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I get it

I feel that if progressive Australians are ever going to come to terms with what happened on September 7 2013, we’re going to have to come to terms with the fact that the Liberal National Coalition are the government that the people of Australia want. And if we’re going to come to terms with this, I think we need to understand why on earth it is that people want Abbott to lead this country. I have lost many hours of sleep trying to work out what on earth is wrong with voting-age Australians for them to choose this complete and utter imbecile and intellectual nobody as the person who they want to make the most important decisions on behalf of all of us. More accurately, we have learnt that this person will not make decisions as the Prime Minister of Australia. Rather, he will float ideas and then judge the reaction on a narrow criteria of how pissed off influential people are, before deciding whether such an idea will be culled or snuck in a bit later when everyone has forgotten about it.

Anyway, yesterday when I was driving to work, I got a convincing insight into how this appalling outcome came to be. This is just one example, but I feel it is representative of a much larger whole. I was listening to ABC Radio National when Geraldine Doogue was interviewing Terry O’Brien, Managing Director of frozen food processing company, Simplot Australia. Geraldine was discussing with Terry the challenges the Australian arm of this American owned multi-national company are facing in remaining viable in the Australian market, with considerable cost pressures compared to cheaper alternatives that can be imported from overseas. You know, in places where they pay people considerably less than a dollar a day and where these people live in poverty. As one of the last frozen vegetable processing companies in Australia, Simplot Australia is a large employer and presumably the government, any government, would not like to see them disappear. A bit like Holden and Ford’s manufacturing businesses in Australia? Or maybe not. Abbott’s not finished floating on this one.

At the end of the interview, as the discussion centered around the actions Simplot Australia were taking to modernise their plant, to lower costs and to remain competitive, Geraldine asked:

“Well, how much do you need government here? I notice that the Federal Industry Minister, Ian McFarlane, who’s a bit busy lately defending industries, has said recently everyone will be involved in making this plant sustainable, but there’s no cash on the table yet. And the Manufacturing Workers Union representative John Short says the previous Federal Labor government pledged $15 million, and he wants the new government to match this. What are you hearing?”

To which Terry replied:

“I’m hearing exactly what you said. The Federal government, the new Federal government hasn’t been inclined towards putting money up. And quite frankly, we can live with that, if they deliver on their election pledge of things like rolling back the Carbon Tax, which certainly hurts us a bit. If they can look at the regulation. In the food industry regulation costs us an absolute squillion dollars and there’s a lot of regulation that’s really there for its own sake and not really adding any value…”

And then Geraldine said:

“But they can’t roll it back just for you, can they?”

Then Terry replied, with the clincher:

“No, but the sort of things they’re talking about doing will benefit us. And then on top of that, their catch call is ‘open for business’, you know, and if they can get a more business friendly environment going, that will benefit us.”

To summarise, the Labor government, baddy baddy bad for business, were putting money on the table to help the profit-making, American capitalist owned corporation modernise their facilities, to make them more efficient, so they wouldn’t pull out of Australia and cancel thousands of Australian jobs in the process. Labor were looking out for workers. But the Managing Director of this company doesn’t need this Labor government funding, as long as he doesn’t have to account for the pollution his company spews into our environment, contributing to climate change which is not a sustainable future (especially for vegetable growing). And he doesn’t need this Labor government funding as long as he doesn’t have to worry about regulations that we all know are not there just to give public servants something to do between twiddling their thumbs, but are actually there so that the food that Australians buy is safe and the working environment the workers of this company produce this food in is safe. Bad regulation, bad! Oh, and don’t forget the ‘catch call’ of ‘open for business’. Yes, this Managing Director really did say ‘catch call’. And he really did imply that this ‘catch call’ made him feel more positive about the future of his job, even if there is no actual government action arising from this catch call, when in fact the baddy baddy bad Labor government was offering investment to help the company, so not to see generations of the manufacturing workers on unemployment benefits for the rest of their lives, and so not to see the resulting community deterioration that comes from generations of unemployed.

To summarise even more concisely – it was big business, men like Terry O’Brien and those in the electorate who believe people like Terry O’Brien when they say ‘catch calls’ like ‘open for business’ are going to make their lives easier, and to make their businesses richer, and to make them individually richer, who brought about the Abbott victory. No care for the environment. No care for the level or regulation that is sensible and makes Australia a first world country. No care for the fact that they are using three word slogans to justify the biggest f*ck up this country has ever democratically elected. It’s just the vibe. And if you weren’t depressed enough by this revelation, here is a line from Simplot Australia’s Sustainability Report 2012:

“We are committed to delivering lower emissions through using energy more efficiently, the installation of a cogeneration plant together with other improvements in refrigeration and efficient lighting.”

