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Hockey’s Gold

Hasn’t Hockey come a long way from Jovial Joe? Once upon a time, Joe was the friend of ‘everyman’ trekking with Rudd on the Kokoda Track, and gaining substantial publicity for himself via promotion of this persona on Sunrise and other publicity stunts, and with the gall to wear Shrek ears:

I’ll protect ya, Fiona. I’ll protect ya. It’s unlawful, Fiona. The good government is gonna rescue you, Fiona.”

Somehow that persona, and much to the bewilderment of many, mysteriously evaporated; and I would date it from around the time that Hockey decided that he had the need to divest himself of, what shall we call it… ‘friendliness’, and to endow himself with some modicum of ‘seriousness’. Therefore, Jovial Joe seemingly overnight morphed into an attack dog, vicious and nasty.

Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey has told a Liberal party rally in Melbourne that he “should have drowned” the newly appointed Prime Minister Kevin Rudd when he walked the Kokoda Track with him in 2006.

One should ask: Why? Clearly Hockey had spent considerable effort being the jockey on the Rudd horse, but once his ‘you beaut mate’ Rudd became PM, Rudd was clearly of no further use.

Rudd in his naiveté clearly believed that it was a genuine friendship, inviting Hockey to his daughter’s wedding. An invitation which Hockey refused, supposedly at the instructions of John Howard. Hockey, however, clearly believed that the ‘time was ripe’ for the old switcheroo; bye, bye Jovial Joe and hello to the new Joe.

However for those somewhat closer to the coalface, of the real Joe Hockey; none of this and which was to follow, would have come as a surprise. In December 2012, Michael Taylor wrote: ‘Joe Hockey, Welfare to Work, and a pack of damn lies’.

It is hard to keep a lie hidden forever, especially if you don’t dust over its tracks.

Things then became decidedly nastier …

The Courier Mail today ran a story revealing that would-be Treasurer Joe Hockey failed to declare a family interest for most of the duration of his Parliamentary life.

Mr Hockey declared the directorship of Steel Harbour Pty Ltd held by his wife, Melissa Babbage, in May last year among a series of “new positions” under spouse declaration rules. But business records show Ms Babbage was appointed to the role in 1998. Pecuniary interest register declarations are supposed to be made within a month.

It seems that we now have bingo, and from the Sydney Morning Herald, and it should be noted that this comes from the ICAC investigations:

Treasurer Joe Hockey is offering privileged access to a select group including business people and industry lobbyists in return for tens of thousands of dollars in donations to the Liberal Party via a secretive fund-raising body whose activities are not fully disclosed to election funding authorities.

And the influence includes:

The FSC’s members, including financial advice and funds management firms, stand to benefit from the changes to the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) laws being considered by the federal government, which would involve a winding back of consumer protections introduced by Labor.

Basically, what Joe Hockey is offering is access to one of the country’s highest political offices in return for annual payments. It is clear that Hockey must now stand down. Hockey is about to deliver a budget which from all accounts will hit hard those least able to pay, pensioners, the disabled and add a tax (a supposed ‘levy’), plus sell off Australia Post, Defence Housing, Snowy Hydro and Australian Hearing; and as recommended by the hand-picked Commission of Audit, while at the same time demanding $22,000 for individuals to enter his inner sanctum. Come on, Joe, who do you have already lined up as buyers? And do mates’ rates apply?

I encourage all to read the above quoted article by the Sydney Morning Herald’s Sean Nicolls, and draw your own conclusions.


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  1. AngryinNorthSydney

    So that’s why he sometimes refuses to meet constituents in his electorate, because they don’t have a spare $22000! If only all the closing down businesses in the seat of North Sydney could afford to chuck that much money at him then things would be different! If only the contractors protesting at a building site in Crows Nest over $30 million in unpaid fees had $22000 on hand!

    The real blight on the land is seeing all the empty buildings where businesses used to be in the seat of North Sydney.

  2. mars08

    Hockey lumbering around in a tutu… waving a fairy wand… was pathetic. It was always clear… to anyone but the bogans… that it was a stunt. This “bloke” was not our “mate”. As with most politicians, his persona was fragile camouflage… easily chipped away. But I suppose it was good for the TV ratings.

  3. dafid1

    [And the influence includes: Basically, what Joe Hockey is offering is access to one of the country’s highest political offices in return for annual payments.]

    Interesting to hear on ABC News Radio this morning, the Tory spokesperson Marius Benson proclaim re the $22,000 payment…’alls well, nothing to see here, its common practise for all political parties, they all do it, is an acceptable method of fund raising, nothing illegal about it’

    This so called News Radio Political Editor (laughable improbability), has given up any pretence of balance.

