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How bad does the LNP have to get before people stop voting for them?

By Kathryn

Is it possible we could ever have a worse government than the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison circus? Not to diminish the absolute mess the Howard/Costello government made of our economy when they recklessly threw away countless billions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars on a vile illegal war (in Iraq) at the height of a mining boom, Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison (like most LNP governments) clearly could and cannot be trusted to manage the contents of a child’s piggy bank!

Leaving this totally inept, horrendously wasteful pack of ultra-conservative, draconian self-serving elitists in charge of our economy is tantamount to putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank. Remember the relentless hullaballoo this government (and their propaganda Ministers of Fake News in the lying Murdoch press) made of Rudd/Gillard’s now comparatively very modest deficit of $240 billion deficit? Now we have the appalling situation where absolutely nothing is mentioned – by these totally deluded, pompous politicians or the Murdoch-influenced media – about the scandalous near trillion dollars of debt our country languishes in at the moment!

Now it is a case of “don’t look over here … look over there!” whilst we have the dictatorial, bible-thumping hypocrite (Morrison) totally ignoring our nation’s worst deficit, ignoring the disastrous impact farmers are facing due to the catastrophic affects of climate change and continuing their callously inhumane stance against asylum seekers, pensioners, people eeking out a living in survival mode on Newstart and their remorseless attacks, vilification and sneering condescension of the most vulnerable citizens in the country!

Whilst our economy is in freefall, the unspeakably depraved politicians in a regressive, coal-loving fascist regime don’t mind handing themselves a couple of massive pay rises in less than six months whilst ignoring the pleas of the overwhelming majority of Australians to increase Newstart and stop the LNP’s inhumane move to push through a cashless welfare card that will demean the recipients of this meagre pittance even further!

This is an autocratic government – who are now the highest paid, non-achieving politicians in the OECD – led by a pompous, sanctimonious and supremely arrogant “happy clapper” who, clearly, chooses to leave his so-called fake Christianity at the door whilst he goes on and on locking up legal asylum seekers – and their traumatised children – in off-shore concentration camps under the horrendously cruel watch of delegated sadistic attack dogs (like Dutton), wasting millions of dollars on politically-motivated Royal Commissions into Unions and their political opponents that have achieved and proven nothing, spending countless millions on illegal raids on the offices of the ABC, arresting whistle-blowers, intimidating and harassing journalists, shutting down democratic protest marches and muzzling debate or justified criticism of the LNP’s staggering ineptitude, unbelievable cruelty and increasing fascism!

Now we have a government that doesn’t even bother hiding their increasing level of rapacious corruption, that stands up and openly (and shamefully) defends charged and convicted paedophiles (like George Pell), a government top heavy with a pack of alpha-male misogynists in a “boys’ club” that has the least number of women in their federal cabinet than any other government in decades, a government that has absolutely destroyed our (once) fine international reputation and annihilated our environment and caused the precious, rare waters of our longest river system, the Murray/Darling river, to be handed over to their greedy mates in the cotton growing industry (at the height of the worst drought on record) – thanks for nothing, Barnaby Joyce – in less than six catastrophic years of reckless waste, financial mismanagement and environmental vandalism to appease their huge donors in the mining industry and their predatory mates in huge multinational corporations!

What have we had since 2013? Answer: The gormless Abbott who turned lying and deception into an art form, broke every single promise he ever made and whose pathetic obsequious imperialism saw him re-introduce the elitist knighthood system which he bestowed on the Duke of Edingburgh, a man who has never even tried to hide his open contempt for Australia and Australians; The elitist and absolutely useless Sloppy Joe Hockey whose rigid, short-sighted belief in the failed and discredited Trickle Down economic theory literally froze public spending and national confidence; The depraved, megalomaniacal sociopathic-like Dutton, whose level of near-criminal, callous disregard for humanity borders on insanity; The ineffective, weak, supercilious and thoroughly disappointing Turnbull; The supremely arrogant and contemptuous Matthias Cormann whose disconnection from ordinary hard-working Australians living outside the bubble of Canberra is the stuff of legend; The mindless fool, Frydenberg, who couldn’t be trusted to manage the budget of the daily takings of a school canteen let alone have any credibility as one of the worst Treasurers in our history and, now, a totally inept, absolutely corrupt and self-serving bible-thumping hypocrite, Morrison – who is now playing the nauseating role of salivating lapdog to the insane Trump (as they both eagerly seek an excuse to start a war with Iran to distract the voting public from their woeful and dangerous tenure as the worst leaders in the OECD). No-one can deny that the LNP have turned Australia from hero to zero in rapid time!

