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Independent media: a fight for its survival

Amendments to the Federal Treasurer’s media bargaining code will be tabled in the New Year.

In a nutshell, if passed, it will mean that in Australia, Facebook and Google can only publish articles from the Murdoch media, Kerry Stokes media, and Fairfax/Channel 9.

Basically, it will be ensure that the voices of independent (or dissenting) media is muffled in the lead up to the next election.

Approximately 30 online media sites and rural newspapers have joined together to fight this. There are a number of steps we need to take, with the first being an e-Petition submitted to the Parliament of Australia: Petition EN3530 – Designate Google & Facebook to support public interest journalism, as shown below:


  • Reason: Under the News Media Bargaining Code Google and Facebook have struck deals with a small number of media outlets. However, they have refused to negotiate with the majority of Australian news providers – including a range of high-quality outlets that meet the criteria set out in the Code. By publishing public interest journalism these providers fight misinformation and inject expertise into the media ecosystem. Only designation by the Treasurer can bring Facebook to the negotiation table.
  • Request: We therefore ask the House to request that Treasurer Josh Frydenberg “designate” Google and Facebook under the News Media Bargaining Code to force Google and Facebook to negotiate payment for all publishers who genuinely serve the public interest.

e-Petitions that collect 20,000 names are scheduled for debate in the House.

If we can generate 20,000 signatures on our petition we will make sure that Josh Frydenberg and the Parliament know that a handful of deals with a few media conglomerates is not good enough. We will force the Parliament to debate both Facebook AND Google. We will apply real political pressure on the Silicon Valley do a deal with us.

Our petition has only just been lodged, and we only have until the 24th of November to collect 20,000 signatures.

We urge you to sign our petition. Independent media is fighting for its survival.

This is only Step 1 of our fight. Details of Step 2 will be published in the near future.

Thanking you in advance.


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  1. Ken


  2. John lord

    Signed with great hope.

  3. BB


  4. Roswell

    Done and dusted.

  5. Brozza

    Petition signed.

  6. Max Gross

    Signed and passed on

  7. Carina McNaughton


  8. Lynette Faragher

    Done and shared. Let’s see to it that this precious freedom is not compromised.

  9. Bert

    Signed, confirmed and submitted.

  10. Andrew J. Smith

    Done. Quite disturbing these salami tactics being used in Australia over past years and decades, using imported GOP ecosystem techniques to control information, media and communications. Exemplified by multiple tactics including attacking or denigrating Big Tech, journalists/outlets (ex. our consolidated right wing ‘architecture’ of News, 7 & 9), unfounded defamation threats e.g. SLAPPs precluding comments, growth in right wing political activists masquerading as journalists etc.

    What’s the outcome? When one compares with other less developed nations, it’s about having society, more importantly ageing electorates, following consolidated legacy media, limit or restrict which issues can be presented/analysed, respect leadership power of the right or 0.1% and then voters vote the right way.

    Further, it requires authoritarianism, spin, conspiracy theories, constant nobbling of civil rights, education and society to allow radical right libertarians to manage power, permanently. It’s really not a good look Australia when most even talk the about the same (non) issues presented by legacy media in the same misinformed ways (while averting their gaze from serious issues e.g. climate science)

  11. Michael Taylor

    The two main headlines on this evening have been how the common cold is running amok in the UK, which has been replaced by China’s new rich list complete with the sob story that the bloke toppled from the number 1 spot has had a bad year.

    Nothing about voter IDs.

    Nothing about how independent media is being shut down.

    Nothing but bullshit.

  12. Phil Pryor

    Signed, endorsed, recommended…lf only the right wing were gone and we circled in ever greater positive and progressive honest spirals…

  13. Diane Larsen


  14. johnyperth

    I have just signed it.

    Morrison is getting like Trump everyday!!!

    First it’s ID cards to vote now any media outlook that talks against Morrison to be shut down!!

    Where’s the freedom of speech??!!

    Where’s OUR democracy!!??

  15. BB

    Aye Michael.
    The news these days is mostly bullshit. IMO the Feds are working overtime in collusion with MSM to censor what they can…

    So here’s some honest news.

  16. Consume Less

    Just signed and a big well done to Juice Media for saying how it is so succinctly.

  17. Henry Rodrigues

    Signed, committed and delivered.

    There is no freedom of speech and consequently, no democracy.

    And the brainless, braindead, brainwashed average Australian voter hurries home to watch Batchelorette, the T20 world cup and other assorted crap.

    They just don’t give a shit about their country anymore.

  18. James Cook

    Tried to sign but no confirmation email so signature not accepted. Email address is correct. Any suggestions?

  19. Michael Taylor

    Hi, James.

    My email confirmation also took a while to arrive, as it did with Carol’s. But they did eventually arrive.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Indeed, BB. The mainstream media is serving up absolute rubbish. Stories about so-called “influencers” are higher up on the page instead of articles about so-called politicians.

  21. Kathy

    Signed and confirmed.

  22. Brad Black

    Thanks for alerting your readers to this criminal attempt to further control information to the public!

  23. Barry Thompson


  24. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, everyone. Your support is very humbling.

  25. LOVO

    Don’t waste time being humble, just hurry up and open the cellar doors to those of us that have signed. 😜.

  26. Michael Taylor

    Hey, LOVO. Bacchus has the keys. ☹️

  27. totaram

    Signed right off of course. Didn’t know I had to announce it. 🙂

  28. Adnil

    Happily signed and shared with family and friends.

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