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How Good Is The Quiet Scott Morrison?

Just lately I’ve noticed that we haven’t heard anything from our PM. His twitter account hasn’t been touched for a couple of days and there’s been no pronouncement telling us that we don’t like being told what to think.

My first reaction was to wonder if Peter Dutton had decided to use some of the laws at his disposal to take Scott Morrison into custody. After all, there are various anti-terror laws that enable people considered a risk to be questioned by ASIO for several days and nobody’s allowed to know where they are. Actually that’s not entirely true. They can tell their partner, and they don’t have to be a risk. It’s sufficient that ASIO believe they know something, so I guess that last point lets Scomo off the hook.

No, I decided, Morrison has decided to role model being a “quiet Australian” and to keep politics off the front page by saying nothing. This could be a winning strategy. It used to work for Tony Abbott. Every time he went on holiday or was otherwise incommunicado, his approval ratings went up; every time he spoke, he used to make people angrier than an interview on the ABC where they pretend that somebody who used to write for a Murdoch publication was a “quiet Australian”. I mean, forget Murdoch for a moment: Surely someone who used to be a journalist hardly qualifies as one of the quiet people.

I was rather annoyed at 7:30, but not because they interviewed people who voted Liberal and then seemed to be amazed that Liberal voters still voted for the current mob at the last election. No, I was annoyed because I was intending to do my own interviews with quiet Australians.

Yes, yes, all right. It is rather absurd because the quiet ones aren’t likely to speak, but leaving aside that oxymoron, I had the plan for the interviews in my head and they would have gone something like this:

“Why did you vote for Scott Morrison?”

“Because he got Labor’s debt under control.”

“Actually, the debt has doubled since the Liberals took over.”

“Didn’t the Liberals just announce a surplus in the last Budget?”

“Yes, but it’s only a projected surplus. It hasn’t happened yet and anyway, a surplus doesn’t actually pay off the debt. It’s complicated but because you voted for the Liberals and obviously like simple things, let me explain it this way. You’ve got a mortgage?”


“Did you spend more than your earned last year?”

“No way.”

“So your mortgage is paid off?”

“Of course not!”

“Well, that’s how the Liberals are presenting it. It’s likes once you get into surplus that’s the same as paying off your mortgage.”

“Look, I really don’t understand all this government debt. What really matters is getting my franking credits when I retire.”

“Do you own shares?”


“Then you don’t get any franking credits.”

“I don’t?”

“No, it’s only for people who own shares.”“Well, at least the NEG will get energy prices down.”

“They’ve abandoned that.”

“So, what’s their plan for getting energy prices down?”

“They don’t really have one.”

“So how are they going to get prices down?”

“The same way that they’re going to get wages up.”

“Cool and what’s that?”

“I don’t know, you tell me, you’re the one who voted for them…. you’ve suddenly gone very quiet.”


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  1. pierre wilkinson

    and sadly, in reality, I have had this conversation with people who when presented with the facts still affirm that historically Labor are higher taxing governments…. because , well, it’s true – everyone knows that :'(

  2. tony magrathea

    He is off packing for the rapture. or he really is dead.

    Harold Holt is trending on twitter, when HH went swimming a memorial service was held 5 days later. Thats the 17th for our creationist. Big party tomorrow?

    Fancy going into hiding during a national disaster

  3. Peter F

    Rossleigh –

    Brilliant as usual.

    I also watched the 7.30 report you refer to. One of the voters decided against Bill Shorten when he discussed electric cars. Her reason?: she wanted to hear practical solutions not any of these ‘airy fairy’ ideas of the ALP.

    Nobody pointed out that the current Coalition Budget contained figures based on the same electric car expectations that the ALP were being honest about.

    Obviously these were not mentioned on the media she listened(?) to or read.

  4. Wobbley

    TURDOCH, Costello, Stokes and rest of the MSM scum, not to mention The IPABC. That’s where the airy fairy ideas arrive from.

  5. Pete Petrass

    It is very depressing to see that your interview plan is in fact a sad reflection on our current reality. Like all those Queensland miners who voted for the lieberals to protect their jobs which will be gone in the next few years anyway.

  6. totaram

    Peter F: She didn’t say what is airy-fairy about electric cars by 2030 (but maybe she didn’t notice it was by 2030). Norway has 50% by now or something similar.

    And she claims she is a nurse! Would you want to be “nursed” by her? Not me! I would prefer to go by the “plastic bag over the head” route than get nursed by people like these. The extent of dumbing down that has been achieved is phenomenal. Goebbels would not have seen this in his wildest dreams.

  7. Matters Not


    all those Queensland miners … jobs which will be gone in the next few years anyway.

    That’s not what Albo’s saying. That’s not what Joel is saying either – particularly now that he had a 14 % swing against him. (And shock horror he’s not from Queensland. And nether were the coal miners who voiced their feelings via the ballot box.) Are they both lying? Will they be joined in that lying by other Caucus members? Where will this lying end? Will they be elected under false pretences?

    So many questions. So many assumptions. So many predictions.

  8. Stephengb

    The really sad part about this article is that there is a far greater number of those opposite, whose standard of intellectual capacity is exactly like this hypothetical ?

  9. Stephengb

    Does this mean that I have a poor opinion of the average Aussie


  10. Rossleigh

    No, he’s not preparing for the rapture. He bobbed up in SA to announce a new road before condemning Folau’s comments as insensitive.

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