Where is the governor general? Why aren’t Australians rising out of their stupefied complacency and demanding the dismissal of the absolute worst, most corrupt, dangerously undemocratic and fascist regime in our history? Can anyone remember what Australia was like under the foresightful leadership of the compassionate, high-achieving democratic socialist Whitlam? We were proud of Australia then – it was a compassionate nation that welcomed migrants, it was a time when we were justifiably proud of our successful multiculturalism. It was a time when the forward thinking Whitlam government introduced Medibank (the forerunner of the now de-funded Medicare), introduced fully-subsidised tertiary education (now de-funded into oblivion by the LNP) and gave generously to national theatre and arts programs after decades of woeful neglect by the insular Menzies regime! Now, under the hateful vindictiveness of a loathsome, capitalistic neo-liberal regime that rules by division, xenophobic racism, hate and fear, the LNP have given “permission” for the nation’s worst, most repugnant racists and misogynists to crawl out from under their rocks and pile scornful derision and mindless attacks against anyone who doesn’t fit into the LNP’s “ideal”, ie wealthy, white, male, so-called christian and Anglo-Saxon!

History has shown – indeed, it has proven – that, without any doubt, Labor are – and have always been – far superior economic managers. There is valid reasons why the only two Australian Treasurers to receive international fame and well-deserved praise as the “best treasurers in the world” were both Labor Treasurers: Paul Keating and the illustrious Wayne Swan who’s brilliant stimulus initiative ensured that Australia was the only OECD nation to escape the GFC – an initiative that was then copied throughout the world!

The worst Treasurers in our history were undoubtedly John Howard, Peter Costello, Scott Morrison (before he became the worst PM), Sloppy Joe Hockey and the catastrophic Josh Frydenberg – all of them deluded fanatical followers of the Trickle Down economic theory which has been absolutely and thoroughly denigrated by illustrious economists such as the Nobel prize-winning Joseph Stiglitz! For God’s sake, Australia, wake up and kick this government to the kerb at the next election – they have destroyed Australia’s international reputation, attacked our vulnerable citizens, annihilated our economy and vandalised our environment! The question is: How bad does the LNP have to get before misinformed, Murdoch-manipulated, apathetic Australians finally realise just how toxic the LNP really are and stop voting for them? The 2019 federal election proved just how stupid the tiny majority of disconnected, complacent Australians really are.

This article was originally published on The AIMN as a comment under John Kelly’s recent article, Frydenberg and Steel-Plated Boots. Kathryn has given us permission to publish her comment as an article.

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  1. Wat Tyler

    I have lost all faith in my fellow Australians. As the saying goes, the behaviour you walk part is the behaviour you condone. We accept that we are being represented – to our satisfaction – by incompetent, mendacious, and almost certainly corrupt people who know they will not be held to account so are not ashamed of their behaviour.
    Eddie Obeid is significant because he was a Labor man with Liberal morals. If he had been a Liberal he’d still be a minister. They have the same ethical standards in state and federal spheres.

  2. New England Cocky

    Tamworth women supporting adultery support Nat$

    @Wat Tyler: Did you notice that the Bylong Valley coal mining project was rejected and how the Sydney Daily Telegraph demonised the decision?

    Was the Telegraph reporter aware that Eddie Obeid has real estate interests in the Bylong Valley that, from memory, were next door to this proposal?

  3. Patricia

    “How bad does the LNP have to get……..”

    Unfortunately I fear that it will get much, much worse before it gets better.

    The apathy of the average Australian and the complete takeover of the media by the lying Murdoch ensures that we have not yet reached the zenith of how bad it can get.

