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It’s just one of those days I feel ashamed to be Australian

What more can I say?

Children are already dying under the Trump Administration’s watch.

Children are being separated from their parents at the US/Mexico border.

Children as young as five months old are sleeping on concrete floors.

Children are being denied tooth brushes, toothpaste, and soap.

They aren’t even allowed to take a bath or a shower.

Some are detained in a large warehouse that has no windows.

Most children are lice infected.

Horrified Americans are sending tooth brushes and sanitary products but they are being returned by government agents.

The man nominated by Trump to be the new Secretary of Homeland Security told Fox News that these children are only going to grow up to be criminals so we might as well leave them locked up at the border.

But Trump wants more … and he turns to Australia for inspiration.

How do you feel about that?


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  1. Ken

    Here’s a new word SCOMOTRUMP

    It would be good to be a fly on the table at their dinner together tonight in Japan

  2. Keitha Granville

    Not allowing a 2 year old to have a birthday cake fits right in with all of that.

    I have been ashamed for quite some time.

    Seems that we were in the minority on May 18th.

    There must be a lot of Australians who don’t care about little children either.

  3. Kaye Lee

    P Duddy can give Trump some advice about how to really make it hurt.

    Deny a birthday cake brought by visitors to a two year old who has been locked up for both of her birthdays.

    Tell rape victims that they are “trying it on” if they think they can get medical help from us.

    Accuse refugees of being pedophiles when they give a local kid some fruit.

    Prosecute anyone who reveals the conditions in the offshore gulags.

    J Edgar Tuber, our own little Dick Tater

  4. Roo Milburn

    Fact. Seven border children have died at the border. Over 300 children die in foster care in the USA every year. Why aren’t the social justice warriors making noise about that? I will tell ya. It isnt a fun political game.

  5. Terence Mills

    Peter Dutton should compare notes with his hero and mentor Trump they would get on well.

    Dutton in recent times has claimed in the context of Medivac :

    That Women on Nauru who have been raped are coming to Australia for abortions and then changing their minds to thwart our offshore processing and indefinite detention regulations.

    That Men on Manus requiring urgent medical care are pedophiles, rapists and murderers……………strangely they have never been charged by either PNG or Australian authorities : when asked by journalists why, if that’s the case, is it OK to give medical care to Ivan Milat and Tony Mokbel and not these men, Dutton goes into sleep mode.

    That some unspecified people on Manus and Nauru have declined resettlement in the USA and would prefer to become seriously ill so that they can be medically evacuated to Australia.

    Like his mentor,Trump, Dutton adopts the scoundrel’s excuse of blaming other people for everything that goes wrong or just telling blatant lies and they both get away with it

  6. Kerri

    Trump was never the leader in cruelty. He always had Australia to follow.
    He even said to Turnbull “You are worse than me”.

  7. Andrew Smith

    Sad indictment of not just politicians’ (lack of) ethical leadership but the silent majority who avert their gaze or justify such treatment (with much cognitive dissonance).

    An American, with Oz PR, said during the Howard years that the then PM was clever in cleaving old lefties or moderates, and the rest, via dog whistling etc..

    However, from the outside, it makes all Australians look like ‘small minded losers’ by viewing ‘immigration’ as a security or defence issue, at best administrative, to cope with the supposed threat of the ‘yellow peril’.

  8. David Bruce

    maybe they are adrenochrome junkies?

  9. Josephus

    That 300 foster care kids allegedly die is shocking, but is an example of the so called wife beater excuse – Bob beats his wife, so I can too. (A horrible example, but used in old logic textbooks). One cannot justify the other. Non foster kids are killed, too.

    All this demonisation of the weak reminds me of the attitudes in 1930s European dictatorships. For shame.

