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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Watching Richard Di Natale posit the Greens political philosophy on Insiders with Barrie Cassidy (ABCTV 19/08/2017) reminded me of Kermit the Frog’s cutesy tune, It’s Not Easy Being Green.

On the eve of another round of political destabilisation, Di Natale had an opportunity to make a case for Greens’ values. Instead the interview ended with the leader defending an increasingly irrelevant so-called leftist party.

Di Natale and thousands of Greens supporters refer to mainstream political groupings as ‘the old parties’. This despite the fact a majority of the Greens faithful — at least in the electorate where I live — are white-haired baby boomers or greying Gen Xers. These well-educated trend makers have gentrified popular inner-city electorates to such an extent they are now no-go zones for up and coming millennials. The 20 somethings, who prowl the charming inner-city streets, cannot and will not own local real estate, yet Di Natale’s rank and file don’t see the inherent contradiction with this new-fangled colonisation.

Parsing Di Natale’s political rhetoric exposed the hypocrisy of the Greens under his leadership. Instead of calculating his responses he made his political tactics crystal clear to an incoming Labor Government should the electorate choose to kick Turnbull out at the next election.

Di Natale said the Greens would oppose a revamped energy policy.

But apart from trotting out the usual tropes of more renewables and attacking Labor’s base in coal mining electorates, such as the Hunter region, Di Natale failed to articulate his own party’s energy policy. Cassidy gave him the opportunity, and Di Natale fluffed it, choosing instead to speak to his uncritical supporters. Rather than answer the obvious follow-up question Di Natale avoided his party’s greatest environmental failure.

Cassidy recalled August 2009 when Greens elder statesperson Bob Brown voted down Kevin Rudd’s carbon pollution reduction scheme. During this ignoble Greens train-crash, Brown rationalised the target of five per cent reduction, too small. In a subsequent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Brown said the Greens target of 25 to 40 per cent reduction meant “the foundation is there to get it right”.

In fact, had the Greens supported the legislation, the energy debacle which continues to roil Australian politics, would likely have disappeared.

Brown’s catastrophic political misjudgement is now Di Natale’s legacy, and his utterances on Insiders make it almost impossible to imagine a well-disciplined incoming Labor Cabinet countenancing any deal with the Greens over energy.

The Australian electorate want the energy wars to end and Labor is aware of this self-evident truth.

As the producer gave the wind-up, Cassidy asked Di Natale about allegations of sexual abuse in the Greens Party, aired on a recent edition of the ABC’s 7.30 Report.

At least three young Greens women stared down the camera and recounted their graphic and grievous experiences. The women are part of an inner-city cohort which sit on milk crate stools, sip coffee and dream about a world without coal mines. Perfect cannon fodder for the Greens who are expert at exploiting idealism. But their day-to-day reality is badly paid work in the gig-economy as baristas or waiters, and being groped by political hipster yobs. Unfortunately, this behaviour is not confined to the Greens Party, but on Insiders Di Natale squibbed the matter by saying he could not comment because of an on-going investigation.

Ask one of these women, or their millennial friends, to list the number of inner city music venues closed down by Greens ‘community action,’ because the noise of people enjoying themselves distract Dakota and Jemima from their Pilates exercises. Or speak to one of my neighbours who still shudder when recalling a Greens pincer hijack of a Westconnex meeting at the nearby Jimmy Little Centre.

A quick trawl of social media reveals a party waging an internal stoush every bit as fierce as the Second Battle of Kharkov. Stalinists take note. But Richard Di Natale is no Nikita Khrushchev. He is a well-heeled Melbournian Senator representing a constituency identical to my local NSW State seat of Balmain

Before his election four years ago, the successful Greens aspirant for Balmain Jamie Parker, letter boxed the electorate with a stark, blue flier. On it were printed these words: “If you’re voting Liberal 1, give Jamie Parker your number 2. The Greens.

Henry Johnston is a Sydney based author. His book, Best and Fairest is available at Valentine Press.


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  1. susan

    Seriously? Barry Cassidy’s only aim in that interview was to shut down DiNatale. Cassidy has continually shown himself to be a true warrior for the Libs and Nationals. Denigrating older people for appreciating Greens’ policies serves no social purpose and ignores the fact that lots of young men also favour the Greens.

  2. Matters Not

    Yes the real enemy are The Greens because they make Labor compete for the ‘progressive’ vote and thus improved Labor policy over the years. Besides Green voters tend to preference Labor when it matters.

    Another pointless (and counter productive) attack from a party with less than 40% of the popular vote. Why oh why?

  3. Nigel Drake

    I vehemently disagree with the precepts of this article.

  4. Kaye Lee

    “white-haired baby boomers ”

    “greying Gen Xers”

    ” distract Dakota and Jemima from their Pilates exercises.”

    I see the Labor party are doing their usual stellar job of wooing the progressive vote.

    But what would I know. I’m 60.

    PS The Climate Change Authority, set up by the Labor Party, recommended a 45-65% emissions reduction target for 2030 below 2005 levels, based on scientific evidence, what comparable countries are doing and what is in the best interests of Australia. Bob Brown’s ambition was vindicated.

  5. Adrianne Haddow

    As another election looms, so the attacks on the Greens resume.
    The disparity between the number of green votes and the number of seats in parliament, compared with those of one nation or the Nats, always puzzles me.
    So the ‘irrelevant Greens ‘ garner a large proportion of the vote but are unable to represent those who vote for them, while Fraser Anning with 19 votes gets to influence policy as did Malcolm Roberts before him, with 84 votes.
    As far as the energy policy is concerned, the author ignores the elephants in the room, privatisation and coal company political donations.
    Like Kaye Lee said I’m over sixty, so what would I know.

  6. corvus boreus

    So basically, this is a lament upon the shift in demographic of Sydney’s inner-suburbia, as the cliché of latte hipsters and trendy boomers replaces the stereotype of beer-breathed chain-smokers sporting wife-basher singlets over plumbers cracks.

    Question for the author;
    Imagine that, prior to the conclusion of the ALP internal investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at Emma Husar MP, Bill Shorten had been asked to weigh in on the matter.
    Would the author have been satisfied with a ‘decline to comment upon the subject of an ongoing investigation’, or would he have expected Mr Shorten to make a statement of premature judgement prior to the release of full findings?

  7. Trish Corry

    Excellent Article Henry. You won’t get any love from the AIMN commentariat with articles such as this questioning the Greens party. So take care and take no notice of how terrible they say your article is. I will make sure to share it about.

  8. johno

    Disagree Henry, its easy being green.

  9. Kaye Lee

    Trish is right that you won’t receive uncritical loyalty to any party here. We leave that to rusted-ons who are so blinded by the need to “win” that they forget to sell policies and just try to attack all the time.