    Morrison believes that a 51.3% win is a mandate to do anything and everything that they want to, even though they took one, and only one, policy to the election the majority of Australians will not remember it come the next election.

    As much as we should not have it I suspect that those who voted for the liberals, nationals, PHON and UAP will need to feel a whole heap of pain and find out for themselves that they have been lied to before they will understand what their vote meant.

    Unfortunately those of us who could see through the lies and obfuscation will also suffer for the stupidity of our fellow countrymen and women.

    Also unfortunately even if we get a change of government in 2022 and the ALP actually becomes the party for the people it will take many years, if not decades, to undo much of what will have been done during these LNP non government years.

  4. Jeremy

    This goverment doesn’t care about anyone but themselves.

  5. David Bruce

    Regrettably it doesn’t really matter which party wins the franchise to run the Australian Government business now, because the operating rules are determined by the IMF, the UN, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements. It was Ken Henry, as head of Treasury in 2008, who started the rot when he set up a prospectus for the Australian Government, registered in the USA Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    Gough Whitlam started the ball rolling in 1973 when he signed the Unidroit Treaty to set Australia on the path to becoming a republic.

    Documents relating to registration with the SEC of the Australian Government as a privately owned American company

  6. Matters Not


    Where is the governor general?

    Thankfully – nowhere in sight. And hopefully not even contemplating the dismissal of the absolute worst, most corrupt, dangerously undemocratic and fascist regime in our history.

    Have we learnt nothing from Whitlam’s dismissal? Didn’t we understand that (as a matter of principle) governments should be elected (or not) via citizens exercising their right to vote and never through the whims of an unelected, unrepresentative (supposedly) symbolic Head of State?

    Where is the understanding of the democratic principles? Surely – what was wrong then is also wrong now?

    Or have I missed something?

  7. wam

    Drivel, the voters see things differently and consider the last 6 years successful..It is not hard to see why?
    The media react and the rabbott gave them the reaction. day after day for 3 years 2010-13.
    Billy not a peep, Albo not a peep. QED the gov must be doing something right?
    The morning shows will ask the questions if labor gives them to the autocue twits.
    Till then
    government gooood scummo good
    labor baaad
    will rule
    thanks senile booby.
    ps bruce
    at last another %#@%@@wit quixote

  8. Matters Not

    Gee David perhaps you could narrow it down a bit? To date, the bad guys are the :-

    the IMF, the UN, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements … Gough Whitlam, Ken Henry

    Surely you aren’t giving the mother-in-law demographic a free pass? Then there’s the son-in- … really bad bastards.

  9. Zathras

    Since the end of the Hawke /Keating era in 1996 the LNP has been in power Federally for about 19 of the last 23 years yet somehow the ALP is still blamed for everything that’s not quite right in the country. Statistics alone can reveal that the ALP are better economic managers but sloganeering and catchphrases seem to remain unchallenged.

    The main reason is that the average voter is not politically well-educated (or even interested) and by definition, half of the rest must be even less so.

    We are a reactionary society, easily led and distracted by whatever the media tells us and the mainstream media in particular has been very supportive of the coalition governments. Even the Rudd/Gillard governments were a bit of an abberration but aided by the Howard government which had become so toxic by 2007 that even Murdoch couldn’t save them.

    The Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison fiasco should have been unelectable yet managed to scrape across the line (it was not the “landslide” that announced, with a 1.5% swing against the Liberals but was boosted by fortunate preference and split vote circumstances).

    Voters always tend to vote in their own short-term best interests but also often in spite of them and spend the following years complaining until the dance starts all over again. Many of us have a very short attention span politically.

    People finally realised that Howard was “mean and tricky” and Workchoices and declining living standards finished him off. Morrison may yet prove to be a hollow man who can only talk-the-talk but produce little and it will only take a couple of scandals and lost bi-elections to get him out. (That’s why he’s so keen to support Gladys Liu).

  10. Keitha Granville

    I am terribly afraid that if the Labour Party continues down the path to the centre, they will lose a lump of the electorate who have hung on with them to this point. I cannot see how I can vote for them next time unless they get back to their principles.
    That means years in the LNP wilderness, the Menzies era again. We need a new Messiah, another Bob or even another Kevin to pull us out of the apathetic swamp

  11. Wayne Turner

    Ultimately it’s most of the public’s fault – Too stupid,ignorant,gullible,and easily manipulated by the coalition and their MSM.