Presumably this commitment to delivering lower emissions is only a value of the company if it doesn’t cost them anything. Or was this just included to appease prospective investors and customers, who might by some chance have a social conscience? Ok. I think I finally get it.


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  1. hannahquinn

    And note, this Government is already going after the unions and the overseer on behalf of big business; creating issues where there currently are none. Watch as they build this into a ‘warlike’ situation and make the electorate believe it’s all the fault of the unions. If you don’t take a stand, it won’t only by ‘them/others’ losing protections and/or wages.

  2. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle)

    Bring on a DD please!!!!!

  3. Dan Rowden

    Big business doesn’t change governments. Swing voters do. We always know how big business will lean.

  4. Victoria Rollison

    Sure, big business has always voted Liberal. But it’s the swing voters who are influenced by the lobbying and campaigning of big business who decide whether Liberal or Labor wins. For example – voters supported Gina Rinehart’s campaign to get rid of the Carbon Price and Mining Tax – they backed big business over workers. That’s how Abbott won.

  5. Gitte

    The thing that Australians need to come to terms with is the fact that voters do not vote a government IN, they vote a government OUT. That is the way it has always been in Australia and it always will be that way. You cannot say that this government (or any other) is the will of the people. It was not a unanimous vote. While the majority voted for Abbot’s lot there is still a significant minority who did not! They will accept the government because they have to, but do not ever say this government was of their choosing.

  6. cassilva48

    “We are committed to delivering lower emissions through using energy more efficiently, the installation of a cogeneration plant together with other improvements in refrigeration and efficient lighting.”
    So if this company is so committed to delivering lower emissions why weren’t these installations and recommendations put in place years ago. Their commitment is balanced against a 15 million government handout, so I see no commitment from this multi-national to a sustainable agricultural environment, but a quit pro quo.

    Once these regulations are removed we will see farmers unable to compete with overseas suppliers, but hey, in the scheme of things, they are collateral damage.

  7. Jack

    Labor received barely a third of the vote before preferences. That tells you the majority were fed up with an imbecile government led by a ratbag like Gillard and an incompetent moron and poser like Rudd. It’s about time the Left stopped whinging and accepted the result at the ballot box.

  8. JohnB

    Lets be like the US eh??

    “Almost half of Americans had NO assets in 2009…,
    Based on wage figures, half of Americans are in or near poverty…,

    Inequality is at its ugliest for the hungriest people. While food support was being targeted for cuts, just 20 rich Americans made as much from their 2012 investments as the entire 2012 SNAP (food assistance) budget, which serves 47 million people”.

    Extreme Capitalism reigns supreme.

    Yeah – Australia’s open for business alright – the corporate plunder business!
    Assetts for sale!! … Assetts for sale!!
    Get’em cheap before the natives wake up.

  9. Möbius Ecko

    Then there’s this little inconvenient truth for business:

    The problem is labour but business capital failing, then using their failure to attack unions and labour in an attempt to make up for their failures.

    Labour isn’t letting this country down, business is. But don’t expect Abbott ever to understand that.

    Then you have idiots like Van Onselen blaming falling productivity on an ageing workforce, which is also blatantly false. That effect is marginal at best.

  10. Möbius Ecko

    Oh hypocrite Jack you mean like the right accepted the result of the ballot box in 2007.

    Facts too much for you?

    Also remember the Liberals received 1.3% less votes than Labor before preferences.

    Probably another unpalatable fact you will ignore.

  11. Kaye Lee

    It is ALL about big business.

    Get rid of green tape, get rid of unions, get rid of environmental and preventative health bodies, get rid of public servants, get rid of ministries, get rid of welfare organisations, put your cronies on “independent” review panels, rush through free trade agreements and mining development applications, cut company tax, groom tame journalists and suppress all further communication.

    Bob’s your uncle……

  12. Möbius Ecko

    Sorry @11:17 that should be; “the problem isn’t labour…”

  13. Kaye Lee

    Oh and of course, get rid of the carbon tax and the mining tax.

