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The words speak for themselves, but I shall return to them briefly…


Hubris and hypocrisy

Scott Morrison is getting worse. The hubris and hypocrisy is flowing at every turn.

Our Prime Minister believes he was given “a sign” by God in the shape of a picture of an eagle which he read as divine endorsement for his elevation to the top job.

Being the “chosen one” confers some sort of infallibility to one’s decision-making. It implies motives are pure. Morality is unquestioned. Outcomes are ordained.

Increasingly, ScoMo’s speeches are sounding like sermons. Speaking to a United Israel function on Thursday, he scolded doubters of his intentions and critics of his overt religiosity.

“Seeing the inherent dignity of all human beings is the foundation of morality… It makes us more capable of love and compassion, of selflessness and forgiveness,” preached Scott.

“Because if you see the dignity and worth of another person, another human being, the beating heart in front of you, you’re less likely to disrespect them, insult or show contempt or hatred for them, or seek to cancel them, as is becoming the fashion these days.”

Ummmm… this is the man that deliberately chose to call asylum seekers “illegal arrivals” and “detainees”, implying they were criminals. This is the man who refused to let anyone visit offshore detention centres, and sacked support workers, explicitly because he did not want refugees to have a human face. This is the man whose government continues to hold the family from Biloela hostage as an example to anyone else who might dare to ask for our help and the chance to make a positive contribution to our society.

Morrison also admonished us for not taking enough personal responsibility.

“Where we once understood our rights in terms of our protections from the state, now it seems these rights are increasingly defined by what we expect from the state… As citizens, we cannot allow what we think we are entitled to, to become more important than what we are responsible for as citizens…”

How many times have you heard, when politicians have claimed expenses for personal travel and other items, that it was “within entitlements”? How come Matthias Cormann was provided with a government jet to fly around the world spruiking himself for another job?

The conservative side of Morrison’s government, along with the Sky choir, have been making a big deal about ‘cancel culture’ and ‘identity politics’ lately.

“You are more than your gender, you are more than your race, you are more than your sexuality, you are more than your ethnicity, you are more than your religion, your language group, your age,” said Scott.

No shit, Sherlock. But I note that your government has spent an inordinate amount of time and effort on ‘religious freedom’, something that is already enshrined in our constitution.

How come that is ok but gays wanting to get married is not? Why should the state dictate to women about their own reproductive health? Why is income management imposed on people on welfare because of their postcode? Why do aspiring citizens have to pass university level English language tests? Why can’t we give Indigenous people some say in the policies that affect them?

Is it only “identity politics” if it’s not part of your identity?

Earlier in the week, Morrison addressed a Pentacostal Christian conference warning them that social media was being used by the “evil one” to undermine society. No mention about how Murdoch uses mainstream media to much greater effect to do exactly that.

He also spoke about how he “lays hands” on traumatised people.

When consent and unwanted touching have been such a big part of the public discussion lately, Scott needs to understand that his aggressively intrusive hand-shaking, elbow-bumping, and Evangelical laying-on of hands should not be forced on anyone, let alone those who are suffering.

Morrison only became involved with the Horizon church after his predecessor, Bruce Baird, introduced him to the pastor after Scott was preselected to run for Baird’s electorate.

Pastor Michael Murphy said “We had a desire to help and support political leaders… We knew most of the federal and state members. Bruce Baird, who was the local member before Scott, was a close friend. So the relationship between Scott and I was kind of a natural thing, and for our church to embrace him and Jen when he was just a backbencher. And we started the journey from there.”

Should we care about this increasing publicity about what most would feel should be a personal issue for our Prime Minister?

Perhaps the real danger in all of this is the PR exercise to make the community accept on faith what the government tells us to believe. They are the bastions of morality, they are making decisions based on what’s best for us. Asking for evidence is heresy. Experts have subversive agendas. Statutory bodies must support the government’s creed and charities must not act as advocates.

The government knows best.

Indoctrination of belief, unquestioning acceptance, and obeisant worship are central to religion’s power.

They have no place in government.

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  1. ajogrady

    Being contemptuous, contentious, contempable, arrogant and dismissive is not leadership. Scott Morrison is a reflection of him and his parties absolute corosive and corrupt poor governance standards that is regularly evident when ever one of the other failures in his party is found to be wanting in their respective portfolios. Corrupt and calamitous sums up the failed Morrison experience.
    In particular Scott Morrison believes that success is the ability to go from one total failure to another total failure with no loss of enthusiasm or any sign of a guilty conscience or any shame.
    L/NP governments are reactive not proactive. The are always playing catch up. The L/NP have been for decades a constant and continuous impedement to Australia reaching its true potential.

