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He Who Must Not Be Named… No, Not ScoMo… Well, him too, but the other one!

The media is pox-ridden whore!

Ok, perhaps that’s a little bit politically incorrect and maybe I should start again…

The media should stop and take a long hard look at itself…

Nah, that doesn’t really express my outrage.

I guess, if anyone reads this in future years, they’ll wonder who on earth I’m referring to here, but I couldn’t help but wonder why a certain senator was given the lead story for the nightly news yet again, when all he’d done was call a press conference to tell us that he wasn’t sorry.

Now, let’s stop and think about that. HE called a press conference to tell the media how he felt and they dutifully lapped up his comments, before giving people the chance to condemn them. Yes, let’s whip a bit of anger. I mean, that would have been the last thing that he wanted. Lots of publicity for the forthcoming election. And lots of people telling us not to vote for him, because, well, the sort of people who are likely to vote for the senator in question are clearly going to listen to other politicians.

Yes, I’m sure some of you are thinking what’s the point of not naming him when everyone knows which senator has created all the fuss with his “Those who live by the sword, die by the egg” comments. I just couldn’t bring myself to give the man even one more mention of his name. Perhaps, even this helps in his drive to be noticed, but at least if you’re reading this and you don’t know who I’m talking about, I haven’t alerted you to his existence.

Of course, I did delete a certain senior politician’s name from a recent piece that I wrote. Apparently, the PM’s office got all hot and bothered when Waleed Aly suggested in a response to Christchurch something that was widely reported in 2011 and threatened defamation action.

A rather interesting response, given Scott didn’t threaten to react so litigously when it was reported way back in 2011. I guess it was different then. It wasn’t being said by a Muslim.

A couple of Liberals suggested that we should look at Scott Morrison’s response to Christchurch. Personally, I’d prefer to watch the end of “The Great Dictator”.


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  1. John

    How prophetic is that speech. It is so long since I watched that film as a young buck, but now I must agree it is so much more powerful than any speech that ScoMo or any LNP parliamentarian could give.
    It says it all.

  2. Sharon

    Thank you for sharing that video clip. It is appropriate for today’s world and I think it is better to listen to that video than any politician in Australia today. Our politicians are abusive in their manner of speaking and probably in their thinking too. Somehow that `nameless one’ needs to go……… with all his supporters to an uninhabited island and they can create their own little world…….. and hate each other being so far from the rest of humanity. And others of a similar ilk can join them from all over the world……….. and leave the rest of us to live as best as we can. Thanks Rossleigh for a good article, but all your articles are good and I enjoy reading them.

  3. Alcibiades

    The corporate media is a pox-ridden whore! Especially Murdochs Sky News & Limited News Corps. FIFY 🙂

    The Coalition & corporate MSM cannot expunge two decades of documented public record. Even the Wayback Machine & similar archive the wider web. Deleting tweets doesn’t work either …

    Since the PMO has been issuing threats on the 2011 article, there is no shortage of alternatives :

    In the wake of the New Zealand terror attack in Christchurch, which has left 50 dead and dozens wounded so far, Scott Morrison has pointed the finger at Right wing extremist leaders.

    The Prime Minister claims they’re not doing enough to stop extremism, criticising the racist white community for “making excuses”, dog-whistling, looking the other way and ignoring potential grave security risks & disruption of social cohesion.

    “I won’t cop the excuses,” Mr Morrison said, doubling down on his attack.

    “For those white Right wing extremist leaders who want to stick their head in the sand, for those who want to make excuses for those who stick their head in the sand, you are not making Australia safer.”

    Satire. The words above you will never hear from Scummo or his ilk, yet, in the recent past he did shout almost the same words as above.


    Our vacuous Adman Morrison has no concept nor understanding of Irony nor self reflection, self effacement or integrity, who no longer dare utter the word ‘coal’, and desperately spouts & shouts whatever concocted fib he thinks may possibly be to advantage in that particular moment in time.

    Leadership, basic competence, actual policies ? Bollocks.

    Morrison should be an object of open public ridicule … yet he is not, most certainly not by the Corporate MSM.

    Reminds me of Howards desperate appeal before he was done for along with his regime, only the second PM to lose his seat in Oz history :

    A Message from John Howard

    I’ll just leave this here, to ponder on, given your theme :


  4. Lambert Simpleton

    The one really bright spot on ABC tonight was Media Watch, but parts of QA exemplified the sort of arrogance Ross Leigh is referring to, I believe.

  5. Cliff

    Everyone should watch tonight Drum episode on I-view. It had five Moslem women on the show and they did hold back on Scum-mo. They were well educated and very articulate.

