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It’s All About Me: Netanyahu Rejects Palestinian Statehood

Israel has been given enormous license to control the security narrative in the Middle East for decades. This is not to say it is always in control of it – the attacks of October 7 by Hamas show that such control is rickety and bound, at stages, to come undone. What matters for Israeli security is that certain neighbours always understand that they are never to do certain things, lest they risk existential oblivion.

For instance, no Middle Eastern state will be permitted to acquire nuclear weapons on the Jewish State’s watch. Nuclear reactors and facilities will be struck, infected, or pulverised altogether (Osirak at Tuwaitha, Iraq; the Natanz site in Iran), with, or without knowledge, approval or participation of the United States.

This is a signature mark of Israeli foreign and defence policy: the nuclear option remains the greatest, single affirmation of sovereignty in international relations. To possess it, precisely because of its destructive and shielding potential, is to proclaim to the community of nation states that you have lethal insurance against invasion and regime change. Best, then, to make sure others do not possess it.

Israel, on the other hand, will be permitted to develop its own cataclysmic inventory of weapons, platforms, and doomsday options, all the while claiming strategic ambiguity about the whole matter. In that strangulating way, Israeli policy resembles the thornily disingenuous former US President Bill Clinton’s approach to taking drugs and oral sex: he did not inhale, and oral pleasuring by one by another is simply not sex.

The latest remarks from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on January 18 suggest that the license also extends to ensuring that Palestinians will never be permitted a sovereign homeland, that they will be, in a perverse biblical echo, kept in a form of bondage, downtrodden, oppressed and, given what happened on October 7 last year, suppressed. This is to ensure that, whatever the grievance, that they never err, never threaten, and never cause grief to the Israeli State. To that end, it is axiomatic that their political authorities are kept incipient, inchoate, corrupt and permanently on life support, the tolerated beggars and charity seekers of the Middle East.

At the press conference in question, held at the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv, Netanyahu claimed that, “Whoever is talking about the ‘day after Netanyahu’ is essentially talking about the establishment of the Palestinian state with the Palestinian Authority.” (How very like the Israeli PM to make it all about him.) The Israel-Palestinian conflict, he wanted to clarify, was “not about the absence of a state, a Palestinian state, but rather about the existence of a state, a Jewish state.”

With monumental gall, he complained that “All territory we evacuate, we get terror, terrible terror against us.” His examples, enumerated much like sins at a confessional, were instances where Israel, as an occupying force, had left or reduced their presence: Gaza, southern Lebanon, parts of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank). It followed that “any future arrangement, or in the absence of any future arrangement,” Israel would continue to maintain “security control” of all lands west of the Jordan River. “That is a vital condition.”

As such lands comprise Israeli territory, Gaza and the West Bank, Palestinian sovereignty can be assuredly ignored as a tenable outcome in Netanyahu’s policed paradise. He even went so far as to acknowledge that this “contradicts the idea of sovereignty” as far as the Palestinians are concerned. “What can you do? I tell this truth to our American friends.”

As to sceptical mutterings in the Israeli press about the country’s prospects of defeating Hamas decisively, Netanyahu was all foamy with indignation. “We will continue to fight at full strength until we achieve our goals: the return of all our hostages – and I say again, only military pressure will lead to their release; the elimination of Hamas; the certainty that Gaza will never again represent a threat to Israel. There won’t be any party that educates for terror, funds terror, sends terrorists against us.”

This hairbrained policy of ethno-religious lunacy masquerading as sane military strategy ensures that permanent war nourished by the poison of blood-rich hatred and revenge will continue unabated. In keeping such a powder keg stocked, there is always the risk that other powers and antagonists willing to have a say through bombs, rockets and drones will light it. Should this or that state be permitted to exist or come into being? The answer is bound to be convulsively violent.

It is of minor interest that officials in the United States found Netanyahu’s comments a touch off-putting. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had, it is reported, dangled a proposal before the Israeli PM that would see Saudi Arabia normalise relations with Israel in exchange for an agreement to facilitate the pathway to Palestinian statehood. Netanyahu did not bite, insisting that he would not be a party to any agreement that would see the creation of a Palestinian state.