  2. GL

    ““Seeing the inherent dignity of all human beings is the foundation of morality… It makes us more capable of love and compassion, of selflessness and forgiveness,” preached Scott.”

    Strange how that sickening bullshit from Scummo doesn’t include the family from Biloela imprisoned in, basically, a two room cell.

    We’re seeing the fanatic, religious or otherwise, coming more and more to the fore and dog help us if we don’t remove him and the rest of his criminal gang at the next election.

  3. Harry Lime

    Morrison is a towering hypocrite,it has been on display for years.We could go on about this for hours..sociopath, narcissist..he is all these things and more,only now he’s falling back on so called ‘faith ‘to cover his egregious failings.The way is being prepared for ever greater lies and deceit,with Satan’s chorus (Murdoch’s trash ,Sky in the dark )in full voice.The Liar talks about ‘The evil one’,but is unaware that he is ‘the evil one’s leading representative.Morrison is nothing,if not full of shit.He is dangerously delusional.
    What a shower of shit.

  4. David Evans

    A prime example of one who is definitely unsuited to his position. Should be in a missionary position. OR maybe minister for bluff, blunder and bullshit, What do you think jen?

  5. John Iser (the NSW one)

    At that ACC conference Spottie referred to Australia as “the great south land of the holy spirit”. “Where on earth did he get that from?”, you probably didn’t wonder.

    It turns out that he got it from a 17th-century Portugese explorer named Pedro Fernandes de Queirós. In 1606 F. de Q. thought that he had landed on the shores of the Great South Land and named it “Austrialia [sic] del Espíritu Santo”. That’s Spanish for [what Spottie said]. (The misspelling was a suck-up to F. de Q’s sponsor the King of Spain, who was from the House of Austria.)

    Just one problem: the place where he landed is now called Vanuatu. (Look, we all make mistakes. Columbus thought he had landed on an island off the coast of India, when he was actually in what we now call the Bahamas.)

    The island where F. de Q. landed is known to this day as Espiritu Santo. And, apart from being in more-or-less the same part of the world, it has nothing to do with Australia-the-country-Spottie-is-Prime-Minister-of.

    In other words, Spottie’s use of the Anglicised version of the name was a case of Irrelevant Religious Overreach. Again (or still).

  6. Henry Rodrigues

    The reasons, and I suspect they’ve been carefully curated, that Scummo uses all this hyperbole and plain outright bullshit, is because it impresses or at least grabs some passing interest of the so-called knowledgeable voter who might consider themselves to be politically educated whereas in reality they are just tools to be easily manipulated. It might be they are flattered that some one gives them credit for intelligence, but they are too stupid to realize when they are being played for mugs. These statements by Scummo are designed to appeal to the fools and soft headed. The ‘religious’ are probably the easiest to convince that they are the “chosen’ ones. Everyone else comes armed with a healthy dose of scepticism.

  7. Gangey1959

    Our current dealer makes me want to vomit, and makes my head explode evey time I see his mug on the telly. He is an empty headed, vacuous, incompetent, self-serving dickhead, much akin to the gilded youths from “The Man from Ironbark”
    I have one small point of issue KL.
    “Being the “chosen one” confers some sort of infallibility to one’s decision-making. It implies motives are pure. Morality is unquestioned. Outcomes are ordained.”
    NAH Being “the chosen one” means that ones motives are unquestionable, not beyond reproach or pure. There is a huge difference. “Render unto caesar what is caesars’ “, or in mortal language “It’s all mine, I tell you. Mine.” ( Said with a Spike Milligan accent and limp).
    Come the next election, Australia may say “Bring me his head”.

  8. Mr Shevill Mathers

    He has more nuts and bolts rattling round in his head space than a DC3’s engines on start-up, at least those engines were doing good and long lasting. An ex wife of a good friend had his wife go the same way, when she started seeing shapes in clouds that she interpreted as a message from God. Time for the men in white coats and a federal election to clear out the followers.

  9. Baby Jewels

    Agogrady, spot on. You absolutely nailed it. Nothing to add.

  10. Michael Taylor

    I’m somewhat disturbed that we have a happy clapper as our prime minister.

  11. Michael Taylor

    Sorry about that hiccup. We had server problems. Thanks to the guys at Canberra Web who dropped everything on a Friday night to fix the prob.

  12. Craig Daniels

    Bloody sickening. The fundagelical right-wing nut job alliance has captured the Federal parliamentary Lieberal Party.