  6. wam

    your outrage at what ‘whores’ old or new?
    The best I can say is murdoch relies on zealous editors and compliant journalists all three are whores in the modern sense ie those who do the rooting rather than those who take the rooting. Thus being pox ridden is an advantage.
    But sex, violence and lies sell altruism does the opposite qed join them or take the consequences. The social media is a two edged sword note that, media watch, quotes taking down the terrible self video from tarrant 1.5 million times? 2014 Child holding??? went viral two years later?

  7. Alcibiades

    Why Waleed Aly’s words stung the PM and what it means for the 2019 federal election

    “Is this Scott Morrison’s Tampa moment?” was the question asked in headlines over summer as debate raged over asylum seekers’ medical evacuation.

    Could the Prime Minister transform Parliament’s act of compassion into an asylum seeker election?

    Now, we know the answer …

    There will be no Tampa 2.0 election in 2019…


    Furious PM threatens Channel Ten over Waleed Aly’s emotional Christchurch Plea

    Broadcaster Waleed Aly’s emotional editorial on the Christchurch massacre has been shared more than 12 million times, but it so incensed the Prime Minister’s office that it sparked threats of defamation.

    In another sign of how sensitive the Morrison government is to claims it has fuelled anti-Muslim sentiment in the past, the Prime Minister’s Office demanded action on Friday night after The Project aired the editorial …

    But Morrison is now a caring, sharing, compassionate guy, who says he wants to unite everyone with ‘Love’, isn’t he ?

    Or is he just a lying sack of …. only concerned with himself ? You decide.

  8. Zathras

    Morrison is certainly not alone in this. The mainstream media and shock-jocks also have blood on their collective claws.

    Here’s just one example that shocked me at the time because it went unchallenged and ignored by the rest of the media.
    Just before the Cronulla riot Alan Jones laughed and agreed with a caller about getting rid of Muslims – “Shoot one, the rest will run”.

    Like the Commission into child abuse that turned up a lot of uncomfortable facts, perhaps it’s time to revisit some of those statements.

  9. Lawrence Winder

    Karma’s a bitch!

    It’s now all coming back to haunt this ruling rabble. Since Little johnny played the race card and didn’t close down Hanson, since Rabid-the-Hun lied his way into office on the back of what he called a “dysfunctional” government and Truffles scraped back on the vague hope of a more intelligent approach, they’ve almost reached the bottom of the barrel….. there has never been, colllectively, such an appallingly incompetent and dishonest bunch of carpetbaggers in Canberra.

    Will the country really ever recover from this IPA managed and Ugly American Murdochized era?

  10. Vikingduk

    A disgraceful, disgusting sack of shit is this motormouth along with the crew of SS Scumbucket, cunningly disguised as the coal ition gubmint, propelled by the likes of the repulsive Rupert, the parrot, et al and all those arse lickers, the typists masquerading as journalists. Effing traitors the lot of them.

    What a shameful nation we have become, a pack of cruel, greedy brain dead zombies.

    The hope was rekindled in me at last weeks school strike, as we (Valkyrieduk and Ruby the wonderdog) mingled in the background, what’s this I says to myself, tears in the eyes, tears of pride and gratitude that all these young and not so young stood up. And then the massacre. The motormouth in his element, more fear we need, I’ll keep you safe, says the shitbag, me and my sacred lump of coal.

    Some of us know we can do better than this, be better than this, can stand up and demand better than this horror show. Let’s do it. Consign this pack of incompetents these liars these horrible shits to never land, somewhere north of the moon.

    Make art not war.

  11. RomeoCharlie29

    Vikingduk, yes to all you said, including the response to the student protests. We supported a couple of adoptive g/children in lieu of our real one being too young. Loved it even though it is a pity that our political leadership is so bad that such protests are needed.

    Love the idea of valkyrieduk, does she comment?


  12. Vikingduk

    Yes she does but to maintain a certain sense of decorum and to save some sensibilities (the woman is at times more rabid than me. The faithful hound has quite strong opinions as well, also never reluctant to share them. So, what you read is a consensus of opinion from the three of us.

    Yes, a great pity we have this traitorous bunch of shits pretending to be government. The young of the times marched and protested the Vietnam war and now the tide has turned, the young stand up again in an attempt to show us all our crimes against such a beautiful planet.

    Cheers. Make art not war.

  13. Rossleigh

    Now that Jacinda Ardern has said that she’ll never say the name of that Australian responsible for the shooting, I’m worried that the title to this may be confusing.

  14. Michael Pace

    The 14 Characteristics of fascism as stated above is what I’ve known since the end of ww2.
    It is now an absolute fact.Fascism is alive and well.

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