  14. jane

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but Labor received 200,000 more votes than the Liars. You might get away with lying to other barrackers because it’s your and their, default position, but it won’t wash with others.

    The only reason Liesalot is PM is the coalition with minority party the Nationals.

    Get your facts right and then start spruiking.

  15. Kaye Lee

    Get rid of foreign aid and legal aid.

  16. Kaye Lee

    Get rid of the NBN and Medibank Private and Australia Post and Centrelink and the NDIS and the ABC and SBS and privatise schools and hospitals.

  17. Jandre

    Also, the vote was against an incumbent government. The swing from Labor did not go to the LNP -unlike the reverse 27% swing in the recent NSW by-election, nor was it uniform, so some seats predicted lost were retained.

  18. IDontCareWhatYouThink OrHaveToSay

    @ jack we support the morons that are currently running the country like your did for both Gillard and Rudd. Why don’t you go contemplate your massive hypocrisy rather than showing us how prejudiced and imbecilic the supporters of the LNP really are.

  19. Möbius Ecko

    Yes Jandre. The right wingers believe they won in a landslide when Abbott did anything but.

    It would have only taken a shift of 30,000 votes in 19 specific seats he won for a hung parliament of for him to have lost by one seat. Just 30,000 votes in the right places out of roughly 13.7 million votes got him a majority government.

  20. Kaye Lee

    It is interesting that the managing director of Simplot would rather be able to pollute freely than accept 15 million in government assistance.

    With assistance to the car industry being cut and other industries like Electrolux announcing closures (even with the prospect of no carbon tax), I wondered why Tony Abbott chose to give $16 million of taxpayer money to multiple-billion dollar overseas company Cadbury even though they are making a sizable profit. At least I wondered until I saw that they are one of his pollie pedal sponsors, along with the big pharmaceutical firms who are no doubt pushing the free trade agenda. One of those sponsors is AMGEN who “makes the blood-doping drug that almost destroyed professional cycling.”×2-940×

  21. jane

    ME, Liesalot knows very well that business is letting this country down, but he owes them big time, so like all Liars governments and oppositions always have, he peddles the same old bs. Without the total capitulation to Murdoch, Rinehart and big business, the Liars would be bereft of funds and a propaganda machine.

    The thing that also amazes me is that the likes of Simplot surely know that cutting their emissions and running their businesses more efficiently in terms of energy use etc, must improve their bottom line, but they’re too lazy, incompetent and corrupt to be bothered.

    Just blame the workforce, unions and regulations protecting workers’ and consumers’ health and safety, instead of addressing core issues.

    This is what the Liars stand for and what their moronic barrackers cheer on. What the barrackers fail to realise is that the Liars don’t give a toss about their OH&S or whether their wages are below the poverty line. They’re expendable.

  22. jane

    Jandre & ME, I wonder if those 30,000 voters will vote for the Liars in 2016?

  23. Aussies for Aussies.

    Australia has plenty of over Government, it also suffers from oligopolies , Australian businesses being bought and closed down by overseas interests and the assets of state being sol: to mates. What we need is real change an office of small small business that actually helps small Australian manufactures, spitting of oligopolistic business and banning the take over of Australian Businesses by overseas corporation that buy them to close them.

  24. Kaye Lee

    And there we have the usual conservative contribution. They are totally incapable of discussion of policies, performance or issues of concern. Jack, what do you think about the TPP or DAP or PPL? What do you feel the Coalition have to offer (she asks in vain hope)?

  25. Alison RM

    Thanks Victoria, for your interesting, informative read. Yours and other articles on this site make me aware that there is a deep level of disquiet at what has happened. It is quite apparent that this government does NOT govern for all because it lacks an effective moral compass. For a PM who professes to be a Christian, he is anything but!!

  26. Kaye Lee

    Very interesting links ME

  27. Ann

    I’m sick of these big businesses taking money hand over fist from the taxpayer and then up and moving off shore. There should be a clause in a contract that they have to sign to get the funding that states that if they move off shore within ten years of receiving the funding they will pay back every cent that they have been afforded. Tired of bailout after bailout then the money float off overseas. Drug cartels in South America have nothing on these guys.

  28. Kaye Lee

    Further on ME’s point, the decline in capital productivity does not seem to have much to do with a carbon tax or a mining tax according to the McKinsey report.

    “Global consultants McKinsey pointed to the resources industry as the main culprit for Australia’s poor productivity growth in recent years, saying it was wasting capital by over-ambitious planning and poor project control.