  13. wam

    This use of religion in politics is old and insidious. We oldies remember santa maria and, in recent times, the rabbott was opus dei and as such he cannot lie as everything he does is for the glory of god. ie trust me I know what is best for you. Such pragmatism is behind all religion and the concept of lying to avoid is the lnp mantra. scummo’s god recognises the evil one ergo scummo must destroy labor Somehow the media must ask questions. There has been exposes of cults and scientology so perhaps the ABC could do a number on hillsongers??? I am a rank amateur at technology and there is a list of sing songers in parliament, that I cannot copy but this may be the link???

  14. Andrew J. Smith

    Think it is also a strategic form of political communication, imported from the US, to create noise and fill up the media spaces with sociocultural content, precluding others’ informed content, analysis and an even playing field.

    Steve Bannon described it as ‘“Flood the zone with s**t”, Turkey’s Erdogan does/has done it well too with his ownership of public squares for rallies drawing upon religion for electoral purposes, while informed voices and opposition do not have the same media access to counter or rebut attacks against them .

  15. Terence Mills

    The problem is not so much his religious beliefs but the fact that he wants to parade them in the public domain.

    Having identified that he believes in the existence of the Evil One is also a concern as religious fundamentalists will always use the Evil One as being a scapegoat when things go wrong to avoid personal responsibility.

    Funny how we breathed a collective sigh of relief when we got rid of the mad monk Abbott and replaced him with a more balanced person in Turnbull and now we find the Liberals have duped us by dumping Turnbull and going for another religious nutter.

  16. Kaye Lee

    I really don’t get this current line of attack on identity politics. How do you address disadvantage and discrimination and harassment without it?

    And the irony of talking about the corrosive influence of identity politics to a group of Pentacostal Christians who have a stated political agenda to influence government is just too much.

  17. Brandane

    The worst aspect of Morrison’s religion is his belief in talking in tongues, laying of hands etc, extreme views to most Christians. The “respect” demanded for his religion by others only validates their own chosen religion when in fact they have no respect for other religions or even different brands of their own. Pentacostals commonly open their services with a diatribe against atheists, just to be ecumenical!
    It is the lack of the capacity for critical thinking that is most important in a PM that renders Morrison useless.

  18. Vikingduk

    What is the extent of the liar’s mental health issues to produce such a delusional narcissist? When considering the smirking jerk, its qualities and character, the observant person soon realises that that this thing called morrison exhibits absolutely no redeemable features whatsoever. There is no part of this morrison thing that any reasonably intelligent person would want to emulate, no facet of its character would you aspire to. FFS, would you have it as a guest in your home? Yet it and its crime syndicate rule, retain support among enough of the electorate, all ably directed by repulsive rupert and news corpse — where the truth goes to die.

    Smirk & mirrors, on a mission from god, laying its greasy paws on all and sundry, smirking its sanctimonious smirk, effortlessly lying, deceiving, bullying, hypocritically moving through life believing itself to be ordained by some invisible, unseen fantasy figure, threatened by strong women (much like trump), forever preening its delusions as an all knowing, wise and benevolent ruler.

    When, in actual fact, this thing called morrison is an incredibly corrupt, black hearted scum sucker, rotten to the bone, a foul miasma wafting through life completely blind to the reality of its perverse being. Fuck off, scotty, your stench becomes suffocating.

  19. GL

    My concern is that Scummo could well start relying more and more on the magic sky fairy “telling” him what he should do as the PM.

  20. Terence Mills

    This identity politics business confuses me too !

    I see that Newscorp are embarked on a war against identities that they don’t like perhaps even hate : they seem to like Morrison but are a bit wary of him but they like Frydenberg and hate Turnbull with a vengeance.

    The don’t like Rudd for organising a petition that attracted half a million signatures calling for a Royal Commission to look into media balance and the domination of Murdoch in this country.

    They love Donald Trump and even when the orange varmint has been out of office for four months and banned from most social media they continue their rantings on Sky after Dark on how the Donald had the election stolen from him and how he had COVID sorted in the USA and well under control long before Biden came on the scene (Alan Jones and Paul Murray).

  21. Harry Lime

    Amen to that, Vikingduk.

  22. DrakeN

    Vikingduk: “When, in actual fact, this thing called morrison is an incredibly corrupt, black hearted scum sucker, rotten to the bone, a foul miasma wafting through life completely blind to the reality of its perverse being.”
    Replacing “morrison” with the word “religion” would make it even more apposite.

    I repeat (endlessly): “Religions are the most successful and longest enduring confidence tricks ever imposed on humankind.”
    Which is my honest opinion after long hours of religious study and long years of observing their activities, historical and contemporary.

    One thing which I find to be extremely common amongst the rank and file of religious congregations is their almost universal lack of any actual knowledge of both their religious texts and the past and present activities.