    Labor is so angry that the Greens field candidates against them that they spend all their time trashing the Greens instead of the Coalition, exactly what they accuse the Greens of. We progressive voters who don’t give a shit about your campaigning techniques (most of us just bin your endless bloody political junk mail) are so tired of it.

    The majority of people here are Labor voters but that doesn’t mean we are blind.

  10. Henry Johnston

    Hello corvus boreus. My article is a lament for a generation known as millennial’s many of whom are homeless at worst, or couch surfers at best. Most of the rough sleepers in Wentworth Park near me, are in their 20s. Inner cities need more public and cheap housing for these young citizens as well as police, fire brigade officers, nurses, and especially indigenous citizens with a strong tie to country — as per my reference to Jimmy Little, a former resident of Rozelle. I have one comment about your derogatory description of ill fitting clothing. The poor — many of whom are single mothers — can only buy their clothes in Op Shops.
    As for sexual misconduct allegations; Ms Husar repudiated the smear. Please track down Eddie Jokovic’s incisive story (published elsewhere) on this nasty saga. Richard Di Natale has other odd-bod sexual problems with a certain Tom Raue. See here https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/new-left-faction-that-threatens-to-white-ant-the-greens-20170119-gtuowl.html

  11. michael f slocum

    I also vehemently disagree with the precepts of this article.

    The Greens are the only political party in Australia who make any sense whatsoever.

  12. Catir McDonald

    There is a huge difference between being Green and being a supporter of the Greens Party.
    The two aren’t even remotely associated these days.
    Being Green makes you a person who cares about the environment and you can belong to any political persuasion… being a Greens Party supporter means you exit your environmental mind set for empty political rhetoric being operated by shamsters earning $200,000+ per year to tell you what you want to hear while destroying everything you want them to do.

    The Greens record is to destroy other party’s policies, plain and simple and history is full of examples, from Rudd’s ETS to doing a vote preference deal with the Palmer United Party. The Greens MPs are very good at saying its NOT THEIR FAULT, the fallout from a Greens Party dirty deal with the Liberal Party. The Greens are like children, they can’t see the big picture and they play stupid when their policies go side ways, either by design or because they aren’t smart enough to be in politics. Twice now we have seen the Greens Party calling on Liberals and conservatives to give them vote preferences, the very people the Greens say they are in extreme opposite views. The fact are, the Greens Party have slowly been infiltrated by Liberal minded people in the Inner City reaches and they are slowly but surely turning the Greens party into a hollow voice, especially since Di Natale took leadership.

  13. Kaye Lee

    “The Greens record is to destroy other party’s policies”

    Actually, history shows that the other parties eventually come around to the Greens policies – increased emissions reduction and more renewables, marriage equality, increased humanitarian intake, changes to negative gearing tax concessions, banking royal commission, federal anti-corruption watchdog, opposition to company tax cuts, euthanasia will be legal soon,….and that’s just off the top of my head.

    They also want to increase Newstart and decrease the ridiculous amount we spend on defence. They are the only ones standing up against the continual erosion of our privacy. And they are the only party trying to save the people we are torturing on Manus and Nauru. They are firm in their opposition to more coal mining and coal-fired power.

    I am not enamoured with di Natale either but Bob Brown and Christine Milne had guts. They led the debate and demanded the others catch up.

  14. Andreas Bimba

    The injustices of increasing job insecurity, high unemployment and underemployment, low wages, expensive education, childcare and healthcare, exorbitant prices for utilities and other necessities and unaffordable housing – that most adversely affects younger generations, arose from the neoliberal direction of the duopoly over the last 30+ years.

    The Greens have realistic policies to unwind most of the neoliberal disaster but apart from a moderate presence in the upper houses of most parliaments that use proportional representation voting have little real opportunity to enact policy apart from on issues that have widespread support like euthanasia and marriage equality.

    Perhaps all Labor voters should vote Green for a few elections to see who’s policies deliver the best results for the Australian people?

  15. diannaart

    During this ignoble Greens train-crash, Brown rationalised the target of five per cent reduction, too small. In a subsequent interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Brown said the Greens target of 25 to 40 per cent reduction meant “the foundation is there to get it right”.

    5% was and remains too small to make any difference. Bob Brown was correct.

    We are now on track to at least 2% global warming – if we are lucky.

    The LNP continue to play politics, while Labor watches, hoping they can just waltz into the next election without urgently needed policies on renewables, phasing out fossil fuels.

    The Greens remain the most progressive party compared to the LNP and Labor. This article at this point in time where we have watched 5 years of nothing from the LNP and nothing on offer from Labor because it might upset voters who care not for global warming.

    It’s all about power who has it and who wants it and NOTHING about the well being of Australia let alone the rest of the world.

  16. Catir MacDonald

    At the end of the day… if the Greens Party had such believable policies… largely stolen and re-jigged from former Labor policies, they would have a voter base larger than 8-10% after all these decades. The fact is, the Greens Party have power but they don’t know how to use it or control it.
    A good case point in question is where the long term Greens policy was to reform Senate voting laws, and in doing so gave the Liberals the tools to call a DD Election for which only half vote quotas were required. The Greens lost a Senator because they are not able to think ahead. Some people are now saying that Senate voting reform is likely to destroy the Greens Party in the future when full quota votes are required to win a Senate seat.

    Now people can talk about the Greens policies all they like, and what they say they stand for but the proof is in the pudding and the fact is, the Greens MPs voted against Labor’s ETS, they jumped in bed with Clive Palmer, they voted to remove the Government debt ceiling, and the biggy is that they voted against every attempt to stop people drowning at sea and resettling people in our Asia pacific region, including voting against Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshot’s Bill. The Greens record is what we have right now… a hell of a mess that left it to a awful Liberal government to legislate and drag down beyond belief. I know it and you know it as well.

  17. New England Cocky

    Uhm … do the Greens have policies?????

  18. Andreas Bimba

    The mainstream mass media don’t mention Greens policies but they can be found here:


  19. Diannaart



    What policies are being offered by LNP or Labor for immediate and urgent action on global warming?



    What policies are being offered by LNP or Labor for humane treatment and recompense for abused and bullied refugees?

  20. Keep the Alternative Media Honest

    When are people going to stop trashing the Greens at every chance they get? They’ve never been in a position to wield any real power never held government, yet apparently the fact that we have nothing close to an renewable energy policy is all Bob Brown’s fault. get a life Henry and give the Greens some credit for sticking with it under a rigged two party system.
    I so wish labor would realise that if they co-operated with the greens like Libs and Nats do, they could stay in power for a LONG time. How are they so stupid as to not understand this? I can’t vote for blind stupidity.

