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It’s Hard When You Have To Say, “Well Done, Amanda Stoker!”

Sometimes it’s hard to write things without sounding like a complete wanker…

Although when I think about it, there’s nothing wrong with being a wanker and it could be considered consensual sex with someone I love… Certainly we’ve seen a bit of that from some people in politics lately…

But seriously, when I write about some things it sounds like I don’t appreciate the seriousness of what I’m writing about because I come from the privileged position of being a white male of a certain age…

Believe me, I do understand poverty, powerlessness and a whole range of things that it may appear I’ve never experienced. And yes, my experience of such things has only been like dipping my toe in the water and saying, “It’s cold!”, while other people are drowning in the same lake.

That said, I’d like to say that one of the things I learnt is that life is like a game of soccer: most of the time nothing is happening, so we all over-react when it looks like something is about to happen.

Like I mean that we get over-excited or ridiculously stressed even though – on the balance of probabilities – the ball will just sail over the crossbar…

Ok, yes. It is stressful if you happen to be the goalie or the goalie’s friend… Or even the striker who’s missed such an easy shot… or the father of the manager who won’t be able to manage his disappointment.

Ok, some people’s lives more resemble a game of tennis where there are points scored all the time and I’d have to admit that seems a lot more like things are happening but in the end you’ve only lost a point and if you regroup you can still win the rest of the points and the game, the set, the match…

But sometimes, it’s just not about winning…

Sometimes it’s just about saying that someone is hurting here and we need to get the first aid onto the ground and we need to just stop the game for a while and look after people.

And if we can’t do that, we’re fucked…

I had a lot more to say but, for once, I feel like I should just let the people who look after people do what they need to do.

Apparently, it was Amanda Stoker who came forward and followed through with her threat about David Van… Nothing more because I don’t want a letter from his lawyer because I have enough to read and won’t get round to that reading it until another testament of the Bible is written…

Ah, shit. I always just wanted to be a poet but the world moved on…


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  1. Phil Pryor

    The ill-liberals , termnally ill from cirrhosis of the perverted ego, are just an ever growing pot of stale brown droppings, with the odd new plop, e g, a Van, added for more revulsion and pungency. Abbott (sick), Turnbull (deluded), Morrison (mad) and many other frankfurt flogging fleas have shamed Australia, abused confidence, disgraced honour and decency, failed all of US. And, how sickening, disgusting, that Probyn is gone from ABC political reporting, while the planted plopped plutopup pluggers at the top are still there, when at least fifty should be gone, from Ita down. Yet Van is still there, even mad Morrison the mooning mentality and mighty msfit is still there, parasiting away. Conservative criminality cringes on…

  2. Fred

    I’m so disappointed at Probyn being made redundant – the ABC being one trustworthy source of political news. Mind you ABC’s director of news Justin Stevens told staff the ABC was moving away from linear news broadcast in order to “engage new audiences who are increasingly seeking their political news from other platforms and outlets”. WTF does that mean? How does he think he will attract new audiences if there are no political reporters. I’d rather Mr Stevens got the redundancy. Mr Probyn at least usually made sense.

  3. New England Cocky

    @ PP: You so eloquently and accurately describe the dismal pre-selected representatives of the LIARBRAL party (and their NOtional$ colleagues in crime) occupying the Opposition benches.

    @ Fred: It seems to be a rule that when organisations make redundancies, the last individuals to be made redundant ….. are the persons at the top who likely caused the problem that required the re-organisation.

  4. Paul Smith

    I must say I took a deep sharp breath when I saw the headline. How’s he going to navigate the Symplegades, I wondered. Expertly, as it turned out. The sporting analogy couldn’t be more appropriate. The need to stop the game to take care of the injured. Genius. I hope this is made compulsory reading for everyone working in parliament house; everyone in every political party; everyone who votes; and everyone who is yet to vote. That should do it, I think, because everyone else will hear about it when it’s reported in the media. No wait! Does grown up media still exist?

