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If only we could

It’s been a fairly heated week and perhaps it’s time for a bit of fun.

So . . .

Let’s imagine . . .

One member of Parliament was to stand down at your pleasure, never to run for Parliament again. Sacked on the spot.

Who would you nominate? And why?

I can foresee that Tony Abbott would rank high in the discussion and deservedly so. As would Joe Hockey, Christopher Pyne, Scott Morrison, Peter Dutton . . . crikey, I could run through the whole front bench.

It might even be Bill Shorten.

Personally, I’d select Bronwyn Bishop. She’s not the worse person in the House – far from it – but in my opinion her performance as Speaker has turned Parliament into a house of disrepute. Sure, she may not be Speaker forever but I don’t want to take the chance. I would like to see her gone. Now.

Also, as I watched in horror as she chilled the audience on QandA with her ideology I wandered just how much damage she could do as an ‘ordinary’ politician to what we ‘ordinary’ Australians call fairness.

So for me, goodbye Bronwyn Bishop.

Now it’s your turn.


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  1. philgorman2014

    If only; if only! So many Machiavellian miscreants. Only one sack. OK, it’s Scott Morrison. Can I strip his citizenship and banish him to Manus Island for life? PLEASE!

  2. Roswell

    Just for you, yes.

  3. DanDark

    I reckon the best bet we got to rid this lot of clowns out of office, is to get an opposition leader with what it takes to bring Phony Tony
    down to his knees, just like he has brought the country to its knees,
    then we will pay someone 5 thousand bucks to strap him to an esky full of cold beers, he will have to make the decision down the track/sea either to float back to Pommie land on the esky, or open it to get one of them cold beers out so he dosnt dehydrate
    but then taking the risk to lose his floaty ooops esky,
    then we will pay Jaws appearance money to come and circle him, just to add to the fun 🙂

  4. mark delmege

    The beehive would be snapped up by the ABC for her own radio show – maybe back to back with that other tutti frutti Amanada whats her name. Be careful what you wish for.

  5. Keitha Granville

    oh gosh, what a choice. Just for being simply ignorant in a portfolio that theoretically should demand intelligence it would have to be Education Minister Christopher Pyne. An oxymoron all on his own.

  6. Kerri

    Oh Roswell!! This is worse than Sophie’s choice.
    Actually if she were still there I’d probably pick her!

  7. stephentardrew

    Rosswell an evil Devil’s choice.

    Damn how to give a person intense anxiety.

    To me Abbott is the most dangerous loon in the party and seems to be able to convince a large cohort of people to vote for him regardless of his lying deceitful nature. He bought a new type of dystopian narcissism to the party pushing his god forsaken right to rule. Abbott brought the Tea Party to Australia and for that he represents a special kind of cruelty and maliciousness.

  8. Rosemary (@RosemaryJ36)

    Who amongst us is prepared to actually stand as an independent at the next election?

    If enough of us did, we might get rif of all of them in one fell swoop!

  9. Ruth L

    What a dilemma?I found myself agreeing with each commentator as I scrolled down.
    I would add Michaela Cash to my top 10.
    They ALL have to go,but how do we convince the rest of Australia that ‘what we see is what we get’ NOT what the morons are telling us ‘what to see’
    I am also hoping Bill Shorten will do the honorable thing and ‘step down’ for the sake of the Party ( and Australia) We need a new Opposition Leader ASAP.

  10. Pamela

    So many ~ so tempting but based on parliamentary standards sic
    Dutton lied to the people – he said payments were not made to agents running boats- lying used to matter once

  11. corvus boreus

    Tough choice.

    There is George Christenson, a blathering, bellowing buffoon who loathes anything not male and Christian (backbencher).
    There is Christopher Pyne, a pampered poodle specialising in petulant tantrums and smirking lies (Minister for Education).
    Then there is Tony Abbott, the lizard lord himself, repulsive to eyes, ears, mind and soul (our Prime Minister [facepalm]).

    Abbott wins for me.

    A combination of loathsome ideologies and shifty implementations, a penchant for stuttering and stammering whilst repetitively braying simplistic slogans and offensive sledges (where communication and diplomacy are required), and deceptions for enrichments surrounding his own personal conduct, combined with the serious consequences of having such a dumb and dodgy thing occupying the highest electoral office in the land, make this crawling carrion creature of shifty eyes and flickering tongue (Varanus monotonii) the winner of my vote for immediate ejection from any responsible representative position.

  12. amarkoneMark Clifford

    Totally agree, pox on all their houses. What about Blinky Bill the minister for small minds, sorry, I mean small business, look at me, look at me Tony, did I do good master. I can’t listen or watch parliament anymore I’m too ashamed at the fact that I am surrounded by morons who voted for this mob. Don’t get me wrong, I voted Liberal once when they had a good idea, the GST, because being a pragmatic person I understand that governments have to get revenue unlike general Liberal voters who are just plain dopey.

  13. RoaminRuin

    A very hard call as all agree. The missus says to use my “shouting at the telly” as a reasonable Odium-O-Meter.

    So, Abbott. Hands down.

  14. diannaart

    Curse you, Roswell, for demanding such a singularity from an array of arseholes.

    Where is the heel of Achilles’ among such a plethora of pap, ship of fools, a boat which must be stopped.