  21. Trish Corry

    In the last week, the Greens lies finally were exposed. The distress they cause to their targets was highlighted. Every time they post lies about Labor, social media has a meltdown. Readers Believing a headline, carefully crafted tweet or meme at face value. It’s only when you read Hansard that you find out that what they are telling people to stir a lot of anger about Labor is just a lie. I have written about this on my own site before.

    This week the beautifully gentle Ged Kearney made a video, speaking about the orchestrated attack on her by the Greens and she asked people to contact Adam Bandt and Janet Rice to ask them to stop attacking people on the same side of helping Asylum Seekers. She described the attack as Vile Hateful for likes.

    When Greens MPs create mendacious memes, Tweets or FB posts they know full well are not the truth and know full well that these lies will create a lot of anger towards Labor MPs, or regular people online who try to point out the lie, the Greens are actively and purposely enabling an aggressive mobbing environment. In internet speak they are “Inflamers”

    One lie is that Labor is in lock step with the Libs on Asylum Seekers. The other is they support indefinite detention and torture. Lies!

    Labor and Liberal are NOT the same on Asylum Seeker policy. Some points from Labor’s policy are below as discussed in Ged’s Video. It’s time to discuss these points rather than Liberal Labor are the same mantra. It’s time for Greens MPs to stop the lies.
    Discussion of these points is vital as a starting point for any improvements you want to see from a Labor Govt.
    * Return Of Refugee Tribunal
    * Full access to medical and legal
    * Mandatory reporting
    * Removal of secrecy
    * Visitor access
    * No children or families in detention
    (In communities while processed)
    * Independent oversight
    * Increase Of Refugee intake
    * Indefinite detention abolished
    * Removal Of TPVs
    * Increase in Funding to UNHCR.
    * Community sponsorship program
    And very importantly – Resettlement.

    And as Catir says, this is how they try to destroy other party’s policies.

  22. Kaye Lee


    Labor would certainly be more transparent but, from what I understand, ” No children or families in detention (In communities while processed)”, isn’t part of their policy.

    “bringing people from offshore regional processing centres to Australia is not an option.”

    So what happens if they can’t find an agreeable third country? I know they are looking at New Zealand but they aren’t offering to take them all. Trump won’t take Iranians. We can’t leave these people there to rot. What’s the plan for resettlement? Is there one? Because if there isn’t, we can’t wait years more to find one.

    We cannot keep people stuck on Manus and Nauru. Labor must accept this. I understand if you don’t want to say it until after you win the election but these people must be saved as a matter of urgency. Just do it, as soon as you can. Bring them here. It’s about 1,500 people (without looking it up). Help them.

  23. Trish Corry

    To clarify for readers, as pointed out on my comment above, the points are from Ged Kearney’s video last week where she listed what would happen for Asylum Seekers if Labor won tomorrow. Ged is the Labor MP for Batman and she was speaking to Labor policy. I hope commenters if they do discuss, will approach the points as they read, as they are from a Labor MP, who is speaking to Labor policy. I hope commenters do not approach from the position they know more about Labor policy than the Labor MP.

  24. Kaye Lee

    That is why I asked. I was going from their website.


    If there is a change in their policy then I would really like to know. I would love to hear that they intend to remove families from Nauru immediately. Did she say that? I am not trying to challenge what you are saying. I am asking. Or did that just refer to those families who are already in Australia?

    I should add I really like Ged Kearney and think she will be a great asset to the parliament. I trust her. But I want to understand what she actually said/meant. I am disappointed that discussion about it was shut down at…was it the Victorian conference? I know she wants to solve the problem. Will they help/let her?

  25. Mick Byron

    I said I wouldn’t and probably will regret the visit but here you go,not that the closet Greens and the Labor snipers will be interested
    Henry Johnston I enjoyed your article. don’t mind the critics,they gang up whenever the Greens get negative attention

    Ged Kearney
    “The Greens have taken a photo of the vote in the house and used that to unleash a terrible and personal attack on me”

  26. Diannaart

    Mick Byron

    Acceptable to attack Greens but not criticise Labor – thanks for clarification.

    Guess you did not notice attacks on LNP? Isn’t that “ganging up” too?

    No one care to offer Labor policies on direct and immediate action on climate change (transition from fossil fuels) and immediate release of refugees and compensation for their illegal incarceration? (Ged
    Kearney, good person who does not have final say on Labor policy.)

    And for the kazillionth time, am not a member of the Greens, voted Labor in last federal election.

    And it looks like we could have Dutton as PM, but “united we stand” not an option?

  27. Adrianne Haddow

    Hi Henry.
    Given your concern regarding the availability and provision of affordable housing for millennials and vulnerable people, I have copied a section of the Green’s housing policy.
    Rather than listening to hearsay regarding the lack of policy, or the poaching of policy from Labor, or accusations of poor electoral antics etc, you can always visit the Greens website which outlines their vision for Australia.
    And they manage without corporate political donations.

    The Greens aim for:
    The elimination of housing-related poverty.
    A commitment to the provision of supportive housing for homelessness, which emphasises independent housing solutions in preference to temporary and emergency ones.
    A national housing affordability plan.
    To reduce the impacts of negative gearing on housing affordability.
    Australians who are unable to provide their own housing to be given housing assistance by the government.
    Minimal waiting times on public housing waiting lists and urgent and sufficient funding to reduce current waiting lists for public and community housing.
    Public housing that is accessible, affordable, secure, habitable and in locations that provide reasonable access to employment, health-care, public transport, schools and other social facilities.
    Adequate investment in public and community housing throughout the community to ensure its social and economic viability.
    Improved legal rights and standards for renters including security of tenure, and reduced discrimination.
    Participation by tenants and homeless persons in decisions regarding their housing services.
    A reduction in the environmental impact of housing, both during construction and throughout the life of the building, including for new and established buildings to meet high minimum standards of durability, energy efficiency, noise insulation and water conservation.
    Priority given in town planning to recreational, cultural and social amenities that promote healthy communities.
    Greater diversity in housing to meet the accessibility needs of changing demographics and disadvantaged groups.
    To support the creation of new housing cooperatives and protect existing ones.
    Increased provision of emergency accommodation and transitional housing for people in need (including women and children affected by family violence, people experiencing homelessness, refugees and asylum seekers, migrants and people released from detention) with sufficient exit options to long-term housing.
    First Nations people to have access to adequate, secure, well-maintained, safe and culturally appropriate long-term housing, wherever they live.
    A targeted national strategy to address the high incidence of homelessness in the LGBTIQ and other marginalised communities.
    National planning guidelines for new housing developments that require:
    a social mix of public and private housing with a minimum target of 20% affordable and public housing, and housing that caters for diverse social and cultural needs;
    a revised national rating system that takes into account the best international standards for efficiency and sustainability;
    privacy and noise controls;
    permeable road networks allowing for bus access;
    segregated bicycle paths and footpaths;
    design and landscaping to incorporate water sensitive urban design including rainwater harvesting, stormwater, and wastewater recycling; and
    public open space in addition to community facilities.