Blinken, if one is to rely on the veracity of the account, suggested that the removal of Hamas could never be achieved in purely military terms; a failure on the part of Israel’s leadership to recognise that fact would lead to a continuation of violence and history repeating itself.

In Washington, State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller stated in the daily press briefing that “Israel faces some very difficult choices in the months ahead.” The conflict in Gaza would eventually end; reconstruction would follow; agreement from various countries in the region to aid in that effort had been secured – all on the proviso that a “tangible path to the establishment of a Palestinian state” could be agreed upon.

For decades, administrations in Washington have fantasised about castles in the skies, the outlandish notion that Palestinians and Israelis might exist in cosy accord upon lands stolen and manured by brutal death. Washington, playing the Hegemonic Father, could then perch above the fray, gaze paternally upon the scrapping disputants, and suggest what was best for both. But the two-state solution was always encumbered and heavily conditioned to take place on Israeli terms, leaving all mediation and interventions by outsiders flitting gestures lacking substance.

Now, no one can claim otherwise that Palestinian statehood is anything other than spectral, fantastic, and doomed – at least under the current warring regime. Netanyahu’s own political survival, profanely linked to Israel’s own existence, depends on not just stifling pregnancies in Gaza but preventing the birth of a nationally recognised Palestinian state.


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  1. New England Cocky

    I ask every AIMN reader to share this informative article with three friends and ask them to also share with a further three friends and so on. There has NEVER been any intention for the IDF to do anything except STATE SPONSORED GENOCIDE OF OVER 25,000 (TO DATE) PALESTINIAN MAINLY WOMEN & CHILDREN SO THAT ”ALL PALESTINIANS WILL BE DRIVEN INTO THE SEA”, DISPLACED AND DISPOSSESSED IN THIS NETANYAHU NAKBA.

  2. Terence Mills

    Netanyahu is banking on a Trump victory later this year, that is why he has been so brazen in embarrassing Biden by refuting any prospect of a two state solution. With Trump in office he will be given carte blanche to do as he wishes with Gaza.

    Similarly, Putin is engineering a Trump victory to solve his problem with an uppity Ukraine.

    We are watching a remake of The Manchurian Candidate in real time folks.

  3. Phil Pryor

    One might imagine Adolf, Hermann, Josef, Heinrich, Reynhard, and a chorus in black and brown cheering on Netanyahu. That’s our boy…

  4. Andrew Smith

    One concurs, avoiding old cliches and focusing on one of the perps i.e. secular Netanyahu (& his RW religious NJ) regime versus other similar flat earthers in the Hamas leadership; much collateral damage apart from recent bombing of Gaza by IDF in reaction to attacks on Israel.

    Don’t think there’s much new about Netanyahu, who had been chummy with Putin (Orban, Kushner et al.) and Hamas codependent with the former.

    From the Times of Israel (8 Oct ’23):

    ‘For years, Netanyahu propped up Hamas. Now it’s blown up in our faces. The premier’s policy of treating the terror group as a partner, at the expense of Abbas and Palestinian statehood, has resulted in wounds that will take Israel years to heal from……

    Judging by the way Netanyahu has managed Gaza in the last 13 years, it is not certain that there will be a clear policy going forward.’


  5. Clakka

    Netanyahu, the dark agent of extinguishment, always up to his maniacal gills in it – if only one could ask Rabin.

    1949 Jerusalem claimed as capital of Israel, but nah, UN suggests it as international city run by UN
    1980 Israel enact ‘Jerusalem Law’, annexing Jerusalem, but UN Security Council ratifies Res 47 – does not recognize that law
    2000 Agreements between Palestine & Israel cannot be finalized principally because of Israel’s ‘Jerusalem Law’
    ……. Ariel Sharon visits Temple Mount – Palestinians outraged
    2000-2005 Second intifada about Israels ever-expanding ‘occupation’
    2017 Trump recognizes Jerusalem as capital of Israel
    2016-2019 Netanyahu investigated for corruption, breach of trust, bribery and fraud.
    2019 Charges brought against Netanyahu – he must make a plan
    2020 Trump ditched, Biden in. Netanyahu must double down on a plan.
    2021-2022 Israeli political chaos. Netanyahu arranges coalition of all RW and FRW parties and resumes the helm.
    2023 October, the plan starts being unfolded
    2024 And it continues ….. going for broke.

