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Integrity is dead, buried and cremated

We are doomed to an uphill battle of trying to rid this country of all the morons who have manoeuvred their way into government – and some into opposition – and who consequently have the ability to determine our fate.

On 9/11/20, the ABC ran an exposé – Inside the Canberra Bubble on Four Corners – which raised serious and legitimate concerns over national security, when it revealed the less than savoury proclivity of the current Attorney General for extramarital sexual relations, and an equally unsavoury attitude towards the status of women.

This is the man who ignored the decision of the previous AG, then Senator Brandis, and decided to proceed with prosecution, in secret, of Witness K and his lawyer, the former ACT AG, Bernard Collaery.

The ‘crime’ for which they have been indicted is is less important than the reason he has taken this action.

Few in Australia would be unaware that the Australian government acted illegally while negotiating the boundary lines between Timor Leste and Australia, the purpose being to gain a commercial advantage.

No issue of national security was involved, but the embarrassment of government Ministers for being caught out has smouldered and finally burst into flames, at least in the mind of our rather grubby AG.

Witness K is a genuine patriot. Bernard Collaery is, appropriately, a highly regarded lawyer. Both men are ones to whom all Australians can look up with pride.

The current AG is altogether something else.

A hypocritical sleaze only touches the surface of his undesirable nature.

Today, when the issue was raised with the PM, we were regaled with the advice that we should make allowance for human frailties, or words to that effect!

And AG Christian Porter was not the only Minister in the headlights. Minister Tudge, another spokesperson for the sanctity of marriage – as long as it is between a man and a woman – has also totally ignored the strictures of the ‘bonking ban’.


We already know that the PM’s religion is not allowed to influence his duties as PM.

We also know that he is very closely connected to a Hillsong Pastor who failed to report his own father’s paedophile activities.

This ability to believe that integrity and a moral compass can be ignored at will is more than disturbing.

We already knew that the Integrity Commission which was being promoted by the AG was going to give parliamentarians total freedom from any investigation into corrupt behaviour – unless they dobbed themselves in!

The flying pigs are becoming an aviation hazard!

How long are we prepared to be treated as gullible fools?

And as if it was not enough to have a government in power which is totally untrustworthy, we have a self-serving member of the Opposition who claims the limelight by refusing to accept party policy and forcing the opposition to rearrange its front bench, competing for headlines over the Four Corners revelations.

Sorry, Albo – but until you sack Fitzgibbon from the ALP (he cannot challenge for the leadership if he is not even a member!) and prove to the Australian people that you can offer government free of corruption and in-fighting, you will be doomed to stay in Opposition.

We deserve better – when will we get it????

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  1. Phil Pryor

    Sick stuff all around, with honesty gone like virginity in a brothel, perhaps a future job for conservative politicians. Morrison, the Primordial Misfit is so infused, drenched, saturated with brainless superstition, he lives in a world that never ever existed, with dodgy self created rules on sin or salvation, with us against us, heaven or hell, redemption or reversal and damnation. It is SICKENING that shitskulls dominate bent filthy career politics, pushing decisions on us who actually know better. Heathen Rorter, a hypocrical filthite and Tudge, lying bastard of no reputation, are just two in the news, after we had to endure the Manly Masturbator and Bananaboy Joyce the drunkskunkbonkerboy. Add Palmer, Hanson, Merde-jock, Solly and Gerry, we have a shower of shit showing us up to a sad world.

  2. Geoff Andrews

    I don’t know what the pressures of high office are Rosie and neither do you.
    Give them a little slack; they have to let their hair down sometimes and get it off their chest metaphorically but do it efficiently at a brothel or in the privacy of the members’ bar with a compliant nubile.
    THEN one can go home to the spouse with, yet again, more pressure probably.
    They’re just reaching out for help.
    But shame on the ABC: They constantly use the word “bonking”. It’s such a common word but what would you expect from a swamp of socialists?

  3. Phil Pryor

    Great view you get, Geoff, balanced, from the shitpot of conservative c—-s. Sharp as a wet cornflake. Tell them to romance their fists, as you do successfully.

  4. paul walter

    Two words: Callous..ROBODEBT.

  5. Brozza

    It’s funny how the louder one bleats about morals, integrity and so-called ‘christian values’, in direct inverse proportion, the lower those values appear to be for the bleater.

  6. DrakeN

    “Don’t do as I do – do as I tell you.”

    Family values?

    The Adams Family Values of TV fame are decidely more moral than these two “Ministers of the Crown” and the failed saleman who occupies the Prime Minister’s office.
    Hypocrisy, lies and prevarications are the tools of trade for these evil doers.
    “For the Truth is not in them.”