  23. Vikingduk

    Yep, I’ll drink to that, DrakeN.

  24. Canguro

    Two bob’s worth: Western public figures have been prone to comment on the behaviour of public figures, leaders, trends in other cultures, per this ‘religious thing; on matters such as the dangers of Islamism (Iran, bad, Afghanistan & Iraq, dodgy at best etc) , Sharia law in Aceh, also bad, but India’s Modhi’s extreme Hinduism, okay because supposedly he’s a leader of a democratic society (hah, another western delusion given his extremely toxic attitude towards the Indian Muslims and his use of them as whipping points for bolster support for his own political purposes), Ergodan and his militant use of religious division for political advantage, American right-wing evangelism & fundamentalism along with creationism and its alliance with right-wing politics… suss but bearable… white folks like us, similar culture and language so we can live with it, French aversion to their Muslim citiizens… hmmm… can live with it too, even though the Frogs speak a different language but hey, they’re white folk too and we fought on their soil a 100 years ago, the Greeks with their orthodox Christianity, the Italians with their Catholicism, all good… on the same page even though they don’t speak our language, and anyway they’re just wogs, Russians suss, despite a 1000 years of deeply orthodox Christianity, their weird language and oppositional defiance to the west’s never-ending efforts to subjugate them are enough to discount them, and as for the Asians, forgeddit, damned godless heathens (unless they can be of use either as a market or a source of materials or goods).

    The point being, perhaps, that transactional sociopaths like the present incumbent are a dime a dozen across the planet in their willingness to put religious beliefs to the test for their own political advantage, and it seems there’s always a percentage of the community who go along with the ride, lazy brains addled by too many hours of passive absorption of the televised mind-fuckery that streams ceaselessly into the lounge rooms of the nation.

    I have a creeping suspicion that as stupid and conniving as the incumbent is, given he’s a god-botherer and apocalyptic acolyte and armageddon welcomer, that he secretly harbours the view that we’re screwed, vis-a-vis the burgeoning disaster per global warming and its consequences, and hence it’s perfectly acceptable to milk the present for all it’s worth ’cause there ain’t no friggin future to behold except burnt and desolate landscapes and ruined civilizations, and the people be damned (if they aren’t already, if they’ve turned their backs on God and embraced The Evil One instead).

  25. margcal

    KL, is not “Pentacostal [sic] Christian” an oxymoron?

    Most mainstream Christians, and scholars in their ranks, would see the “prosperity gospel” of the Pentecostals as a perversion of, the antithesis to, the Christian gospel as interpreted (i.e. “not” literally) and preached in mainstream churches.

    Certainly your piece here has shown up how little Morrison acts by the Christian gospel.
    I wish more writers and commenters would argue their case similarly. Far more effective than relying on insult and ignorance of religion as so many do.

    I was surprised to learn that Morrison is a Johnny-come-lately to Pentecostalism. Political expediency?

  26. Zathras

    I’m waiting for the day he falls down and truly starts “speaking in tongues” or perhaps handling a snake in Parliament as he did with a lump of coal.

    Also, apart from those hard-wired into it from an early age, late converts to religion tend to be somehow broken people rather than reasonable and logical ones. Then again perhaps he was selfishly attracted to the Prosperity Gospel aspect and the razzle-dazzle of the Hill$ong presentation.

    In the end it’s always and only about personal salvation and benefit and all actions taken are merely a means to that end.

    In any case, so far his policies and personal behaviour can’t be described as shining examples of any Christian doctrine.

  27. Kaye Lee


    Everyone writes that Morrison’s faith is genuine but I have a niggling suspicion that political expediency played its part. He did the same thing with his “beloved Sharkies” who only became beloved after he was parachuted into the seat.

  28. Vikingduk

    Christian gospel? What’s that? More bullshit to subjugate the masses? More bullshit heaped on bullshit. I certainly don’t feel I am ignorant of religion. Fantasy preached by fat old white men to keep the masses compliant. Just another source of power for black hearted bastards to corrupt society with their lies and hypocrisy. A cloak to hide behind, a means to appear as a worthwhile member of society, a cloak to hide the rottenness at the centre of their beings.

  29. Terence Mills

    Yes, I have the same suspicion. Politicians will generally play to their audience. Who can forget Trump clutching a book – it was a prop and may have been a Bible but that wasn’t important – the dodge was to be seen in front of a church clutching that book. Trump doesn’t have a religious bone in his body but the support of the evangelicals was important. As well as Morrison, I’m seeing a similar tendency in Frydenberg who was at one time passionately decrying Labor’s debt and deficit disaster in every interview but has now done a complete 360 degrees and is praising debt and ignoring deficit. And have we so soon forgotten how Frydenberg was the front man promoting the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) but dropped his passion for it instantly as soon as Turnbull was deposed. Now all he talks about is unemployment with a four in front of it which drives me to distraction mainly because that number is meaningless.