    That’s the boy, alright, promising an unreachable paradise, and bringing on a death cult to relieve his own serpentine nightmares.

  6. GL

    Netanyahu and his rabid nationalist cronies have effectively destroyed Israels credibility for decades to come and I feel sorry for those who want nothing to do with him and the fanatics he is surrounded by for the ongoing destruction of property and lives in the Gaza and the West Bank.

    Will he removed from power yet again? Most likely, but he’ll be back again like the Terminator to try and take the reins of government and start whole vile business once more. He is addicted to wielding power and not for the overall good of his people and country.

  7. Anne Byam

    Netanyahu and Trump are ghastly bedfellows. Similarly disposed to stir hatred by word and deed, they are extremely dangerous creatures.

    Claims that the nutjob Netanyahu allowed funding to Hamas, including by allowing Qatari financing of Gaza, have been made before by the Israeli opposition as well as by analysts and media outlets including the New York Times.

    The Zionist horror has denied all this ( of course ). “Netanyahu has strongly denied allowing Qatar to fund Hamas in order to divide Palestinians into rival political camps.”

    “But the Israeli leader said in 2019 at a Likud party conference: “Anyone who wants to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state needs to support strengthening Hamas.” While he was denying this he was claiming he “only allowed Qatari money to flow into Gaza to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe, not to strengthen the arm of the administration there.”

    “We wanted to avoid a civilian humanitarian collapse — disease, rampant hunger and other things that would have created an impossible humanitarian situation,” he said.

    ( Text in quotation marks sourced from Politico.eu )

    What a vicious and cruel statement to have made as the levelliing of hundreds of homes, the slaughter of so many in Palastine, and the despicable denial of food and water, medical needs ( for even a moment – and it has been weeks ) has and is taking place, even now at the hands of the Zionist Israelis.

    We need to take more notice of the lies and obfuscation he exposes / uses, and the contradictions he loudly delivers to realise what the world is actually dealing with here. But then again, maybe the world is already far more alert to his terrorism and his desire to rid the earth of a group of people called Palestinians. They are the resulting ( collateral or maybe intended ?? ) damage from the Zionists’ alleged fight to get rid of Hamas. Hamas certainly need to be scrubbed off the face of this planet, but not the way it is being done. Netenyahu doesn’t give a tupenny stuff about who he hurts or kills, in the name of his indulgent and evil narcissism.

    Utterly heartbreaking, … and totally disgusting.

  8. andyfiftysix

    well at least the cat is out of the bag. Bibi has been the stumbling block, not the palestinians. The sky is falling alright, the big lie is slowly slowly crumbling.
    Doesnt seem to have moved the needle much though.

  9. Caz

    A.B it is not necessary or possible to scrub Hamas off the face of the earth and any attempt to do so will just create more jihadists. Look around the world at the so called terrorists who were rebranded freedom fighters and subsequently leaders of nations.
    Let the ICJ investigate war crimes on both sides. We need a cease fire, a truce and allow the UN to step in. It’s up to Israel to rid itself of this brutal regime and for Palestinians to reject Hamas, otherwise we will see another generation of young fanatics blowing themselves up all over the world.

  10. New Bruce

    Religion. And the puritanical following dogma, thereof, is the basic proof that there is no supreme being.
    “My lot have ancient rights to this dirt, as is written in the undecipherable bullshit of our ancients, and it clearly states that your lot have no rights to existence whatsoever…..”
    When Planet Earth’s pages are finally closed, which for many reasons may happen a lot sooner than anyone who can do anything serious about it is expecting, and a small museum is built, in a galaxy far, far, away, showing off humankinds achievements, the current dealer of the “jewish state” is going to find himself on a pedestal in the same hall of horrors as hitler, pol pot, idi amin, et al.

    When I was a kid at primary school (a century ago in the 60-70’s) and the middle east was in crisis, one of the “jokes” I remember went :
    What is the difference between yasser arafat and the israeli prime minister ?
    One is the leader of a well armed religiously motivated force of murderous thugs who kill innocent women and children and terrorise people going about their normal business, and the other is just a crazy palestinian.

    Has anything changed over the last 50 years ?