  28. Kaye Lee


    I know all those sort of campaigning things are really important to you but they are not to most people. It always flabbergasts me that, instead of talking policy, Labor members always want to talk about some sort of dirty campaign tricks. Why not try to win people over rather than whinging about silly stuff? Why not listen to the concerns of we Labor voters rather than attacking us as well? Ged Kearney won because she was the best candidate. Photos aren’t going to threaten that.

  29. Trish Corry

    Except the Victorian Greens joined with the Liberals to prevent the Labor Govt from building public housing because gentrification was more important. Can’t have those middle class votes and donations dry up! As a housing commission kid and someone who has been homeless (bunking in with others) twice in my life, the purist politics preventing people getting housing dressed up as concern that the houses would be built by private developers, is sick. Its why the Greens can speak lovely on policy but if ever in charge they would fail in the “How” It’s another example of what Catir said about Greens destroying other party’s policies. Just been wondering if the Greens will be campaigning against Labor this election as per the norm, if it’s a Dutton Govt.

  30. Trish Corry

    Thx for posting the video Mick. I have posted this video to all and Sundry and frankly I was exhausted. It’s why I made the list and posted that. People watching the video and making excuses for the attack by the Greens Ged mentioned but always always refusing to engage in the most important content the list of what would happen if Labor was in Govt. It shows Greens and those who defend them or join in pushing the false hood (whether they say they are not Green or not) that Labor is for indefinite detention and torture, is working to destroy an alternative Govt who will have the actual power and policy to finally give these people the time and space to start their own lives. Greens are about being more about politics and protest rather than people and process.

  31. Mick Byron

    Kaye Lee
    “I know all those sort of campaigning things are really important to you but they are not to most people”
    I guess you and I talk to different groups of people .
    I’m in the building game and talk to lots of workers and in my spare time to lots of young people.
    I get different responses from what I read on AIMN
    I think the survey on the AIMN polling may help to answer that
    3500 or so responses and less than 1% of readers under 30
    35% or so 60-69
    35% 0r so over 70
    The young blame this 70% for creating the mess they will inherit and they are expected to listen?
    It seems the “young” under 60s need to be encouraged to get involved.
    Don’t see that happening too much on blog sites,and the instant social media sites seem to win out.
    Of course Political Parties need to sell the message and target it.
    On a quick check Ged Kearneys ” Photos” and video got almost 5000 likes, so I think they do play a valuable role

    p.s It’s ok, I won’t bother you again 😀

  32. Kaye Lee

    And then there is the real story…..

    “Victoria’s Labor government is selling vast swathes of public housing land on nine inner-city estates to private developers.

    Existing buildings will be demolished and developers will build new apartment blocks, including high-rise towers with special exemptions to height limits currently allowed by local laws.

    Developers will likely make hundreds of millions of dollars at each site selling apartments to the private market, while only being required to rebuild the existing public housing with a handful of extra public dwellings.

    That’s a raw deal.

    Selling off prime public land is a bad idea. It allows developers to profit from an asset that currently belongs to us, the public. It wipes out the possibility of using rare, well-located public land for the public good, as it was intended.

    It’s also concerning that under the government’s proposal most new public units will be smaller than the ones they replace, with three-bedroom family dwellings being knocked down and replaced with one-bedroom apartments.

    The government’s privatisation was set to sell off 70 per cent of the Ashburton pilot site to pay for six new public apartments. The only winners from that deal are the developers, who in return for the six additional public housing units would be allowed to build and sell 190 apartments and townhouses to the private market.

    To stop that sell-off of public housing land, the Greens recently voted to block a planning scheme amendment that facilitated the redevelopment of the estate.

    The government shrieked that the Greens were blocking public housing, when all we did was try to stop the sell-off of the land. Daniel Andrews argues that they can only afford $185 million to fund public housing renewals, yet recently found $2.6 billion to build the Westgate Tunnel.”


  33. Trish Corry

    Yeh I said I would not bother again last time too Mick. I’d never seen Henry before and wanted to give him a warm welcome because I knew what was coming for him in the comments section. I’m off too.

  34. Kaye Lee


    My house is constantly full of people in their twenties. I talk about politics to them a lot. We talk about candidates and policies, not campaigning tricks.

  35. Kaye Lee

    So no policy discussion? Just a drive-by to tell us that we are too old and are mean for not hating the Greens?

  36. Adrianne Haddow

    Kaye Lee.
    Your patience, fair minded responses and refusal to accept tossed off commentary as irrefutable truths are a credit to you.
    Your persistent search for the truth and accuracy in what you write, and in claims made in comments is admirable.
    Thank you for your considered articles and your polite engagement with all who post on this site.

  37. Kaye Lee


    I learn a lot from the comments (and from checking them). I don’t usually just accept what I am told by anyone, be they Greens, Labor or especially the Coalition. (Fact-checking Pauline and others like Anning is a pointless exercise – everything they say is unsubstantiated crap). My teachers and lecturers used to hate me because I question everything. I don’t want to fight with people. I want to learn the truth.

    It is disappointing if Ged Kearney is being attacked online but that is a hazzard that you have to be able to deal with. Ignore or block the haters and push through getting your message out.

  38. Jexpat

    Regarding climate change and emmissions, Mr. Johnston has apparently NOT read the latest research and reporting -nor seems to have any past or present understanding of the economics of successful, win/win carbon pricing (see, e.g. British Columbia) and rort ready emmissions trading (see, e.g. the EU).

    Sufice to say, the rate acceleration of global warming- and the need for effective action -yesterday, has been vastly understated -and the Greens have been proven correct by both in the science and in the policy choice.

  39. silkworm

    What a pathetic article. I only got halfway through before I gave up in disgust.

  40. Kaye Lee

    I want to make clear here that I think Labor have some great policies and I understand that they are the only party that can form an alternative government and I will do everything I can to get them elected.

    What really troubles me is that they take any expression of concern or disagreement or suggestion of where they are lacking in policy or could improve to be some sort of traitorous insult.

    It seems they would rather appease focus groups than listen to those who may vote for them.

    You could neuter Greens attacks by coming up with a specific plan to save the people on Manus and Nauru. I know Ged and others are trying so don’t shut them down by squashing debate out of fear of backlash from bigots.

    Don’t compete for the bigot vote. Take pride in distancing yourself from it. Acknowledge there are questions to ask about immigration but they should be about infrastructure and town planning and employment opportunity and affordable housing and adequate resettlement and support services – not about race or religion.

    You are partway there on climate change but you shouldn’t be pretending there will be jobs in the future for coal miners. You should be actively speaking about other job opportunities, reskilling, and incentivising training to fill skills shortages.