  7. silkworm

    Fitzgibbon’s hand was forced by the Biden win, which now sets the global agenda on climate. Under the green New World Order, Fitzgibbon would be seen to be hopelessly out of step. His demise was inevitable. Following his resignation I watched Albo flop and flounder on Labor’s climate policy, which showed he is still controlled by the NSW Right, despite Fitzgibbon’s resignation. I was both dismayed and amused by Fitzgibbon’s claim that Labor’s base was Hunter Valley and central Qld coal miners who earned between $150,000 and $200,000, and lesser aspirationals.

    Biden’s win means a lot for Australia. Not only will it put Australia out of step with the world agenda on climate, it also portends reform of the Labor Party, who now have to grapple with a much energized Labor left.

  8. josephus

    The slease Porter is tormenting the whistleblowers collaery and witness K while totally exonerating the then foreign affairs minister Downer who colluded with Woodside petroleum and as one would expect later got a job with that shameless company. It is disgusting that such hypocrisy goes unpunished , and Isis also is not investigated .
    Australia has been condemned by the international Court of justice as a vulgar bully engaging in neocolonialist trickery.
    A pox on this repulsive regime. Where is Labor in all this, by the way? I didn’t see any Labor MPs at the Canberra rally.

  9. Mrs Wobbly

    Australians taxpayers fund these “shameless grubs”. When politicians are caught doing the wrong thing they should be made examples of. Where’s Scumo’s disgust and outrage as Australians we deserve and should expect better from our so called leadership. Its only beneficial for Scumo to comments while maintain his political status and keeping the members support maintained, within the LNP. Scumo is Australians
    so called PM and his ministers, subhuman grubs, purported to be of christian faith, I’d believe it’s more likely to be the case worshipping Evil then reading from the “ hymn sheets of fascism”, not christianity

  10. Andrew J. Smith

    Fitzgibbon should join the National Party or ask his bro (head of NIB) for a job… he wheeled out the old chestnut of ‘traditional working class’…..

  11. Max Gross

    Those conceited privileged and pampered feckers have no ‘values’ other than self-promotion and self-gratification

  12. Henry Rodrigues

    Words aren’t enough, these bastards are by far the worst and most egregious bunch of hypocritical politicians we have ever seen in Australia, and barring the good ole USA, anywhere in the world.

    As Phil Pryor notes to Geoff Andrews, don’t just romance your palm, go fck yourself.

    As for Joel Fitzgibbon, time for him to put his allegiance where his heart is, with the Nats. Stand for them and risk all his lurks and perks. He’s been there for too long sucking off the popularity of Labor.

  13. Geoff Andrews

    Gidday Henry, Ow are ya, Phil?
    I see that both of you have reverted to the lowest form of keyboard warriors. What do you do? Scour the website for any hint of dissent from your distorted philosophy then, having recently discovered alliteration and naughty words, lash the offender with your childish insults?
    The pair of you is just what the progressives need: erudite & considered with wit & a sense of humour.
    It also helps to know when someone is taking the piss before you go rushing around the cage thumping your chest.

  14. Phil Pryor

    Geoff, mate.., good luck with the treatment. You even hint at an intelligent outlook based on sarcasm, so jolly well done. Do remember the passwords as guards may shoot on sight, for no reason…then you can fight on, attack everything, denounce shitskulls, demand better, including understanding…so enjoy any warriors, lashings, childishness, rushing, distortions, whatever.

  15. Geoff Andrews

    Well done, Phil: not a strained alliteration or naughty word in sixty words.
    Subtle too!

  16. Phil Pryor

    Geoff, you might feel good about a suggestion you outdid us with irony, but that is not the go here, as too many have felt betrayed, isolated, and we can’t see you , hear you, know you, for honesty, skill, trust. A swamp of socialists irritates some, so prudence might prevail. I never strain, after half a century of teaching and studying english in all areas, and could give you a Niagara of nastiness, but only if impelled and you seemed to deserve it. I’ll keep attacking and blasting, perhaps for therapy…You seem to an older and experinced professional of some standing, so, if you feel cranky, let your suppressed feelings out. One cannot say enough about excremental attiudes in political perversions.

  17. Geoff Andrews

    Well spotted, Phil.
    Ironic that you should advise ME to “let (my) suppressed feelings out” when every one of your postings is drenched in bitter & twisted bile; hopefully preceded by a cold shower.
    But I beg you, please: take your finger off the hair trigger; reread my original comment and accept that it was written with tongue in cheek about our common enemy – “for they are honorable men” as Mark Antony says with a sneer in “Julius Caesar”, as you would know.
    Revisit “The Martyred Democrat” and “The Swanks of Gosh” by C. J. Dennis for a good laugh at the right.

