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In A Break With Past Liberal Policy, Dutton Opposed To Apartheid!

Ok, I almost called this: “Some days I wonder if Pauline isn’t just Peter Dutton in drag!”

Anyway, if you go onto social media, you’ll find any number of people suggesting that the Voice will be just like apartheid…

Mm, for those of you who’ve forgotten, here are some of the major features of South Africa’s apartheid regime.

  1. Pass Laws: The government implemented pass laws that restricted the movement of non-Whites. Black Africans were required to carry identification documents called “passbooks” that specified where they were allowed to live and work. Violations of these laws could result in arrest, detention, and deportation.
  2. Job Reservation and Forced Labor: The regime implemented job reservation policies that restricted certain jobs and industries exclusively for Whites. Non-Whites faced limited employment opportunities and were often subjected to low wages and poor working conditions. Additionally, migrant labor systems were established, forcing Black African men to leave their families and work in urban areas under highly exploitative conditions.
  3. Political Repression: The apartheid regime systematically oppressed political opposition, particularly targeting organizations such as the African National Congress (ANC) and Pan Africanist Congress (PAC). Activists were arrested, detained, and subjected to torture. Organizations were banned, and censorship was prevalent to suppress dissent.
  4. Racial Discrimination: Apartheid enforced widespread racial discrimination in all aspects of life. Non-Whites faced discriminatory laws regarding marriage, land ownership, access to public services, and social amenities. Interracial relationships were prohibited, and social interaction between races was heavily regulated.

So, according to some, the Voice – if successful – will lead to the Parliament being forced to implement such laws as no interracial marriage. Mm, seems like they’re getting a little carried away by their hyperbole. Either that, or else they have no idea what apartheid was because, well, it didn’t really interest them much due to the fact that it was happening to someone else.. And by someone else, I mean coloured South Africans because I remember that Peter Dutton, who definitely isn’t racist, wanted white South Africans to be fast-tracked because their lives were apparently in danger… This, of course, isn’t queue jumping because other refugees whose lives are in danger need to understand that white people are always first in the queue.

Yeah, I guess what I can’t get over is the fact that you have all these people arguing that announcing your intention to vote against the Voice doesn’t make you a racist, only to destroy any credibility that might have by launching into a tirade which ends with something like, “Aboriginals have always hated Aussies!” and getting upset when some lefty suggests that the Indigenous population may be considered by some to actually be “Aussies”!

To be fair, Malcolm Fraser was opposed to apartheid, and John Howard, while opposing it as Opposition leader, suggested that he didn’t support sanction because he didn’t think that they’d achieve much, and it wasn’t his problem anyway. So when I say that Peter Dutton is breaking with Liberal tradition in opposing apartheid, I’m using hyperbole in much the same way that pretty much every argument against the Voice has used hyperbole. Hyperbole can best be described as exaggeration for effect or, in layman’s terms, lying.

For example, when Peter Dutton talks about “Anthony Albanese’s proposal for a Voice to Parliament”, he’s overlooking that it was the Uluru Statement that asked for it and, I’m fairly sure that Albo wasn’t there at the time. This is just Canberra hyperbole. Or a bald-faced lie. Which in Dutton’s case is a bit unfair. Not because of his face but because he there’s no evidence that he reads anything apart from the speeches someone writes for him, so he may not be aware of the Uluru statement.

Yes, when Peter Dutton says that we don’t want a Canberra voice, I wonder if he realises that one of the voices from Canberra that most people don’t want to hear, is his!


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  1. Ally Morgan

    Having been to South Africa on several occasions during the Apartheid years, I can say that, unless you have been there, you have absolutely NO idea just how restrictive and discriminatory life was for non-whites. I cannot even begin to imagine that such atrocities would be implemented in Australia.

  2. andyfiftysix

    look, Dutton would have been against the sports boycotts because it wasnt going to achieve anything…….The conservatives are against anything that will improve the life of the masses. But just so we are clear, he approves of the Israel/palestine apartheid because……… He opposes the voice because, well, how dare the natives get a say. Its up to the government to listen to who ever it wants and governments wont listen to aboriginal woes. After all, its not government policy to subsidise life styles.

    There is a clear pattern of tolerating injustice so long as appearances are made to do something when nothing is happening.

  3. Fred

    Looks like the standard LNP playbook approach to me – incite fear and loathing by making things up, exaggeration and lying.