  5. leefe

    Thank you. You may not have extensive experience but you do exhibit some degree of understanding.

    Nail. Head.

  6. Sully of Tuross Head

    She could have spoken up before Dutton took the action and who was the Senior Liberal she spoke to at the time, and why has he/she kept quiet?

  7. Clakka

    Yes Rossleigh, everybody deserves a sporting chance. That ethos does not appear to be in the DNA of the Duttonate and its antecedents.

    It seems to me that the Liberal roost has only limited function, to breed vampires and suck blood. Preferring its victims comatose, whilst under the cover of darkness they crawl, seeking wounds, not to administer care, but from which to draw life’s blood.

    Their compunctions spread rabid toxic effluxions and a mad violent excitement through the community of their victims. Pissing on everything seems to be their only answer to wiping the slate clean.

    It’s no small irony that another Stoker has cast further light upon them, as we watch and wait for the Duttonate and its agents from within to wield the final knife that has them crumble to dust.

  8. Terence Mills

    It’s very hard to know who to trust and how to keep up to date these days. But I find the BERNARDI current affairs show on SKY gives a fair and balanced coverage of whats happening in Canberra.

    Just the other night he was interviewing Barnaby Joyce on inappropriate behaviour in parliament. Joyce said that things were not as bad as people might think and he could not remember the last time somebody had pinched his bottom either in the Lower House or the Senate. At which point he became somewhat emotional and noted that he had in 2019 been winked at by a Labor Senator whilst standing at the urinal in the gents at parliament house. When prompted by Bernardi, Joyce became quite distressed and accepted a tissue from his host. He then revealed that he was still very raw emotionally and found the episode hard to talk about. He then revealed that he had reported the matter to the police and the Labor Senator had been brought in for questioning, at which time he denied winking at Joyce and said that he had been suffering from conjunctivitis and apart from which he had never found Barnaby Joyce to be particularly attractive.

    Bernardi asked him if he had had any counselling and he stated that he had relied on his family for support during that difficult time. Which one Bernardi asked him : the most recent one with whats-her-name and the kids he shot back.

    That’s why I watch SKY, it’s fair and balanced and after Bernardi there is former Liberal senator Amanda Stoker who has her own program and whose bottom has been in the news recently, being interviewed by former Liberal party dominatrix, Peta Credlin who also has her own show.

    Who needs the ABC ?

  9. Sully of Tuross Head

    @ Terence Mills, I find Cruella de Credlin’s show on Sky is all I need to keep up with political events.
    She specialises in have Murdoch Lickspittles and similar types on her program, starting with Murdoch Bum Kisser and Hairdresser enthusiast Denis Shanahan on Mondays.
    Denis and the rest of her guests during the week, Murdoch or Channel 9’s 2GB and 4BC toadies only have to sit in front of her and mutter, “Your right there Peta” or “that’s correct Peta” as she sternly talks to them like a British High School Mistress from the 1930s, addressing trembling schoolboys in fear of their life.
    The High light is Friday night when she has the erudite weasel of One Nation James Ashby and 4 BC overnight host who looks like he was embalmed back in the 1950s.
    I must watch Bernardi in future and I strongly recommend Cruella’s show for free, frank, truthful and open discussion.

  10. GL

    It’s pleasing to see how swimmingly things have been going for the Libs under The Spud over the past year. Here’s hoping that the next year is just as good and productive.

  11. Pete Petrass

    Conveniently, two of the most toxic women in Parliament. I do wonder if Stoker and the anonymous 3rd person have been staged solely to make Dutton look like some sort of tough guy on sexual assault at a time when he is intensely campaigning against Gallagher and Higgins.
    The Lieberals have a long and ugly record with their toxic treatment of women. Just look at recent times with Porter, Tudge and Higgins. With Porter and Tudge they weren’t even investigated, nothing to see here. Higgins treatment has been abominal right from the start as we all know and they continue to completely demonise her with conveniently and illegally leaked information.
    The only, and I mean only, reason Dutton is going so hard against Van is because of their current abominable campaign against Labor and Higgins. Otherwise he would look like a complete hypocrite.