    It said the efficiency with which capital was used had fallen in recent years, putting a brake on growth at a time when mining investment has dominated the economy. While most of the fall in capital productivity had sound reasons – the long gestation period of new mines, miners digging up lower-value seams while prices are high – it said capital productivity in new mines could be improved 30 per cent by better timing of projects, using simpler solutions, and making the design fit the budget.”

    Read more:

  29. Blog of Greg

    An interesting analysis Victoria. I have also pondered this situation – it has happened before, both to Howard and now Rudd/Gillard.

    I am inclined to agree with Gitte on this. From my limited involvement/interest in politics (about 15 years), I have felt that the people tend to vote a government out, not in.

    In this recent vote, Abbot bad mouthed Labor for 3 years in order to drive negative opinion against Labor. That’s not to say that Labor was doing everything right or wrong, but that the Liberal’s wanted to capitalise on policy that went against their own ideology, in order to drive public opposition to Labor.

    For instance I did a calculation on the amount of tax that my family paid under the Carbon Tax, and I found that it was about $133 (while this is conservative, I did add a percentage to all purchases, not just those that were directly increased due to the Carbon Tax – which I calculated using a 10% increase). I then calculated the cost the GST added to my bills, which I was directly able to calculate because I was able to remove the cost of fresh food. The cost of the GST was $1495. [I have a record of EVERY purchase for the last 12 months – yes I know it is a bit anal!]

    I might point out that nowhere did the Liberal’s suggest that ALL Australian’s had a tax cut of roughly $1800 due to the increase in the tax free threshold. So the Liberal’s demonised the Carbon tax even though many, if not all Australian’s were better off. Nor did they comment on the dreadful cost the GST had on the general public!

    But because they demonised the Carbon Tax (and all of the other policies of Labor), they were able to sway opinion. And this type of deception, allowed them convince the public that Labor’s policies – and therefore Labor, were bad. They also did this with refugees and the mining tax [with help from Rinehart and co.] of course.

    I might state clearly that I DO NOT support Labor, nor the Carbon Tax in its current form, however my point is clearly that the 3 year deception was to convince the population of the negative impacts of the various policies in order to produce a negative feeling towards Labor to get Labor voted OUT! AND IT WORKED!!! This is of course my opinion, but seems consistent over recent elections.

    What really bugs me with the election rules, is that the various political parties are not required to present their policies in full, so that the people can analyse exactly what they will implement if voted in. We saw this with “Work Choices”.

    In the year that Howard was voted in and subsequently introduced “Work Choices”, the document he presented to the people, stated something along the line of “improve workplace relations”. Nowhere did it state that “Work Choices” and all of its implications, would be introduced and what this meant to workers! This too, is deception and deliberate misinformation.

    Unfortunately the populace seem not to be able to understand, nor not want to understand, what the major parties actually stand for. They do not understand the ideology of the major parties, their backers, financiers and so on.

    Our electoral system is one where deception is the norm, and where the powerful minority have a larger voice than those of the general populace. IMHO that is why our electoral system needs a complete overhaul. But while we rely entirely on the two party system, this will never change because it requires that those two major parties implement a change that will negatively impact on their chances of re-election.

    One final comment. I also get increasingly irritated by the level of debate that people like Jack above engage in. It would seem these days that if you don’t agree or like what someone says, you just bad mouth them, label them, or denigrate them. This is NOT debate, but small minded petty abuse. It provides ZERO input into resolving difficulties and is IMHO just petty and childish. It is far better to say “I feel that…. I am concerned with… I personally believe…“ Own the comment, Own the feeling, take responsibility! That way we can understand why a person feels a certain way and try to compromise and understand what we all need. But this of course would require maturity, something that seems lacking these days.

    As an aside, I would also like to see a code of conduct introduced into parliament, that would eliminate this type of bad mouthing, labeling and abuse. It is childish and belittling – totally unsuitable to the highest office in the country. Just another opinion by me.

    So that is MY analyses, and where I must leave it for now. Just my thoughts and observations.

    Nice discussion. We just need to take it somewhere and make changes.

  30. Kaye Lee

    Tony, in his inimitable way, says it is all about “jobs, jobs, jobs” but his decision to disband the CEFC would tend to indicate otherwise. It effectively stripped “$4.1 billion in private funding away from large-scale renewable power – starving the sector of capital”. The renewable energy sector employed more people than the car manufacturing industry and was growing at a rapid rate.