  18. DrakeN

    @ Geoff Andrews

    Irony, sarcasm and presumed ‘common understandings’ do not translate into written form unless the author gives a definite indicator that the tongue is firmly in the cheek.
    There is so much awry in the world of human endeavour at present that any sense of humour can be overwhelmed by dispair and bitterness.
    Many of us of advanced age and whose mental faculties are still relatively acute recognise just how our lives have been adversely affected by the lies, myths and prevarications of the Unholy Trinity of commerce, politics and religions.
    We do the little that we can to spread the wisdom of our experiences to our younger friends and acquaintances as well as “raising our fists to the sky and shouting at the clouds” in frustration and anger.
    Unfortunately we are vastly outnumbered by the dumb ‘sheeple’ who neither know of, nor care to inform themselves of, the depths of depravity and dishonesty to which the Unholy Trinity engage on a routine basis.
    When you mention C.J. Dennis to someone in the pub or cafe it is most likely that they will not have even heard of him, let alone read any meaningful literature of any kind.
    Elective ignorance abounds in our overly self satisfied communities.

  19. Phil Pryor

    Geoff, …Here under leave of Brutus and the rest, For Brutus is and honourable man, So are they all, all honourable men…as are we who discuss honour, and we understand your “complacent” assumption of correct identification of “tounge in cheek” (which cheek?)

  20. Geoff Andrews

    Which cheek? Mine.
    (“removing tongue from cheek” emoji appears)
    However, We ARE honorable men while THEY are “honorable” men, n’est-ce par?

    I thought that the essence of delivering sarcasm or irony was NOT to “give a definite indicator” to the reader that there’s something sarcastic on the way..For a thousand years before the emoji, readers seemed to be able to discern the difference. I suspect that you, Phil and I are of the same era, and that we occasionally realise how “weary, stale, flat and unprofitable seem the uses of this world” and that “things rank and gross in nature possess it merely”,
    This state of mind is to be avoided because it transmits despondency to the young, something to be avoided. What philosophy old farts like us CAN pass on to the young is to maintain a sense of justice, a sense of curiosity and a sense of humour.

    In the absence of a suitable emoji to aid my critics, I shall have to plaintively plead premeditated plagiarism of Clive James’s “A Gesture Towards James Joyce”:

    “The gesture towards Finnegans Wake was deliberate
    And so was my gesture with two fingers.
    In America it would have been one finger only
    But in Italy I might have employed both arms,
    The left hand crossing to the tense right bicep
    As my clenched fist jerked swiftly upwards –
    The most deliberate of all gestures because most futile,
    Defiantly conceding the lost battle”

    Like Trump, I refuse to concede so a big raspberry to all.

    Now both of you have spent far too much time in this swamp of socialists (well. I liked it, Phil). I suggest you download Clive’s poem “The Book of My Enemy Has Been Remaindered”; commit it to memory just to keep the neurons and synapses firing and use it as a party trick to impress the grandkids. (“Hey, Grandad’s not as bad as we thought – cancel the nursing home.”)

  21. Phil Pryor

    You fail a basic of comprehension, Geoff, for tongue in cheek is visual. and a key to the irony. In print, little may be satisfactorally assumed, as a flat statement is just that, without signposts to an amusing tangent. If we had been in your audience, your effort may have earned applause, a grin, perhaps because of nuances of voice, intonation, or literally an observable tongue in cheek. The pope before this one retired because he couldn’t keep the pontificating up, an image…, I’ll keep up rude blasts when and if “required”, and cop the likely blowback, as this sort of forum relies on direct, clear comprehension. (The other cheeks are adjacent to the date)

  22. Geoff Andrews

    “You fail a basic of comprehension, Geoff, for tongue in cheek is visual. and a key to the irony. In print, little may be satisfactorally assumed, as a flat statement is just that, without signposts to an amusing tangent”
    Huh? I’m guessing a typo somewhere.

    What the devil are you talking about, Phil? The phrase, “tongue-in-cheek”, has nothing to do with “visual”. It’s a metaphor(?) that describes the state of mind or intention of the writer or speaker.

    tongue in cheek
    in an ironic, flippant, or insincere way.
    “one suspects that he is writing with tongue in cheek”

    adjective: tongue-in-cheek
    ironic, flippant, or insincere.
    “her delightful tongue-in-cheek humour”

    adverb: tongue-in-cheek
    in an ironic, flippant, or insincere way.
    “he claimed that he was speaking tongue-in-cheek”

    One cannot speak coherently with one’s tongue pressed against one’s cheek. At best, a writer can write with a tongue physically in the cheek, preferably with a wry smile on the face; whence came the saying, one suspects.

    This forum also relies on its readers being intelligent, literate contributors (what are the statistics on the educational level of your contributors & readers, Michael?)