    And I am still angry that you threw Julia Gillard under the bus by retreating from the need for carbon pricing.

  41. diannaart

    Well said, Kaye Lee.


    I am still angry Julia Gillard was rolled in favour of K Rudd – if Julia really had to go and I don’t believe she did, why wasn’t Bill Shorten … never mind.

  42. catir MacDonald

    Adam Band’t has told Fairfax media that he will reserve the right of the Greens to support supply to a Peter Dutton government should that arise. Game set and match.

    The Greens are an empty shell… and their policies are just wrapping paper.
    The Greens have no moral high ground… using purity and perfection of policy as an excuse to vote against a Bill that still has merit is just ridiculous, particularly where the Greens have no political power to alter or bring about a better Bill that can be adopted.
    People are also annoyed by the constant bickering of the minor Greens party, demanding Labor bow to them, while keeping in mind that more than 33% of lose Greens votes went to the Coalition conservatives in the 2013 & 2016 election. That leaves a Left voter base in the Greens of around 6%. A very small voice in the big picture of Left wing politics.
    The Greens have moved a long way to the right on financial issues since Di Natale came to leadership of the Greens, you can’t deny that, everybody is saying it. Adani is another thing that the greens used and discarded straight after the Batman byelection, you don’t hear a word about it until some traction comes about. What i am saying is that Greens look for lost puppies and try to find a home for it. Shame on these new wealthy inner-City Greens that have destroyed a once good movement. if you care for the environment, join the Labor LEAN imitative and do some good.

  43. Kaye Lee


    Gee that’s not what he tweeted

    “Peter Dutton is the chief organiser of the torture of children.

    You’ve probably already worked this out, but there is no way I would offer him confidence & supply.

    It’s time for the people to turf this rotten gov out, especially if it’s led by a human rights abuser.”

    (saves match point)

  44. catir MacDonald

    In comment to Diannarrt and Kaye Lee. You are aware that Julia Gillard, while being a successful Labor Prime Minister in terms of getting more than 500+ pieces of legislation through a minority government, she was a member of Right-Wing labor, where K Rudd was not associated with Unions and was a true Left-Wing leader. I feel that you are playing the person in that Gillard was a women, and our first female PM. Did you read Bob Brown’s book where he stated that he gave great thought to backing Tony Abbott over that of a Julia Gillard government. It really indicates to me how confused the Greens supporter really are and how they take personalities over policy. The Rudd government was the one that started the environment ball rolling, everything after that was just catch up.

    With regard to Manus and Nuaru, Labor have NEVER shut down debate on refugees. It was Greens MP Nick McKim that failed to attend a single meeting of a 12 month Senate inquiry into refugees, where refugee advocates were asked to be involved. Labor is always up for debate on immigration issues and as you know, have a policy to quickly empty the Dutton hell camps within 90 days of coming to government, despite the greens constantly and for their own political purpose saying everything but the truth.

    Now I’m not mentioning the Liberal National one nation party here because this story was based on the Greens, but what a debate we could have concerning them.

    Time to get on board with Labor… or forever be stuck in the push and pull of Greens party.

  45. diannaaart

    When Labor “get’s on board” with a real time, fossil fuel free sustainable economy AND releases the detainees from Nauru and Manus AND returns to on shore processing of refugees – which is cheaper BTW, I will happily give my vote to Labor.

    Until then I will consider independents, the Greens or progressive callathumpians for my vote.

    Telling me what I should and shouldn’t do is surely the LNP way and, yet, some rusted on Labor members seem to think they can just order people how to think and what to do.

  46. catir MacDonald

    Kaye, The Victorian Labor conference was not the platform for such debate to exist, Federal issues are NOT debated at State level. Now you can be as cheeky and smurky as you like and we could talk about Di Natale not being interested in alleged rape of a Greens member as well if you so please.

  47. Kaye Lee


    The article you linked to does not contain any quotes from the Greens. It says “Crossbenchers were split on giving confidence and supply to a potential Dutton government. While Bob Katter endorsed Mr Dutton wholeheartedly, Greens MP Adam Bandt and Centre Alliance MP Rebekha Sharkie were less certain, saying they would make a decision on supply if the issue arose.”

    What I supplied is what Adam Bandt actually wrote himself – not a journalist’s interpretation of what might be going on.

  48. Kaye Lee

    Sigh….must you really resort to the salacious smear stuff? That is a matter for the police and the employers who I understand are investigating. I would rather discuss policy.

  49. Jexpat

    Once again, the Labor stooges are out in force- with the usual distortions and dishonesty, resembling nothing so much as the sort of behaviour they decry in their LNP counterparts.

    As to catir MacDonald’s statement Bandt’s ‘reserving the right of the Greens to support supply’ (the attempted inplication being both shallow and obvious) one would have to ask: what else would would the reply be?

    Of course you ‘reserve the right’ -otherwise, you’ve tipped your hand, and have not leverage one way or another- with anyone. To do as catir seems to suggest would be, to put it bluntly, political malpractice -serving no one’s interests.

  50. catir MacDonald

    Kaye… you seem to have a problem with listening to what you are told… or what is written in Labor policy and been spoken about many times by Bill Shorten and other MPs.
    Perhaps you live a life looking for the worst in people. I can’t imagine living that way. I feel sorry for you, I really do.
    You need to get out and meet people, they really aren’t as awful as you make out they are.

  51. Adrianne Haddow

    From the Guardian (21 Aug)

    The Green MP Adam Bandt said he would not support Dutton, and on Tuesday voted with Labor when the opposition moved a motion of no confidence in the parliament against Turnbull.

  52. catir MacDonald

    “Of course you ‘reserve the right’ -otherwise, you’ve tipped your hand, and have not leverage one way or another- with anyone”

    Jexpat, are kidding me… this Peter Dutton we are talking about here. What is their to be reserved. Even MPs in The Nationals have said they will sit on the cross bench than support a Peter Dutton lead government.

    The Greens really frighten the life out of me when their rusted on supporters are backing a possible Dutton government, and that is what Adam Bandt has reserved.


  53. Kaye Lee

    lol catir,

    On my first day in high school the toughest girl in my year came up to me and said “what are you looking at”

    I replied I wasn’t sure because I had left my zoo book at home.

    She punched me in the face.

    Even though I felt the winner on the day, I have since reflected that my reaction was immature and only going to provoke things. I have learned that belittling people is an ugly thing to do. I don’t always succeed, but I try to communicate respectfully.

    Then you get to the point where you shake your head and realise it just ain’t worth bothering…..

  54. Kaye Lee


    Yes it is today. And no it doesn’t quote anyone from the Greens. As I already pointed out. Can we try to stick to facts.