    We do what is needed when there is an infestation and clear out the lot.

  15. Loz

    The most depressing part of this exercise is that there is so much choice. But for me it is Scott Morrison who I think wields a lot of power behind Tony’s throne. He is a man of no integrity and no empathy and a total hypocrite with regard to his professed Christianity.

  16. proudlyprogressive

    For the most bang for buck the obvious choice is Shorten, because an effective LOTO would shorten the reign of the worst govt ever.

  17. Clive Manson

    You make life difficult with only ONE choice.

    Personally, I could think of half a dozen without ANY effort!

  18. Glenn

    The most serious threat this current government has come up with is the intent to usurp the rule of law and clear separation of powers. Giving the Executive branch of government judicial power is fundamentally codifying a dictatorship. As the proponent and probable author of this, Tony Abbott is by far and away the most serious threat to our country and our democracy. Why the MSM and the general population do not see the SIGNIFICANCE of this is frightening. History teaches us many things, and the overreach of executive power has only ever produced misery for the masses.

  19. Michael Taylor

    Tony Abbott for me. Bronwyn Bishop is horrid, but I think Abbott’s the one in bed with the likes of Murcoch, Rinehart, the IPA, the Christian lobby etc. More than anyone, he is their voice and he is their baby.

  20. stuff me

    Roswell, why cant you ask an easy question. Like, “tell me one person on the front bench of the LNP who’s life you would save in an emergency”. OK, so be it, Bishop it is.

  21. Itsazoosue

    I pick captain Tony Abbott and hope that he takes the entire ship of fools down with him.

  22. DanDark

    Michael said “he is their voice and he is their baby”
    He is one of the ugliest babies I have ever seen, but he sounds like a baby mostly incoherent
    Just babbles away to himself in his cot and bangs his toy drum when he wants attention 🙂
    I think the most bald face lie the LNP told the voter was that they were “adults” adults oh geeexuz knock me down with a feather,
    adults is the last thing these pack of oxymorons are, they are idiots on a spectacular scale….adults too funny LOL

  23. dianne brelsford

    As others have said it is very hard to pick one person from the most incompetent government ever, although Pyne and Morison would be high on my list. However, to my mind the most dangerous one of the pack is the de facto member, the puppet master Rupert Murdoch.

  24. Evely wheeler

    Can only be Abbott….mongrel

  25. Ricardo29

    All of the above, for all of the reasons given, however for a change my tip is Brandis for his willingness to abolish the rule of law, usurp our freedoms AND do over the Arts.

  26. mark delmege

    Well if you want to play the off topic game stephentardrew people might care to understand a little deeper on the causes of terrorism – not the politically motivated bobble head version as presented by our dear leaders especially one TABbot – who uses such talk to frighten poor sods and wedge the ever grasping opposition while taking away our long fought for freedoms.


  27. Gangey1959

    Whilst I am certain there is more power in operation behind the throne than there is held by the moron who sits on it, my choice would be abbott, for the simple reason that regardless of the disservice he and his government is doing MY country, he is such a disgustingly poor performer on the international stage. At times I have felt that he has unilaterally decided and announced to the world that Australians per se KNOW that the Earth is flat, and that the rest of the world is wrong. That says it all.

  28. darrel nay

    Thanks stephentardrew,

    This TPP is a real nightmare. I saw the story recently where the U.S. introduced a law (COOL – country of origin labeling) only to have the World Trade Organisation strike the law down. Welcome to the future, where we will not be told what gmo’s and toxins are in our food and medications. These treaties are illegal (on many counts) and we can only hope that the bipartisan support will lead more people to ask whether the two-party system has been corrupted to the point of being a false choice.


  29. wakeupandsmellthehumans

    Mal Brough is my choice. He is my local member and he admitted on television to a crime…didn’t he? Not to mention the litany of other atrocities committed under Howard. I also strongly suspect he is a reptile. Mammals only please.

  30. Phi

    Morrison – evil personified and with lofty ambitions – more dangerous than Abbott.

  31. Stoo1970

    Uuuuuummmmmmm…Nope, can’t settle on just one – they’re all ‘orrible!

  32. Harkobus

    George Brandis. Has brains and uses them to oppress us.

  33. Harkobus

    A much easier question would be, which ones should we keep?

    Someone in this forum stated once that, if greater than 50% of votes are informal then, a new election must be held only, none of the candidates can recontest. If true, we could get rid of every one of them at the same time.

    If we end up with a hung parliament and they send us back to the polls, which nearly happened in 2010, I am going to confirm what was said and then start a campaign to do just that.

  34. Gangey1959

    I had a thought last night, and Harkobus has encapsulated it too. In my wilder days I rode a Triumph. Not in a Club, ut we did kick around together. One of our mantras (LOL) was “Kill them all, let God sort them out”.
    Especially in the light of the pope’s message last week, maybe Australia should try that option at our next elections.
    Biggest question. Who would still returned from the dead? Methinks not many, and they would be fro the cross-benches

  35. Harquebus

    Bring back some of the big guns eh? Howard, Costello and Beazley. Good grief. Maybe I’ll just forget it.

  36. Jaia

    To many to decide from so I’d say control/delete the lot of them!

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