  12. andyfiftysix

    i cant but laugh at this week in parliament. When Morrison was PM, we had a disaster everyweek. Every attempt backfired badly. Now with Dutts having a go, it seems everyweek they have to call the firemen in again. Going after Gallagher was such a good idea no? The story was dying and any black stain on the lib’s culture was fading away. Then along comes another disgruntled woman and the whole shit show just explodes in his face. Karma is a bitch.

  13. New England Cocky

    @ Terence Mills: Your description of the emotional distress of the representative of the NOtional$ in New England is very touching … a skill that Beetrooter knows only too well. It must have been difficult watching a former very dull politician turned commentator out-think the adulterous wannabe gas baron ….. was Barnyard sober or between drinks?
    The ”seeking solace” scene must have been distressing ….. to which of his two families did he turn …. or was it a fresh piece of fluff?
    Readers should remember that the ladies of Tamworth NSW have elected Beetrooter every time since 2013, suggesting that they prefer their ”men” to be adulterous, alcoholic, bigoted, sexually harassing misogynists. Or, has the old rural political trick of husbands voting for their wives at election booths continued in the back blocks of down town Tamworth?

  14. Terence Mills

    NEC I hear that SKY are scrambling to get (almost former) Senator David Van to give him his own show after dark.

    Barnaby has as his role model the late Sir Leslie Colin Patterson.

    The circus is in town !

  15. Phil Pryor

    So, Terence M thinks there might soon be a show on Sty Telly, with soon to be ex-senator Pat Bumz giving some pustular points on moral and ethical issues. Peter Duckwit -Futton has lost ground to rationality but perhaps strengthened his position with the hansonites, bumpkins, katterwaulers, shitters and fiddlers plus some old intermediate holders who remember that nice adolf…
    The conservative areas of local politics are much worse than I thought or knew, for I stumbled upon some comments on an article in the “Daily Mail” or was that daily male as Ms. Monroe desired. Comments were very regressive, vicious, dull. So…

  16. Harry Lime

    Getting under the bar set by the Lying Rodent,Tony the talking Chimp and the Sideshow Barker,is no mean feat, but Boofhead Dutton is giving it a red hot go.Senator (get in the) Van might be only the first casualty (this term) that the Liarbrals inflict on themselves.Fling enough shit and you’re bound to get some on yourself.The conservatives have got to stop recruiting nutters from the cesspit …or Shitkickers R Us,but then again, who cares?Corporal Dutton has no doubt some other cunning plans.

  17. Cool Pete

    You don’t have to dislike someone to agree with them, and nor do you have to like somebody to agree with them. I don’t like Amanda Stoker; in fact I deplore her transphobic, homophobic views and her hard religious Right platform. The kindest thing I could say about her is that she’s eloquent but illogical. When it comes to sexual assault, however, I believe her. What she and the other transphobic bigots need to remember is, this allegation was NOT made against a drag queen at Storytime who invited her, as an adult, to come up on stage. Nor was this done by a transwoman. This allegation was made against a cisgender, heterosexual, Caucasian male. It should NOT, however, have taken her to come forward and Lidia Thorpe to be ignored and spoken badly about.

  18. Jack sprat

    Senator Van was just following the LNP doctrine of “a race to the bottom “

  19. Canguro

    Very clever, Jack sprat! So many contendors; David Van, Alan Tudge, Christian Porter, Andrew Laming, Gareth Ward, James Hayward, Michael Johnsen, Barnaby Joyce, along with a number of Liberal staffers. To be balanced though, Labor also have a number of people who’ve also engaged in the race to the bottom, albeit outnumbered by the LNP.

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