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It has always been my hope that I would one day mock the left…and now

Peter Dutton, unopposed.

We need a girly thing to be Deputy to win women back…

Suss Ley. Front runner.

Oh god.

I mean, oh god.

I mean….

OH fucking God….

I mean.

What can one say.






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  1. wam

    spot on rossleigh,,
    it beats me how you could say that much about dutton and suss on everything.
    oh how I hope the palmpauline et al put the libs before the greens.
    Come on charlie????

  2. Geoff AndrewsL


  3. Keitha Granville


  4. Johnny Sadler

    What a bunch of cult driven fascist Mysoginist flogs. Honestly Dutton the gutless coward who pissed himself as Defence Minister every time one of our Lethal Collins Class Subs saw a little boat 500 clicks off the WA Coast in International waters. He’s your Top pick to lead a pack of Narsacistic flogs?Sounds about right to me Mate. Tata LNP and Welcome Retrospective Federal ICAC and the DPP.🎉🥳🇦🇺🤣

  5. Canguro

    Geoff AndrewsL, wam’s writings are so inscrutable even wam has no idea what he’s on about.

  6. Kaye Lee

    Simon Birmingham penned an opinion piece in the SMH titled “A swift Liberal comeback is possible, if we react the right way”.

    A see a new glossy brochure….The Right Way….with Peter and Sussan emblazoned on the front. Should be a winner.

    Dutton formally confirmed on Wednesday he will stand for the leadership of the Liberals as he warned “things are going to be tough under Labor – higher interest rates, cost of living, inflation and electricity prices”.

    here we go again…..

  7. Albos Elbow

    She’s always been the best Ley for the Little Shrivelling Dicks Club.

    She legally and legitimately has no duty of care to look after anyone but herself.
    Perfect for the New, Improved and Changed COAL-NP as their token female deputy.

  8. New England Cocky

    Oh Rossleigh, I have never before ever seen you stuck for words ….. never!!

    But look on the bright side of this confusion among the born-to-rules ….. with a competent LABOR government for the egalitarian people there will be plenty of time for Duddo Spuddo to make poor decisions without destroying the country.

    What a wonderful pair of leadership models. Spuddo Duddo free from any trace of charisma or personal empathy and his Deputy vacant space …. The ideal pair for a militarist dictatorship for abusing Aboriginal teenagers …..

    Just think ….. three or four terms of efficient LABOR government for the benefit of the Australian voters rather than pouring public monies into the pockets of corporate executives …’ços it will take THAT LONG to repair, renovate and recover from the past nine years of inept and corrupt mismanagement by the Liarbal Nazional$ COALition misgovernment

  9. Terence Mills

    It has been suggested that Dai Le (who took the seat of Fowler from Labor drop-in Kristina Keneally in Saturday’s election) may be a dual citizen in the terms of section 44 of the Constitution (yes, that old chestnut again). It has also been suggested that this is a Labor smear which is completely ridiculous as I first read it in the Murdoch press .

    I’ve no doubt that Dai Le would have checked it out thoroughly before standing for federal parliament. Particularly with track record of this issue in recent parliaments.

    The fact that the AEC accepted her nomination is irrelevant, they don’t do the checking it remains the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that they comply with all constitutional requirements many of which, admittedly, are now obsolete. In my view, Section 44 does need to be updated as we are a nation of migrants and to have all this nonsense about dual citizenship is just a waste of time and effort and encourages political sniping.

    It has even been suggested that first nations’ senate candidate, Jacinta Price could be ineligible as a dual citizen because her father is Scottish but I’ve no doubt that she checked this out before nominating.

    When we next have a constitutional referendum (e.g. aboriginal recognition perhaps). There are many provisions in the constitution that are in need of updating or removing all together and section 44 is one of them, but this can only be done by referendum.

    What do you think ?

    PS; Good luck to Dai Le, I think she is just the sort of person we need in our parlaiment.

  10. Rossleigh

    NEC, it wasn’t so much that I was stuck for words… it was more that I had so many all branching off in so many directions that I kept coming back to the impossibility of getting a worse leader than Abbott, yet the Liberals manage to make us think we’ve hit rock bottom only to have them say, “Hold my beer!” Which one should never say to Barnaby

  11. Phil Pryor

    L for liars; I for ignorant; B for bastardry; E for excruciating; R for Soles; A for asinine; L for larceny; S for shitskulled. There, that’s a quick rundown on how to get meaning for the future of the LIBERALS.

  12. New England Cocky

    @ Terence Mills: The AEC is a strange creature.
    Here in New England the Greens candidate is a Councillor with Glen Innes Severn Shire Council that makes her a person receiving profit under the Crown. According to the Constitution s44(vi) this candidate is barred from nomination or sitting in the HoR.
    The AEC has a process for such cases, that involved unpaid leave from the time of nomination until 12 months after the declaration of the poll when the candidate must decide to return to their original position without any loss of status or conditions what-so-ever.
    The Greens have been hawking around a Court of Disputed Returns judgment disputing s44(vi) that likely pre-dates the AEC procedures.
    The candidate apparently DID NOT follow the correct AEC procedure, so their votes may be invalid and require re-distribution to the other second preference candidates

    I must stir up the AEC about this matter..

  13. David Stakes

    Could still be the Ayn Rand clone of Ruston yet. How to destoy yourselves in 1 easy lesson

  14. Terence Mills

    Thanks NEC.

    There are still numerous doubts about what is an office of profit under the Crown in section 44(iv). This from the government website on local government councillors :

    Whether a local councillor holds an office of profit under the Crown has long been contested, given that the office is an elected one. In Re Lambie, the Court applied a test of whether the executive has effective control over the continued holding of the office or continued profiting from it. While the Tasmanian local government legislation did not evince such a degree of effective control, it remains possible that the office of local councillor in another jurisdiction could be an office of profit under the Crown. It will depend upon the relevant legislation in each jurisdiction concerning removal from office and remuneration.

    This section is unnecessarily messy and needs redrafting and updating.

  15. john lord

    Powerful in its brevity.

  16. Consume Less

    Well said Rossleigh, definitely a WTF moment. Thought Tanya’s Dutton comment was dumb though.

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