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From the time of the oil shocks of the 70s, there’s been one consistent approach to the rhetoric of the Liberal Party: If Labor were in power when something happens, then it’s their fault but if the Liberals are in power, it’s also Labor’s fault… unless we can claim that it was obviously nothing to do with us and any suggestion from Labor is just playing politics with something that should be above politics… That’s the thing with Labor, they play politics, we don’t, we just get on with the job of finding some scapegoat and moving on in the hope that you’ll be upset that Labor dared to say anything when hindsight is easy from those people who warned us that this was likely to happen!

Anyway, I couldn’t help but notice that over the past week a couple of interesting things have happened with regard to the whole pandemic thing. First, there was the brouhaha about whether or not Kevin Rudd had any effect in the acceleration of the Pfizer rollout. While the front page of The Australian told us that millions of extra doses were here, they seemed to be using the word “here” in a way that I don’t find consistent with the dictionary definition, and it seems to me that what we have is another announcement that we’ve moved from the front of the queue to further up the queue and our improved place means that we’ll actually be getter more doses sooner than was scheduled even though they’re not really needed because, apparently, vaccines wouldn’t have prevented the Sydney lockdown or as some people call it, « the ban on browsing in shops that aren’t big Liberal donors »!

But putting aside whether Rudd was successful or not, and putting aside any suggestion that Rudd was trying to make himself seem like the country’s saviour. Put Kevin completely to one side and don’t even start with the “at least he tried” or anything. If we accept that Kevin didn’t achieve anything, what are we left with?

It seems that the current Prime Minister (Scott Morrison, in case you’ve forgotten) could make 55 phone calls trying to get Marty Corman a job, but when it comes to contacting Pfizer, “he doesn’t hold a phone, mate!”! Of course, the government can soon jump to action when there’s a genuine emergency. Look how quickly they responded when Kevin was getting a bit of thanks. How quickly they contacted Pfizer and got a spokesperson to tell everyone that Kevin had no role in contractual negotiations. Speed of light when something’s really important…

Of course, I know some of you can’t help but point out that there was never any suggestion that Kevin was involved in contracts. And some of you will be wondering how high up the spokesperson was. But leave all that and give credit where credit is due. When it comes to patting themselves on the back, the current mob of Liberals are gold standard.

All of which brings me to Joshie from the now-marginal seat of Kooyong and his performance on 7.30.

I’m going to begin by saying that the obvious way to deal with things is to establish clear guidelines before an event. If you haven’t done that because the unexpected happens then put in place rules or guidelines for what happens in the future. For example, if worker can take time off to go with their partner for their baby’s ultrasound because we have a family-friendly workplace, does that mean that another worker can take time off to get my partner pregnant? Obviously not, and unless the rules are clearly spelled out then you have all sorts of questions about what’s allowable and what’s not and if the boss’s partner is given time off to get his or her hair cut, then you’re going to have resentment, even if you do say that in the future you can all get you hair cut on company time.

Apparently, we’re all sick of Daniel Andrews’ whinging. Now, I know that not everyone stands with Dan, but I find it hard to imagine that even his worst critics would suggest that he’s spent the past year or so complaining. As far as playing politics goes, Andrews seems to have worked constructively with Scott Morrison which is nearly as amazing as seeing « Scott Morrison » and « work » in the same sentence. But no, pointing out that Victoria has had to fight for every cent while NSW is presented with heaps of extra funding is just « whinging ». Josh and his state Liberal mates have never been guilty of that. They’ve never complained because there was a lockdown then complained that the lockdown wasn’t quick enough. No, they’ve just been terribly constructive.

Josh went on to dismiss any criticism as “bots and Trots”! That’s the sort of witty rhyme that must go down a treat at Liberal functions but will annoy anyone who doesn’t think they’re a robot and doesn’t identify with the Trotskyists… And no, I don’t mean the Maoists and Stalinists!

But I guess that’s the way the right-wing works. Any criticism is just envy! Why, who hasn’t made a mistake and vaccinated 160 boys who just happened to have consent forms? The fact that it was a private school has nothing to do with it: You’re just starting class warfare. This is political correctness gone mad. Refusing to buy something because you don’t approve of the people who are behind it? Why, that’s cancel culture. Once everyone’s on an Indue card, we will decide who you purchase from and the circumstances in which you purchase!

Is it too far-fetched to suggest that in the near future, we’ll have some Liberal-friendly commentator saying that the current mess is all the fault of Labor for not winning the last election?


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  1. Peter F

    Let us hope, against all hope, that the ALP don’t repeat their actions at the last election, where they acted as if they thought the behaviour of the Coalition would all be honest and above reproach.

  2. Bronte ALLAN

    Great & oh so true Rossleigh! The fucking lying COALition mob ALWAYS blame Labor! Funny how the supposed huge debt that Labor accumulated has now been forgotten when the liberal lot has increased it astronomically? However, it must be Labor’s fault as stupid bloody Frymaster has spoken how the liberals ALWAYS (?) never have a huge financial deficit, & if they do it must be Labor’s fault. Great thinking NOT!