    Why try to be rude in a forum of like-minded people? Far better, I would have thought, to try to get published in a right wing blog – “The Australian” perhaps? Or your local Liberal party branch’s newsletter?

  23. leefe

    As an independent observer in this little spat I must say, Geoff, that the exchange comes across very much as a retroactive announcement of irony/sarcasm after being called out. I could be wrong, of course.

    Mind, you’re both acting like you belong in the schoolyard, and not in the role of teachers/prefects/monitors.

  24. Phil Pryor

    Desperate to save something, Geoff gets more ridiculous and irrelevant with each attempt at self aggrandisement. Old Margaret Rutherford was a good example of this visual tongue in cheek concept, saying something bluntly obvious and finishing with an off stare into oblique distance while poking her tongue in the left cheek to assure OBSERVERS THAT SHE MEANT “DIFFERENT”. You suspect, waffle and imagine Wrongly. Honesty and accuracy is not rude. Hints at educational levels fail. Give up, Trump!

  25. Phil Pryor

    Let’s go back a few decades; Geoff makes subtle, oblique, prolix, suppressed witticism and, we all applaud, now knowing its intent. (curtain)

  26. Kathryn

    My God, after watching the Four Corners’ revelation about the inherent depravity of the current LNP cabinet, one wonders if the LNP could possibly find a MORE unsuitable candidate for the highly respectable role of Attorney General than the sleazy, unspeakably corrupt, sanctimonious hypocrite and self-confessed misogynistic predator, Christian Porter? The man is such an overwhelming, colossal womanising predator, he borders on “dangerous”! The misnamed “Christian” Porter will not change his spots – he is what he ALWAYS was: a self-confessed, committed misogynist with a HUGE megalomaniacal ego and zero remorse. Porter has cheated on TWO wives, is a notorious cad who – along with his revolting “mates” Tudge and the serial cheater and disgraced political parasite, Barnaby Joyce – has proven himself to be a toxic presence within the halls of Parliament House.

    Whatever made Turnbull believe that this malignant sleaze could slide into the highly respectable role of Attorney General? My God, Porter is a sleaze who has a LONG, LONG HISTORY preying upon vulnerable women that goes back to his notorious days as a spoiled, hard-drinking, self-obsessed, narcissistic university student who regarded women as nothing more than sexual conquests for his own gratification or as “inferior subjects” worthy of being taunted, ridiculed and belittled! For most of his life, Porter has no shame in revealing the very dark side of his toxic lack-of-character – he has an appalling level of self-entitlement and a sneering, repugnant contempt for women that goes way, way BEYOND evil!

    Porter is NOT a fit person to be walking the streets let alone in parliament hypocritically parading around as the Attorney General, a political appointment that DEMANDS the appointee to be BEYOND reproach! Is it at all possible that this despicable, totally depraved government could possibly sink lower into the gutter than it already is? Clearly, they have hit ROCK BOTTOM but are still managing to DIG their way down, down, down into an indescribable level of obscenity, depravity and self-serving corruption.

    The ONLY appropriate thing for the Lying Nazi Predators to do is to: SACK CHRISTIAN PORTER but, of course, that will NEVER happen because, once again – and again, and again, and again – the LNP sweep all their FILTHY DIRT, increasing level of corruption and relentless sleazy scandals UNDER A MASSIVE CARPET – constantly utilising deception, distraction and denial as a way of diverting public attention away from their relentless and increasing level of appalling corruption and depravity!

  27. RosemaryJ36

    Thank you Kathryn for commenting on the main issue.

    I wish the schoolyard brawlers would not carry on their antics on a post which was looking for coherent and inteligent input.

  28. Geoff Andrews

    I believe it is reasonable to assume that, in general, the contributors and those that comment on this forum are of average or above average intelligence?
    The average Trumpist would eschew this site.

    I was therefore surprised when my initial contribution in support of your piece drew insults that could hardly be described as “coherent and intelligent”: two invitations to engage in autosexual activity; comparing me to Trump (the unkindest cut of all!) for example.
    You are not the only respondent to classify me as a bully because of my subsequent responses to these insults. Indeed, one self-proclaimed independent observer accused me of retroactively claiming I was being ironic or sarcastic after being “called out”. Difficult to work out if I was being accused of being a coward, a liar, a troll or a hypocrite, there.
    So, in future, if I write something sarcastic, cynical, satirical, ironic or even tongue-in-cheek, (in this case, apparently defending the indefensible with the lamest of excuses), do I have to draw pictures for those that are “visual” to for them to understand that it’s not serious?

  29. Geoff Andrews

    Silence was the stern reply,
    And the barber kept on shaving.

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