    To deny Boochani the right to travel here to collect his literary prize is another example of what we might now call the birthday cake syndrome. B. might have refused to be gagged, I assume. Will the PNG replacement camp staff be any less cruel than Paladin? Where does all that taxpayer money go, for heavens sake? Isn’t there an audit? Why aren’t Dutton and allies tried and presumably punished?

  10. Florence Howarth

    The worse is that many children have been separated from parents, sent all over the states. They have been lost in the system. How can this occur in a wealthy country like the US? Today we have Trump boasting how great our system is. Has invited our honourable PM to a working dinner tonight with him & his daughter Ivanka. The PM said he will be lecturing Trump about the trade wars between US & China ????? More likely Trump will be using Scomo in the defence of his own border problems.

  11. John Holmes

    There have been religions/cultures in the past which practiced human sacrifice. What have we now? The same. What is frightening is that the spectacle being generated coupled with the fear of what will happen if we do not do so, is helping the abusers to remain in power.

    Time for a Revolutionary – Reformation.

  12. king1394

    Paedophiles in the US will certainly have been encouraged by the separation of children from their appropriate parents and guardians .

  13. Stephengb

    Throught the ages bastardry has always been present.

    Following WWII, bastardry gave way to compassion, care and the rights of the individual. Since the end of the Golden Age of “Keynesian economic policies (1945 ~ 1975), the world gave way to a new era we now call Neoliberalism (“trickle down economics” austerity, Ayn Rand, the so called “Free Market” together with the “Free trade” and attacks on Unionism).

    This new age took hold slowly from early 1980s championed by such notables as Margeret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and our own special team of Bob Hawke and Paul Keating.all egged on by multinationals Big business and the uber rich. These people are characterised by being authoritarians whoes main catch cry was that it is the fault of the poor for being poor, they creating those phrases such as, “us and them”, the “haves and have nots”.

    The authoritarians in Australia, UK, USA, some of Europe and other countries, have become tyrant, their modus opposed is to divide and conquer by demonizing and incarceration of those that are helpless and have no voice.

    This is our new world – I am 71 – I lend my voice against this Neoliberal Agenda, whenever I can – I make no apology, I fear for my (our) children and grandchildren.

    Poor fellow my country

  14. Patricia

    I am ashamed every day that there are people in this country who think that this government has done and continues to do a good job of governance. These people will not be sending their children to any war that the maniacal toddler in the White House starts and which out brown nosing government commits us to. Being ashamed of our government and its total incompetence is now standard for all thinking Australians

  15. Terence Mills

    I have just watched the SKY doco Bad Blood and what came through was that the honest and honourable people involved were all forced to resign or were so disgusted with the Dutton faction that they jumped ship : that includes July Bishop, Chris Pyne and Craig Laundy.

    The program tended to show Dutton as a master statesman and tactician instead of as miserable scheming
    toad : the fact that Turnbull wanted the GG briefed on Dutton, so that should he win, he could not assume leadership until his section 44 (publicly funded childcare centres) matter had been sorted was quite reasonable in the circumstances.

    Cormann comes out of this very badly as he had pledged his support and loyalty to Turnbull just days before the knifing : you would never want to have Cormann backing you.

    It was clear that Dutton would have been a disaster as PM and would have lost the election for the coalition : seems that Morrison knew this and did his own numbers.

    Dutton insists that Turnbull offered him the deputy leadership which he declined : Pyne says that was not the case and Cormann who was in the room won’t say anything – I certainly don’t believe that offer was ever made as Turnbull is a much better judge of character than that and he was loyal to Bishop as she was to him.

    What a mess and we are left with the remaining rabble as our government for the next three years.

  16. Carol Taylor

    I don’t know that Trump needs lessons in cruelty from Australia as he seems to manage ignoring all conventions without any instruction from Morrison. However, a thought is..in the documentary concerning Pauline Hanson/Ashby and the NRL + $$$s, it was expressed by the gun lobby that Australia was a stumbling block as ‘we’ were shown as the prime example of how gun control laws had worked in making mass gun shootings a very uncommon event. America on the other hand counts its mass gun shootings under the heading of In The Last 72 Hours. To me, this is Trump’s way of countering the argument, proving that Australia is far and away from the humane society we pretend to be. You lefty Democrats and humanitarians, try using Australia as an example this time, because this is the way they treat ‘illegals’.

