young age who could make a comeback?

Am I making this up?

Okay, the answers are “yes” twice, one “possibly”, and one “no”, but I’ll let you decide where to put the answers. Actually, I think that I should move the “possibly” into the “yes” column, because with the election of the Abbott Government one would have to argue that everything’s possible, so even the “no” is arguably possible… Mm, perhaps I should replace the word “yes” with “never ever”… Yep that works too. Try it!

Sorry, if that confuses you, but I can’t be clearer because – like the mainstream media – I have sources that I can’t reveal. (And not because I’m making them up – what sort of man do you think I am? Didn’t I tell you that Abbott has a task force looking at getting rid of the states and how would I know that if I didn’t have a Liberal “friend” from my Scotch College days… Gees, what’s the point of the old school tie if you can’t use it to strangle you enemies!)

But I think that confusing you is what the government want. Why else would we have a Treasurer who urges you to spend, then, in an interview a day later, compares the government to a household and suggests that good households put money away for the future rather than spending it? I suppose that he can be forgiven for worrying, when it’s clear that there are moves afoot to replace him as Treasurer.

Of course, the Liberals don’t have anyone with any credibility as Treasurer and the suggestion that it might as well be Christopher Pyne because he’ll be unpopular whatever he does didn’t go down well with certain people. Nope, there’s just nobody that can sell the sort of nonsense that you should thank us when we increase the GST because poor people don’t have to pay it as they don’t have any money to spend…

Well, not in Parliament. And certainly not anyone who’d be prepared to believe that if was just Treasurer for another Budget or two, then the leadership would be his…

Yep, that’s something we can certainly put in the “never ever” category…


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  1. deanyz1

    I heard they are looking for a safe seat for John Roskam in Victoria. John Roskam who was a candidate for former Premier Ted Baillieu’s seat of Hawthorn. Roskam has probably been one of the strongest advocates of Liberal values in Victoria. Roskam is a “Such a c*nt.”

  2. bobrafto

    R u saying that the man running the Future Fund who is the biggest investor in the mining industry is making a comeback?

    He wants to be the Man not the treasurer!

    But it does make sense of putting some cred back to the LNP but I think the damage has already been done. You can’t believe anything the LNP says.

  3. audioio

    I just noticed the photograph. What IS Howard doing to Costello?

  4. DanDark

  5. Lee

    I’ll be delivering a can of polish to Christopher Pyne’s electoral office for Christmas so he can use it over the holidays to polish the turd that is the higher education reforms. If he becomes treasurer he can get more mileage by polishing the budget turd too.

  6. keertidalley

    That would be fun! BACK TO ABUT AND COSTELLO. definitely a double clown act!

  7. Annie B

    OK Rossleigh –

    while you made your points – and very well as per normal ……. you have also introduced again some light banter and frankly promoted a few hilarious statements ( won’t tell you which one was best from the commenters ) ……… to this subject.

    Lordie help me – I am beginning to actually feel ‘sorry’ for Joe …. who will age well before his time at the rate he is going.

    And isn’t he just ‘Shrek’ …….. to become “Shriek” in the near future I suspect.

    Actually, he is way way out of his depth, and floundering.

    So – nooo …. he wouldn’t make a good PM. ……. Too water logged to do the job at all – or any better than the peanut in the seat now !!!

  8. Marian Saines

    WTF is this article actually saying?

  9. stephentardrew

    Would Costello step into this minefield of dystopian morons. Gosh her threw it in when he had a chance. Does he have the cojones and what would Team Australia do without dear leader. The dogmatism will not change however the con might just be a little subtler. Stepping into failure doesn’t sound like Peters number. Cleaning up Toxic Tony’s and Blustering Joe Blow’s mess would definitely not be appealing. I don’t think he has the hide to take the vilification and abuse that is currently mounting in the public arena.

    It would be a real laugh watching Tony bluster into irrelevancy, Joe failing on his sword, and Costello taking the poison chalice. Nah cant be that stupid. Or can he?

    Rossleigh you little brain twister you are at it again.

  10. randalstella

    Can I interest you in some slightly used necrophilia,anyone?
    Post-apocalyptic bargains early – before the rush.
    Is it not bad enough without mentioning the leering Toorak thug-meister? What brought up that calamitous destroyer of public infrastructure? He was disgrace enough to public self-respect then, for all those dismal years.
    Does satire now have to involve self-harm?

  11. CMMC

    How many National Party members are thinking of dusting off the Akubra and running as Independents at the next election?

    All of them.

  12. Owen

    So Joe wants us to spend and save at the same time ..He is way off the mark.. it can be done however like this……Spend lots of money online from China you will get lots of stuff and you will save money at the same time…….No good for our economy .
    ..see way off the mark!

  13. corvus boreus

    It is funny how my perception of the man in the yellow tie(who appears to be ecstatically receiving fellatio) as being a smarming prick who smirked gleefully as he lied in order to screw us over, has been quasi-nostalgically diluted by both the passing of time and the lowered standards of behavioral expectations imposed by the general dishonesty, ineptitude and sheer repulsiveness of the people comprising the current LNP regime.
    Or maybe it is just refreshing to see a conservative politician wearing a tie that is not blue.

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