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is responsible for collecting labour market data and conducts a survey each month – called the Labour Force Survey – asking around 50,000 people about their participation in the labour market (do you know any body who has been asked recently ?). As part of this survey, the ABS considers you to be employed if you worked for one hour or more in a week.

    Without casting any aspersions I reckon we will in the next few months find one hours work for the necessary number of people and bingo ! there will be Josh grinning all over our TV sets with his four in front of our unemployment rate !! Shortly thereafter they will call an early election, as soon as they can overcome the COVID vaccine roll-out stuff-up which, incidentally, will be blamed on the Labor states.

  30. John Boyd

    Kaye, brilliant article. Do you know of any evidence of him being associated with the pentacostal cult prior to the meeting with Baird that you mention. I have often wondered if he really believes this rubbish, and has just identified a powerful base group, much as Trump did with the evangelical movement.

  31. Kaye Lee


    “Morrison was raised in Sydney’s eastern suburbs in the Presbyterian-Uniting Church faith by his policeman father John (who served on Waverley Municipal Council for 16 years) and mother Marion, and found the Pentecostal faith as an adult. He became involved in Horizon when he moved to the Shire following his preselection for the seat of Cook in 2007, and subsequent election as an MP.”

  32. Harry Lime

    Kaye Lee,given the extent of his hypocrisy and lying,I would find it very hard to believe it isn’t one big act.He appears to have a serious personality disorder.

  33. Williambtm

    Excellent article Kaye Lee; my comment is relevant to your article that dwells on religious orders, cults, and sects.

    Given the human species inclining to attach itself to some religious or cult order, of interest to all in our world is that the Pope installed in the Vatican was aware of COVID-19 long before releasing the COVID-19 virus.

    From memory, China and Iran, along with Italy, were the first countries struck with COVID-19, with Italy having been thrown in to remove the stigma that it “was not just China and Iran” initially. There were 3 countries reported as originating countries.
    spread of the infection
    The link below requires one to continue to scroll down the date order page until it ends. Henceforth note the spread of the infection, then to the number or the rate of infections. (Australia does not feature in these statistics.)

    Please note that there was one stand-out country blamed for the origin of COVID-19… China.

    Beware that this COVID-19 could well have been a plot put into practice by the most untrusted nation on our planet.
    All Covid-19 infections lead not to Rome but to a different country altogether.

    I will leave it to the reader to determine if that country featured stars and stripes in its national flag?
    Consequently, one can figure out which country or nation it was that had notified the Vatican.
    Beware of the deity you worship.

    Special mention to Vikingduk, I admire your style.

  34. LOVO

    Ya’all are going to HELL !!!!
    (except for you Vikingduc because you’ve got ‘style’…..apparently 😜)
    ..but as for the rest of you blasphemous B’s, …..and I want you to think about this very carefully, …it’s HELL for the lot of ya ..and for all… ETERNITY. (cue twilight zone music)
    Where you will, undoubtedly, rubshoulders with the likes of Rupert, his Dad and at least one of his sons, little Johnny, Santamaria, Abbott, Pell, Mr Potato Head, Scotty, Gina, Clive, 1/4 of ALP, 3/4+ of the Lib’s, all of the Nats (both state and fed) and..and..and…. [insert names here], etc……ya’all damned I tells ya…. DAMNED 😈
    P.S. one wonders if’n one can actually ‘Blaspheme’ against something that doesn’t exist……mm, interesting 👀

  35. GL


    Not me that’s for sure. On my deathbed I’m going to discover religion, become a catholic, repent and…presto popeo…I’m off to heaven. So, nyaah, nyaah, nyaah to the rest of you heathens.

  36. LOVO

    But…but… GL, everybody knows that the Catholics have their own dedicated Tollway to HELL (it’s a tollway because after all they are Catholics)
    (cue Bon)..(cue Angus)…” I’m on the Tollway to Hell..the tollway to hell”

  37. Michael Taylor

    “Ya’all are going to HELL !!!!”

    You sound a bit like Morrison there, LOVO. 😁

  38. Canguro


    Make sure you wear your hat.

    Laurie Anderson tells the story of her grandmother at the point of dying, preparing to meet Jesus, frocked up, ready, but at the last moment she panicked. She couldn’t decide whether to wear her hat.

    There’s a message in there somewhere for all of us.

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