  17. New England Cocky

    The ironic “joke” is that North Asian tourists are flying into Australia, over-staying their visas, applying for refugee status or permanent residency and being accepted. A white supremacist might conclude that the Chinese Yellow Peril is finally upon Australia. An Australian voter might reasonably conclude that Christian principles are conveniently not being applied to legal refugees.

  18. Michael Taylor

    Try arguing with a Trump supporter. 🙄

    One tried to tell me that seeking asylum in Australia was illegal. I politely said it wasn’t. He told me to try getting into Australia and see what happens to me. 😳

    Another said that we have shootings every week. I said that we don’t. He said that we do because they’re always in the news in the US and that I need to do better research. 😳

    Another said that Australia would go down the drain if it wasn’t for all the aid from America. 😳

    Another said that he’s sick of America sending in troops to support us when we get attacked or keep going off to war, and that we must pay our share in future or the military assistance should stop. 😳

    One even said we don’t even deserve to be in NATO. 😳

    And here’s a ripper: we hacked their 2016 election to help Clinton. 😳

    Like their prez, they ain’t that bright. 🙄

  19. Glenn K

    Michael Taylor,
    and Aussies just voted in their own Trump loving religious bumpkin. Aussie sheeples ain’t that bright either.

  20. New England Cocky

    Now Michel, you are naughty, telling the truth about the paucity of the education system in the USA (United States of Apartheid).

    @Glenn K: Shed a tear for the women voters in New England who support Adultery and the Nat$. Could they more accurately be described as “sheep”? Or are they just a suppressed gender enslaved by the conservative notion that a woman’s place is in the house, barefoot and pregnant, while hubby is our getting drunk and philandering about the town?

  21. Andrew Smith

    Shocked how mainstream this has become, at best antipathy or worse hatred, directed towards ‘others’ basically non Anglo Irish, and now non Europeans and/or non Christians too.

    In addition to the observations from a US/Oz PR, round the same time in the same European city there was an informal business event i.e. drinks, soon after Tampa with locals and international.

    Talking of ‘ashamed’, a middle class Oz couple, bloke a co. director (in hindsight was often dog whistling Oz Lebanese/Moslems) and wife a teacher, when a Norwegian guest asked them a question about Tampa and refugees including children. The wife let loose very tired and emotional with ‘I don’t care about them, let them f***ing drown, we have no identity (?!)’ Blimey, nobody knew how to respond and thankfully they made a quiet and quick exit (maybe frog marched out by her husband to save further embarrassment in front of 20-30 people).

    It’s described as the mainstreaming of hate (across political lines), and nowadays such responses are viewed as freedom of speech 🙂

  22. Keith Thomas Davis

    My ancestors on either side were convicts. Convicts, some of whom committed the heinous crime of lifting a loaf of bread in order to survive, came out here in leaky boats and were then incarcerated in hellish gulags. One of those gulags was on an island … Tasmania. The Rum Corps was the jailer of choice at the time. Apart from the fact that the uniforms are now black, rather than red, not a lot has changed has it?

  23. Aortic

    H. L. Mencken. ” on some great and glorious day the plain folks of this land will reach their hearts desire and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” I don’t agree with one of the Presidents former colleagues who called him a moron, but I certainly agreed with him when he called him a effing moron. Mencken also said,” it is the aim of all practical politics to keep the populace alarmed ( thence clamorous to be led to safety.” I am also with him when he said he was “going to heaven for the climate and hell for the company.”

  24. paul walter

    Mencken can be marvellous.

    Interesting how much of American culture can transcribe to this country also, btw..

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