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I heard the news today, oh boy!

By Sean Crawley

Australia is burning and the POTUS has been impeached. It doesn’t matter what our PM says about reaching our Paris Commitments in a canter, or what the President says about witch hunts, Mother Nature has switched into pay-back mode.

We are being punished for listening to, or ignoring, the psychopaths. They’re mainly men, they’re mainly white, they’re mainly religious, and they’re all damaged. But, we the enablers, the ones who have let them get their way, are of all different genders, skin colours and beliefs. We are the frightened masses and we vote them in, and it’s hard not to feel at times that we deserve everything we get.

China did an experiment with population control, the one child policy. It was a failure, and now any talk of population control is taboo. And while we’re at it, because we here in the West can’t even begin to comprehend the mind of China, we rule out collectivism and thus any left leaning ideas and political policies. ‘It’s a slippery slope to communism,’ the psychopaths scream when any murmurs of equality manage to gain some traction among the normally compliant enablers. Individualism facilitated by capitalism rages out of control.

Have you heard this: ‘Climate change is an opportunity for jobs and growth.’ Did you bang your head against a wall when you heard it? Or, did you just shrug and think, yes, I guess it could be?

It’s predicted that the human population on Earth will hit 8 billion in the next decade: The Roaring Twenties? China won’t do another experiment with population control. And here in Australia, population growth is essential for economic growth and prosperity, unquestioned. As is foreign investment. So while we recoil at the dictatorial authoritarianism and the atrocities against human rights being committed by our communist neighbour to the north, we squabble about the tricky negotiations and balancing act required to maintain our trade with China and our unquestioned alliance with the USA where they just impeached their psychopath president.

But all of this is human noise, pointless chatter. We don’t need a human population control policy, or new emission targets to limit global warming to whatever number of degrees Celsius are agreed upon in Kyoto, Paris, or Madrid. Mother Nature is getting on with the job, restoring balance – we won’t have to lift a finger.

This article was originally published on “wake up and smell the humans”.


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  1. Phil Pryor

    You cannot reason with self focussed sluts for money, ambition, pose, status, wannabebetter dills, as they defy logic, decency, honesty, all in the quest to establish the impossible, that they are better than they really are. We could lift our standards and elect a fillet of mullet or bag of bait to high office and not the the Howard, Abbott, Morrison types, dishonest defectives.

  2. Wobbley

    Do we have to wait until half the people of this country are dead under this fascist regime and what do we as a nation to counteract these evil scum? The msm have left us for dead, all the institutions have been co opted and corrupted under these evil pigs. There’s nothing left for us to fight with and fight we must, what are the people’s alternative in Australia to get our nation back, the bleeding obvious I would suggest, and it’s not pretty.

  3. New England Cocky

    @Phil Pryor: Now, now Phil, you are simply not allowed to describe our esteemed Happy Clapper as accurately as that because the unthinking masses of Australian voters might just realise that they elected an unconscionable fake Christian as Prim Monster.

    The only reason that the international powers support Scummo and the Parasites is that those powers recognise that has Australian voters have fewer brains and even less interest in the welfare and common wealth future prospects for their kids.

  4. ajogrady

    Australia! A nation of boiling frogs. By the time the people realise that they elected their own form of hell it will be to late to change anything.The L/NP governments success is its ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm or any conscience.If a government is a reflection of an electorate then Australia is a country predominately full of obscurantists, impostors, traitors, cheats, crooks, swindlers, bigots, racists, spivs, liars, con artists, thieves, charlatans, traitors, betrayers, deceivers, Judas, bribers,fraudsters, cheats, phoneys, fiends, sadists, ghouls, neanderthals, ignoramuses, simpletons, fools, morons, dimwits, regressives, counterproductives and mostly I’m alright Jack arseholes.
    The L/NP and their supporters in the media have systematically and methodically fraudulently stolen the Australian peoples democracy, broken their larrikin spirit, sacrificed their soul and maligned any body of thought that opposed their dereliction of their duty. This has created a society that is a mirror image of themselves, insular, dogmatic, selfish, ignorant,racist, bigots, lazy, incompetent, conceited basically a country of ” I’m alright Jacks, fck the rest of you.
    Judgement folly, policy vacuum compounded by disgraceful and dishonest leadership of cruelty and corruption
    lead by despicable God bothering charlatans whose behaviour has manifested itself into businesses mindset. Unethical and unprincipled behaviour has resulted in common theft and corrupt dealings with employees that is becoming the norm and the new business model for many businesses. This will soon continue into the general public perceptions of what is right and what is wrong and anarchy will be the result.
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Would the Australian voter continually voting L/NP be proof that Australia is no a bona fide lunatic asylum.

  5. Phil Pryor

    N E Cocky, let us agree that the governmental garbage and grabbing grots are repulsive. I had fond memories of New England, B A there and many courses in holidays, washed down well, but in an age of the repulsive ignoramus Joyce (a UNE grad!!) one shudders. Billy Mc Mahon was the original Prim Monster. Many here commenting show we are beyond tolerance in the coatings of shit from the conservative conglomeration of cloacal clods and clitty claptraps. The lying exploitation of superstition makes it all worse.

  6. Wam

    I am simpleton who believed in the zero population growth idea of the 60s and all my wife’s and my families have two children, save one with the third being the boy and the eldest with none.
    I think the one child China was successful even with the abortions and trauma. With millions not born and millions of girls getting the boy’s roles.

    As for jobs in renewables, perhaps the scummo mob are afraid that they will be filled by perceived labor supporters and must be avoided.

    The voter choice comes from the branches and perhaps it is the dumb delivery of labor to those branches in the local area that cannot overcome the fear of the loonies rather than the natural ability of the 50% with below average intelligence.
    Fear is instantly roused by incidents both contrived and real. Libs are good at exacerbating fear labor hopeless at abating it. QED two seats in Qld gone.
    Whether weather wethers climate change may be a moot point to some but to a conservative booby’s caravan hold great fear for jobs and growth. A fear that leaves ample room for ’fanning’ remember him??
    I got a bit of paper from New England in 79. It was a great place to study. At the welcome party on the 27 August it was two against the rest when me and a local, son of an Irish railway family were on the IRA side.

  7. M

    Touche; unfortunately ajogrady

  8. wam

    what a silly post australia was always full of racist, bigots, I am alright jacks and worker ready to be frightened of losing jobs.
    It is not the voters who are expecting anything different.
    It the labor party who has, in my voting life time, stood by and let the lnp do eff all but win win win.
    Ming fear of commos
    Fraser fear of whitlam
    Howard fear of keating then fear of everything the lying rodent could think of
    The rabbottt fear of debt and islam
    Scummo fear of jobs, shorten and the loonies

    Still to paraphrase you, by the time labor wakes up and wins their job will be, as it was by the racist NT intervention, just maintain.

  9. New England Cocky

    @Phil Pryor: Agreed!! But you are too unkind to describe Barnyard Joke as a “repulsive ignoramus”. He has the amorality of an alley cat on heat, the guile of a sewer rat and drinks like a fish. Just don’t ask questions about rorting the Parliamentary Allowances Scheme.

  10. Wobbley

    Ajogrady, you just described the electorate here in wide bay to a tee!

  11. Wat Tyler

    There was trouble at Head Office
    ‘cause the word had got around
    that the arsehole from the Shire
    had gone away…

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