  12. Kaye Lee


    I would add greedy and self-absorbed to that.

  13. Jennifer Pell

    If only Albo would lift his game, put a spring in his step, put some go in his voice, stop bumbling around, and get into it, he is dull and boring and a terrible speaker, even though a nice guy, he will never get anywhere

  14. Alan Luchetti

    Agree with everything with knobs on except – BIG EXCEPT – you are criticising them for increasing federal ‘debt’ (decreasing the economy’s supply of dollars and bonds, ie money) instead of damning them for insanely insisting that sucking money out of the economy with surpluses is always and everywhere the paramount economic virtue.

    “Back in Black” would have had little resonance if progressives weren’t bagging the Libs for not already being there.

    And you missed the biggest of all damnations of Howard/Costello’s economic record. 10 surpluses in 11 years coincided with private debt/GDP increasing by 50% and household debt/GDP tripling as bank credit had to what federal spending or tax cuts had stopped doing. That has maxed out the economy’s credit card. It is the reason why the RBA has dropped the rate to 1% but there are still no takers – why monetary policy is nearing impotency, as the RBA Governor has been pointing out.

    We really have to stop buying into the LibLab delusion that we need fed govt budget repair however much we champ at the bit to brand the Libs as hypocrites for having ‘failed’ at it. We need the opposite – budget repair for the economy. Ours in particular. Only Switzerland, among advanced economies, has higher household debt than Australia.


  15. Jon Chesterson

    MAD AS HELL – Took every word right out of my mouth! We are now living in the dark ages of massive government hypocrisy, cruelty, corruption, lies and deception of the public than at any time in the history of Australia or its predecessor, Britain. Absolute ignorant arrogant narcissistic bible thumping Liberal maniacal sociopathy. All these demons mentioned in this article should be behind bars for the rest of their unproductive parasitic lives for treason, crimes against the State, the people, humanity and the planet – Public trial given the silence and disregard for the Rule of Law which utterly fails to protect its citizens.

  16. Zathras

    Considering his recent statements plus the company he’s keeping, Morrison is currently doing a fine job of undermining himself at the moment. Outlandish climate claims and attempted distractions, spiritual advisors and the condescension of a well-meaning minor are not very professional and meanwhile back home his cronies keep bumbling along between embarrassments.

    Maybe Albo is using the Napoleonic theory of “never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” – but an occassional bit of mongrel never goes astray – otherwise people will forget who he is.

  17. Aortic

    Maybe if Albo could learn that Australia is pronounced thus and not Austraya, he may have more impact, but somehow I doubt he is the right man for the job.

  18. Dr. Colin Richardson

    Hi Patricia,

    I was replying to you re your 29th September post at 8.52pm when the page suddenly disappeared. I haven’t managed to find it again, unfortunately.

    I’d always suspected that Creeping Fascism Road had more than 40 freedom losses along the way, but 75 …!

    I don’t have the research skills to find and list all 75, but I would like to analyse and comment on them all.

    To this end I’m hoping you’ll send them to me at

  19. Lawrence S. Roberts

    How good does the Labor party have to get before voters think they might be capable of government? Voting with the LNP government to stop the formation of new parties; how cute is that? Deciding to keep scheduled tax cuts in place for the middle class; there isn’t a vote in it and the economics of it will look totally different in 18 months. Most recently, to cries of “Same old Labor” from abc radio commentators the attempt to parachute a party stalwart into a safe Sydney seat. Not forgetting a crucial environmental policy which needs some clarification and certainty. Just because this present mob is pathetic and corrupt doesn’t guarantee election victory for a party which seems to have learned nothing from the last defeat. A party which seems to relish the smell of its own ordure and which has its own problems with women. The next election will be SchMo the Promo with a war chest to make your eyes water. They won’t need third parties running interference; if they just get a tithe back from a handful of the ‘job keeper’ recipients, they will be in clover. The electorate do not like politicians in the main ~ a three word slogan will do it.

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