    “The Coalition’s climate change plan is also about $4 billion short of the funding required to meet its pledge for a 5 per cent cut in greenhouse emissions by 2020, and is instead on track for a 9 per cent increase by then, according to analysis commissioned by the independent think tank The Climate Institute.

    Clean Energy Council chief executive David Green said: ”Australia’s significant clean energy potential is being held back by seemingly endless rounds of review … our main need is for policy stability to drive investment.”

    No wonder they got the sack.

    “A major survey of businesses has found uncertainty about the future of the carbon price has had a negative impact on over half the responding firms. The survey by consultants AECOM found 65 per cent of businesses supported an emissions trading scheme, 29 per cent backed a carbon tax and just 7 per cent supported the Coalition’s direct action.”

  31. Blog of Greg

    They research their stuff, but apparently on Wikipedia!

  32. patsy

    jacks comment shows he is not working class …..or never was ……he is the only imbecile or is he rich enough to survive this disgusting pack of selfish iodiots who call themselves a government…….take a look at newman if you think Gillard was an inbecile

  33. Fed up

    Wonder how those few businesses that took advantage of money made available under the CEF suite of bills feel now, that they have bought their businessmen into this century, with the latest technology available.

    They are now benefiting from this updating of their companies, and the result is lower power bills to nearly nothing, in some cases.

    Yes, they are no longer being effected by that so called be toxic tax..

  34. Terry2

    The spinmeisters are at it again: Joe Hockey, on the subject of climate change strategies, said, on 28 October on Channel 10, that:

    ” most countries around the world are moving in favour of Direct Action and not proceeding with emissions trading schemes or market based mechanisms”

    So that’s alright then: however, PolitiFact did some checking and found that Mr Hockey’s claims were false:

    The problem is that many, who take their news from our emerging version of FOX News, is that they will believe this sort of un-researched pap from Hockey and sadly a non-inquisitive mainstream media will not pursue the facts.

  35. Kaye Lee

    “We will live better or worse depending on decisions of governments to come, but we missed the great future. We missed it these last 20 years, when we failed to plug the mineral boom into a genuinely dynamic and world-beating knowledge/science/industry/post-industry base.

    While Norway builds a future fund now approaching $800 billion, we built one of $60 billion for a country five times the population. We let our schools decline, our universities rot, and we wasted the talents of a generation through complacent inequality. We gave the run of the farm to big banks, big comms, big services, and thus when ANZ makes $6 billion — $6 billion — in profit, there is no one to say that maybe they should pay a little more tax, or not charge us $2 to get our money out.”

    Rupert, Clive and Campbell in the Arkansas of the world

  36. Heather Cameron

    There is one thing about Abbott, he was so digusting to behold that we got inspired by the hope that he doesn’t win, or now that he has won, the hope he is stymied from making any great effect before he falls off his bike. This is the hope that he just goes away.

    It was noticable that people got hope in a different way from this guy…

    – hope to be paid heaps week in week out to stay at home with their babies. Even some low wage women think they will get $75,000 as well. Such was their hope.

    – hope all nasty angst and loud noise will go away, now that Abbott has bullied the public to give him what his wants. Shades of the screaming naughty child who dominates the family and wont shut up…give it to him/her and there is peace. Observe the facsimiles of the “spoilt brat” emerging everywhere.

    – hope for more and more dollars to add to their millions and billions already got;

    – hope for the climate deniers that there’s actually no CO2 problem because Tony says it’s invisible, Hope that their gnawing unrest and apprehension re climate change will magically disappear.

    – hope for certain people that they can be as abusive and obnoxious as they like and get away with it, because there aint no way they are going to learn good manners and have respect. Hope that Universities run shock jock courses.

    – hope for the electricity bills to go down, which they wont, as long as we burn petrol, diesel, coal and gas. The gouging by electricity companies did ease once it was noticed.

    – hope that we too can be as greedy as we like and it is classed as good, if you are that way inclined.

    So msny hopes around Pandora like Abbott. True to his nature, he’ll no doubt keep on making it worse and worse and worse…and I guess we will all keep on hoping…

    Unless one is aware of being mesmerised.