  55. catir MacDonald

    Good advice to yourself Kaye. I don’t get violent but I am prepared to get controversial to the point that really drives home the fact that the Greens have gone under the radar for most of its political existence but is now confronted by people like myself asking the questions and pointing out the truths. I don’t care that the Greens Party feel they are above other Parties as history has shown they are not, but the difference today is that people like me are out here exposing the Greens rhetoric as nothing more than what it is…

    I didn’t go to your high school, thank goodness. It sounds like you grew up under the thumb of bullies and now as a survivor, you are attempting to them same to others. Bullies have never bothered me, never will, so i’m happy to debate you all year if you chose on what ever debate you feel the greens have higher ground and I’m sure I can find focus of while the Greens have merely added empty rhetoric. it takes a lot more than holding a Green triangle in a street march, particularly when the march is headed up by the Labor union movement. You can get on board or be a joke forever more.

  56. catir MacDonald

    It doesn’t quote anybody #Seriously, are you educated ?

    “Crossbenchers were split on giving confidence and supply to a potential Dutton government. While Bob Katter endorsed Mr Dutton wholeheartedly, Greens MP Adam Bandt and Centre Alliance MP Rebekha Sharkie were less certain, saying they would make a decision on supply if the issue arose”.

  57. Jexpat

    There you go again, catir. Still proffering dishonest inferences and ironically (via projection?) -empty rhetoric.

    If you want to criticise the Greens or their policies, fine but do so on a factual and evidence based level.

    Which btw: was the same point I was making to the author of the original piece.

  58. catir MacDonald

    Jexpat, what part of the Fairfax media article are you blaming me for as being dishonest and not factual ?

    I think you need to retract.

  59. Kaye Lee

    That is quoting what a journalist wrote catir. I quoted what Adam Bandt wrote.

    As for my schooling, I loved it. I went to a co-ed selective high school, a very rare thing in the 70s. Gough Whitlam came and spoke at my school in 1972, I will never forget it. I was also lucky enough to be school captain. The local Liberal Party paid for me to go to Canberra to see parliament in action and to meet with politicians. I had morning tea at government house with Sir Roden Cutler. I have been very fortunate. I am not sure if you were trying to be dismissive by casting me as a survivor. I truly admire survivors. My path has been easy in comparison due to the love and support of wonderful family and friends.

    I am interested in politics. I am interested in the truth. I am not particularly interested in party warfare. I went to university with Tony Abbott so I admit to personal angst there. I am having the same arguments with him that I had over 40 years ago.

  60. Catir MacDonald

    I suggest Adam Bandt quickly realised his position after the Fairfax media quoted him and its why social media, by people like myself call them out and have them clarify their position.
    I don’t give the Greens any less grace than any other Party… nor should you.

  61. Kaye Lee

    Exept Bandt’s tweet is from August 21 and your article is August 22.

    Facts help if you want to “call people out”.

  62. Catir MacDonald

    Kaye, I just checked Adam Bandt’s Twitter and Facebook pages, you will need to supply interested readers a link to his quote on August 21st… it appears to be deleted otherwise.

  63. Jexpat

    Let’s put this matter to rest:

    The Green MP Adam Bandt said he would not support Dutton, and on Tuesday voted with Labor when the opposition moved a motion of no confidence in the parliament against Turnbull.

    McGowan and Sharkie voted against it.

    The Tasmanian Andrew Wilkie said he had not offered confidence and supply to Turnbull “nor would I make any promises to his successor”. Wilkie, like Bandt, voted for the Labor motion on Tuesday.


    *note the ‘not making any promises’ bit.

  64. corvus boreus


    (supplied by KL at 12:33)

  65. Kaye Lee

    Check check one two two…

    Is this microphone turned on?

    Thanks cb for your help for “ïnterested readers” who may be missing bits. (I kinda get the feeling that, rather than us having a discussion, the script has been written and learned.)

  66. Catir MacDonald

    Sorry Greens supporters, that tweet is dated and time stamped 8:25 AM – 22 Aug 2018
    Well after the Fairfax media printed Adam Bandt’s comments to them… good to see social media and the MSM shamed him into the correct response that he should have immediately given.

    Kaye… you should not be so smug without your evidence at hand, it just shows you to be fake.

  67. Kaye Lee

    F#ck this is hard.

    Adam Bandt

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @AdamBandt
    Peter Dutton is the chief organiser of the torture of children.

    You’ve probably already worked this out, but there is no way I would offer him confidence & supply.

    It’s time for the people to turf this rotten gov out, especially if it’s led by a human rights abuser.


    3:25 PM – 21 Aug 2018

    I’m not feeling smug at all. just flabbergasted at how willing people are to misrepresent things for party political reasons.

  68. Catir MacDonald

    It’s not hard at all…Kaye.
    What is written after the fact is just spoon fed.
    It is Adam Bandt’s initial response that people look at… and its not the response that voters would have expected.
    Perhaps some of your colorful language would have been a better response by Adam Bandt.
    But really, Adam Bandt only got directly elected on Liberal preferences in 2013 and indirect preference flows in 2016 so what do we expect…

  69. Kaye Lee

    “It is Adam Bandt’s initial response that people look at”

    People except you? And how much more colourful did you want Bandt to get? Have the Labor Party called Dutton out for his “torture of children”? Have the Labor party labelled him a “human rights abuser?”

    It is astonishing to me that you would criticise Bandt about his reaction to Dutton when the Labor party are complicit in the indefinite detention of these people. They just voted WITH the Coalition to retrospectively classify Ashmore Reef to forestall a genuine legal challenge to offshore detention and claims for protection.

    “Only Adam Bandt, Andrew Wilkie and Cathy McGowan voted against bill aimed at ensuring detention of up to 1,600 people was lawful.”


  70. Adrianne Haddow

    Does Fairfax media still exist? Didn’t the Nine network buy it?

    Weren’t there a number of Fairfax journalists decrying their future ability to write without heavy editorial direction?

    Yes Kaye, it is hard. Hats off to you for trying.

    This discussion has become the equivalent of fingers in the ears, nyah, nyah, nyah.

  71. corvus boreus

    Kaye Lee,
    As I watch Catir, after having derided both your personal nature and your levels of education, then look at a link clearly dated 3:25 PM, 21 Aug and claim that it says “8:25 AM 22 Aug”, I can only reflect on the blinkered nature of party barracking,and the depths that it can drive people to.
    Such irrationality in partisanship probably forms a large part of my own reluctance towards wider political engagement beyond that which informs the choices on my own ballot papers

    I believe that both Labor and the Greens have room for some serious omphaloskepsis, and subsequent self-improvement programs that could potentially be implemented to improve electoral appeal and deliver more positive political outcomes, but the conversational thread of an article that rolled out the tired cliché of ‘latté hipsters’ probably isn’t the place for such sensible and productive discussion.