  3. JudithW

    “Is it too far-fetched to suggest that in the near future, we’ll have some Liberal-friendly commentator saying that the current mess is all the fault of Labor for not winning the last election?”
    I think Simon Birmingham pretty much saying that car park rorts were the fault of voters giving the LNP their votes comes close…

  4. Kathryn

    Hmmmm, Posh Fraudenberg strikes again!

    When we were all being told to LOCK-DOWN, STAY PUT, STAY HOME and DON’T MOVE, wasn’t it Frydenburg and Mathias Cormann who were seen smugly grinning whilst they were clinking wine glasses in Europe? And as for the lazy, bone-idle Sloth Morrison – who can’t hold a hose, can’t hold a phone and can’t hold any sense of responsibility for the chaos and dysfunctional mess his government have caused with the tragic vaccine roll-out and the epic failure of quarantine – both of which Morrison conveniently forgot were FEDERAL responsibilities which he swiftly delegated to the States! Wasn’t it Morrison who wasted hard-earned taxpayer funds on an expensive detour across to the UK (whilst the rest of us were told to SIT STILL, STAY HOME and ISOLATE) so that HE (the holier-than-thou Minister for Vacuous Announcements) could undertake a thorough investigation and research into his OWN family background?

    WOW, once again, the devious, entitled, bible-thumping hypocrites in the Morrison regime place THEMSELVES way, way ABOVE the laws and recommendations they set down for the rest of us, eh?

  5. Keitha Granville

    We know all this, we will talk about it amongst ourselves till the cows come home, but the thing we all MUST do is make sure we can swing ONE voter away from the LNP. If every Labor voter did that the next election will be a doddle.
    If we don’t, this mob of useless con artists and scammers will be in again.

  6. Henry Rodrigues

    Come to think of it, it is indeed the Australian voter’s fault for electing this bunch of crooked, inept, self serving bastards. And they might, it seems likely, to do it again.

    And if anyone is wondering why the braindead ethnic communities still vote for these dickheads, consider this; most of them are conservative and very religious, and wary of any political change that they feel might change their prospects. That’s why they go with the status quo.

    And that’s why Scummo protrays himself as a fervent believer, hand on his heart ,with ecstacy on his f**cken face. Takes them in every time.

  7. Jack Cade

    My four children, all intelligent ‘career’ people, are big fans of Kevin Rudd. They arrived at this position purely by their own observations, not by anything to do with my views.
    When you think of the fall of Rudd objectively you can see the fall of Labor in particular and politics in general in Australia.
    In the late sixties, as a callow 20 something year old, I was at a party in Brisbane where I happened to talk to the then leader of the Qld Labor party, Jack Houston. It was just a chat, and it was at a time when federal Labor was at the point of electing a new federal leader. I said that Gough Whitlam impressed me, and that provoked an almost apoplectic response from Houston (an old-time Labor man, former boilermaker or something). ‘No!! ANYBODY BUT WHITLAM!!’
    Where would Australia be today if Houston’s quite widely-held attitude had prevailed?
    Which brings me to K.Rudd.
    Right now, I’d take Rudd in a heartbeat – huge ego and twee expressions notwithstanding – over the whole bloody lot of them. He has more integrity in his little finger than the entire L-NP cartel.

  8. Phil Pryor

    A liar, double crosser, deceiver, exaggerator, story teller, propagandist, adman type, superstitious fool, egomaniac, hoarder, pilferer, accumulator, petty theft type, sneak…here is your typical conservative, a greedy grub and subhuman uncivilised parasite. Look at the Morrison crew, with a P M, a Porking Pustular Misfit, a treasurer who can’t colour in sums books, a country party buffoon who drinks, eats roots and leaves, and a chorus of shrill tarts who love a good rort (spellcheck please) and those arrogant nohoper blokes who fail to deliver anything more than a vocal fart. Australia be damned and ruined. The nation and its unreliable “she’ll be right swallow that brown smelly sandwich” types need to get them OUT…

  9. New England Cocky

    The next COALition misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccination mess will be that “”It is all Labor’s fault for not pandering to Rupert so that Rupert gave LABOR the same biased reporting that has been received by the Liarbral Nazional$ since the 2019 feral elections”.

    Come home Kevin all is forgiven.

  10. Raymond Tinkler

    If only voters would realize we are under attack as a Nation from an imported belief system seeking to dismantle our Democratic secular style of Government and replace it with their gruesomely cruel one. That they are actually just about to that point in fact seems just too far fetched to have taken hold in their consciousness. That it came very close in America and will try again, even doesn’t seem to impress. Apathy and disinterest will be Australia as a free Nation’s death and that will be much sooner than it appears to most, possible. If we fail to dislodge (odd how that word is so appropriate) this Cabal at any upcoming election, they will take it as a mandate to do just that. After all, voting them back in with no declared policies has just been claimed as a reason for that. In other words, “You asked for it” by doing so.

