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Has Murdoch Gone Punk ?

It has been noted by some of the more astute media observers that Rupert Murdoch attended his fifth wedding wearing a conventional lounge suit and ‘sneakers’. Has Rupert gone punk asked one observer who suggested that this attire was more in line with the rebellious streak one would expect from Keith Richards or perhaps Sir Rod Stewart who have been known to challenge conventional dress standards from time to time. Perhaps Rupert is setting a new fashion style for the ninety-year-old celebrity man-about-town or maybe he thought he was going for a jog or an outing to the beach : who knows ?

To the casual observer it may seem that Rupert’s upmarket plimsolls may have just been for comfort and balance which instantly brings Joe Biden to mind as he is also known to sport [orthopaedic] sneakers on odd occasions when you would expect a pair of polished Oxfords as more appropriate to set off his besuited ensemble.

It has also been noted that Joe is frequently seen to be surrounded by stocky people these days when he is out and about : some say that this is possibly a take from Weekend at Bernie’s but that could be a tad unfair – more likely these solid folk surrounding POTUS are there to step in with a helping hand when he stumbles periodically or to nudge him back onto the straight and narrow should he stray.

But let’s be honest, us old codgers are generally more comfortable in a pair of favoured slippers or our comfortable sneakers and when you are on your fifth marriage, as the old coffin dodger is, I suppose it’s not such a big deal and his bride, in her sixties, should she wish to be carried over the threshold of their love nest will require her stud to demonstrate stamina and a sound footing.

Each to their own !


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  1. Douglas Pritchard

    With Joe`s intention to literally stand, and not fall over, for this coming election in November, is maybe a .bit foolhardy.
    Then the prospect of his senility not surfacing over the next 4 years must be incredibly remote.
    It does not take a genius to look just a few years into the future, with the looming problems facing this planet to see that its not going to end well.
    What really amazes me is how the image makers in USA can convince even a fraction of the voters that this man makes the grade as the best man for the job. You would have to very carefully hand pick a rival candidate that makes him look even passable.
    Then Donald shows up!
    The world looks on as its policeman transforms into its strangest clown,
    Good luck to Rupert. The mind boggles at how his wedding night will be spent, but one of the parties will do well out of this union.

  2. Andrew Smith

    He was also recently at an ‘anti-Biden’ dinner hosted by Elon Musk and entrepreneur David Sacks:

    ‘Elon Musk hosted an “anti-Joe Biden” dinner party last month with a guest list featuring some of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people.

    The elite gathering was co-hosted by entrepreneur and investor David Sacks at his mansion in the Hollywood Hills in April, Puck first reported. The dinner party conversation largely revolved around how to raise money to defeat Democrats, a source told the outlet…

    …The guest list reportedly included Peter Thiel, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Milken, and Travis Kalanick.’

  3. Phil Pryor

    The rich, vain, ignorant, uppemselves filth, led by space polluter and general haemorrhoid bother E Musk, has had a meeting to see if naked greedy power can make the world even worse for us while they kill us all eventually. Money is not known as a shield for radiation death, ugly poxes, severe melting, utter degradation as one sinks into one’s own excremental outflows, but the rich do not CARE as MONEY is not only the root of all evils, in Murdoch’s case it is the fifth go at the evils of driven rooting so as to focus on tomorrow’s criminalty list. Let us be as greedy, ignorant, overbearing, imperious and foul as we can, while it matters.

  4. George Theodoridis

    Just another exercise in money-shuffling, in tax avoiding, in money laundering. No need to think about what to wear for the occasion.
    I’m waiting for him to conduct one such event during breakfast-in-bed time. I wanna know what the supercentenarians have for breakfast… other than -well you know what I mean.

  5. JohnC

    Wouldn’t have been surprised to hear he ended up spending his wedding night in a coffin. People say Biden is a walking corpse but Murdoch takes that title well and truly. Well past his use by date is the horrid puppet master of the conservative parties of the world and owner of the biggest lying media companies we have ever seen. This planet would/will be a far better place if he was to not make it past trying to consummate the union. We can only hope!

  6. Tony B

    So Goebbels Murdoch marries gold digger number 5, It was love at first bank balance sheet sight. When will this lying fascist scumbag die & go 2 hell already or a assassin take him out already? People who aren’t rich & have more than 1 cell brain see all the Lies & spin talk of all the fascist cntservatives. Sooner we all unite & get rid of the evil Reich wing & eliminate all these elitist fcks & seize their wealth the better!

  7. wam

    The drover’s dog would surely defeat biden but as senile and frail as he is, he has a rough chance in the debates against the nonsense of a criminal and a surprise win????

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