  72. Catir MacDonald

    I see, you give me August 21st then we find out its Aug 22nd and well after the Fairfax media newspaper and social media story was released… I think you scare me Kaye.

    Let the change of your response show the truth between the story.

    Now in response to the link that you added above, so what, its Labor policy as well. Just because the Greens (and I say should say only some of the Greens voters) want open borders, history shows that open boarders are deadly to people getting onto old boats. Now we can go through all the arguments again and again but the Greens better get use to the fact that they are a minor voice in Australian politics and in the electorate and they are partially responsible for the death of 1200 refugees, its a fact that even I recognise was a mistake. This is not an argument of race, religion or bigotry as this country is already more multi-national than most countries around the world. Shame on the Greens.

  73. Michael Taylor

    Kaye Lee a fake!

    Now who’s talking shit.

  74. Catir MacDonald

    What ever Michael Taylor…
    The time line that I have described is correct…even you can follow that and appreciate the truth, even if Bandt later made a statement, which by its very words indicates he was referring to those allegations. >>> https://twitter.com/AdamBandt/status/1032030993878671362

  75. Kaye Lee

    “Adam Bandt only got directly elected on Liberal preferences in 2013 and indirect preference flows in 2016 so what do we expect…”

    If you are suggesting Labor was robbed, Bandt got almost twice the first preference votes of both the Liberal and Labor candidates

    FREEMAN-HARRISON, Lewis Australian Sex Party 3,265
    ISMAIL, Sophie Australian Labor Party 23,130
    LIU, Le Liberal 23,878
    SMITH, Miranda Joyce Animal Justice Party 1,742
    BANDT, Adam The Greens 41,377
    RILEY, Matt Drug Law Reform 1,187

    And I keep clicking on that link and it STILL says 3:25 PM – 21 Aug 2018

    Sorry you find us boring. It’s actually amusing me.

  76. Michael Taylor

    Catir MacDonald, you are seriously becoming delusional. It’s about time you took a hike.

    And that’s coming from a one-eyed Labor voter.

  77. Catir MacDonald

    Think what you like… the time line does not lie.

  78. Kaye Lee


    What can’t you see. The time stamp on Bandt’s tweet is 3:25 PM – 21 Aug 2018 in your links and mine. What are you looking at?

  79. Catir MacDonald


  80. Kaye Lee

    What is that from because it’s not the tweet you and I linked to. Click on the link you gave at 2:39

  81. corvus boreus

    Kaye Lee,
    the post at 3:01 is sourced from an image uploaded to ‘imgur’ about 35 minutes ago.

    View post on imgur.com

    Methinks you are dealing with nought but a trolling WOFTAS

  82. Catir MacDonald

    corvus boreus it is an image of Kaye’s previous thread at (Kaye Lee August 22, 2018 at 1:59 pm), and a live link which is taken from Kayes thread, they are the same are they not.
    I can’t get any more plainer than this…

  83. Diannaart


    White Old Furry Tasmanian?

    I knew it.

  84. corvus boreus

    WOFTAS (archaic Jargonesquian Militarese); ‘Waste of fricken time and space’

  85. Kaye Lee

    Truly bizarro. I keep clicking on the link that Catir is providing and it still says August 21. I understand how the woman in gaslight felt.

  86. corvus boreus

    3:25 (pm) is 8:25 (am), 21 equals 22, and 3:01 reads 3:22.
    Lysdexic munerology?
    Utter stultitia?
    Or is it just that we have simply not yet properly adjusted to this ‘post-truth’ world of ‘alternative facts’?

  87. Kaye Lee

    is there a dog? And if there is, can he count?

    I think I am getting a little punch drunk.

  88. Adrianne Haddow

    I suspect there has been a little fiddling with the cut and paste function to create supportive “evidence”.
    Your eyes do not deceive, mine see the same.
    It’s been a long day.
    Don’t feed the troll anymore, Kaye.

  89. totaram

    After seeing the performance of Catir I begin to feel s/he is a “black ops” troll from the coalition. Just my very paranoid mind. Sorry. Very disturbing. However, I will hold off making any more donations to the Labor party until I can figure things out.

  90. jimhaz

    Is there any legit reason he/she might be seeing a different time. I can’t think of any: Retweet time – probably not, her PCs computer time stuffing up a tweet time – highly unlikely.

  91. corvus boreus

    Kaye Lee,
    Pass me some of that punch, and praise be to dog.

    Ps, Dog may actually be a bitch, I haven’t really checked out it’s junk.

  92. Nigel Drake

    I checked that link as well; Catir seems to have a rabid imagination.
    I also looked further at some of the abusive and fact free comments below.
    I’m more than ever convinced that my initial decision to refrain from involving myself in such on-line twittery remains correct.

  93. Trish Corry

    In very simple terms.

    Adam Bandt announced he was still considering supporting Dutton for supply.
    SMH reported his comment
    Adam then posted a Tweet clarifying he would not the next day.

    I think it’s hilarious watching Greens supporters on Twitter and on here flailing about crying fake news when the Greens have pumped out false and misleading memes & Tweets about Labor on
    * Asylum Seekers
    * Newstart
    * Tampon Tax
    * Cashless Welfare
    * Drug Testing
    * ICAC
    * Albo
    * Ged
    Etc etc etc

    Almost on a daily basis.

    The Greens ALWAYS take Labor out of context and do EXACTLY what has happened to Adam today, yet I’ve had very long “discussions” with the one eyed commentariat here, when Greens do it to Labor and I’m always, always the one pointed at and told I am delusional and I know nothing.

    No one really expected Adam to support a Dutton Govt. But payback’s a bitch.

    Also unless you are on Twitter and active in Auspol, you can screen cap all the Tweets you want, but you will never really get the entire context of it.

    Terrible to see how you have all treated Catir in this thread and the nasty comment towards Henry. Maybe just accept that not everyone who may like to comment likes the Greens and they all don’t do Labor bashing for sport.

  94. Diannaart


    But cool to Greens bash, right?

  95. Catir MacDonald

    It makes no real difference to me Trish how the Greens supporters act on social media. It only enforces the ridiculous nature they have and why they are considered the Looney left. Plenty of Labor MPs have made comment on Adam Bandt’s media statement to Fairfax and that’s all that matters. We didn’t expect Adam Bandt would take up with a Liberal Dutton government, but we also didn’t expect he would be so lame with his reply. Nearly every Greens supporter that I have come across on social media or on the street have rejection issues and go into a nasty posture. Its their nature and that’s ok with me.


  96. Kaye Lee

    Can anyone explain to me what is going on here?

    In very simple terms.

    Adam Bandt never announced he was still considering supporting Dutton for supply.
    SMH misreported his comment
    Adam had posted a Tweet clarifying he would not the previous day.