  11. BB

    Once everyone’s on an Indue card, we will decide who you purchase from and the circumstances in which you purchase!
    OMG Rossleigh, I get the satire/sarcasm, but this is not a joke, it is a nightmare..
    As an aged pensioner I am extremely worried that this government is even thinking about stealing my meagre pension money and the tiny semblance of independence it gives me.

    Why no one can believe Anne Ruston and the LNP when it comes to the Cashless Debit Card

  12. Johnyperth

    This is a typical reaction of conservatives!!
    Never take accept any responsibilities!!
    Never admit when you are wrong, blame anybody else!!
    Just always lie and hope everybody is that gullible to accept this lie is the “truth!!”
    This is how delusional thinking a conservative is!!
    I could go on but it will be way to much consuming my valuable time!!

  13. Kerri

    It goes to show how out of touch the 60 billion dollar man is when he claims Victorians ar sick of Dan Andrews whingeing. He has barely been back on the job a week and we heard very little from him while he recovered from his accident. Meanwhile the member for Kooyong trashes his own state!
    You do not speak for me Frydenberg

  14. Gangey1959

    Where is that stupid female. peter cretin ao ?
    Surely she knows who’s fault this entire mess is.
    I mean, she has her own channel on sky-after-sundown, and both viewers reckon she’s destined for an oscar. it’s a shame that the bin-chicken hasn’t taken the cretin into her own inner circle of advisers. Or would that be coven? It would be if aj was included.

    Who is to blame?
    Everyone who voted lnp above labor at the last erection.

    Just don’t do it next time. This is not a drill.

  15. GL

    If all the people on some form of government benefits are going to be hit with the Peasant…I mean Indue, Card then the bloody pollies should be at the top of the list! When, and I don’t mean if, the cretin circus votes the LNP back in at the next election we are royally and Dogly screwed.

  16. Bert

    I wonder why there hasn’t been an outcry about an incident in a government run nursing home here in Tasmania? An elderly dementia patient’s family found him in bed fly blown. For non country folk that means he had wounds that were crawling with maggots. I know the use of maggots in wound care are used in other countries but I don’t think this use was intentional.

    Could it be that Tasmania has a Liberal state government?

    I can only imagine the shit storm if the government was Labor.

    If it was a Labor government I’d be joining in.

  17. Andrew J. Smith

    Frydenberg is really pushing the boat out and maybe showing signs of the LNP’s desperation by bagging, again, his own state and implicitly many Lib voters…… his seat of Kooyong maybe safe due to rusted on Libs, but many other voters may not be so forgiving in other electorates, including Liberal women…..

  18. Kathryn

    Frydenburg and the irresponsible, callously inhumane idiots in the LNP are ALWAYS playing the BLAME GAME with Labor and/or The Greens and/or anyone and EVERYONE who disagree, condemn of criticise their appalling idiocy, short-sighted policies and inept lack of planning! Blaming LABOR yet again? Clearly someone needs to remind Fraudenburglar, Sloth MorriSHAM, McFailure Trash and the rest of the shrieking, totally gormless, bone idle fools in the LNP that THEY have been in power for more than EIGHT LONG NON-ACHIEVING AND DYSFUNCTIONAL YEARS! As such, it is evident, therefore, that the ALP have been in Opposition for the same length of time which means that the Labor Party or The Greens are NOT the ones to have made the final decisions in relation to the tragic failure of the vaccine roll-out and the dog’s breakfast mess made of the quarantine program. If the LNP want to know who REALLY is the blame for the mess, chaos and dysfunction, all they have to do is look in the bloody mirror! What the LNP have not managed to vandalise, ruin and destroy, the lazy Sloth Morrison has chosen to DELEGATE to the hapless State premiers.

  19. Trevor

    In Australia’s most conservative State of WA, the Liberal Party proved themselves an unelectable rabble, loosing all but a god botherer or 2, while curr Cormann, leader of the Clan left for European climes.

    It was unthought and unheard of that the conservative party in Aust’s most conservative State could self immolate and become unelectable, but folks it happened last time round.

    Could it happen Federally??? That is the question soon to be answered in Australia’ failed and gerrymandered two party proferred frolic in the name of democracy.

  20. Trevor

    In Australia’s most conservative State of WA, the Liberal Party proved themselves an unelectable rabble, loosing all but a god botherer or 2, while curr Cormann, leader of the Clan left for European climes.

    It was unthought and unheard of that the conservative party in Aust’s most conservative State could self immolate and become unelectable, but folks it happened last time round.

    Could it happen Federally??? That is the question soon to be answered in Australia’ failed and gerrymandered two party preferred frolic in the name of democracy.

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