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Help us help

The destruction we are witnessing is touching us all. The loss of life, property and wildlife is heartbreaking.

Families, broken.

Homes, destroyed.

Firefighters perishing. Perishing for fighting for someone they’ve never met. That they will never now meet.

Koalas – already facing extinction – are perishing in their thousands. And what of livestock?

In our burning country there is someone who needs our help. Whether it’s water or sandwiches for the firefighters, help for the families who have lost their homes or a loved one, or even a local vet trying to save the life of an injured animal.

Perhaps there is something we can do by way of a small donation.

We can all do our bit in that regards.

We here at The AIMN would like to help in some small way, therefore we have decided that all donations received on Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be forwarded on to the Australian Bushfire Appeal.

To donate, click on the Donate button below.

It will be appreciated.

Thanking you,

Michael and Carol.

Like what we do at The AIMN?

You’ll like it even more knowing that your donation will help us to keep up the good fight.

Chuck in a few bucks and see just how far it goes!

Your contribution to help with the running costs of this site will be gratefully accepted.

You can donate through PayPal or credit card via the button below, or donate via bank transfer: BSB: 062500; A/c no: 10495969

Donate Button

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  1. Pilot

    Good on you guys.

    We’re getting donations off the church mice atm, but I’ll swirl our financials around and see what I can come up with on Christmas. Shit it is hard.
    “There is always someone worse off than yourself”.

    Watched over the weekend as our local town leapt into action on a couple of occasions when local fires broke out. We basically had a ringside seat for one of the fires, and to watch people (private cars) racing to the fire followed closely by trucks was an amazing sight. With high wind blowing and the fire spreading at an amazing rate, the flames were snuffed in literally minutes. My wife was in tears as were the grandkids, but the sobs turned to cheers as they watched the efforts of all involved. From choking smoke to usual haze in under an hour. Amazing!! I was informed that the other fire was dealt with in a similar manner, but that one was over the back, out of our sight, a friend told me that locals jumped on it pretty bloody quick before the trucks arrived and had it almost beat when the trucks did arrive.

    We were never in any real danger, except for smoke inhalation when the wind changed. The closest fire was 350 – 400yds away. Had it jumped the river, possibly a different story, part of our town would’ve burnt, but it didn’t, thanks to the vigilance and fast action by our locals and the firies, god bless them all.

    To all readers and contributors, from all of us here, please have a safe and Merry Christmas

  2. DrakeN

    Now, I’m going to display my bitterness here.

    That we should need to call on volunteers; that we should need to call for funds to support them; that we elect incompetent and uncaring governments at all levels etc. bloody etc. is a clear indication that we, as a society, are still infantile and primitive in our collective psyche.

    We remain, sincerely, ‘sheeple’.

    Your good intent notwithstanding, you are farting in the face of gale force winds of self interest and corruption.
    These services should be wholly and completely funded by government but will not be while governments are controlled by the wealth and priviledge of those who extract indecent amounts of the Earth’s bounty for themselves at the expense of less avaricious mortals.

  3. Peter F

    Apart from contributing to your project, i add my little bit by maintaining the rage. I have just pointed out to a hard working member of my extended family that globing warming was first mentioned in scientific circles in the 1850’s. Yes, it is not a recent ‘beat up’.

    Ignorance of the scientific evidence allows manipulation by those in power.

  4. Ro Bailey

    I agree DrakeN, I have been writing to Josh, my local member, for years asking him to take action and all I’ve ever got in reply was “There, there dear”.

  5. paul walter

    I’ll try but usually when I try to pay on the internet something goes wrong, so we see what happens next

  6. The AIM Network

    You’re a good man, Paul.

  7. Bernie

    One way to help firefighters out is to promote this candidly honest interview before Ch7 takes it down.
    Firefighter blames government for Australia’s bushfire crisis | 7NEWS

    btw, Happy Boxing day everyone 🙂

  8. LambsFry Simplex.

    What is this nonsense floated by the government that they do an enquiry into the bushfires, “focusing on the states”.

    Ok, the one thing they wont look at is the wastefulness of the NSW government, something standing out like a boil, from its frivolous spending on fatuous projects not needed except by friendly developers to its loss of revenue from loss of productive capacity on the Darling agricultural system.

    Beyond that, what about the federal government, its perverse refusal to help substantially in preparation and then the firefighting once the inevitable results of complacency and denialism became apparent.

    Ultimately it controls revenue. It handed out a fortune in uncollected revenue to TNCs and then had the cheek to
    refuse proper funding for the states.

    It is a nest of unconditional, evil frauds.

  9. Michael Taylor

    Thank you for your donations. We raised $793 (which we will round up to $800). Well done, my friends. ❤️

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