  4. New England Cocky

    When I read this article for the first time, I thought that I was reading about Australian political policies before the 1967 Referendum that promoted Aboriginal people from flora & fauna to Australian citizens after they had been disenfranchised in the 1901 Australian Constitution and subjected to state sponsored genocide.
    Indeed, I am reminded that Boofhead Duddo & the White Whingers are upset that mere mortal Australian voters including Aboriginal voters can access government Ministers to advocate for the too many essential government facilities & services that successive governments of all persuasions have ignored or politely ”overlooked”.
    Such access to government revenues by Australian voters is considered ”unhealthy” because it would limit the time and funding available to corporate supplicants that pay the necessary ”application fee” to the COALition parties and the political influencers parasitising our democratic system. Equally important it would expose the totally inadequate level of government infrastructure and staffing in regional centres across the nation.
    Rossleigh ….. You are perpetrating a lie that Boofhead Duddo has become a warm cuddly human rather than the racist to the marrow, Aboriginal hating self-serving licker of corporate anal sphincters that leads a COALition of too many similarly disposed individuals.
    I agree with all the comments above mine.

  5. RomeoCharlie

    When I read all this crap that Spud; the race traitor, Price and other Voice opponents come out with I laugh, or I would if I wasn’t so incensed, at the thought that the one percent, or thereabouts, of the population that Indigenous, or First Nations people comprise of Australia’s population, are suddenly going to have so much power that the lifestyles of the rest of us will be destroyed. That, apparently, 38% of the populace believe this bullshit has me wondering at their intelligence. If you are stupid enough to hate the idea of our indigenous population being given some constitutional recognition and some justice, own it, don’t justify it with some ludicrous mumbo-jumbo about it being the end of the world as we whities know it.

  6. GL

    Spudalini is the human (barely) version of a spitting cobra. Both spit venom but the snake does it when threatened and Der Spud indiscriminately sprays his putrid verbal venom, with extra added bile, in all directions. A thing of limited intelligence but full of greed, guile, barely suppressed racism, and overwhelming nastiness.

  7. Konn

    RomeoCharlie, First Nations people make up close to 4% of the population. The point is not that they make 1, 4, 40 or 99% of the population. It’s that the Constitution, which will be affected by the referendum, is directed at all Australians and not special subsets of people here and there.
    Why are we messing with the Constitution when it is not the Constitution that has shafted that group but rather politicians and the dolt-like personnel of the mainstream media who have done the dirty? Expecting a change in the wording of a document to change behaviors of those in power is naive. You can expect change via a referendum if you like but I think it’d be better to get rid of the legacy media in its current format.
    I listened to Stan Grant’s address at the end of Q& A this week and he made it very clear – the media is poison.

  8. Paul Smith

    “… announcing your intention to vote against the Voice doesn’t make you a racist …”
    That’s right. ANNOUNCING one’s intention doesn’t MAKE one racist. It’s one’s intention that shows one already IS racist.

    Konn: “Why are we messing with the Constitution when it is not the Constitution that has shafted that group …”
    The explicit intention of the authors of the Constitution was to exclude ATSI people from the project of Australian nationhood.
    Furthermore, after telling us all to get real about how change might or might not come, you say this: “… I think it’d be better to get rid of the legacy media in its current format.” Seriously!? No, you can’t be (taken) serious(ly).

  9. New England Cocky

    @ Konn: Uhm …… the Australian Constitution specifically excludes Aborigines. Indeed, it was directed at specific groups in the population, especially Aborigines and Asians. Merdick is the sociopath that was allowed gather most of the mastheads of Australian media, so now it is the time to follow the Fijian example and dispossess him of his influence.

  10. Paul Smith

    “… the Voice will be just like apartheid…” Dutton is opposed to the Voice. Therefore, Dutton is opposed to apartheid. And that is a break with the past. That all sounds about right. As in right wing propensity to say anything that sounds like it will land a blow and not notice that they’ve knocked themselves out.

  11. Clakka

    Like a madman ex-walloper, in his path to the future, any future, if there was a turd on Dutton’s track, he’d stick his nose in it, then belt it around with a stick.

  12. Harry Lime

    If the heading photo is a prelude to “Spot the fuckwit”,then one can assume it’s a trick question.Mind you,cannonball head is further to the right than the redheaded clown,despite his denials.

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