  4. DanDark

    Who would want to be friends with Hockey
    Geeee one would have to be desperate
    to have that lying wanker as a friend
    He is the most smug, two faced tool,
    and nothing he does is funny.

  5. Kaye Lee

    “The North Sydney Forum was established in May 2009, shortly after Mr Hockey became shadow treasurer in February, by Joseph Carrozzi, managing partner at professional services firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers.”

    That explains why PWC (otherwise known as Pick Wallets Clean) is doing so many reports for the government. Sussan Ley got them to do one on childcare even though the Productivity Commission are working on the exact same thing. The Commission of Audit cost us $2.5 million.

    And as for Joe’s change of persona, what more glaring example do you need than this

  6. Stephen Tardrew

    Shes right mate $22,000 is just a piss in the ocean. After all I am worth a whole lot more and just to make you happy I will accept you inadequate largess for bit of a chat. If you get a pressy later it is understood there will be more to come.

    You know those working class slackers in North Sydney complain because they can’t get access. This is a democracy so save up and we can have a little chat. You know the market decides and after all its just good old competition and survival of the greediest.

    Everyone does it so its OK like if everyone decided to drown pensioners we could join in no worries.

    Oops we are already doing it.

    Shit don’t tell the rabble.

    Mums the word Brear Rabbit.

  7. Graeme Rust

    has eleventy ever had an original idea??????????????

  8. Kaye Lee

    “Through vehicles such as the North Sydney Forum, the most senior public offices have been quietly privatised to be sold on as political access.

    By marketing Hockey’s pivotal role in economic decision making, the North Sydney Forum may be said to be offering something that is not really its to sell, that is, gold-card entree to one of our highest public offices.

    Politicians are fond of invoking the fair go as the quintessential Australian ethic.

    But it is hard to discern that fair go for voters when special access is being sold to the rich and powerful and the money used to run party political campaigns.”


  9. nettythe1st

    Waiting patiently for Abbott to be exposed through ICAC.

  10. diannaart

    Faux Joe, all his ‘niceness’ sucked out along with all his flab by a plastic surgeon.

    Poor Rudd, falling for the charm of someone who never really liked him. That is how many bullies work: befriend, find weak spots, attack.

  11. mars08

    It’s union corruption wots da biggest problem. Shine a great big torch on em!!!!!

  12. Kaye Lee

    Good point. They say unions are corrupt for entering workplaces, soliciting membership, and intimidation tactics. Lobbyists/developers just pay to get what they want and political parties use the money to brainwash you into voting for them, or they threaten to pay for bad press about you so you “settle out of court” rather than face the barrage.

  13. mars08

    Even with 1900 taxpayer-funded spin-doctors this bunch of clowns cannot avoid coming across as the heartless bastards they are…

  14. Dan Rowden

    Everything is legitimate if you’ve had to pay good money for it. It’s charity that’s actually dodgy.

  15. Carol Taylor

    Kaye Lee and,

    They say unions are corrupt for entering workplaces, soliciting membership, and intimidation tactics.

    And “They say” a lot of things, but most of all it’s all about ensuring that unions cannot support their members when the Abbott government re-introduces most of the (worst) aspects of WorkChoices. During the anti-WorkChoices campaign under the Howard government it rapidly became clear that the only reason that the government wanted to stop union reps from entering workplaces was to cover-up dodgy workplace practices eg. no entry for 24hrs onto any site following a workplace accident. One cannot possibly see the workers as ‘victims’ of bosses and poor workplace practices now can we…. Unfortunately for the government, bad unions are stale news but corrupt Liberals are another matter.

  16. w ch

    I cant say I agree with the premise of this. The article appears to be saying that the change in Hockey’s demeanour is a deliberate spin trick. I dont think it is. Hockey is simply not up to the job and the pressure is showing. It’s not an image, he really is stressed and is lashing out. He was jovial when he was in Opposition. Before he realised how much the job demanded of him. Wayne Swan’s modus operandi looks very good now by comparison. He always kept his composure,

  17. dafid1

    w_ch I’m in full agreement re Hockey, he’s a bum treasurer and deep down he knows it,Personally my gut feeling, it’s a stepping stone to the ultimate goal, the leadership. Currently there is little opposition so if he really wants it…what better time?
    As for Swanee, I would only disagree about his composure in Question Time. Tend to suspect it wasn’t his favourite part of the job, but hey The Worlds Best Treasurer is allowed some slack. i have the utmost respect for him and would enjoy having a few beers and a yarn with him about anything… but economics 🙂

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