    I think it’s hilarious watching Labor supporters on Twitter and on here flailing about making up fake news

  97. Trish Corry

    When they lie and post very damaging memes about Labor out of context, when they stop voting against good Labor policy for the sake of purist politics, when they campaign against a great QLD Labor Govt and remain silent on the destruction of LNP / PHON. When they pose in PHON colours in the QLD election and brand themselves as Independent, when they spread vicious lies that the QLD Premier is corrupt, when they coordinate disgusting misogynistic attacks against Labor women, when they crash Labor functions and are verbally and almost physically aggressive towards Union women, and when “Citizen Journalist” Greens write an article about a Labor supporter on Twitter because the pathetic sod could never win an argument against her, decided to publish an article about said Individual Twitter user with a range of outlandish allegations, including she was a man, a catfish (a man harassing Labor women for online sex) an abuser of Labor women and incessantly published it on Twitter encouraging people to unfollow her and harass her, when Greens supporters inbox Twitter users and tell you to “unfollow” the account because they are a troll and not Labor, when they stand at the booths with LNP and talk loudly about how terrible Labor is garnering sympathy from LNP, when every single day they drag wonderful decent MPs like Albo’s good name through the mud and accuse him of everything from 911 to the plague, and until they learn who the real enemy is…

    Perhaps the Greens are not the gentle, halo wearing, tree hugging, meditating, vegan hippies you think they are, outside of this comfy space on AIMN.

  98. Kaye Lee

    Trish, like the fake news Catir and you are spreading about Bandt’s tweet? Like the incorrect information you gave about the Greens blocking the demolition of public housing and sell off of public land to developers? Like the incorrect information you gave about Labor removing children from Nauru?

    I agree integrity is important. Perhaps Labor are not the honest decent purveyors of truth that they pretend to be.

    Have you even looked at the tweet Trish?

    And surely even you can see the irony of you saying “until they learn who the real enemy is”.

    From what I can see, you think it’s the Greens.

    I will never understand why Labor members come here and attack the regulars who have been fighting for you for five years.

    I also thank dog that I don’t bother with twitter. Sounds like a really nasty place to hang out.

  99. Michael Taylor

    “ … outside the comfy space on AIMN.”

    For your information, Trish, this site is owned by two Labor voters who don’t particularly like the Greens.

    But the Greens voters who frequent and comment on this site share a common enemy with me. And for this they are welcome here. They have a place here. They are also allowed to have a voice here.

    Sadly, over the last 12 months I’ve been the subject of filthier abuse from Labor voters than I have from Liberal voters. Why? Because I’m happy to give Greens voters a say on this site.

    Kaye Lee – who you bend over backwards to condemn at every opportunity – has written hundreds of articles trying to hold the government to account. She has done more than any Labor voter that I know.

  100. Kaye Lee

    Thanks Michael. I don’t understand it either. My husband hates the Greens too and we have robust discussions about why. (I would suggest it is his sources of information) I am not a Greens voter but I don’t understand the hatred when we are all on the side of social justice.

    I would like to add that Michael and Carol give us a platform where all can express their views as was done in this article. It’s a bit rich to then get precious about the response. But to continually criticise the site that gives you a voice takes some gall Trish. Perhaps, if you want to win people over to your point of view, you could start by not attacking them. People management is an important skill if you are trying to win hearts and minds….and votes.

  101. Michael Taylor

    Thanks Kaye. Truly appreciated.

    I must admit that I really have trouble grasping how some people – whether they be Liberal voters, Nationals, Greens or Labor – can get all precious when valid criticism is given to their party, yet freely dish out their own criticism.

    Which reminds me of a certain Liberal voter who for years came here (and Cafe Whispers) expressing fury at that “disgusting” Labor Party for dumping its leader mid-term. I wonder what he says now. 😀

  102. Kaye Lee

    You aren’t suggesting we recall NoS are you?

  103. Michael Taylor

    God forbid, Kaye. I never want to hear from him again.

    Mind you, we’ve had his Labor soulmate here today.

  104. Trish Corry

    Michael. It is a fact that when the same ten people bounce off each other for years and are not participating on Twitter etc to even understand what I mean it or what goes on outside of here, it does indeed become a “comfy space” for them. It’s not a criticism of your blog site. It’s a criticism aimed at the regular people on here who gather in a bunch and back each other on everything. And attack others with their gang mentality.

    The main commentariat here are not Labor friendly. Never have been. No one cares you give a voice to Greens writers. So does IA. It does not change the fact that pro Labor articles or anything shedding bad light on the Greens cops a beating, including people who comment.

    Even if you don’t care what I think, maybe read Mick Byron’s comment in this thread or have a talk to Joe, or that sustainable population guy who used to be on here all the time, or check with Nart why people in that group don’t comment on here. Other ex commenters like Corny, Biggy and Nurse…all gone. Some commenters here are so nasty and at times there is quite a gang mentality it’s actually not bearable.

    My experience on here has been so miserable I chucked in blogging altogether almost a year ago. It’s not like I’ve never raised it with you over the years. Maybe some Moderation that is impartial and not backing the same people all the time might help.

  105. Kaye Lee


    Did it ever occur to you that people back positions they support rather than people?

    I have appreciated the articles you have written but you seriously lose it when it comes to the comments. You demand unquestioning acceptance of what you say and uncritical loyalty to Labor. I don’t give that to the people I love let alone a stranger or a political party.

    Not participating in twitter is hardly a valid criticism. Twitter is just people reacting emotionally and not taking the time to verify things and find out the truth from what I see.

    You have been belligerent and aggressive. That is why you attract criticism. You also take things very personally when they are not meant that way. Instead of discussing policy, you attack people and pretend there is a cabal out to get you rather than accepting that your approach may be wrong.

    I enjoyed your articles but your paranoia is really wearing and somewhat self-indulgent. You can’t accept that others have a different view to you.

    I will also add that I was conversing respectfully with cornlegend long before you entered the scene. We didn’t always agree but that didn’t matter. I very much doubt I am the cause of his decision to stop engaging in political commentary.

  106. Rhonda

    Fark, not this again! I’m already experiencing Dutton-induced friggin nightmares. But here I am getting scared shitless by Labor nutters
    It is bizarro. You deserve a couple of panadol after that Kaye.

  107. Kaye Lee


    Champagne works.

  108. Rhonda

    Thanks for the tip, Kaye. My earlier nips of g&t have clearly worn off. Take care, hey 🙂

  109. Kaye Lee

    Whilst I may appear to be consumed about comments here, I am actually doing my business activity statement and watching the live feed about the ridiculosity that our government is engaging in at the moment. My daughter cooked dinner tonight so I could keep working. It’s all about the team in this house. I don’t sweat the small stuff Rhonda. (winking eye face)

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