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I want a government that governs for 23 million Australians

I want a government that governs for 23 million Australians.

Not for some greedy, aging expatriate billionaire who looks at his country of birth as nothing more than a profit centre.

Not for some disgustingly rich mining mogul who wants workers to be paid $2 an hour.

Not for an Indian mining billionaire that nobody has ever heard of who wants to tear up our heritage-listed treasures.

Not for the Church.

Not for American corporations who want to take away our ‘freedom’ once the TPP is signed.

Not for the Australians who believe they are born into entitlement.

Not for the mining companies who want not only to take traditional lands away from the first Australians but destroy all that is sacred in those lands.

Not for those families who have a salary of $250,000 or more.

Not for some outdated public policy think-tank.

Not for the minority of Australians who will vote for the Coalition because the boats have (allegedly) stopped.

Not for those Australians who will hide under the bed whenever Tony Abbott waves a flag.

Not for those Australians who won’t open their arms or their hearts to people in need.

Not for the shock jocks who think that their opinion is public opinion.

Oh how I could go on.

No, I want a government that governs for 23 million Australians. At best, the current government falls short by about 20 million.


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  1. Blinkyewok

    Well said. I agree.

  2. Kizzmett

    Couldn’t agree more. Where do we find them?

  3. Roswell

    Hopefully we’ll find them at the next election, but I’m not hopefull.

  4. Robyn Stevenson

    Politicians do not care about the people they are supposed to represent. They only care about winning the next election and keeping their rich donators happy. Sack all the self serving politicians and give the government to the people for true democracy. Help us out:

  5. sandrasearle

    What we have to do is to engage the young people and encourage them to tip the scales back to a more caring democracy. It can be done and we need to start talking to them now, not just before the next election. They are aware that we are all being screwed by this current government and they don’t like it any better than us older folk. They just don’t know who to trust. We want those that represent us in our electorates to get out and show us all how genuine they are about looking after us. ALP please step up to the plate PLEASE!

  6. quiltingforkidsCarol Schmidt

    This sounds like what we do not for the US as well. Maybe we should unite to fight this losing battle of wealth over health for all the people of both countries

  7. TosemaryJ36

    Your best article ever Rossleigh!

  8. Roswell

    Rossleigh will be thrilled to hear that.

  9. stephentardrew

    I really think the’re pushing too hard internationally at the moment and the backlash is coming. The natural cycle will be foreshortened because of their bloody minded absolutism and lack of empathy and moral decency. It will be the people not the opposition that will turn this lot around. I sense a lot of sleeper anger out there that will swing at the next election. I don’t think he realises he has given opposition parties substantially more ammunition than he ever had against Labor and a careful directed relentless frontal attack will see his usual idiot behaviour return in spades.

    Madam Bee Bonnet has put another nail in his austerity coffin.

    All Hockey can do about the housing crises is bleat his usual mantra get a nonexistent high paying job.

    I also think because of coninued long term mismanagement any lollies offered before the election will be seen as empty bribes because the liar label is going to stick like glue.

  10. John Lord

    Hear hear.

  11. oldfart

    Given that both sides of politics are as bad as each other, how do we change the culture? short of a coup we need a third middle of the road political force. would the USA allow that?????

  12. M-R

    @oldfart (this was my second choice monicker !)
    Right on. Just because I loathe and abhor everything Abbott’s version of the LNP stands for doesn’t mean I will vote Labor.
    I’m in a real muddle re voting – unless Nick X manages to assemble a party. Or Tony W.

  13. Stephen

    Roswell you are being unaustralian. We have noted you.

    At the right time when we have more fully indoctrinated the populace our thought police will come for you.

  14. Rogers

    I wish I would donate negative dollars to this…

    There’s always some r-tard screaming global warming, speeding kills, we should stop mining, all men are evil rapists, look at me pay attention to me.

    It’s always the young, educated, prospect poor white surburbanite with no concept of the genuine needs of societies. They just need something to rage against because they can’t accept the fact that they aren’t special, they can’t become anything they want, they are fighting a losing battle approaching 30 and haven’t achieved anything, they don’t have partners and children and if they do its usually because they have money behind them to let them not have to work 60 hour weeks or never take a holiday.

    Sometimes I think military service on top of working away should be compulsory out of high school so people don’t fly into adult hood with the moral compass of a 6 year old who’s spilt their milk and is looking to blame anyone but themselves.

  15. june Currie

    Clear,concise common sense for the COMMONwealth.Well said,Roswell.

  16. Peter

    so you have effectively said not for anyone in Australia, Let us just say equality for all Australians who have an single Australian passport and let us get an honest communist party going.

  17. lizzieconnor

    Both sides of politics are NOT as bad as each other! And even the Liberal Party isn’t as bad as this lot currently in government. Please don’t put Shorten’s failings in the same box as Abbott’s, or Menzies, Hewson’s and Turnbull’s failings. We are in the hands of a ‘greed is good’ cadre (including Murdoch), and so we must focus on the enemy we need to fight.

  18. corvus boreus

    Posting a bunch of derogatory generalisations based upon your own prejudiced assumptions of stereotypes does no credit to either yourself or your viewpoint.
    For this one, my first job was as an ACN343/1 Rifleman, followed by many years working primary industries in remote locations. I currently work 2 jobs (around 55 hrs/week average), and accept most of the disappointments in my life as a combination of fate and my own failings.
    As for your conscription ‘thought-bubble’, one of the main opponents to this idea is the Australian military (unwilling conscripts make crap soldiers).

  19. randalstella

    Voters need to be responsible.
    I believe all Coalition voters aged 18-80 should qualify for mobilisation in support of their Foreign Policy.
    Maybe then some of them will pay attention.
    As an anti-discrimination measure, zinger Shortenings first preferencers as well.

  20. Sioux

    I want a government who knows the definition of governing & democracy. Seems our modern bodies in power are no more than pawns on the chessboards of immoral unethical corporations.

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