  11. Phil Pryor

    Curiously, the “eastern religions” are failry philosophical, introspective, enquiring, tolerant, adaptable to modern change, socially and politically adjustable, mostly. But, the “Abrahamic” ones are murderous, righteous, criminal, egofixated, thieving, domineering, imperious and basically illogical. They all have a created B O E a Boss Of Everything god, who offers it ALL, you name it, take it, Promised lands, chosen people, absolute authority, drives to suppress, conquer, eliminate, imperious and supremacist vanity, and, old scribble perpetuates all this, adding in salvation, forgiveness, miracles, eternal repose, much of which can apparently be bought. The big blocks of this, Jews, Catholics, Islamists, Protestants, all just KNOW that all the others are wrong…so, eternal and constant war, trouble, slaughter, occupation, humiliations follow. Superstious filth. Use the best telescopes and microscopes, and you find nothing, no personal appearance, fingerprint, photo, DNA sample, confession, affidavit or statement, proven witness, fossil.

  12. JC

    The world’s three most dangerous megalomaniacs; the ridiculous orange clown in the DSA, Putin the exterminator and this sub-human joke of a man who’s only interest is extreme genocide of all Palestinians so they can steal ALL of their land and assets (what little they still have remaining). Netanyahu IS Hitler’s reincarnation and will be remembered by history as exactlly that!

  13. Anne Byam

    Caz – Your comment : ” it is not necessary or possible to scrub Hamas off the face of the earth and any attempt to do so will just create more jihadists.”

    I agree with you about that – totally. My ‘scrub Hamas off ‘ comment was somewhat rhetorical – – however, I should have thought more about what I was trying to convey.

    ” It’s up to Israel to rid itself of this brutal regime and for Palestinians to reject Hamas. ” Absolutely, it is. That would be the only and right solution. Hopefully, we will see the ICJ also do what is right by delivering the appropriate punishment for those found guilty from both sides – the terrorists – Hamas and Israel.

  14. Terence Mills

    The media have reported that between twenty and twenty four Israeli defence personnel died in a Gaza explosion on Monday. What many are not reporting was that Israel was trying to demolish part of a Palestinian neighbourhood as it pursued a plan to create a ‘no go’ buffer zone between Gaza and Israel when around 20 Israeli soldiers were killed in an explosion.

    Evidently these demolitions are part of an ongoing Israeli strategy in the Gaza war and these fatalities were not connected with a confrontation with Hamas and in many respects these casualties were self inflicted although this is being glossed over by some of the reporting.

    This is the single biggest loss of IDF personnel in this conflict and it seems was due to an ‘own goal’.

  15. Max Gross

    Israel has forfeited it’s right to exist

  16. corvusboreus

    Annie B,
    Unlike the ICC, the ICJ has no power to set or enforce any sentence conditions over judgements it makes.

    In reality, methinks the most likely form of legal punishment Netanyahu will ever face is from the Israeli judicial system.

    I envision hindsight investigations into his provokation and enablement of the 7/10 attacks.

    PS, recent polling has support for ousting Netanyahu running at >80%

  17. Douglas Pritchard

    Netanyahu may be a demented leader hell bent on murder and mayhem, but the state is run on democratic principles
    With a pinch of salt IMHO.
    If he is unpopular, and is unseated, do we relax and simply lay the blame for Genocide on one individual.
    Somehow I doubt this, because he is there to further the agenda of the Zionists who have a firm grip on control of government,
    and the actions he has taken could well be expected.
    USA may see his actions as beyond acceptable, but they have always backed Israel to the hilt, and its not going to help their profile as being a just and democratic country.
    It defies logic to think that Palestine the victim, is going to have an easy ride with genocidal Israel on its border, and the history of theft and occupation.
    The biggy is to restore some sort of peace, with the 2 states and shared borders

  18. John C

    Since the DSA (Divided States of Aggression) is so keen on protecting and arming the jews who have stolen other people’s lands, if there is any chance of a Palestinian state it would be to ship every person who claims to be Isreali to go and live in Apartheid land with their sponors of war materials and make one of their more religious states, like Iowa, their new home. Then the rest of the world would be a lot more peaceful and the two ‘best buddies’ can live happily beside each other without maiming and killing others. Give Palestine back to it’s true people!

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