  37. Buff McMenis

    F………..AR OUT!!!! And read it whichever way you chose!!! 🙁

  38. Abbie

    Great to have a place to come to keep up with what is really happening. All the fact checks in the world won’t amount to a hill of beans if no one questions, is aware of or knows about the lies, obfuscations and bully-boy words being spewed forth through the commercial outlets of our new Government.

    Who is exposing all this? Who else is stepping up and trying to bring about transparency?

    And where is the Opposition? Where are the Independents? Where are the minor parties? I can’t hear them anywhere. Why is Abbott et al getting such clear air to load the lies and secret deals onto the unsuspecting Nation.

  39. helenmarg

    All they are interested in is sitting on the other side of the chamber.Not a decent one there What shocking lot..

  40. Fed up

    Maybe giving Abbott enough rope to hang himself.

    One does not want to create unnecessary noise, that takes the focus away from the new government.

  41. Fed up

    helenmarg, maybe on the 12th, the penny will drop, that they cannot refuse to give answers for ever.

    What Labor needs to ensure, that they are ready, with the questions, framed in such a way, that answers have to be given.

    Yes, the twelfth is coming around quickly. Then the real fun begins.

    Maybe a Opposition leader can get away with slogans and stunts.

    I cannot see how a PM can. Maybe wrong, but most expect a higher standard, which Abbott has not delivered yet, not even on the world stage.

    They cannot protect him forever.

  42. Bacchus

    Maybe he won’t show up for Question Time Fu 😉

  43. Fed up

    Bacchus, it would not surprise me. But to be fair, that might just be one step too far.

    Answer questions, he will not d. Will expect Bronnie to protect him. I suspect, not even her will be able to do that.

    Still one must not expect much legislation from this mob.

  44. Kaye Lee

    I was at university with Tony Abbott so I am having enormous trouble adjusting to that homophobic intolerant inconsequential bovver boy being my Prime Minister. I feel like my father died leaving the family well provided for and now my mother has married a fool for whom I have no respect and with whom I have nothing in common who is now frittering away my family’s assets on hair-brained business schemes and parties for his mates.

  45. Billy moir

    Loved your ‘get it’ but ‘swing’ voters??? The bottom line sadly was labor not using the media over the last three years Gillard was terrific reacting to the media’s thist for negatives but terrible in feeding the chooks. The rabbott had so many flaws to attack and she did slam him once, with viral results but why only once? Leigh sales slammed him once? Why only once? Mark Riley slammed him once(shameful terrified silence) and o’brien twice. Wouldn’t they have damped women’s ardour for the rabbott? Little billy is happy following the regulation two steps behind his big brother so he won’t….
    sorry i’m dribbling, it is a result of amazement of either not knowing a swing voter or being fooled by friends of both persuasions. Although as I was laughing at the wowser Xenophon, a conservative friend(he was horrified when he saw I had a blue singlet because teachers wear white singlets) confessed he voted for him.
    The quote that worries me is ‘open for business’ Step one: get rid of penalty rates. Step two: make power cheap 9pm-9am and we’re are ‘open for business’.It would be a laugh to see the rabbott and his merry men struggle but we can’t and we will,suffer. No overtime penalty rates cheap power after midnight?

    summary of mcminimum wages and mcwelfare
    put it in and Search, it will give a laugh although if you are under 75 it may be hysterical.

  46. Terry2

    Blog of Greg: Ah, Wikipedia – the coalition’s suppository of all wisdom.

  47. Jack

    There are some mental giants commenting here, lmao! You Lefty losers need to get over it.

  48. Kaye Lee

    Another erudite contribution from our conservative poster. Jack I am still waiting for your answer to the question about what does the Coalition have to offer? How will they make this a better country? Do you even know any of their policies or are you a “stop the boats” kinda guy?

  49. Ian Max

    @ Kaye Lee

    Jack is using the normal modus operandi of the conservatives when facts don’t fit their reality : “if you can’t argue the facts, attack the opponent…….”

  50. DC

    Well it is people who think like Jack that we need to understand. Please Jack if you could. Just give us your top 3 reasons for choosing Coalition and maybe you can also help us by teaching us how to be less wankery for you.

  51. Alison White

    Jack’s a troll – just like the government he advocates. Only interested in pitting people against each other. More to be pitied than anything else.

  52. JV

    Overheard two north shore matrons on their way to a charity event in the week after the election. ‘You know to tell the truth our business has been doing really well, incredibly well, but just imagine how it will do now!’

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